Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, Atlantic City, 1976 Atlantic City

Flooding the skies and highways east of the Mississippi with only hours' notice, 3,200 premies thrilled to a re-revealing two-day satsang / darshan program in Atlantic City, oceanside with Guru Maharaj Ji, December 18 and 19.

A weekend meditation retreat/ Birthday Celebration for 750 Jersey/ Philly/ New York area premies turned into an old fashioned, all-out, puja festival with Maharaj Ji's Birthday Celebration and "casual satsang," as he prefaced it, Saturday night; a satsang program to be internationally distributed, Sunday night, as well as the opportunity to do pranam and later watch Maharaj Ji (shining in Krishna outfit and crown) and Durga Ji play and dance and laugh to "Take My Love."

Divine Times, January 1977    3