Prem Rawat: Coping With The Competition

For Whom The Bell Tolles For Whom The Bell TollesPrem Rawat teaches he is unique on this planet at this time and the reveals the only true spiritual path and can show anyone God, the energy keeping you alive, infinite bliss, joy and the purpose of life. There are of course many other gurus, popes, caliphs, imams, masters, adepts, lamas, rinpoches, channellers, enlightened souls, ascended masters, etc saying the same thing though these days they usually acknowledge the spiritual or religious validity of others in a spirit of ecumenism, tolerance and brotherly love.

Prem Rawat does not share this outloook. He is the only one, the only Perfect Master alive on the planet today. Unfortunately for Prem's mission to rule the world (formerly through his Divine Light Mission, then Élan Vital and latterly through Words Of Peace Global) he is being swamped by the competition. Unlike Eckhart Tolle who is lauded by Oprah, unlike Deepak Chopra who is lauded by Hollywood and unlike the Dalai Lama who is lauded by everyone but the Chinese government, Prem Rawat is only lauded by an aging group of former hippie devotees who go to great lengths and are paying good money to try to make him an internationally respected world leader of peace and while they're waiting for that to happen are pretending it already has. He is basically an unknown, a former teenage fatboy Lord of the Universe and butt of sarcasm.

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How does he cope with the competition? He's just plain nasty.

Could he publish a best selling book like Rhonda Byrne revealing his Secret? That would be difficult. Once a person knows what the secret Knowledge actually entails Rawat's claims are obviously ridiculous and the reasons for keeping this information secret are no longer mysterious.
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Music of the Spheres
Holy name
Nectar of the Gods
Could he hang out with other famous and respected spiritual leaders like his brother does? That would work but they won't let him. It's just like it was back in St Joseph's Academy, the tall cool kids wouldn't play with "shorty shorty, fatty fatty king of the yogis."
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Satpal Maharaj Eldest Bother of Prem Rawat

Guru Get Together

No whenever you see a meeting of respected religious and spiritual leaders you won't see Maharaji amongst them but if you're looking for shady, minor Sicilian political figures.

Maharaji and the Mafia