Guru Maharaj Ji: Holi Festival, Hong Kong, June 3, 1975

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

What this Knowledge is is really, really practical. So when you have such a tool, why not use that tool? Just talk to people straight about this Knowledge. They are looking for something, they are trying to understand, they are searching. What does it mean if you put a little ant in a glass and the ant tries to go up, but falls down? It goes up and it falls down. What does it mean? It clearly means that the ant wants to get out of the glass. But it can't. So if somebody can help that ant, that's good. Just tell them straight like that, so they'll understand that everybody is trying to come up, come up, come up, come up.

- Guru Maharaj Ji, Holi Festival,
Hong Kong, June 3, 1975

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