Alexandria, Virginia participation Event Maharaji: Alexandria, Virginia Participation Event, June 17, 2000

A "Participation Event" is an opportunity for Rawat to attempt to get his most devoted followers to donate more money and volunteer labour to his organisations and to him personally.

  • Rawat says: "Practice one hour, a minimum. Nowadays when people come to receive the gift of Knowledge they are asked "Could you make the time one hour at least every day to practice. If you can't, let us know. I'm sure you weren't asked that, you know, if you received Knowledge in the vintage era" In fact, Rawat here is both correct and wrong. Of course we weren't told we would have to meditate minimum an hour, we were told we would have to meditate minimum 2 hours a day and we did.
  • He continues "Most importantly, enjoy the gift of Knowledge that's what's gonna count. Sitting there in frustration does not count. Sitting there dabbling with all your doubts does not count." Rawat's meditation consists of techniques that, to most people, would be boring. In the 1970's when "true confessions" were given nightly in satsang meetings in every community of his followers many premies were quite open about their difficulties doing meditation and Rawat continually berated his followers for their lack of application in meditation and demanded more committment.
  • Rawat repeats his hopeless plea: "if we can have that enthusiasm of the 70s and the maturity of now I think we can do a lot with it." He does not appear to realize that the enthusiasm of his young, inexperienced devotees of the 1970's can never be repeated by aging followers jaded by 30 years of attempting to follow his directions no matter how sincere they may be.
  • He boasts about the number of aspirants and people receiving Knowledge - 62,000. These people are virtually all Indian. However he even admits that interest in the USA is virtually non-existent.
  • He reminds them of his order during the early 1980's: "Long time ago I said 'Look, the best you can do is be quiet' and that was the best thing you could do." Despite the later training sessions Rawat's optimism about propagation in the West has remained unfulfilled.

So I hope you had a nice day (applause). These are the questions and that have been submitted to me and others like to just preface this a little bit. When at first I just looked at this it was like "Gee, things don't change" it's kinda what I've always been asked and I went through the other phase which uh you know as a teacher one is obliged to say "No question is too dumb." So there you go. Um there's a lot of questions here about how to talk to people about Knowledge, how to assist in propagation and I really would have to say that that is the question that needs to be answered by each country separately and not only each country separately but each community separately because it's a very, very much so limited to each area of how it should happen for. For instance one of the questions is you know should we, can we advertise the local event in the newspaper? Well, I know that there are newspapers in certain communities around the world where it would not be an issue, it would would attract no attention, it would merely convey the message that there is an event happening. On the other hand I know of communities and I know of newspapers that would be like one giant red flag so it really is the thing that's going to be happening on a very much country to country, community to community basis.

In August and you know today I finished my schedule for the rest of the year and I did it this morning before coming here. Well they weren't doing it. I had the invitations but they weren't doing it so I took the liberty to do it myself (applause) but it's done and you know it doesn't cover everywhere. A lot of the places there were no invitations from and so those places where there were no invitations from I'm not going. ??? I couldn't. I wasn't even invited to that place. I'm not a party pooper (laughter) but in August one of the things that I'm going to be doing is a training of how to present Knowledge and that will be videoed and that video will be made available throughout, hopefully, the whole world (makes quote marks with fingers) to people who are interested in presenting Knowledge. So a lot of the questions at that point in time will get answered for you.

Now so far I'm concerned of I've been involved with propagation since a very very long time. It's really two elements that you need. One is sincerity, you have to be sincere in wanting to present Knowledge. You can't come there with your artificial enthusiasm and say "Oh Gee whiz you know I'm really excited about Knowledge" and somebody asks you that question "Why are you excited about Knowledge?" You know if somebody asked me that question "Why are you excited about Knowledge?" I would have to say "I don't know" because it's not my mind that's excited about knowledge, it's my heart and the darndest thing is they both don't talk to each other. (Laughter) because it's like being in love, there's no rational explanation that somebody can come up with. When you are in love, you are in love and if somebody goes prying "Why that person?" Because you can hold an intelligent conversation with that person? Well there are other people you can hold much more intelligent conversations with. (Laughter) And why are you in love? You don't know and a lotta times you love Knowledge, you love Knowledge because you know why you love Knowledge. It does what it does for you, it's a very personal thing.

Now as we sit here this evening there are about 62,000 aspirants waiting to receive Knowledge. Now that's not a small number and this is not the number that of people who just consider themselves aspirants. This is a definitive number, they're definitely interested and they come. They want to receive Knowledge and you should see the schedule you know the amount of Knowledge Sessions scheduled for India is just phenomenal, for Nepal, for other places, for Mauritius, for South Africa, for Europe there are so many places where all this has to happen and it is going to happen and why are these people going to receive Knowledge? Because somebody has really hyped them up? No. Their hearts have sincerely been touched and they have thoroughly enjoyed the ex do you know let me finish what I was going to say that have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being an aspirant. There are aspirants who come to me and say "Maharaji it's been incredible. I don't know if I'm going to receive Knowledge, that's up to you but it has just been an incredible time in my life. I just want to thank you for that." And that's that is how Knowledge is. You let the person discover. It's like quenching a thirst. If somebody comes to you saying "Give me a glass of water, I'm thirsty." You don't start drinking the water. "Let me drink it for you." No you offer that water to them. Let them go through the process of drinking and quenching the thirst. You cannot drink the water for them. You cannot say "Well my thirst is quenched."

As powerful as Knowledge is, as incredible as Knowledge is, as precious as Knowledge is it does not sit there and flash, it's not flashy. That rabbit problem, practice third technique. That bug problem, practice second technique. It's not like that. It's real, it's something that a person discovers that a person's, it's up to the person, when there is a thirst, Knowledge is there to quench it. When there is no thirst, the person does not acknowledge that thirst themselves they have they don't feel that thirst then what is Knowledge gonna do? So one thing that is needed is sincerity and the second thing of course that is genuine enthusiasm. And a person who experiences Knowledge in their life and enjoys the experiences experience of knowledge in their life that is genuine enthusiasm. No different than when your favorite song comes on and you turn it up. You know that to me is genuine enthusiasm. With that genuine enthusiasm if you approach and like I've been saying at these events that if we can have that enthusiasm of the 70s and the maturity of now I think we can do a lot with it (hardly any applause) a lot is possible. A lot more people are receiving Knowledge now than they ever have.

Now these figures may not reflect United States but that doesn't mean that people aren't thirsty and now I understand and I acknowledge a genuine thirst amongst those people who have Knowledge, they wanna do something. Long time ago I said "Look, the best you can do is be quiet" and that was the best thing you could do. (some laughter) Now there is a genuine want to do something about it, fine, now let's do it and do it the right way (applause). But it's going to make the difference, where you don't have to get caught I mean how many you know me me I pick up this the first day and go boy how am I going to answer these questions? It took me three events to realize they're not mine (laughter) just backstage I was showing Dave Dave Goen I s Dave says well let me show you the ones that are mine and better than 50% of these questions are actually related to other things which all of you can come together and answer these questions and know what the game plan is. Now the idea isn't to go into this la la land of let me make a suggestion. Because if you go into that thing of let me add my two cents worth we'll be very rich the wrong way. What has to happen has to be synchronized it has to be a synchronized effort in the communities and like I said with that enthusiasm that is sincere, that is real, I know from my experience that it is always the right time, always the right time to give propagation a push.

What is propagation? What is the definition of propagation? How do you define propagation? Well there is one kind of propagation that's not what we're talking about. But what propagation to me means is to offering the possibility of Knowledge making available the possibility of Knowledge. You have to be careful. You can't go sell it. Because there is the Master involved and if the Master refuses to give somebody Knowledge now don't get don't get your eyebrows up but the Master has that prerogative. What is the difference between a cookie cutter and a Master? As the name implies, it should be very clear. Plenty of cookie cutters you will have. I mean don't you know that if I charged 50 bucks for Knowledge not only would I have a lot more people who would have received Knowledge I'd be filthy rich too but I don't because this is not a cookie cutting scenario where everybody is at. This is a fine, this is a symphony, believe me, incredible symphony. People come and their expression, them being there, that instrument you know is finely tuned and when Knowledge session begins, it's obvious.

Do you know that those people who have no clue to them their instruments tuning in the orchestra and to them that's that the entire symphony. I hate music. Why do you hate music? Because all that it sounds like is whang whee whee eeh eeh. Because that's all you heard. No no no that's just the tuning. Let it play and so what I'm saying is it's wonderful and you know I remember a lot of faces those people I've given it to and every one of these events that I have been to. It's been it's been amazing, so many people, so many people that were in my Knowledge session I see their faces and it's like I remember that guy, I remember that person, I remember that person, I remember that person and of course I've seen those people who have had Knowledge for a long times I remember their faces too. So it is growing, the definition is to let it happen very sincerely, very genuinely, that's the enthusiasm that is needed and hopefully there'll be that training video which I hope will be entertaining and fun.

(general laughter ensued over questions about meditation)

So getting down to these questions umm lotta people "Should I divide my time into four equal parts or should I stay with each technique as long as it feels good even at the risk of not having the time to complete all four?"

Could you please just enjoy Knowledge. (Laughter) Just enjoy Knowledge okay. Just enjoy it, just enjoy it. What can I say?

"If I still have time after I practice all the four techniques can I go back and practice one of them some more?"

My answer, please enjoy Knowledge. You know it's like a you're hungry and you walk into your guest's house your host's house and he prepares you a beautiful meal and he presents it to you and you're asking how much should I eat and you're trying to draw a line that maybe he has created this beautiful dish of rice in front of you and you're going "And at what point would you think would be on this this where if I would have eaten up to that point that it would be too much. Would you please draw the line" and the host is "Please enjoy, whatever it takes." There are a lot of people forget there is always a word that I have always added at least the word is least, 'minimum', not 'maximum', 'minimum' which actually means not less than. Please, at least an hour. And I mean now people are splitting hair, an hour, hour and one, does that mean that I have to bump one for each of the techniques? Enjoy, you know the rice Palau that has been made has rice, peas and you want to know how many peas can I eat in proportion to how many grains of rice and all I can say is "Hey, enjoy, enjoy."

Uh in addition to my regular this is I know I know this one. "In addition to my regular practice of one hour in the morning is it appropriate to practice more during the day when I have short breaks of 15 to 20 minutes. If so should I attempt to practice all four techniques or just one?" I mean I I have to hand it to you. You're persistent. You know this strikes at the heart of the third technique. This is where it comes from but what it really saying is you know I've got all this spare time and then I don't wanna sit down and practice I dunno I've only got 15 minutes and at one point it was encouraged that people do the third technique all the time so people would just sit there and go "Well I've been practising the third technique all the time. I don't need to sit down and practice." And a lotta people would come to Knowledge review "How many techniques are there?" "Two?" "I I don't have to practice. I am merged with Knowledge. I am always in the third technique."

I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to outguess everybody. I can't. All I'm saying is please enjoy this gift of Knowledge. Practice one hour, a minimum. Nowadays when people come to receive the gift of Knowledge they are asked "Could you make the time one hour at least every day to practice. If you can't, let us know." I'm sure you weren't asked that you know if you received Knowledge in the vintage era but now people are "Can you make that time or not?" So, look, again practice one hour at least every day. When? It's up to you. Most importantly, enjoy the gift of Knowledge that's what's gonna count. Sitting there in frustration does not count. Sitting there in frustration does not count. Sitting there dabbling with all your doubts does not count. That's not the practice of Knowledge I'm positive so are you.

Mind is mind, mind doesn't know what's going on. I mean I've said this in a couple the last couple of events I've said this at the end of the evening "Do you know that during the day nothing bothers your mind? Nothing. I mean nothing. You can actually see a dead body lying on the street and the mind will go "Look at that." I mean you realize this mind is something else. Your body may be physically getting sick from looking at it but the mind will "Look look look." How many people driving on the freeway realize that the reason why there is a traffic jam is because everybody is rubbernecking. You know that, right? You know that from. Eight hours ago being in the traffic everybody is rubbernecking, everybody is rubber and what are you gonna do when you get there? That's what mind does. It will look at all these these stupid idiots they're they're they're rubbernecking, they shouldn't be rubbernecking and what is it gonna do to you when you get there? Pretty good trip huh. It can actually forewarn you of what an idiot looks like and then make you look like that. So let's not play games with that one but do you realize that nothing bothers it, nothing. There's only one thing in this world that bothers it, you know what that is? Knowledge. When it comes to knowledge it goes (submarine alarm noises) "No way!" And how fresh is it? I may mean do you realize that? I mean you could been practising for 18 years and that thing is still (submarine alarm noises) about it just like it did the very first day. What does it know? It knows where Knowledge takes you. It's completely not in its domain and it does not like that idea. It wants full control of you. I mean it finally has a slave but it doesn't like the idea that the slave escapes to freedom. Not sit well with this one. So please, enjoy Knowledge. (Applause) Enjoy knowledge. It'll pull every trick in the book but you just enjoy Knowledge. It'll I'll it'll talk about 50 minutes, it'll talk about 55 minutes and it'll talk about 60 minutes and let me put something else straight for you okay?

By the way, by the way there was a time that the only way you received Knowledge if you was if you were willing to dedicate the rest of your life to it. Mean nothing else. Yes it meant going in a monastery. That didn't sit well with a lot of people and Knowledge was rather rare because it was incumbent upon the aspirant to prove to the Master that they were ready. I don't know if you know the story about Kabir but Kabir wanted Knowledge from his Master. Master just said "No." He ran around ran around ran around chasing "Please please Master." "Nope. No no no no don't even come here. Don't even ask me." Things got so desperate for Kabir that he actually laid down on the steps of that the Master used to take to go down to the river to take his bath. That's how desperate things got and Kabir's Master stepped on him accidentally but knowing he's lying there and the Master uttered something and Kabir said "Okay, that's enough for me that your Knowledge." And Kabir went reciting it cause I think the Master said like"O God" or something and that's Kabir said "That's enough, that's all I need, need something from you." And then when the Master saw him his dedication he said "Oh yeah, I'll give you Knowledge." Do you know that Kabir was one number one critic of Master, any Master. Do you know some of the earlier work that he has written. It is so vile. He writes "Oh all these Masters they're are good for nothing. All these Masters you know they're fake." I mean that's what he wrote and then he receive is a Knowledge and his whole attitude changes and you know then what he writes "If you turn all the earth into paper, all the wood into pen, all the oceans into ink, it's not enough to write the glory of the Master." (applause) He did a complete I don't know what more than 180 but you can't have that more than 180 so it was incumbent upon the aspirant to prove that to the Master not the Master to say "Okay, are you ready?" No.

You had to prove it's not like that you know and there is this other conversation that Shiva Ji is having. At least these are nice stories, huh? Shiva Ji is having with Parvati and he's explaining to her and this is this is uncanny folks. He's explaining to her about this day and age of how it's going to be, it's uncanny I'm I'm telling you it's uncanny when I used to hear that, when I was young, I would I I used to say "That'll never be. That's too far-fetched." But now it is true and just you know Shiva Ji is going on about it on about it on about it because in in there is a lot of things that have been written that Parvati his wife would ask questions of him and he would answer what he would tell something to Parvati and that's a lot of things have been written in that dialogue and it just goes on about how horrible horrible horrible it's going to be and so Parvati finally turns to him and says "Is there going to be nothing good about this age?" And Shiva Ji says "There's only going to be one thing that's going to be good about this age and that is that Knowledge will be readily available" (applause) and so if you were wondering what is the best thing happening it's not in the Robb report, it's in your heart, no pun intended. (He laughs) There is a magazine called the Robb report and is supposed to have the best of the best in it well is not in there it's in this heart that you will find the manifestation of Knowledge this age the best thing happening is just that.

Well that's good that's good so Knowledge is available but that doesn't mean that you don't have the responsibility of practising it where the requirement would have been practice it from morning to evening you know just a few little you would be asking questions about lunch break not practice. Yeah the question would not be "and if I still have 15 or 20 minutes that's left can I still eat?" And what about all those periods during the day when I am switching between the techniques can I snack? (Laughs more loudly) So let's just keep it in perspective here okay ha ha ha ha ha.

Yeah I I dunno sometimes I just feel like you know such a beautiful thing happening are you a part of it hey you're a part of it, you got it, you've got Knowledge, fly with it, fly with it, don't throw the anchors out fly with it. Let it take you and take inside, let it take you to that place where there is no up, there is no down, let it take you to that place where the mind goes "You shouldn't go". It's the most dangerous thing you can do without any danger at all. And you realize bungee jumping to this mind is perfectly okay.

I mean you know one day I was saying that to myself "Maybe you should try bungee jumping?" I long time ago I took this course, aircraft safety course, and it was the same course that was offered to the stewardesses and they have a mockup and you get up on this 747 mockup and you get up there and there was a slide and you spoke to jump and and the thing is how you would actually jump if there was an emergency and I'm I'm I'm afraid of heights, I really am so I'm standing up there there is a long slide down there and I'm not budging and there were people who you know who wanted to say "Come on come on come on" but the the person who is training said "No no no let him do it whenever he feels just let them do it because it's something he has to overcome no." So I'm there I'm looking down going "No way." So here's a person who's afraid of heights right and this is only the top door not the lounge door the sky lounge door of the 747, this is just the regular entry door level of the 747. People have actually jumped off of that door without the slide and survived. Here I am I had a slide and am afraid of it and one day I was sitting there actually my mind was going at it you know "Maybe you should try bungee jumping because maybe that and here is here is the rationale maybe that would help you overcome your fear of heights" and I said to myself "What's wrong with being afraid of heights?" And I said "Well there is nothing wrong with being afraid of heights, shut up!" and it did.

So anyways there's another question "Uh how can I practice when I'm in a lot of pain or when I'm ill?" This is one thing that I would like to talk to talk a little bit about. There is actually a lot of people who are doctors and have Knowledge around the world and some of the doctors who have Knowledge have been trying to get together with all of the doctors around the world and trying to work out a way to be able to offer help and assistance to those people who have Knowledge. So at some point in time I am sure that there will be this service that if you are physically ill will have a problem and how that relates to Knowledge that information will be available to you. So you know obviously uh certain things certain problems get better and then you can practice. If not uh sometimes uh you know and this just happens randomly sometimes things are brought to my attention and I just say well okay tell the person tell the person to just practice the other techniques till they get till they get better. So again the idea is to enjoy Knowledge and it is also very flexible and very nice to have a living Master (applause and cheering)

So um sometimes people and I and I think I already kinda answered this: "Most of the time when I practice the only thing I experience is my thoughts. I don't know how to stay away from them." And one of the analogies I was giving about this and I have given this in the past too is you know when you say if you're up there and all the thoughts are coming and they're hitting you and you're reacting and you don't you don't see a difference between you and you thought. Now you start practising Knowledge and you come down down down into this beautiful place but you're like this "Here it comes, here it goes, here it comes here it goes" my advice is turn your head away from it look inside accept that experience feel it, don't be so caught up, your thoughts will be there. When you finish practising they'll just it'in ll just be a nice slow start you know because you been another place they won't come and bombard you right away but slowly you'll find right yourself right back in the middle of the traffic jam so don't worry about it just enjoy the time when you are away in that place which inside of you.

Umm oh here is here is a cute one, "How do I know that when I sit to practice that what I experience is actually Knowledge the way you intended me to practice it and not my mind making things up. Sounds like a genuine question that a mind made up whilst you were practicing Knowledge. Okay I think that should answer your question. Remember what I was talking about. Feel, let the heart feel, let the heart feel, the heart heart doesn't go around saying "Nice-looking girl!" No. And of course the mind also is the one that says "Look for another one." The heart has nothing to do with that. Nothing. Thank God. Thank God the heart has nothing to do with that.

Umm there's another one. Here's a really cute. I think this is really really cute. "I get fired up after a program and yet soon after I stop practising. I find it so hard to make that commitment to myself, to the only thing that I know will make me truly happy. Can you help me?" Ah, duh. I mean this is a no-brainer. You know instead of remembering everything else, remember that. It's the only thing that I know that will make be feels truly happy. I have nothing to say. You know the answer. Don't bother me. You have the answer. So what do you think? You think there is a place where there are only answers and no questions? You bet. You bet. Clarity hangs out there quite a bit. Only answers, no questions. You can frolic you can bathe, you can dance in the answers. No questions and you know. What my mind formulates I have questions about. I cannot ask any questions about that thing that my mind cannot comprehend but there is a place where there's just answers, no question. Sweet, simple, joyful. Go there and like I said is not at an intersection, if not at a crossroads, it's down the road. Be silent and you will hear the voice that you need to go there. You will hear your own voice, your own thirst and you will hear the call of your heart, of the Master of the clarity, of the joy as they sing a beautiful song, that song that you will find appealing. Go, don't hesitate go towards it. It's a nice place, it's a nice place.

Umm "What is the difference between Knowledge and personality? Sometimes I find it difficult not to be weighed down by heavy emotions." That's the difference, that's the difference. Personality can be weighed down by heavy emotions. Knowledge can't. Do you realize?

I mean there is even a question about moral in here. "What is the difference between Knowledge and morals?" So another little story right from ether. To reach this place Arjun no charity, no austerity, no fasting, no pilgrimage will take you there. No burdens. Who goes there? Those who are free they go there. Those who are enslaved in their own concepts, own problems, own troubles, they can't go there, they can't go there. That you realize how automatic Knowledge is? Don't you realize? You give it to somebody, if they're sincere it sticks, if they're not sincere, splat, they're gone, doesn't do anything.

It's that little magic of the seed in the fertile ground on appearance it all looks the same and believe me fertile ground is not any color, it can even be sand in the desert but it is that relationship of that plant and that sand. They have something, they have something that even the desert they will bloom and how fertile is fertile? Now let me tell you how fertile is fertile. In the desert they can wait for a whole year, that's how fertile is fertile. They can wait safely, a tiny little seed can wait safely in the most treacherous place and when the rain comes they will bloom, that's their special relationship and can you make sense of it? Hey if you gotta wait you should be waiting in some fertile ground, right? Some nice cozy place like Hawaii. Nah, not for these. Oh by the way in Hawaii they wouldn't even grow. No no no. This is a special relationship, it only happens in the desert and the most unsafe place has been made safe and for a whole year they will wait and what are they called? Drought resistant and in that parched land they will find their home and they will patiently, patiently, patiently wait for the raindrops and they will come and they will be waiting and when it will happen they will bloom and that saga my friends have been played out for not one year not 10 years not even your entire lifetime but many millions of lifetimes before you and will still be played out many millions of lifetimes after you. The desert isn't desert anymore, for these its home. For you it's a desert. Who wants to live in the desert? Ah, these do. These tiny little seeds have found home and what a special relationship that is. What a relationship that is. It's simple.

Be ecstatic about knowledge, be joyful about Knowledge, the opportunity is there. Form that special relationship, form that special relationship with clarity, form that special relationship with the Master, form that special relationship with the heart, form that special relationship with Knowledge. Cause it's all that matters and your desert will bloom too. That what is that rain but your time and it has come, it has come, it has come. Your time has come. It's here, it doesn't matter when you received the Knowledge your time has come (failed clapping) time to bloom, time to enjoy this Knowledge, time to practice, time to be fulfilled, not to be living in that (makes strange unpleasant noise).

Like somebody says in here you know how can I be with what do they say in here how can I be in this world and not be of this world? Oh here it is,"Well I'm trying to get my focus back onto Knowledge. I'm filled with disappointment, guilt and a sense of failure for not being able to experience what I once did. How can I really be in this world and not be of this world?" Well here its let me it slowly to you, the answer is right here "While I am while I am trying to get my focus back onto Knowledge. I'm filled with disappointment, guilt and a sense of failure for not being able to experience what I once did. How can I really be in this world and not be of this world?" (Reads slowly and very hamilly) What was different? I'll tell you what was different. There was no disappointment, there was no guilt and there was never no sense of failure and you experience what you once did. You wanna experience that again? Get rid of the guilt, get rid of the sense of failure, get rid of the disappointment, they don't belong, they don't belong. This heart belongs, Knowledge belongs, joy belongs, clarity belongs, commitment belongs to this life that's what belongs and you're fortunate, very fortunate go with it, fly with it, this is your time, your little seedlings sitting in the desert you been waiting and waiting and your time has come. Listen to the thunder, listen to the silence and listen to the thunder and you want to know what the proof is then listen to the wrath that's your rain, it's coming, it's here. Understanding is a sweet thing.

Now I'm not judging you. I know there are people here who haven't seen something for for quite a while. I'm not judging you. If you come in earnest, don't come as a judge. If you don't want to be judged, don't come as a judge cause you don't know me, I'm extremely judgmental. You don't know how judgmental I am. I mean you know you take it take a there's a person in one of these places and he has, he works at a dealership so whenever I go there he has a Mercedes he brings a Mercedes for me and uh I mean Mercedes they take a long time they really thoroughly research and test their cars, they really do. The first time I got in it I just went that's wrong that's wrong that's wrong that's wrong. By the way all those things are wrong but when somebody comes to me for the gift of Knowledge when somebody comes to me from their heart when somebody comes to me to learn I will not judge them. I don't. So you haven't practised? Fine. That's the beauty of the desert, bloom whenever that rain comes so it's here time to bloom. A lot of people go "Well I'm just gonna to go there and see. See what they're talking about now." (Angry voice) Same thing. Come 1 million years later if you can you won't find this body and it won't be here, it'll be somebody else saying the same exactly. That's not spooky, that's cool, that is really really cool. If the message doesn't change. It's all about the same thing.

You know the video you saw "The Little Drops of Mercy" there was a preface to this that was supposed to be there and I said this doesn't make sense unless you have the preface but they didn't put the preface in. You will remember that one example I give about about how I was in San Francisco and the person asked me for Knowledge and I said "Fine, I'll leave" he said "You know I'm doing you a favour and you do me a favour so I got out of there." I had no place to go so I ended up on the beach and I was saying these words waiting to go somewhere where I could spend the night somebody either tape-recorded it or wrote it down. That's what that's when these words were said. So hey it was this incredible thing right I was like "Okay I'm not gonna see it." Furious, but even in the furiousness I see that majesty, this life, this breath, this breath is majestic and you know I can say this without any problems to you because one day you'll find out too. Now I am just saying to you find out now rather than be forced to find out. When you're forced to find out appreciation comes hard. Find out now so you can appreciate how majestic it truly is. So the message isn't gonna change.

Also there is a um project that I was working on, actually part of the Knowledge introduction materials that I was working on because one of the things that I'm gonna be doing is producing a lot of or trying to produce a lot of audio material because I've really understood that video is good but audio you can listen to a lot more. You can listen to it while you're jogging, in your car when you've got that 15 minutes (laughter), 16 minutes, when you've got that 12 minutes you know so as a first attempt I did something and uh you know it took me a few days actually it took me one day to do it and then it always takes a little while to mix some stuff like that and I have that CD and after I leave they will play that. There's no video to it, it's only audio but and it is just the first attempt and it is called "For you Exist" because that's you know I buy a can give you a little bit of background of it but it I'll make it quick believe me I know you been sitting here for a long time but um usually when you write a book there is a preface you know and you dedicate and whatever and I I always think that that's nice so's like maybe I should dedicate this too. So then I realized that the best thing to dedicate it to is existence because without existence you wouldn't be hear hearing it and I wouldn't be writing saying producing or doing anything. So all of this stuff happens and it's possible because we do exist so I called it "for you exist" and um I think it's quite enjoyable. I was listening to the music for it last night and I like the music so I hope you like it too. It's only 10 minutes long so it's not that that much. Thank you very much. I hope I'll see you soon. Take care. (Prolonged and loud applause)