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August 31, 1979

Dear Tom,

Jai Sat Chit Anand. By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, this application is being made available to those devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji who have a keen and sincere desire to serve Guru Maharaj Ji in the role of an initiator.

The experience of satsang, service and meditation fills our hearts with joy and bliss. Just a spectrum of this experience is being offered to those who wish sincerely to dedicate their lives in the blissful service of an initiator.

At all times when the Perfect Master has blessed this earth with His glorious physical presence, this service has been offered to those who, in fact, have dedicated their lives to Him.

This application is only the first step. if you feel you would like to apply for this service, fill in the application and mail it to the address below. However, if you do not wish to apply, please return the application form immediately.

As Guru Maharaj Ji said at the European ashram meeting at Guru Puja 1979, in London:

You have an opportunity to dedicate yourself. it is up to you to really make that effort. And now that you have that opportunity, don't let your mind come in. Just really let Guru Maharaj Ji flow through you. Mind will come in and mess you up; it takes a minute … and there is nothing left. If your mind starts coming in, cool it, don't jump into it.

… You can concentrate on Guru Maharaj i's Knowledge, instead of concentrating in this world, instead of concentrating on something else that we usually get into so many times. There is an opportunity, here is a place where you can sincerely just dedicate your life to Guru Maharaj Ji.

You have to really understand. Do you really want to dedicate yourself? And that's what you want to focus on. That's what you want to be clear on. Do you really want to dedicate your life?

Enjoy each moment of His love in dedication and service to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Please print your name and address clearly on the return envelope.

P.O. Box 391072 Miami Beach, FL
33139 USA