Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Mata Ji once gave satsang about Arjun:

Arjuna had to go to war, and it was there on the battlefield that Krishna taught him about the secret of life and death. Instead of instructing him in the skills of war, he instructed him in the skills of meditation, and self-realization. Even now, people still try and figure out the lessons he gave. … What Arjuna received from Lord Krishna can never be known by any other way than how Arjuna was given it."

These words must have inspired her when she realised that her baby boy, the one who had been inherited everything from her adored husband had gone off the rails and must be squashed like a cockroach. She lifted up the hem of her sari, too a deep breath and …

Disowned, Disinherited and Deposed the 16 Year-Old Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) kisses his future bridePrem Rawat was disparaged, disowned, disinherited and deposed by his mother, brothers and the Indian Divine Light Mission. Prem Rawat has tried to explain this away as his hidebound Hindu mother's anger at his non-traditional marriage. However, she made it clear in newspaper interviews that it was caused by her youngest son's "playboy" behaviour which included drunkeness, marijuana smoking, overly luxurious living, eating meat and excessive (for a Satguru) lust for sex. These accusations were later confirmed by close followers though they were kept secret from his followers at the time. Rawat attempted to gain control of the Indian organisation through the courts but his father's senior mahatmas and DLM administrators led by the redoubtable Prof. C. L. Tandon won the important court cases to retain control of his father's property and the hearts of the followers. Rawat's children never met their grandmother, he did not attend her funeral. The brothers' web sites, Satpal's Manav Dharam and any of Prem Rawat's many sites do not mention each other. Rawat's mother announced her deposing of her youngest son on April 1, 1975 (I am unsure if she meant this to coincide with April Fools' Day) but Rawat had had already been announced the downgrading of his Holy Family's divinity to the Divine Light Mission Western premies, sort of, nearly a year before on May 9, 1974 when this letter was published. He was busy creating a new less holy Holy Family.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) dances on the beachThis was more than a family dispute though, the Head of the Indian "Divine Light Mission", Professor C.L. Tandon, who had been Prem Rawat's father's secretary and devoted follower also travelled to the U.S.A. twice to see the young Maharaji but was appalled to see that "night clubs," "illicit relations," and liquor were routine for the young Prem Rawat and Professor Tandon was instrumental in removing him as the Satguru.

His followers claimed that it was the love between Prem Rawat and his soon-to-be wife, Marolyn Johnson, that infuriated his mother. Mata Ji said that it was caused by his drunkeness, marijuana smoking, overly luxurious living, meat eating and excessive (for a Satguru) lust for sex. This was not just a "family split" as Rawat's followers have tried to present it. His father's senior mahatma, Mahatma Satyanand, and over 99% of the mahatmas rejected the 18 year old Prem Rawat who refused to publicly rebut his mother's charges that he had started drinking alcoholic beverages, had begun eating meat instead of remaining a vegetarian, and had shown too much interest in sex so at least he didn't perjure himself that time.

Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Mata Ji returned to India …

Prem Rawat's Mother, Mata Ji

Prem Rawat Never Forgave His Mother (and vice-versa)

Rawat never forgave his mother and elder brother and would make sneering remarks about them when in India without however mentioning their names.

The golden opportunity that has been given to you has to be understood fully well. Just see, when we remember the old happenings today, so many things come to our mind. Those old memories are being revived before you in reality. They are living experiences now. There are people who turned manmats (devotee of mind) and went away, though I haven seen myself, but people say that they have now become very thin and feeble, as if they have come directly out of their graves. And that is natural.

I have seen a lot of such "distinguished" persons, the so-called 'devotees' who were regarded as the crest jewel, the ideal ones, 'a model of devotion', 'a living personification of a devotee in this kaliyuga.' And I have seen such devotees disappearing in the manner you will hardly believe: "Oh, has he gone!" It was not merely a disappearance but an amazing phenomenon. Just now they are here before you and in another moment they are nowhere. I mean, sort of a miracle they performed. They were such persons who preached to other people that they should never be confused but they themselves got confused. They pressed people to remain firm and constant devotees of Guru Maharaji, that their devotion should be unceasing and unimpaired, but they themselves vanished altogether. Such so-called epitome of devotion who exhorted loudly by microphones on big loudspeakers that the devotion to Guru Maharaji must be unbreakable, ceaseless, but their own devotion proved to be such a mirage that they themselves became untraceable after sometime. Nobody knows whether they are even alive or not, and if alive where they are at present. Such devotees I have seen myself.

Mata Ji with her son the Godboy Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Mata Ji with her son the Godboy Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Mata Ji mother of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Mata Ji in happier days with her pudgy young son, who she then claimed was the living Perfect Master, Prem Rawat.

Mata Ji with her son the school boy Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

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