This summer, for the first time since the spring of '74, Guru Maharaj Ji will be visiting North American premies through a series of regional programs. His tour will take him to five U.S. cities and it is expected that around 12,000 premies will come to hear him. Preparations are already underway in Providence, Gainesville, Indianapolis, Denver, and San Francisco with the largest turnout expected in Providence (6,000).

To date, the programs are planned very simply. In the past, we have talked about "A Thousand Years of Peace," (Houston), "A Family Gathering," (Amherst), and "Getting Connected, Getting Happy, Giving," (Orlando), but this year's focus is completely on Guru Maharaj Ji. The summer tour is an opportunity for Guru Maharaj Ji to give direct inspiration to the premies of North America and an opportunity for us to spend some time with him. We can all appreciate that in a process that puts us through so many changes each year, it is a welcome program that brings Guru Maharaj Ji to us in person.


In order to fund the tour, everyone attending Guru Maharaj Ji's program is asked to purchase a registration pass. The passes cost ten dollars per person (children under thirteen are free) and are available at your nearest DUO office.

In every festival, through nationwide fundraising, reservation packages, and passing the hat at the event, we have all shared the cost of putting on the program. This year, through the purchase of registration passes, the financial handling of the tour can be stabilized, because major costs, such as Guru Maharaj Ji's travel expenses, can be paid for in advance. The registration fee is simply the easiest way to all share in the funding of a North American tour.