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Ken Kelley - Journalist

Ken Kelley was a journalist who became interested in the Divine Light Mission in 1973 and who wrote about it widely in the early 1970's. He was a charismatic "wild man" who began in the White Panther Party, wrote for the underground press and became an interviewer for Playboy magazine interviewing such luminaries as George H.W. Bush, Maya Angelou, Ray Bradbury and Abbie Hoffman. He has not interviewed Prem Rawat for Playboy as Rawat is neither famous, infamous or talented enough to warrant such exposure. Kelley was involved in a bizarre life-is-stranger-than-art-incident when he protected anti-gay activist, Anita Bryant, from a gay activist who tried to throw a pie at her during a speaking engagement though he was gay himself. As far as is known, no fan of Ms Bryant attempted to kill the pie-thrower with a hammer to the head as did Mahatma Fakiranand and Richard Fletcher attempt to kill Pat Halley for pie-ing Prem Rawat the Guru Maharaj Ji though Kelley's life was threatened by fans of Ms Bryant after his story and interview with her was published.

He knew Rennie Davis well, spent a lot of time with premies, attended Millenium '73 for Ramparts magazine and there was probably no other journalist with such an intimate knowledge of Divine Light Mission. Unfortunately a book Kelley was writing - "Brave New Bliss" - was never published. He died in goal in 2012.

Ken Kelley with Rennie DavisArticles written by Ken Kelley:

Ken Kelley moderates a debate between Rennie Davis and Paul Krassner
Ken Kelley moderates a debate between Rennie Davis and Paul Krassner

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