Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 2000s Press Articles

In the 2000's Prem Rawat remained under the radar of the mainstream press, he was too insignificant to warrant attention except in some areas where his activities stirred notoriety again.

This included Queensland, Australia where he founded a cult compound "Amaroo" in the guise of a convention centre.

One time cult member and journalist, John MacGregor, wrote the most complete story about Prem Rawat in the mainstream press

However, Prem Rawat's early career as the divine "Guru Maharaj Ji" was not completely forgotten.

Former Vice-President of Divine Light Mission and trenchant critic of Prem Rawat dies in tragic circumstances.

Prem Rawat's gouging of his premie's finances continues to provide public interest and ridicule.

There are serious articles.