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Jos Lammers
Every block must go

Jos Lammers introduces the tape of Guru Maharaj Ji at the IHQ Conference with this satsang.

Guru Maharaj Ji sent out a letter about the initiators recently and the reason that I want to spend some time talking with you is because the thing that is presented in that letter is not just a change of name. It has much more impact than just changing somebody's name from mahatma to initiator. And actually the whole perspective behind it is that Guru Maharaj Ji is really feeling that we have come to a point where he's ready to work with us, or we're ready to be worked with by him.

Whenever Guru Maharaj Ji feels that we can go a step further, he provides the direction in which that step should go, and the direction that Guru Maharaj Ji is providing us with now is that, if ever this Knowledge is going to spread in this world, it's going to be greatly dependent on the way we present it, and the way we understand it.

Guru Maharaj Ji has been pointing out the direction - that we're no longer a religion but a humanitarian organisation concerned with the human dilemma. And I just want to expand a little on this because I feel that it's really an important point to grasp. Because it's not just, "OK, we're no longer a religion, we're a humanitarian organisation concerned with the human dilemma". That's just changing the boxes and it doesn't really do that much for us. But if we really try to understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is explaining when he gives us that direction then it can have a lot of impact, it can really change the lives that we have as premies, it can change the relationship that we have with Guru Maharaj Ji, the way we view Divine Light Mission, and the way we view our own lives.

One of the things that struck me most when we here at IHQ were going over all these issues, was that really, throughout history, the devotees, or if you like, the people that followed the Perfect Master, always had basic misunderstandings about the Knowledge, and by their basic misunderstandings confused so many other people. Religions always came from premies, premies who lost touch with their master and made Knowledge into a static thing that kept everybody away from truly realising what it was all about. Or the other thing that they always managed to do was to behave in such a way that people could not relate to it at all, and just became aggressive and killed the master.

That seems to be the way that it has always happened - we're really not capable of relaying that experience and understanding how close it is in another human being. And I feel that our main source of misconceptions in the way we relate is that we don't really understand how close this Knowledge is to what we actually experience in our daily life. We think that Knowledge or realisation of God is in some way something completely different from what happens in our day to day life. We think we have to make it into a cult or religion and have to relate to it in a certain, so called holy way, or whatever; and in that way we create this distance between the things that happen in our lives and the practice of Knowledge, the existence of a Perfect Master. But what Maharaj Ji is always stressing is that the experience of Knowledge is your own life; the practice of Knowledge is just the opening up process so that you have the openness to experience what your own life actually is.

But that experience is potentially present in every human being. Every human being is committed to life, every human being has this life force within himself; but every human being also has this enormous hesitance, fear almost, to experience that energy fully. I cannot explain why people have that fear, but the fact is that we do have that fear, all of us have that fear. Because that experience is something unknown. It is something beyond the understanding that we have now, it's always taking us further than that.

There is some kind of fear we have built against this; and it doesn't even manifest as fear any more, but just as pain - a hidden pain that lies behind the lives of everybody because they don't really have the openness to experience what their own life is. And for us the practice of Knowledge enables us to really experience that. When satsang is happening, you can really see premies just open up. Just like that, they just flow into this experience, they experience this energy and understand again the purpose of their life. But sometimes, although a human being is put into satsang, he cannot do that. Though the same experience is potentially present for him, he just cannot flow into it. He maybe sits there and doesn't understand; he sits there and his fear maybe gets even stronger, even


worse. He thinks "Oh, what are these people doing? What are they talking about? Are they out of their heads?"

And we have to understand that that reaction comes from a very natural, normal tendency that human beings have to fear anything that is beyond their understanding; and this Knowledge is beyond their understanding. And we have to see that the only advantage that we have as premies is that we have a certain practice by which we become open. By meditation, by satsang, by service, by darshan, we start to understand and know that experience. It is easy to flow into it when you know it, because it's a well known area you're moving into, but what we have to understand, if we ever want to communicate that same experience to other people, is that we have to be really so, so loving and so understanding about the place that person is coming from.

One of the times when it becomes very clear for me is when I really try to explain something to somebody. Maybe it's a very simple thing, maybe I don't even consciously want to give him satsang, but just want to explain something to him. Maybe I meet somebody who kicks somebody else, somebody kicks his child or whatever, and I just feel a strong need to communicate something to him about loving each other and feeling the purpose of life. You just talk with him and you're just so careful in saying the right things, because you understand that there is a fear in him about what you are saying. But at the same time you want to communicate it, and you're so cautious. You're very careful, you choose your words very carefully, you just try to make sure that what you're trying to say comes across. We have probably all experienced that that's when it really happens, and that person really understands.

Maharaj Ji has explained so many times that this true communication is possible, but then we start using all these strange words, or we start behaving in a strange way, people just lose the connection, and don't understand what we're talking about. Like Maharaj Ji gave an example a few days ago. He said, "OK, you give somebody satsang, and he is really open and he really understands; and then he says, 'OK, where can I get this knowledge?' and you say, 'Oh, well you have to go to Mahatma Didedenand' . And this guy goes, 'What? Mahatma?' He asks you what is a mahatma, and it takes you a long time to explain what it is and by the time you're at the end of the explanation, this guy has completely forgotten that experience that you had when you truly shared the experience of Knowledge with him." And then it's gone, just because of the way we express it, the terminology we use.

Maharaj Ji explained in that same meeting that he will remove everything that is in his control that is a block in spreading this Knowledge. Because the only reason why this Mission is here, the only reason why we are here as premies, is to spread Knowledge; and Guru Maharaj Ji is very determined to remove all the things that keep us away from it.

The main trend that he's trying to describe is that we're not a religious sect anymore, not a religious cult trying to hold onto this strange behaviour that doesn't relate to people, but actually a group of people who are very concerned with this dilemma that humanity is in. And this means that we have to become very aware of what the dilemma is, and we can only become aware of it if we become more of a human being ourselves, and just see what the limitations of a human being are, and how we can cross these limitations by our connection with Guru Maharaj Ji and our practice of Knowledge. And if we're capable of relating to this world in a more real way -and I don't know exactly what type of things Guru Maharaj Ji is wanting to change - the most important thing is that we try to grasp what message he is trying to get across when he tells us that we're going to change the name from mahatma to initiator. And what he wants to tell us when he makes these kind of changes, and what it means in our own life, is that we have to investigate our own life and see how much it is based on just habit, on ideas of 'Oh, this means Knowledge; oh, this means following the Perfect Master.' Because things completely lock us into a box and even make us very frustrated because it doesn't feel real at all. So how inspiring it should be to begin to understand that this Knowledge is our own life and that a very real relationship, a very real awareness of what this life is all about will give us a greater understanding of this Knowledge and Guru Maharaj Ji's task in it.

I feel so strongly that it is so important for us to understand these things and to really investigate our lives as premies, and try to become real human beings, try to see the need of this world for Knowledge. For example, why not start reading the newspapers, and get an idea of what's going on? Maybe you don't relate to it in that way, but you can see that people are just going around in circles. And it's horrible to see that if you really know that there is a way out. Not that you have to go out and convert people, but if you can see that there is a very subtle way out for humanity, you can really start feeling responsible, and the communication about this Knowledge becomes a very human thing.

It's so hard for us to communicate properly, because like everything in this world, communication also has become a very inhuman thing. Things in this world are not based on love anymore, but on something else - on proving yourself. Even in communication, most people don't talk to share something, but to reinforce their own experiences, to reinforce their own beliefs, to reinforce their own ideas. Whatever they have in their head they want to reinforce it, they want to put it into a security. And they just do that by talking about it; because the more you talk, the more secure you become about what you're saying.

But slowly we start seeing that if we really practise something that makes us human, then also talking about that thing has to become more and more human. And it has to be talking not to reinforce our own things, to reinforce our own experiences; it has to be an effort to really share this with somebody else. And the effort to share is always based on love for somebody else.

So this is how I feel, that the sharing of this Knowledge can really only come from our own experience. We really have to get strong ourselves; we really have to become clear in what our purpose is as premies and then we'll be able to relate this message to the world.

So the Mission is changing once again, along with our


formermahatma (121K) perception of our own lives and our way of relating to other people. I like changes. Somehow, they seem to silhouette the experience of Knowledge, maybe because they blow away some of the concept cobwebs I've unintentionally wrapped around it.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that you can't force changes. When this cartoon arrived the other day, it reminded me of how important it is, through all the external shifts, to stay really cool in meditation, service and satsang, and just let things unfold. Because as Jos says, it's by doing those things that we open up enough to change, anyway. And as far as giving satsang goes, it's more than just using the right word at the right time. It's the love that really counts - that's what people respond to, and that's what gives you the ability to be sensitive to them. So relax, stay tuned in, and just try to share what you experience.

Initiator Padarthanand has been touring on the West Coast of the United States, In a recent letter to "all brothers and sisters all over Australia," he sent us his love and regard, and mentioned that while in Los Angeles, he had the opportunity to see Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji, who were "happy to see me in Western dress".

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