This is a reproduction of the 26 page A4 sized booklet "Life With Knowledge: A Premie Guidebook" published by Divine Light Mission in 1975. It was advertised and "reviewed" in the Divine Times magazine which said: "Life With Knowledge" is a handy, tightly written reminder of all the basics of Guru Maharaj Ji's way of life that we ever so constantly forget … The satsang is packed throughout the book, including quotes from Guru Maharaj Ji on appropriate subjects, his letters to the premies, a clear explanation of Agya, a much needed reference copy of Maharaj Ji's five commandments, photos and more."

Life With Knowledge: A Premie Guidebook

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Doing Meditation
Chapter 3 Attending To Satsang
Chapter 4 Doing Service
Chapter 5 The Five Commandments
Chapter 7 Lifestyle

© 1975 Divine Light Mission