Bhole Ji Steals Prem's Funding

Prem Rawat was declared the Satguru in 1966 by his dead father's spirit and all his family and gathered devotees. The elder brothers acclaimed Him and publicly worshipped him for the next 12 years. The elder brothers were so traditionally hidebound and narrow minded that they betrayed their Satguru just because they disapproved of his drug abuse and meat eating. They stole his inheritance and all the family business capital and his Indian members. Obviously everything the brothers have earned in India over the past 50 years is rightfully Prem's - not theirs. Prem, the True Satguru, stripped them of their membership in "the Holy Family." All the money donated to the Hans Foundation honouring their father should have gone and be going to Prem Himself. He is the Rightful Perfect Master. The money could have paid for a Gulfstream G650 so that Prem can travel the world spreading their father's "Knowedge" Its grand fraud. Its plainly daylight robbery, Its as as if they put a gun to Prem's head.

This Money Should Rightfully Be Going To Prem Rawat

In honour of his fathe Bhole Ji Rawat created the Hans Foundation in 2009, an Indian charity that disburses funds to organisations involved in various health and social programs in India. This has basically been funded by the Cofounder/Principal Donor Manoj Bhargava who created the extremely lucrative "5-Hour Energy Drink." This Foundation in 6 years has disbursed over $US70 million providing disadvantaged Indians with help from NGOs. This isn't exactly billion dollar stuff and is a drop in the ocean of Indian needs but there is no doubt the Hans Foundation has already (2017) provided far more chaitable funding than the Prem Rawat Foundation has in it's existence. This sudden infusion of wealth may have been what gave Bhole Ji the means to get his younger brother, Raja Rawat, out of a life spruiking for his former Perfect Master, Prem.

Bhole Ji Maharaj and Mata Shri Mangla Ji Caught In The Act

Greed and Envy (and Prem's Boyish Fun) Breaks Up the Holy Family