Thank You 2001 CD

Thank You 2001

This CD was sent out to followers of Prem Rawat whose financial contributions during the previous year met a minimum standard. It was a combination of songs recorded by some of his followers and two sections of Rawat's speeches with background music that attempts to enhance Rawat's message. There is one song sung by one of Rawat's daughters, Premlata "Wadi" Rawat. Two of the songs are written and sung by la Chanteuse Inconnue, member of the group "One Foundation". Her songs have had a significant, positive impact on the success of Rawat's career since the mid-1970's. They are nearly always strongly emotional ballads espousing extreme views of devotion and gratitude to Rawat ("Maharaji") and a complete reliance on his power and grace. They are songs that Rawat's followers have heard for decades and can induce a deep trance state in them quickly and easily. The song "Oasis (of Love)" was released on at least 4 different media, "Fire In My Heart", "Encore", the CD "Downpour" and this CD. An insert with a message from the U.S. Resource team was included.

Transcripts of Rawat's speeches cannot do justice to Rawat's astonishing delivery, they have to be heard to be appreciated. Mp3 copies of these excerpts are recorded at high quality (256Kbps) to ensure no whispered nuance or frenzied climax is missed.

  • Track 2, Time: "Time, has it's hold on everyone. Slowly but surely time puts things back where they belong. Like building a castle on the beach, little children come out and they play and they make castles on the beach and they dig holes and then, when no-one is looking, in the stillness of the night, the ocean comes and puts everything back where it was. Quietly, simply. Each element will go back to its place and it is the same with us. That time has me included in it. Everywhere I go, I see time working, working on everything. In fact, there is nothing that I have ever seen with these eyes which time is not working on. But within me, within you, is a place which is timeless. And where I visit this place, I find no time. That's the one place where time does not reach, where time does not go and that is the place where you can go too. That is the place that you can enjoy too because that is what makes you special."

  • Track 5, The Heart Beckons: "The Master beckons, Knowledge beckons, the heart beckons, come. Come into this world. Why? So you can feel that rest. No pain, no sorrow, but stand and be dry for a while. Rest, rest for a while. This is freedom so the door opens to the cage and the bird doesn't want to fly away. It happens, don't think it doesn't happen, it happens. This was the same bird. When you first put it in the cage, remember what it did? Remember what it did? It banged against the cage, "Let me out." Out the risk of damaging its own feathers and its own wings, at the risk, relentlessly. It would only rest to fight again, same bird. It would only rest to fight again and it would rest to fight again and it would rest to fight again and it would rest to fight again. And now, Polly has learnt that it wants a cracker and the door is open but the bird has lost the desire to be free. Don't ever think that can't happen t you. Don't ever think that can't happen it you. You are very fortunate that you have this opportunity in your life. Somebody has come along and opened the door for you. Knowledge is available and if you take that to heart and let the heart be the judge, you will have no obstacles to knowledge. In so far the heart is the judge in your life, it is the ruler and it rules supreme, Knowledge is welcomed, Master is welcomed. "

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