----------------INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS----------------

Jai Satchitanand! Your letter expressing interest in the service of initiator has been received, and is in Guru Maharaj Ji's files for his future use. The first printing of the 1978 Initiator Candidate Development Program Application has been given out and no more applications are available at this time. A new application will be sent to you as soon as it is completed.

It is so precious to experience that the purpose of our life is to surrender and merge with Guru Maharaj Ji. In every moment, we can remember Guru Maharaj Ji in Holy Name, giving ourselves in the destiny he has chosen for us. We have the opportunity to trust in Guru Maharaj Ji completely, and experience him through our practice of satsang, service and meditation.

Enclosed is the second printing of quotes from Guru Maharaj Ji about the service of initiator. Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang can always deepen our understanding of where he wants to take us.

By his Grace, we can live in Guru Maharaj Ji's Love forever.

Jai Satchitanand.

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