Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Promise of Bliss

BlissPrem Rawat (Maharaji) claims he was directed by his father to bring the Knowledge to the world. However, despite the constant positive propaganda by his followers, he has not been a great success. He has only a small fraction of the number of his followers that he inherited from his father. There was extraordinary success in gaining new followers in the West in the years 1970 to 1973 while Indian Sant Mat concepts were central to Rawat and his followers' preaching. Numbers rose from 1 to as many as 20,000 committed followers in North America and Europe until growth halted in 1974. What was the cause of this incredible success? The strident claims that receiving Maharaji's Knowledge produced incredible bliss.

The early 1970s premies claimed that they were always "blissed out" - well almost always.

Anybody who was involved for any length of time would realise this wasn't true but anyone who was involved that long would probably already have been convinced it would be true - soon and if it didn't happen it was their fault. Click here for a look at what he said about bliss - in his own words.

Foss and Larkin explained Prem Rawat's Divine Catch 22 succinctly:

Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, according to Mission theology, has come to reveal the Knowledge of meditation to suffering humanity; he was not obliged to do this, but as Perfect Master he has altruistically chosen freely to dispense his revelation and thereby shed his Grace upon all who ask for Truth with a guileless heart. The experience of bliss in practicing the meditation is a further manifestation of Grace. However, when bliss fails to manifest it is blamed on the premie, and the problem can be attributed to numerous possible causes: he is insufficiently dedicated, he is in his mind, he has not let go of his ego, he has "expectations" of "realizing the Knowledge" too quickly failing to "let go" and thereby make real progress on the spiritual path, and so forth. In short: if bliss is manifested, this is with Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace; if it is not, this is human failure.

Despite terrible publicity over the failure of the Millenium festival, Rawat's greed and materialism, his marriage, his family and Indian followers rejecting him, problems within Divine Light Mission itself and general social concern over the proliferation of new cults there was continued though erratic growth through the 1970's. Rawat, himself, no longer received any publicity but his followers held nightly 'satsang' meetings and these attracted enough interest that numbers peaked around 25,000 by the early 1980's. It was claimed that over 20,000 people attended the Hans Jayanti festivals in 1978 & 1979 and it certainly was quite a crowd when I attended in 1978. Rawat made radical changes in 1983. He summarily closed the ashrams which had been his major financial source for more than a decade leaving the residents obliged to pay off any debts the ashram they were currently living in had acquired and ordered ("gave agya") that the nightly satsang meetings were to end and that his followers should no longer answer any questions about Himself or the Knowledge but to direct people to initiators and later to watch available videos of Rawat's speeches once these became commonly available. He also cancelled the publication of any magazines.

Prem Rawat Blames Everybody Else For The Controversial "Indian" Teachings and Behaviour of the 1970s He Demanded

These actions were later explained away in videos such as Passages that presented a rewrite of the history of Rawat and his followers (the web-master's comments, rebuttals and snide asides are in italics):

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

(Narrator - 'Passages' video "But he was becoming increasingly aware of the need to separate Knowledge from it's Indian cultural packaging. Too many things that were simply a part of Indian culture had been considered incorrectly by Westerners to be an integral part of what Maharaji was offering."
The only salient parts of Indian culture considered to be integral parts were those that Rawat, himself, ordered and ordained. These included agya, arti, ashram, bhajans, charanamrit, his divine dancing, darshan, holi, holy breath, his Holy Family, his Divine Incarnation, lila, his Lotus Feet, that Jesus was a Perfect Master, Krishna, that he was the current Perfect Master, pranam, that his father had been the prior Perfect Master, being the Supreme Power in Person, surrendering to him, worshipping Him, etc and he continued to openly promote them until the mid-1980's.

Prem Rawat Reiterates His Attractiveness And The Appeal of his Message To The "People of the World"

However these changes did not make Rawat or his Knowledge attractive to people through the 1980's and 1990's and, despite millions of dollars spent on Rawat, luxury hotels, residences and his executive jets for propagation, by the year 2000 he had fewer followers in the West than he had 20 years' earlier, numbers had probably halved despite 20 years of effort. His strategy to divert his students from thinking about this too closely seemed to be five pronged:

  • Constantly, loudly & confidently proclaim to his devoted followers, the wonder & glory & bliss & uniqueness of His Knowledge and his incredible success in propagation, no matter what.
  • Reiterate his own attractiveness and the attractiveness of his message to the "people of the world".
  • Reiterate the pointlessness, lovelessness and joylessness of the lives of the "people of the world".

Prem Rawat Blames His Followers For The Failure Of His Mission To The "People of the World"

  • Blame his followers for the failure of their practise of Knowledge to inspire them with the "clarity and joy" that would make for successful propagation.
  • Blame all those people who reject him (the overwhelming majority) for their lack of "thirst". It's not his fault, human beings are just not good enough to recognise him.
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Well in a way that went on for an extremely long time and this is my key of bringing the history here. That people were very open to Knowledge, that people were very open to me and I really don't think that I have ever felt that that has changed. That people are still very open and when they listen and what they hear they're just as fascinated by it as they were when I was a little boy talking about the same stuff. So that's the good news, the bad news is that the concepts have really gotten us buried in a hole to this day where we're still having to defend ourselves, which I find pathetic, having to defend ourselves and say, "No these things are not true." - 1999

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) End of the Millenium "Knowledge works, look you mean, let's face it, Knowledge works. The Master when given that right environment does his thing and it's great. It all works."

Prem Rawat aka MaharajiThe main, that is the main thing and if I can show people in their lives, that path, so that their lives too can be filled with bliss then that becomes my second duty, my second responsibility. Because I can, I can show them this path. I have no problems with this, I have no doubt about this, I can show people, I can bring bliss, joy in peoples' lives. There is this Knowledge and this is the true Knowledge, the true Knowledge. … This river of bliss doesn't come from another river on the outside. This bliss, this bliss is from the ocean of Knowledge and the ocean of Knowledge is the most incredible ocean, the most important and precious ocean." - 1999

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

"Right now there is something to the tone of 60,000 aspirants waiting for Knowledge. Should that number grow? Yes. How will it grow? It will grow if we become ready to respond."

"One thing I was mentioning to someone, I said if we could bring, marry, merge, mix the enthusiasm of the 70s with the understanding of today and the technology of today, marry the two together, we'll come out way ahead of the game. (applause)"

"Master will give you an opportunity to do something and provide you more support than you can possibly imagine to accomplish it." - 1999


"So what do you know? You know about being happy how you need that in this life. You know that. You know how you need the joy in this life. You know that. You know how contentment is important to you, you know that. You know that you dislike sadness, you know that. These are the simple rules that are yours, not somebody else's. To be content, to be in that joy, to be in that happiness. What kind of happiness? Not the kind that is created but the kind that dwells in the heart of every human being on the face of this earth. The joy that already is that that doesn't need to be brought from somewhere else. The process of awakening is not a process of creation. You don't have to create it. Awakening is awakening to that which already is. Then with this heart awakened to the possibility of being fulfilled. Then in this life know that you can be fulfilled. Know in this life know that you can be content and that is the simplest of request that has always been." - 1998

"And this one thing called Knowledge, this one thing called the Master, this one thing called the student, this beautiful flower, this beautiful process of growth, this beautiful process of flowering. This Knowledge, this connection, that's what this is all about. When the Master gives, be ready to take. That's what a good student is, the Master gives, the student takes. The Master has to trust the student and the student has to trust the master. This is, this is their relationship. That's all they have. it is so important that each one of you you have to have the connection with the Master. The trust is the most beautiful, the most delicate, indeed very delicate, the trust is the most beautiful connection between a Master and a student. Indeed trust is the most beautiful connection between anybody. But between a Master and a student it can be glorious. And what does the Master tell you? What, what does the Master tell you? What does Maharaji tell you? Be fullfilled, be happy, be in that joy. Then I accept, I understand, because that's what I want too. Cause the student doesn't have any other wish than to be content, than to be in that joy. Then the student and the master both agree there is a union." - 1998

And that is the only place where the real love resides.
The only place.
And that is the place where the Master comes to take you to.
And the magic happens again and again and again on the face of this earth.
There is one that brings the promise alive.
There is one that brings out the cry of the heart.

This clip shows a flower unfolding and colorizing and Rawat (with moustache) walking while his speech is voiced over.

"And those who accepted the challenge of being a part of that drama
Of being a part, not just in the audience but being a part of that beautiful play
Have rejoiced, again and again and again
That's the opportunity that is being presented
How beautiful to be a part of it." - 2000
This picture shows a "darshan line" at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre, Rawat's cult compound in Australia in the mid 1990's. Bowing before and kissing the Feet of the Master is something that has remained a constant amongst Rawat's followers though, since 1983, only where the public and the media cannot see it.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji "So what is the blessing for a human being. Of course we've talked about life, we've talked about that breath, we've talked about this existence and yes they're all blessings.
But there is another wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master.
Time begins to dance, understanding begins to come, darkness is replaced with light, doubt replaced with clarity, confusion replaced with understanding, sadness replaced with joy." - 1996

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji 25th Anniversary Dance

Open your heart and begin to accept the gift your Creator gave you. Accept because unless you accept the gift, unless you accept the gift, there will be no gratitude and unless you have gratitude, there will be no bliss. Accept the gift that has already been given and let your heart be filled with gratitude and then the joy of the universe, the bliss of the universe will come pouring inside of you. That's the key, that's the key. Be and feel. Feel the magic, the magic of this Knowledge, the magic of this life. The magic of that thing that has allowed you to be here today. The magic, something so powerful so powerful that it has allowed you to be here wanting, wanting that precious gift. That's powerful, very powerful. (music) Be in this moment and let your heart soak it. I'm here to give, be there to receive." - 1994

A Freedom Call "Knowledge is no more than a key, no more than a mirror that can open that desire and allow us to unfold our wings and truly fly. No more than a mirror that can allow us to see who we truly are, appreciate and fall in love with this life again and again and again. And allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude for what we have and then and only then do you feel really, really good. Just that one certain special way." - 1991

Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Gala Ball "My friends I must share this with you, I travel a lot, I go to a lot of places, I do a lot of things, but there is nothing like Knowledge, nothing, abso-lute-ly nothing. Anywhere from coast to coast, from any corner of the world to any corner of the world you wanna pick on. This Knowledge, human beings, accepting, understanding and knowing in their own hearts the beauty of the Knowledge is the only thing that's really radical." - 1989

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

So I just, you know, for me I just see a beautiful direction, beautiful direction. More people are, are receiving this experience than they ever have, ever! And enjoying it and that's it, that's what I want. I want people to enjoy this and uh to bring that enjoyment in peoples' lives, to bring that beauty in peoples' lives so they can witness it, that's why I do what I do. No other reasons and it's a beautiful reasons. Cause it makes me very happy, very happy. - 1989
It's difficult to know if Rawat was lying or if he really believed that in 1989 "more people are, are receiving this experience than they ever have". By 1989 his organisation in India, Raj Vidya Kender, may have been rebuilt to the point where many Indians were being initiated but numbers could not compare with the millions of followers he claimed in the early 1970's initiated by his father.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji "And I think the magic of the whole thing is that I'm alive and they're alive, that we can learn from each other, we can grow, we can experience and that when there is a teacher who can teach, who can show, this is an incredible interaction, the most human interaction there can be and the most precious interaction because it is of love, it is of growth and because we are alive and because we are human beings this beautiful, magical thing has been made available to us that somebody can come and somebody can teach and somebody can make us grow and I think it's wonderful." - 1989

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji "Well I think devotion to me always has meant and always will mean, a love. But a very different kind of love most of the other kind of loves we are so boring (born?), it's physically love, family love, this, all this kind of love but then there is another kind of love where I love you and you love me not because, there is no becauses in it, there is no qualification, it exists, it's a feeling, it's a tie, it's a bond without having anything to bind the bond together, that's devotion and to me that's what it's always meant, and that kind of devotion, to have, to feel, to enjoy, it's a gift, it's the most precious gift and that we can feel it, it's incredible, that we can have it, what can I say?" - 1989
The tune playing on the soundtrack is "Teach Me Devotion".

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji "It's something so different, it's something so new, it's something so wonderful." - 1989

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Prem Rawat aka Maharaji "Through all of this travel, through all the things I have seen. Knowledge is the best thing happening and I can say that with absolutely no doubt in my mind. It is incredible."
"But you don't need to have seen the world to realise that Knowledge is the best thing happening." - 1988

Maharaji Is My Savior

"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg. You know why. Because when we do get on our hands and knees we realise we had never anything to give to anybody, anyway. Born beggar. To beg the Ultimate One in our hearts. To beg that Emperor for that solution in our hearts. The most majestical thing that happens to a human being or can ever happen to a human being. To open myself up, me, to beg Him, a moment between me and the Ultimate Being. A moment for me to have with that Ultimate Thing, a personal audience (shouting) and I know that when I beg the Emperor is listening to me. (shouting) In this whole world the Creator of billions and billions and billions of souls is listening to me. The Sustainer, the Generator the Destroyer of this entire (long pause) thing, not just the world, above and beyond by His Grace I have captured a moment between me and Him and nothing stands in our way. It is complete, it is the Ultimate, it is real and when I become like that in my heart, I beg, then that Gift is given to me (shouting) a Gift which is a part of Him, a Gift that's His, Him, He doesn't just give a third thing, He gives Himself." - 1980

Prem Rawat in Rome 1980

"Because when we come in this world, we come for a reason. We live, we exist, we breathe, we have this entire world around us to give it all a meaning, to give us a meaning, to give us a purpose, to give us a motivation. And when we get into all these different trips, the true essence, the true meaning is lost and then all that exists is a very barren life. I mean I, you know, you see so many people out there. What do they do every day? They've got their routine, they get up, get into their routine, come back home and their whole life is just a routine, there is no deviation from that routine, it's just one simple thing, that's all. They don't enjoy it, they can't enjoy it and nobody who else around them enjoys it either. You know it's like, you know, it becomes such a, it can become such a devastating experience and we have to recognize that opportunity in our lives which Guru Maharaj Ji gives us to have a meaning, to have a purpose."

He claims that he is the only source that can give real meaning and purpose in human life.

Prem Rawat in Rome 1980

"I mean we can live in this world without the inspiration of Knowledge, sure, but that life is quite meaningless, that life is very purposeless and Knowledge brings us that inspiration home, brings us that contentment in our life through which we can live life. Through which it has meaning, through which it has a purpose through which it has a reason, through which it can motivate us inside to exist for a purpose. It brings us love because without love, life itself would be quite meaningless. And yet, where does that love come from, that can truly inspire us within. Where does that love come from?"

Rawat has continually stated that the lives of normal human beings are joyless, meaningless and purposeless. "Where does that love come from?" Why Prem Rawat and His Knowledge, naturally.

The Problem With This World "you see the problem with this world is we don't even understand the meaning of happiness, let alone we try to become happy. How can we become happy when we don't even know what it is? We do all the superficial things that will perhaps make us happy. Only the Perfect Master knows what it is to be happy. Only the Perfect master knows how to make people happy because he makes them eternally happy. He makes them happy in their heart. They don't have to smile about something. They smile because they want to smile. There's something inside of us that wants to open up. That happiness, it doesn't even exist in the English dictionary or in the Sanskrit or any dictionary." - 1979
Prem Rawat Worship festival

"Guru Maharaj Ji comes again and again and says 'Wait, there's nothing here! Let's go. Let's go my place. Let's go to my world. Where you can live, you can really live, where you can really experience, where you can be away from doubt.'"

"Because Guru Maharaj Ji can show that to us now in this lifetime while we are still alive. Guru Maharaj Ji can give us that love, Guru Maharaj Ji can give us that realisation now. We have to just let go to Guru Maharaj Ji, give ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji, not in a theory, not in a song, not in an Arti that we sing every night." - 1979