Elan Communications Mail Order Catalog, December 1981

December '81 catalogue December '81 catalogue

December '81 catalogue

Videos are produced in VHS, Beta Max and 3/4" formats. Write for a complete list of available videos. Some of the more recent PMV's include:

PMV 100 - "You Are My Savior", U.S. Guru Puja 1980 Special
PMV 101 - "Holi, Holi, Holi", Special from U.S. Holi 1980
PMV 102 - Guru Puja, London, August 24, 1980
PMV 103 - Hans Jayanti, Rome, October 17, 1980
PMV 104 - "Eyes of Faith", Special segments from U.S. programs, 1980-1981

Among the films also available on video are:

Satguru Has Come
Birthday Film
Holy Holi $ 75.00
Family of Love
Power of Love
Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?
Greatest Magician

  • The cost of all videos is $75 postpaid ($85 for 3/4 inch format).
  • To be notified of newly released videos, ask to be placed on the mailing list.

Sixteen Millimeter Film

Several copies of the new introductory film "Message of the Heart" are available. Also, limited quantities of some other films are in stock including: Family of Love, Montreal '77, and an edited 20-minute introductory film from the 1978 Albert Hall program.


Padded Barragon

A light and sturdy barragon with adjustable aluminum leg and padded crosspiece. Available in:
Regular (22"), Compact (20') and Long (24").
Price: $30 plus $2 for shipping.

Wooden Barragon

Comes with sturdy adjustable aluminum leg and wooden crosspiece. One size only: 24".
Price: $22 plus $2 shipping.

December '81 catalogue