Prem Rawat's Post-Covid Pensioners Party

The most important event in a follower of Prem Rawat's life is the annual get-together in his Peak Crossing, Australia cult compound named Amaroo. These 5 day guru-gabfests are the only time they can see him in the open air in a relatively natural setting, reasonably close-up and distraction free for full inspirational top-ups. They are also Rawat's major fund-raisers where admittance costs hundreds of dollars and camping on-site costs thousands.

Drudges Trudging to Next Rant

Rawat has a luxury private jet, personal doctors and servants and mansions all over the world but he was so fearful for his life that he hunkered down in his Malibu palace and went into full-scale paranoia. To help defray upkeep and interest costs part of this personal Premadise was converted into a camp-ground, a caravan park for the hoi-polloi who weren't evolved enough to recognise Rawat's wisdom. The other source of income is renting the place out and thousands of young people attend raves at Amaroo but for Rawat's personal events only a gray group of pensioners are interested, the rump left over from the early 1970's frenzy of stoned hippie-ish converts. In 2002 about 2700 people paid to attend, a number about half of the previous maximum attendance.

Warnings were issued on the official site. These people were old and vulnerable and most importantly, Rawat's only source of income.

COVID Update

As the average age of this year's attendees is 70 years, many of our guests are vulnerable with health issues. To protect everyone during the 5 days of events, Masks will be mandated in the Amphitheatre as well on Buses and Shuttles. Masks are also highly recommended in areas where social distancing is not possible. Please bring with you sufficient face masks for the week, preferably N95, KN95, P2, FFP2. Read more COVID Info page

If you have a medical exemption from wearing a Mask please bring it with you. You will need to show it when you pick up your tickets. You will be seated in a special area at the rear of the Amphitheatre where there is visibility and good air flow to keep you and all the attendees safe. (Update 8 August)