Prem Rawat Is The Lord of Flight

1982 Prem Rawat's Boeing 707 The young Prem Rawat was obsessed with driving cars and flying planes and was illegally driving cars around in India from an early age. His early Western devotees (circa 1970) reported that blocks of wood were attached to pedals of a car so that he could drive it himself though he could barely see over the bonnet. He enjoys flying so much that it has moved him to poetry (or at any rate to doggerel) and inspired him to get really passionate in his speeches about flying an aeroplane and then follow with lame protestations that really there is nothing as valuable as for example "experiencing the energy that is keeping me alive." One of his lamest excuses for having so much fun flying was that "it was not the airplanes, it was not the flying, that was just an excuse, that was just an excuse." As the Satguru and Perfect Master he was supposed to always be in constant bliss and so when he revealed his real source of enjoyment he would attempt to explain it away.

His demands for luxury and opulence in all aspects of his life might have been enough to keep his organisations' financial resources insufficient to bring "peace to the world" but the cost of buying, leasing and flying his private executive jets have ensured it. The rationale for any organisation to have an executive jet is that the executives can work or rest while travelling but Rawat flies the plane himself, thereby having no time for work and arrives needing rest. The cost/benefit ratio of cost of planes divided by number of students is extraordinarily high. He began learning to fly in August 1972 as soon as he had a devotee able to teach him and the necessary funds.

Prem Rawat Wants a Boeing 707 - What Prem Wants … (1980)

In 1979 it was announced in DLM that funds were required for a "world tour" and that monthly donations should be made for this. In fact, Rawat desperately wanted a Boeing 707 and one was bought and hundreds of premies gathered in Miami to refurbish the plane for free. Rawat's exacting and changing standards for this required more and more money while attempting to keep the project secret. Insufficient research was done and the 707 proved too expensive to run and could not meet the upcoming stringent environmental regulations. Gold plating and polished ebony were part of the interior decoration. In a bizarre twist the 707 was sold to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of TM fame, a far richer guru than Guru Maharaj Ji.

1982 Prem Rawat's Boeing 707
1982 Boeing 707

Prem Rawat Looking Like Tom Cruise - In His Own Mind Only (Always))

Prem Rawat couldn't care less that the 707 project had cost a fortune in money and his devotees' labour and resources or that the plane had proved useless. He had been a Jet Captain! He'd proudly worn jet-pilot's sunglasses. Life doesn't get any better than that. He looke like Tom Cruise!

Prem Rawat's Devotees Lease A Lear 35 (1984)

Prem Rawat Lord of the Universe and Pilot In 1984, a Lear 35 was leased to facilitate Maharaji's world tour. However sufficient research again had not been done and it was not the ideal aircraft for Maharaji. It could fly eastbound around the world (America to Europe to Asia to America) with the help of tail winds but it could not go westbound nor fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii. It's cockpit and cabin were quite small and while Rawat is very short he has always been very fat but at the time it was probably all his followers could afford.

1984 Learjet 35
1984 Learjet 35

Prem Rawat's Devotees Buy A Lear 55 (1987)

1988 Learjet 55 In 1987 Élan Vital purchased a Lear 55 that could be modified to carry long-range fuel tanks that would allow westbound flight around the world, and still have sufficient space for passengers and luggage. It was claimed Maharaji travelled more than 245,000 air miles per year, ie 10 trips around the world? The plane cost $4 million dollars (a loan of $2.5 million was made using his Malibu mansion as collateral) and it was estimated it would cost nearly another $2 million per annum to run.

Learjet 55
Prem Rawat Lord of the Universe and Pilot

Prem Rawat Realises He Needs a Canadian-Made Challenger 601 (1990)

On October 4th 1990 an urgent call went out for donations required as Rawat had decided he needed a Canadian-made Challenger 601. This would cost $8 million over the proceeds of selling the Learjet 55. Despite the Lear 55's impeccable performance record over the 630,000 miles flown over the last four years (157,500 miles per year average) it had to go as it took Maharaji seven days to fly from Los Angeles to New Delhi, a trip that took ordinary people in a commercial flight a day. He was so enamoured of flight in his new Challenger he was inspired to write poetry.

Challenger 601Challenger 601

Challenger 601

Some people are never satisfied and so Prem Rawat has had his plane upgraded a few more times and at staggering cost. The cost of gaining each new non-Indian student must be astronomical though calculating it would be difficult as he seems to be losing as many as he is gaining and not even the Lord of the Universe can divide by zero. These aircraft are not purchased by Prem Rawat but are leased from the actual owners. Purchasing an aircraft to lease apparently has major tax benefits for people wealthy enough to make use of them as the IRS permits the depreciation of aircraft over 6 years.

Prem Rawat Is Upgraded To A Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV (1997)

Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV - cost about $25 million

RegistrationManuf.ModelType c/ni/tSelcal ICAO24Reg / Oprbuilttest regdelivery prev.reguntilnext regstatus
N41PRGulfstream AerospaceG-IVGLF41226 L2JPrime Resources19932000 N41PLreregistered

Gulfstream G IV N41PR

Gulfstream G IV N41PR Prem Rawat Lord of the Universe and Pilot
RegistrationManuf.ModelType c/nl/ni/tSelcal ICAO24Reg / Oprbuilttest regdelivery prev.reguntilnext regstatus
N54PRGulfstream Aerospace G-VGLF5564 L2J PREMA6D6E8Wilmington Trust Co Trustee19992000-08-21 2007N54PRto other opr
Gulfstream GV N54PR
Gulfstream GV N54PR

Prem Rawat Is Upgraded To A Gulfstream Aerospace G-V (2000)

Gulfstream Aerospace G-V purchased 2000 - cost about $45 million

RegistrationManuf. ModelTypec/ni/t SelcalICAO24Reg / Oprbuilt test regdeliveryprev.reguntilnext regstatus
N550PR Gulfstream Aerospace GV-SP (G550)GLF55121 L2J PREM A700C0Wilmington Trust Co Trustee20062007-01-17N921GAactive

Gulfstream G550 Gulfstream G550 Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream Aerospace G650 purchased 2013 - cost about $65 million

Gulfstream G650 The G650 seats 18 passengers and has 4 crew members. Fuel costs about $6 per nautical mile so a flight to New York from Los Angeles costs about $13,000 for fuel alone. To an average person there is no significant difference between a G550 and a G650 though the G650 cabin height is 6'5" rather than 6'2" but that would not matter for Prem Rawat. The Priyan Foundation ( amusingly registered in Diemen, the Netherlands continues to be the source of funding. In 2013 the G550 was sold to Nike to use as a company plane after it was given a special paint job. Phil Knight, the billionaire philanthropist, co-founder and chairman of Nike, Inc. bought a G650 for his personal use. Knight has a personal fortune of approximately $16 billion and if he hasn't already given a billion dollars to charitable organisations he will have soon. Unlike Prem Rawat he does not have a web site that gives details of all his donations though Prem Rawat does not donate his own money as he is a minor millionaire at best. Other billionaire owners of a G650 include Oprah Winfrey, Bernie Ecclestone, "Lord of the Rings" director Sir Peter Jackson, Stephen Wynn and companies like Walmart, Exxon Mobil.

The Prem Rawat Foundation took delivery of N650PR at Bradley International Airport in New Hampshire on 19th November, 2013

Videos and DVDs produced by his followers nearly always include scenes of Rawat flying whether appropriate or not.

Rawat Can Fly Rawat Can Fly Rawat Can Fly Rawat Can Fly

Prem Rawat: Sky Pilot Prem Rawat: Sky Pilotv Prem Rawat: Sky Pilot
Prem Rawat: Sky Pilot Prem Rawat: Sky Pilot Prem Rawat: Sky Pilot

Prem Rawat: Top Gun Prem Rawat: Top Gun Prem Rawat: Top Gun
Prem Rawat: Top Gun Prem Rawat: Top Gun Prem Rawat: Top Gun

A loving farewell and off for a jaunt in the helicopter with one of the boys. Prem Rawat's Helicopter

Prem Rawat's Private Jet The scene that shows off his latest private jet (1988).

Beat that Maharishi.
Keep flying Economy, Amma Ji.
Eat my jet stream, Dalai Lama.
You're stuck in India, Satpal!

What every Perfect Master needs to get to those hard to reach, out of the way programs and events, a $125,000 glider.

Prem Rawat's Glider
Prem Rawat's Glider
Prem Rawat's Glider

In 2014 Prem Rawat received an AW 139 helicopter.