Prem Rawat - The Bore of the Universe

In October 1971 an earnest young and newly initiated premie (devotee, student, worshipper) of Prem Rawat's asked him a question that shouldn't be asked:

Why does my mind become very strong and distracting when I come to satsang, especially when I want to come here to be with you?

Rawat, in his role as Teacher, Guru, Divine Master and Lord of the Universe replied:

A man is getting strong daily, right? Now, don't give him any food. He won't become any stronger. His mind is becoming stronger daily. Don't give food to his mind and it won't become strong. Give food to his stomach but not to his mind and it won't become strong. There is an anti-fighting medicine, which is anti-mind-strength medicine, which is always fighting against the strength of the mind, It is called anti-mindstrength medicine. That is this Knowledge. Anyone who takes it regularly, one day he will become well, through this. A man who is crazy and who never takes it at the proper times gets worse and worse and worse and worse. That anti-fighting medicine. That is it. Yes. It won't help your mind to grow but it will make your mind fresher. That is all.

In fact, the answer was simple. Rawat was a bore. Not just an ordinary bore but a bore possessed of the knowledge that his Divinely Appointed Role was to talk and talk and talk and he had a captive (in a sense) audience of young people who had been convinced that their role was to listen and "Never Delay In Attending Satsang" which was the Indian name for the meetings in which Rawat would speak. This is ome of the major reason thats Rawat's career as a Meditation Teacher, Guru, World Leader and Lord of the Universe started with a bang and continued on a long slow trajectory of failure. He is so BORING.