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What is Hans Jayanti?

Premies experience Guru Maharaj Ji in different ways. Sometimes he's our father; sometimes he's our friend. But when we celebrate Hans Jayanti, the birthday of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Guru Maharaj Ji's own father, it's easier to see that Maharaj Ji is also the example we follow as devotees. It is through service and dedication to Guru that life is made beautiful.

At Hans Jayanti, we joyfully celebrate this beauty in honor of who made it possible. As Maharaj Ji said at last year's festival, "We have been having this celebration for such a long time now. No matter what circumstances we have this function in, it's always so beautiful … it turns out to be the most blissful thing for all of us premies."

On another occasion, Maharaj Ji spoke more about his relationship to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, "In this whole life there is no one I can give any credit to except my Guru Maharaj Ji, because he has taken me away from all the junk and put me into such a beautiful spot. Right now, I am doing service but this service is so minimal compared to the Knowledge he gave me."

Maharaj Ji's service to Shri Hans Ji Maharaj is spreading Knowledge to the whole world. It is because of his commitment to do this service that Maharaj Ji came to the west. Each of us has received Knowledge and taken shelter under the tree whose seed Shri Hans Ji Maharaj sowed so many years ago.

Trying to paint a picture of this year's Hans Jayanti festival is difficult, if not impossible. We could say it won't be like Millennium; or it will be something like Amherst Guru Puja - with a touch of Toronto '74, but none of these suffice. Coming at the end of 1975, on November 7, 8, 9, Hans Jayanti '75 promises to be a bigger and closer gathering of the family than any festival yet.

This year's festival will be held outdoors in a giant field in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. There will be comfortable hotels for housing, lots to do in the afternoons, and a darshan program every night.

Hans Jayanti this year will feature a bountiful assortment of events and activities scheduled throughout the three days of the festival. In the ballrooms and auditoriums of the hotels surrounding the main festival site will be productions by the best of the Performers of the Living Arts: theatre, dance, and music. Continuous showings of films, slide shows and video tapes of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang will all be available. Satsang programs are planned for each of the afternoons, with special programs and events geared especially for aspirants. And each day's events will culminate with Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang and darshan at the evening programs.

Here are the details so far on festival arrangements. For more information see the insert in this issue or contact your local DLM/ DUO office.


In order to finance the festival, it is necessary for everyone to register in advance. Pre-registration this year will be handled regionally. As soon as you have completed the registration form take it with your payment to your local DLM/DUO office or to your Divine Information Center (DIC) representative, who will forward it to the proper DLM/DUO office.

Pre-Registration ends on October 5th. If you don't make your reservation by then, you will have to register and pay at the festival site in Orlando; but there is no guarantee that accommodations will be available at that time.

Several different registration packages are available this year:

1) Registration, meals and regular housing - $75.00 per person. This includes hotel accommodations for four nights, November 6, 7, 8 and 9, admittance to all special programs and events; 2 full-course vegetarian meals on November 7, 8 and 9; and a registration fee to help cover festival production costs.

2) Registration and meals only $35.00 per person. Includes the same as above, only with no housing.

Other housing packages, tailored to meet families' and other special needs are available. for more information, contact your local DLM/DUO office.

(These registration costs are based on maximum attendance estimate for the festival and are designed to offer the opportunity of attending at a reasonable cost, and at the same time make the festival itself as comfortable and flowing as possible.)


Everyone who registers for Hans Jayanti this year will be accommodated in one of the many hotels that surround the festival site. Reservations have been made for four nights: Nov. 6, 7, 8, 9; this will give everyone the chance to check-in to their rooms, get settled and rested beforehand, leaving three full days to enjoy the festival on the 7th, 8th and 9th.


The Mission will provide the entire food service for the three days of the festival. There will be two full-course vegetarian meals served on Nov. 7, 8, 9 - a mid-morning lunch and dinner.


The Mission is arranging charter flights and special group flights from major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information on these flights, call your nearest DLM office or Divine Travel Services in Denver: (303) 623-8280. (Note: the charters and group flights this year are being handled separately from the festival registration itself, so even if you are planning to take a charter or a group flight, be sure to complete a Registration and Housing application).

Orlando is in the heart of Florida, and easy to reach by car. Directions to the festival site will be available at your DLM office. There will be ample parking at the hotels, and limited parking near the main festival site.

Check In

At the beginning of October, official Hans Jayanti '75 registration passes and confirmation cards with your hotel room assignment and all other necessary information will be mailed to everyone who has preregistered. Then, when you arrive, all you need to do is follow the instructions your card will contain and check in your assigned room.

DUO Regional Conferences: a synthesis of learning and sharing

DUO Regional Conferences "… This organization is made up for a purpose and by a purpose. You are trying to please me here, because I want to please the premies and give a chance to this world to realize this Knowledge. And that is what pleases me, and that is what you are trying to do."

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Last year national staff members made valiant attempts at crisscrossing the country in month-long series of tours, attempting to get a clear picture of what exactly was going on in all the country's communities. The task was formidable then, and this year, with so many new and stronger communities, impossible. So when the staff met a few months ago to discuss plans, they talked about a more effective way to meet their family; and set out to organize four separate regional conferences, where not only the DUO directors and DIC reps would come, but several of the people they worked with as well.

So came the national staff of Guru Maharaj Ji's mission: 250 premies from 23 DUO communities and 117 DIC's - 140 cities in all - met with premies from all over their area; in Atlanta, Georgia; Providence, Rhode Island; Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California. (This last conference was delayed and eventually

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Farm - We are two couples and a baby looking for one other couple to share our rented 7 bedroom farmhouse and 6 acres of land. Short distance to Milwaukee and a small healthy premie community. Please write for more information. Peggy and Whitey Perry. Dan and Cindy Garguile 12732 North Greenbay Road, Mequen, Wisconsin 53092,

Wanted: One late model van. Cheap, and in good running cond. contact Brian Mc,-thtnn 124 University Ave Bflo. N.Y_

DLM legal dept. looking for up-to-date books on American and International law including texts on mass communication law, "Fletchers corporate forms,' American Jurisprudence, general legal forms and any legal dictionary or encyclopedia. Send list to Tom Gottsleben, Box 532, Denver, Colo. 80201.

Wanted: Premies who really want to devote themselves to making a center work. Jobs available, growing community. Single men, women, or marrieds all welcome. Write: Community Information Center, 1204 N. Mangum St., Durham, NC 27701.

Landless premie, 4 years experience organic intensive agriculture in Washington state with equipment, trucks, tools, looking for premie setting which allows 3 hours classical piano practice a day. Consider buying -small acreage (cheap) near premies. Cornplanter 1611 E. Roy St., Seattle, Washington 98122.

Unemployed apprentice pottery maker and tile setter seeks work with other premies; will travel or send resume upon request. Write: Chris Ott, Sunnyvale DIC, 336 Sweetbay Drive, Sunnyvale, Cal. 94086.

Premie looking for a community. Place for hard-working new premie who misses satsang and holy company very much. Please write Joan Lilly P.O. Box 1435, Melbourne, Fla. 32901.

Premie center forming in central Mass. Beautiful, centrally located house in Worcester County (population well over a million and less than an hour from Boston and Providence). Looking for strong, dedicated premies. Write Mike Cronin, 37 Sunnyhall Drive, Worcester, Mass.

Where are you Josh? We met you in California - Mendocino one summer you brought us to Guru Maharaj Ji in N.Y. we're living in Vt. Rita and Peter, Box 30 Craftsbury, Vt. 05826

Summer weight meditation sheets. Hand hemmed, machine washable 45" x 72" $5.00, plus 50C postage. All proceeds for local propagation. Suta, 311 W. Juniper, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Premies interested in researching scripture quotes: a project is beginning to systematically extract from the world's scriptures references made to the Knowledge and the universality of it's experience. If interested contact: Divine Times. P.O. Box 532. Denver, CO, 80201. A provocative topic for a University paper or thesis, to say the least.

Let's reach out and join hands, inspire one another and grow close and strong in love. Premies in Pueblo, Colorado are asking for the company of other brothers and sisters in establishing a premie center. Write Tom Kramer 421 W. 11th St. Pueblo, CO. 81003 or call (303) 544-2581.

Photographers - We need your slides. We need color transparencies of any kind for propagation slide shows. A wide range of different presentations are being developed and slides on virtually any subject will be useful. Contact Sharon Stokke, R & D, DLM, P.O. Box 532, Denver, CO, 80201. Please include a listing of the slides and subjects you have at your disposal.

Writers and Artists needed. DLM needs writers and artists to work on propagation materials now being developed. Writers should send a short resume of their background, abilities and experience; and artists should send either color slides or samples of their work. All work should include a stamped-self-addressed envelope, if it is to be returned. Contact: Sharon Stokke, R & D, P.O. Box 532, Denver, CO, 80201.

National News

held in Los Angeles, due to a certain party they attended at the L.A. residence.)

PremiesIn their weekly mailing, each of the communities got a packet of information to prepare them for their conference. Just to set the record straight, the packet opened with a question, to be the major theme of the conference: "How has the service you are performing in Divine Light Mission affected the growth of your relationship to Guru Maharaj Ji and your discovery of what pleases him?"

When the premies arrived they were ready to go - and they did; with a two day marathon of workshops discussing every aspect, problem and possibility that they might encounter trying to answer and relate to their one main concern - How can I please Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I serve him?

Premies"The thing was, everybody understood our purpose," said Lou Schwartz of his experience at the conferences. "When I did a tour of America in October right before Hans Jayanti, in every city I went we had a lot of satsang about our purpose. There had been a lot of misunderstanding in the past and we had to have a basic opening up, and practicalities never came out because there was so much general satsang about everybody feeling a part of the whole thing. I noticed when I was in New York this time, before the Providence conference, that when I sat down with the DUO directors and the staff we didn't have to waste any time thinking, 'Why am I here?' We could just get down to it."

The format chosen for the conferences was that of the workshop where, instead of having one person stand in front and "tell" everybody something, the premies met in smaller groups to openly discuss the subject at hand; hoping to arrive at a synthesis beyond the insights of the individual members involved. And it worked. "Just the mere fact that we all came together unleashed an incredible amount of love inside everyone," said one returnee, "but the additional fact that we met together in just the way we did enabled us to get things done that might not have happened otherwise. Feedback and a general sharing of love and ideas, helped us see each other, feel each other and learn from each other's experiences in a really unusual way."

Premies One important thing that came out of the conferences was a realization of every premie's part in Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission, and how we have to share this realization with each other. For a lot of premies around the country, and around the world for that matter, there's a feeling that everything happens in the DUO offices or in "Denver". It doesn't. Things are organized and planned in Denver and the DUO offices, but it's the people in communities more than anyone that have contact with people who don't have Knowledge. Beautiful satsang was happening around a table of fifteen premies: "It doesn't matter who you are," said one, "if you're serving Maharaj Ji, helping him bring the Knowledge into people's lives, then you're dear to him, you've got a relationship with him and you're his lover, his premie."

And the outcome? Most said that things are going well in Maharaj Ji's Mission in America, but ready for more activity in propagation. And perhaps, just perhaps, we're finally ready to take a good strong dose of direction from Guru Maharaj Ji himself about where to head in the months - and years to come.



Call 254-2550 in Phoenix, Arizona and you'll hear something very different from your usual phone call. In May of this year the premies in Phoenix tried a unique propagation ideommunities a special phone number and attached to it a tape recorder - loaded with satsang. "Dial a satsang" said the little cards the Phoenix premies handed out, and it was very successful. About 15 times a day the phone rings, the tape recorder flips on and the unknowing caller hears the following story preceded by a few words of information about meditation and its ability to give us peace 24 hours a day:

Once there was a king with a beautiful palace lined with the finest Persian carpets. The carpets made his feet feel very comfortable. But the king had one problem - when he would walk around his kingdom, there were rocks, pebbles, and broken glass which made his feet very sore.

So the king, feeling very troubled by this, called his closest aide and told him that due to the condition of his sore feet, he was to carpet the entire kingdom. The aide became very perplexed, for although he desired very much to please the king, he had no idea where he would find so much carpet. Finally the problem was solved.

The next day, when the king was walking around his kingdom grumbling about his sore feet, the aide approached him with two very small pieces of carpet, and proceeded to tie them to the bottom of the king's feet.

Immediately, the king began to smile for he realized that now, wherever he walked, there would always be carpet under his feet.

In a way, we are all in the same condition as the king. We all have some element of peace in our lives, but how can we experience peace wherever we go?

That's where meditation comes in. For through meditation, you can experience peace within yourself, and have it with you no matter where you are.

The meditation we are speaking about can be practiced 24 hours a day. And, like the king's carpeted shoes, gives you a feeling of comfort and relaxation wherever you go …