Initiator Applications and Associated Documents Published by Divine Light Mission

In the late 1970's there was a lot of pressure put on Rawat's followers living in the ashrams to apply to become "Initiators".

  • Initiator Application Invitation August 31, 1979

  • Reply from DLM to the expression of interest in the service of initiator

  • THE INITIATOR SERVICE booklet "QUOTES FROM GURU MAHARAJI'S SATSANG" Prem Rawat preferred to give his teachings off the cuff in his impromptu speeches. These were mainly filled with very poor English, extraneous asides, non sequiturs, favourite self-glorifying stories, irrelevancies and constantly repetitive "you knows" and "ands" and "…"'s where he ran off the rails of his train of thought. Therefore some poor follower who more organised and and with a competent command of English had to go through the transcripts finding sections that were relevant and put together this booklet.

By the late 1980's initiators had been downgraded again to instructors.

Many thanks to the people who made these texts available on the internet for their dedication to truth.