Thank You 2003 CD

Thank You 2003 CD
The Quest To Be Fulfilled

This CD was sent out to followers of Prem Rawat whose financial contributions during the previous year met a minimum standard. It contains sections of Rawat's speeches sometimes set to music in an attempt to enhance them. Rawat talks as if his movement is about to attain the large scale success that has eluded it for 30 years since it's extraordinary but short-lived early growth. Transcripts of Rawat's speeches cannot do justice to Rawat's astonishing delivery, they have to be heard to be appreciated. Mp3 copies of these excerpts are recorded at high quality (256Kbps) to ensure no nuance or climax is missed. The CD included an inset containing a very upbeat assessment of Rawat's work in 2003 which gives some statistical information.

Rawat repeats his assertion that some people attending his speeches will say "I don't understand this." As his message is extremely simple, this seems unlikely. It is far more likely that a normal response is "I don't believe this." The likelihood that Rawat's claim to be the unique Giver of the Gift of the Possibility of Human Peace is so remote that even people who don't know that his method comprises touching your eyelids, sticking your thumbs in your ears, rolling your tongue backwards in your mouth and remembering that you are breathing will rightly conclude he is charlatan cult leader.

The first extract highlights one of Rawat's regular refrains: "The grass is always greener". In this case he claims that his followers in India have become incredibly helpful and organized even though he says they have always been the opposite, "incredibly scattered." In Rawatism terminology 'scattered' means not being focused on the Knowledge, it's practice and Rawat himself. While Rawat's claim that his Indian followers are now helpful and full of teamwork is probably not be true, his aspersions about his own devotees can certainly be accepted.

Prem Rawat pleadsRawat's pleading for teamwork, no more excuses, "need to get over the hump", "all the disaster" and "get rid of the fear, of that guilt, of that confusion" in 'propagation' shows that propagation is not successful despite his extravagant and false assertion that "the amount of propagation that is happening right now has never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happened before". In 1971, the young Rawat claimed to have 7 million Indian followers and within 4 years over 100,000 mainly young Westerners had been initiated leaving a core of no more than 20,000 people actually meditating, attending meetings and providing funds and voluntary labour for Rawat's Divine Light Mission. The number of Indian followers is only a fraction of that total and outside of India he probably has no more than half the peak nuumber of followers he had in the early 1970's despite 40 years' of 'propagation'. Since 2003, there has been no noticeable increase, despite what he said here.

One of Rawat's core teachings is that to have peace outside, you must have peace inside and he can provide the second which will create the first. This is nonsense. There are billions of people with normal human fears, insecurities even neuroses, who do not have "peace inside" and yet live kind, decent, caring lives and do not hurt anybody. Rawat's activities have no effect on peace in the world except in his own mind and the minds of his devoted followers.

  • Track 1: "Well happy new year everyone, (applause) and it can be truly a wonderful new year for all of us, for each person and you see if I can accept the incredibleness within me I am more important than the success and the failure and then I am ready for the next stage. "Do I want to be fulfilled?" With those two taken care of, I can take, possibly, the next step. Is this something new? I've been saying this, some of you, some faces that I see here I've been saying this when I first came "Something inside of you is incredible" and of course you are remember the analogy used to be lotus, it is it is born in a dirty pond but it ,rises above it, be like that lotus, all that stuff (sniggering and giggling) it comes down to just that, shine because you can, be in that joy because you can, it is there and be fulfilled, be fulfilled. The quest to be fulfilled is the most noble one and those who have the courage, not because they're diehards but that they have understood their privilege, understood their privilege then those will take this journey and those who have decided to take the journey I'll be right there as much as I can be (applause). As I have been I will be to provide you with everything necessary to make this journey as enjoyable as possible. So I'm excited, I'm excited, beautiful things are going to unfold I know and if we can have any part to play in it so much better. How little it is, doesn't matter, how big it is, doesn't matter. I'm going to talk about this Knowledge, I'm going to facilitate, as much as I can, this beautiful journey for those who want to take it. There's no question in my mind about that. Every breath is a good thing, every moment that comes our way is a good thing and when you can accept it, that's a good thing. So let's do that because what we're shooting for is a very noble cause, to be fulfilled. Why do I do this? I love it. I love it. I absolutely love it."
    "You are the real thing. In you is the real thing. Don't allow yourself the rule for fear, walk in certainty, because you can. Walk in the light, not in the darkness, you don't have to. Learn to trust yourself. It's wonderful thing when people come together with the want and the wish to help because um to me it is one of the most noblest cause there is and so I know the effort made by you and there are others who are not here to support to make these things happen is incredible it's an incredible chance, it's an incredible opportunity. So when people hear the message that is built for now because that's where Knowledge is that's where the experience is that's where life unfolds, it does not unfold in yesterdays. People listens and as much as they know so many things they're shocked, shocked, "Oh my God" and here is the message that is incredibly, incredibly simple. It's simple and people say that it is simple. It is simple because it makes sense. You don't have to know about what the 30 planets out there are doing to figure out "Well, do I fit into this or not" but you can listen own heart, you can listen to your to your own thirst. You can listen to your own need and the need is there."

  • Track 2: "I've been watching things happen since I was very, very young and uh this is not one of those things like your careers or this or that you stepped into. I didn't step into it, I was born into it. The very day it was all there it was just boom boom boom it was just there and I remember my very first memories are from a facility that Shri Maharaji had bought to do events. That's where I remember the very first memories of my life. And I have seen that where there has been team work it flies. Problems diminish, good things come up and it flies and I practical example is India. I mean, and this was the event to put an end to all the ones that came before it was like remember a lot of people would talk about India gate was really big and this and that, phut, gone, reset And I'm telling you and somebody said to me "Oh, you must be very happy about that event." I said let me tell you something, the people who put this event together, and people who participated in this event, are much, much happier than I am. Because the next day was the follow-up so I had to talk to someone so I drove out. Every person who had Knowledge was standing two feet off the ground. Everyone of these people had the smirkiest smile I have ever seen. And it wasn't just one person, wherever you turned it was like (Rawat makes face, laughter) and I kept repeating that I kept saying in all of these people, I mean, I say right now their eagle factor is up 800 times and of course I kept saying well they should be very proud of themselves. They should be, they did it and then when the event starts happening you know there's this guy, he has the same name ast I do and he does all the basic arrangements and you know, I keep joking with him like how many grey hair did he get from an event. India, he was like, this is nice where it used to be total fiasco and disaster cause we got the trailers and we got all that stuff and where it used to be total fiasco it was like this is really nice, people are really together, it's really happening. And there's teamwork and it was just boom, boom, boom and the events, every event was smooth and it wasn't that it happened, it was smooth. Now, this is just a big point for me to make that teams work. If they work in, I can assure you one thing, if they work in India (laughter) they'll work anywhere and, you know, India's forging ahead, they've got a very bright future but there's a tremendous amount of teamwork with the propagation and it filters down to little, little, little villages and they're having events and whether it's in a person's yard or it is in a little ground or some but people have taken on that responsiblity and become a part of it and with great pride, with great, great pride so there is a lot to be said, there is a lot to be done yet you know we can not sit there smirkily and say "Everything has been taken care of". We have just opened the chapter on publications. Now I assure you, they may be a little expensive, the may be a little too cheap, they may be a little of this or a little of that but finally we are starting to hit the mark of having undated publications that will hopefully be there even at the end of the year. So having said all this what I also want to do is to thank everyone who's here because I know, whatever your effort is, you don't see a result right away but it's happening, something major is happening in terms of propagation, something wonderful is happening and we need to go with the flow. There is a recognition. Find that reason in your life, find that quest in your life, find that calling in your life. This is why you are here, this is your time to do so. This is your licence, you've been granted a licence, you have been granted an exclusive licence, not a non-exclusive, exclusive licence, this lifetime, this body, this lifetime and you get to fulfil it. You, just you. This is your time. It's not collectively. This is just you and this is what I am talking to people about."

  • Track 3: "And I just, first of all I just want to thank you for your help and secondly I wanna encourage you to keep helping, (applause) because uh I think good things are coming. A lotta seriousness here and there's a good things are coming and people are taking the responsibility around the world, this is not any longer just a joke where people are trying Well we're trying this or we're trying no, there's there's a sincerity and um I'm glad, I'm glad that you're a part of it."
    "Reality is that this breath comes into you and you are surrounded by simplicity. Simplicity is within you, simplicity is outside and there is a silence that is more golden than you can possibly imagine. There is a flower that is more beautiful than you can ever imagine and that flower is within you and what is that flower looking for? That flower is looking for light. Darkness is not your thing. Light is. Light is. Confusion is not your thing. Clarity is. Complicated is not your thing. Simplicity is. Sadness is not your thing. Joy is. And this is your truest, truest nature. This is the reality that that breath comes into you and you alone. You cannot share that breath. You cannot give that breath, you cannot, you cannot do anything. It comes into this instrument and it is played out in this instrument and this is where it manifests. And in every breath, in very living, in every being, every time that this breath comes, it brings forth joy. And what you have to become, you have to hone in the skill of collecting all the joy in your existence. But I can tell you that when there is a passion and it's real, things happen. Incredible things happen, exquisite things happen. Things that go beyond belief that beyond ideas, beyond dreams, beyond imaginations and they begin to happen. In the realm of Knowledge, feel the tenderness, feel the beauty of each one of those places where the techniques of Knowledge takes you. Feel that. The love, the exquisiteness but you have to come to Knowledge with great earnestness wihtin you, sincerity. This is what is asked. This is what Knowledge needs. This is what life needs. Life needs respect. Knowledge needs respect. Every breath needs respect. Respect it. Respect Knowledge. Respect your life. Respect your time on this earth because it is the most valuable and the most limited. You see there are two things in this life that are important. One is to feel, followed by to express that feeling. To hear a good joke and not laugh wouldn't work. To see something beautiful and not admire, it wouldn't work. To feel and to express in gratitude, so much of that is needed, so much of that is needed by us, that expression of gratitude, thank you for this life, thank you for this breath, thank you for this silence, thank you for this existence. And no conditions, no conditions, not Oh God I love you for ever if fix this and I will love you forever. No, just the gratitude comes and the gratitude flows and when there is an experience you can't help it but that gratitude will come, let it come, freely come. And let be, let these things be your gauges. How much gratitude do I feel towards this existence today. Should never be enough. When you feel full, you've got to express it. Don't mistake me, don't go around, you know, expressing it by mouth, the expression also has to happen inside. The smile comes, that's not the problem, it's the close those eyes and feel that thankfulness, feel that gratitude and enjoy the simplicity of life. So much is happening, so much continues to happen, it's always amazing. Lotta people, you know, they're not a lot of rumour mills these days, uh so you don't hear what, where is Maharaji, where is, where is he but travelling, still travelling, still going, still reaching, still teaching people how to enjoy this life (applause) and that is incredibly magical. There is, of course, always an open invitation for you to be a part of that magic in whichever city you live, in whichever community you live. There's an invitation to be a part of that magic."

  • Track 4: "What is the difference, here is a person and they got the biggest smile on their face still and they're enjoying the life and they're thankful and gratitude is still flowing and here is another person who's got nothing but bitter things to say about everything that's happened to them. They're must be some difference and that difference is Knowledge (applause) and that's what you have, that's what you have. It doesn't matter how young you are, how old you are, how where you're gonna go, what's gonna happen to you, you have that possibility, for life."

    "Hi Maharaji, I want to thank you for this incredible feeling."

    "I just wanted to thank you and uh every breath I, I've taken since awareness of Knowledge I'm grateful for, to see you is a blessing."

    India used to be so scattered, and from that incredibly scattered place, remote, things are starting to coming together as a team and all of a sudden the amount of help, I mean places needed help, they got help and it was people going "Well, we can help you um Maharaji's going to be doing an event on such and such a date there so certainly we can come and we can help you and pulling together of these trailers which was a very important part because you know it takes a long time to set up a stage and all and especially all the PA system and the lights and this and that and so I came up with an idea and I designed them, they were manufacture and built in India. They're incredible, one carries the stage and the other on carries all the equipment. So much so that the speakers pop out from the pop(?) you don't have to dig a hole, you don't even have to dig one hole. Underneath these trailers they carry the ??? generators, small generators but they're all tied together and once you get to a place the truck drops it, the feet are dropped down, the trailer is stabilized, generators are pulled off, and you have power, you have everything, all uninterrupted. Not only that, but in the equipment trailer there is a stage that drops out for the MC. It's a little ??? that they can, they can actually go and do the whole MCing bit, um, and then in the main stage they have a place to store all the backdrops and everything else and it has a little area and then there is the stage and the lights and everything is all built in and just as the door opens the light is at the bottom of it and so when it goes it's ends up like that. And, uh, it's all wired.

    "So when teamwork is there things happen, I can, I can go on but I won't but the joys of teamwork. (applause) Yes things are getting even better and better and better. In Knowledge that is the nature of things. You make it good for yourselves, you enjoy this life thoroughly, you, when you enjoy Knowledge, when you open up as a flower, when this seed germinates you allow the possibility for the next one to be solved, think about that. When you are enjoying Knowledge, it all happens, it all happens, all of it happens, whatever needs to happen, it all happens. When you are not enjoying Knowledge, then it doesn't happen so it's very, very important to enjoy this gift of Knowledge, to enjoy what is being said, to listen."

    "Thank you very much Maharaji, you are my truest friend."

    "Begin with the forgiveness here, begin with the reality here, begin with your heart, begin with your life, it doesn't matter how old you are, begin with your life now. Now is the time to begin with your life. Now is the time to enjoy. Now is the time to be fulfilled. Now is the time to be in peace. Whatever you do let your heart be filled with gratitude, for you have been touched by a wonderful thing, you have been touched by most amazing thing and for this breath let your heart be filled with gratitude, for this life let your heart be filled with gratitude, when things get really, really bad try to remember, try to remember these words for there's something wonderful going on and when the clouds lift you will find the sun exactly where it's supposed to be for that time of the day. So much needs to be done, so many people need to be reached, at least the possibility needs to be presented and if they don't want it, fine! Somehow I do feel that they listen to it, it makes some difference in their life even if they're incredibly disinterested at least the possibility of peace seems a little closer and a little more real than the magic wand I mean if everybody is waiting for a magic wand, ho, that's gonna be a long wait, uh, too long, you know, and we've all got limited lives, either we should all be granted unlimited lives then we can wait for the magic wand, no problem, but it's not fair to have limited lives and no magic wand in sight. So, if you wanna cut a deal, turn within, you can have the peace now."

  • Track 5: "But I know I can go to people and I can tell them about this that what they are looking for is within inside of them, that the peace that they want is inside of them, that the joy that they want is inside of them and yes peace is possible this is not an impossible dream, peace is a very possible dream."

    "Stay in love and it will remain magical, be in love with this breath and it will remain magical. Do you realize that all along in the path of this Knowledge this is what you have been asked to do. No miracles except to enjoy and let your heart fill with gratitude and now I'm also telling you something which you can do which is fall in love. Fall in love with this breath, fall in love with this Knowledge, fall in love with this life and that's the secret again and again and again, again and again and again and again and when you fall in love with this life, this life will fall in love with you and then you go places (some laughter), then you really go places, then it shows you things you never thought even existed. Then you soar to new heights and that's such a sweet reality, sweet, sweet, so remember that (laughter and scattered applause). Where there has been a little bit of effort I think it's really gonna pay off, it's really gonna pay off because you know, you must realize one thing you're not doing this for me, you're not, the joy that you will get will be 900 times more for you that it'll be for me. I'm going to come, do an event, right a public event which is an hour, the next day I'll come, we'll do a follow-up, maybe that's 2 or 3 hours. This is all the time I will spend with these people but you will, in your communities, spend much more time and watch this person evolve, I mean take steps, and in my opinion at least, that's got to be a blast. You know I don't, I don't get to see that, I'd, I'd go do aspirant events and I mean it's like OK, they're there, I speak to them, I don't get to watch that progress, I don't get to watch that whole thing manifest, take shape, you get to so really it's not like you're doing it for me, you're doing it so much for your own elf because the gratification that comes from that that you made a possibility, that something started, and you know when something gets over this magical hump, there's no stopping it. Even in the midst of all the disaster, propagation's happening so once your community, once your city gets over the hump there's no stopping it, it'll just, it'll happen but it takes a little bit of coming together to make that happen and I, hell, hey I think Knowledge is a good thing so (applause) every aspect of the community, everybody in the community gets to take part in it gets to enjoy it, whether it's an aspirant thing happening or I am coming, it's a public event happening whatever it may be it really everybody gets to feel a part of it rather than this remote chop chop because you know there was a time when people used to really come together. People are gonna make good decisions, you know that, nobody's forced into it, you know, nobody's coerced into it, it's just something is presented if they wanna pursue it, fine, if they don't wanna pursue it, fine. Just presenting that possibility that's what this is about. That's what it is. And why not be part of it? I mean, any which way you can."

    "Um, I've always wanted to say thank you (clears throat) for all that you've done (clears throat) for me and I love you very much."

    "Responding to that breath, needs to be free. Responding to that desire to be happy, to be content, needs to be free. It needs to be genuine, it needs to be simple and that's what Knowledge is all about. First of all you gotta enjoy it, enjoy practicing of Knowledge and then, there's so much to be done. I see that where people have come together and have that desire to let people know and, and it doesn't matter that young people, old people. Excuses are excuses, that's all it is, you know, and if you see things chopped up it's because of excuses. Take out the excuses and it all comes together so yeah come together in you communities. Just think about it, if you're in your community and you're helping with propagation, you watch these people come, you watch them go through the video, you watch them develop, you watch them go through the whole aspirant process, you watch them receive Knowledge, you watch them enjoy their lives, I don't get to see that, all I get to see is maybe one hour or two hours and that's it, and so people think well Maharaji will really like that, well no, you would really like that (laughter). To me it bec, it really becomes a team because there are people needed for every part of it. Doing propagation isn't about winning popularity contests. Look at me, first time I went to Berkeley to speak long time ago the students started booing me and then I said something, you know I've come a long ways and at least you should hear me, if you don't wanna hear me you don't have to be here and they all shut up and then the event went on. It's not about winning popularity contests. There are gonna be people who are gonna say "I don't understand this." See it's not the point of that, it's not the point of that, the point of it is your heart wants to express something and it gets to express, This is what propagation is all about. It's about an effort without seeking a result, without seeking a result. Should it be this way or should it be that way? Yeah, people will come, people will go, people will come, people will go, people will come, people will go and some would have found more than they ever could imagine."

  • Track 6: "I'm looking for the tirsty (Prem Rawat is not always able to pronounce the English "th" correctly) , I'm not looking for the good-looking ones, I'm not looking for the placards, I'm looking for the thirsty and where will I find them? Anywhere! And will they be all thirsty? All I can do is offer them water, I cannot create the thirst. They have to get in touch with the thirst themselves. That's what I do, that's what I've been doing."

    "All I'm saying is do! Let it come from your heart. Make it as simple as you can. A little consciousness can remove all the unconsciousness that you can possibly imagine. Keep your focus. I'm alive and keep that gratitude. I'm thankful for this Knowledge. I'm thankful for this life."

    "Thank you very much, I love you."

    "It's just didn't happen. It's taken a lot of effort. And a lot of peoples' efforts and don't undermine it, don't ever undermine it and it is the effort that has brought it to this point and it is the effort that will take it to the next step and the next step and the next step and the next step and if you are slightly concerned what peoples' reactions are when these public events happen, don't be, they're blown away (applause). Every ??? we may have one or two here and there that are like I don't understand it but most people are blown away, never knew anything like this existed. You talk to me. I've been waiting to hear something like that. There is no shortage of thirst, and just think about it, how many thirsts can be quenched if the differences are taken away. (applause) So if you want to look beautiful the trick isn't make-up. The trick is to get rid of the fear, of that guilt, of that confusion of the darkness and you will look gorgeous. (applause) Another way to look really beautiful is being in the company of those who love you. (less applause) cause being in the company of those who love you, they will not see your blemishes. (laughter) Um, that's what falling in love is all about, falling in love is about not seeing the bad in the others. Love is the most incredible filter, it filters out everything else and only shows the beauty, so be here in the company of those people who love you. There's such a forgiveness in this process, cause boy, we really have ways of screwing up. I mean each one of us can invent a new one (laughter) and make the other one look like it's never happened before. But then there is a forgiveness to move on, to go on, to see, to accept and that forgiveness needs to be for ourselves too. The kindness we have learnt we should be giving it to other people. Maybe nobody tells us that some of that we need to reserves for ourselves. And be kind. Come ??? lightness, kindness in and out cause I know there is a lot of people who put on a show of kindness on the outside and it's like (Rawat makes strange nose clearing noise) it smells (laughter) It's fake. But kindness in and kindness out, that's not fake.

    "Hi Maharaji, I just want to say that I love you with all my heart. My life has been going on, it has been great, everything. I love you so much. Thank you."

    "And I want to thank you very much for the invitation you extended to us to do propagation cause it's really incredible."

    "What about the impact it has made in your life? (applause after delay) That's how you go forward. That's what gives you the courage to go forward. Even when you're driving on the road, there are people who are going to like your driving and there are people who are going to hate your driving and then there are people who don't care about you. But for nobody you can stop looking out the window and going forward. To go forward cause you know the hardles, the hurdles, the incredible hurdles (Rawat had difficulty pronouncing "hurdles") that were there ever have always been there but you trust in something, you believe in something so much that it does not hinder you going forward. That's what this is all about. "

  • Track 7: "Maharaji I love you and I just want to thank you for the many, many years that you have been there and I just want to tell you with all my heart "I love you." (sniffles)" "Well, you're welcome."

    "And yes I have this dream that all civilisations, that all people of then face of this earth will be in peace and people say to me "Isn't that reaching too far? Isn't that an impossible ideal?" Then I say to myself, if that is true, then it is the only ideal worth having because if people think it's impossible then yes it must be something that I can try to help with. And that's what I do and the amazing thing is to have peace on the outside, you have to have peace on the inside and you know this. This is not new news, everyone knows this that to have, to have peace on the outside you have to have peace on the inside. And to find peace on the inside is the most simplest process of all because it is already there, it does not have to be created, it does not have to be manufactured."

    "This is what I've been doing travelling, speaking to people, presenting this possibility. People ask me why do you do it? Because it brings me great joy, that's why I do it. Not for the money. You know, people pay their whatever registration or whatever, they think it comes to me, it does not come to me, not even one cent of it comes to me. It can't and it doesn't. I do it and I have been doing it since I was very, very young because it brings me immense joy."

    "Knowledge is a very simple but beautiful thing and it is people who find the attractiveness in Knowledge that allow it to be continued from a generation to generation, from age to age. There is no miracle formula, there is no miracle formula it is just sheer effort that makes it happen and it doesn't matter where the country is, it doesn't matter those people are. Wherever people want to come together and make that effort, anything is possible. And sometimes we forget that, we've got Knowledge, OK, that's it. But if you enjoy Knowledge and any part of it, if you actually enjoy it then somehow it becomes incumbent upon you to let other people know. Let other people know about this simple and beautiful possibility. This is very exciting times, folks, this is very, very exciting times. You really need to be a part of it. It's the amount of propagation that is happening right now has never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happened before (applause) ever so it really is a very, very special time, a very, very special time though in a sense it's just begun. Where it all goes I don't know but I'm willing to be, I'm very proud to be a part of it, I mean where there is team effort, where there is good team effort, you know this has, this has been very hard but where there has been good team effort the results are incredible. The results are unbelievable."

    "Come, listen but most importantly let that heart shine, let that experience shine, and enjoy what you have been given. This is what Knowledge is all about to enjoy this life that you have been given. Understand and appreciate its potential. Understand and appreciate your potential, your potential, Knowledge's potential, what is being offered here because it is making that whole life, every day in that life come alive. The life is gift that you have been given. Accept it and if you accept it and you accept this gift of Knowledge, if you accept the experience then bringing all that experience and bringing all that feeling together you are most welcome to help. This is what you can do, this is what I do. I've realized. I go around answering peoples' questions and I do this and I do that but really all I can do is tell people, that's all I can do."

    "I'm very excited because I think peace is a reality in this world. There's too many people to debunk that. That's too ambitious they say. Is it really possible they question but all those people who think it too ambitious are not of the people who are even remotely trying to bring peace in this world. Al least however minor my efforts might be or however great my efforts might be, regardless of that at least I am making an effort. This is not peace that is signed by ink on a piece of paper between two countries saying they won't kill each other. This is not the peace that I am talking about. The peace that I am talking about is a peace that is felt in the heart of human beings."

    "So I really feel very excited about the possibilities that are coming up on the horizons. I mean the way I, I love technology, I love gadgets and I love technology and every time I see this technology and it's like this is gonna work, this will work and so we're actually breaking new ground in India so that people on the same frequency can receive satellite all over India. Nepal is already set up, one of the poorest countries, its already set up for it because every single centre has a satellite dish and a little generator, they may not have electricity but they do have a generator and they have a screen and they have a satellite dish and they can receive it. So it is marvelous, it is beautiful, it is new horizons and more than that what does it mean for you. Not only does it mean that you get to enjoy all that it also means for you that get to take that effort in your town, in your city and make propagation happen."

  • Track 8: "I've had a wonderful ride and it's been fantastic. Thank you so much. I really have enjoyed every minute of it. I love being with you. I love you too." "Keep going, it's ah, it's so much, so many places and I want to make it very certain, you know, in no uncertain terms that I need to go where there is propagation. Ah I think every person who is interested in propagation can appreciate that. So get with the program and I'll be there."

    "So many places around the world I have been to. I say the names of the countries people say "Oh really, you go there, you go there, you go there, you go there" but I know I only go to people. I don't go to countries, I go to people (applause) We need to let the people know about the possibility, if they don't want it, fine. No pressure. But we need to let the people know about the possibility. That's propagation, simple as that."

    "There is the thirst amongst people, there is a message that is very simple, very straightforward. It addresses your need, it addresses my need it is an opportunity, it is an opportunity of a lifetime. You know no less is the challenge here to be fulfilled. That, whoever takes that challenge just remember, that is the ultimate human challenge. More propagation is happening now that has ever happened and of course you look around everywhere then there is all these places that I haven't been to. So more attempt will be made to come to these places, attempt has also to be made from your side. To prepare, to have propagation, that's important. One of my ideas or dreams is that at the Delhi facility that there would be a Knowledge session every day, every day (applause) so that regardless of anywhere you, you are you can always remember there is a Knowledge session happening."

    "Has the potential that is in each one of us been recognised. Cause that's what I offer, that's what I call Knowledge. Knowledge of the self, that's what I offer. A way to be able to go within. People are wondering is that Yoga? If you are into yoga, it is the Raj Yoga, the king of all yogas. It has also been called Raj Vidya, the king of all knowledge. That's why it is called the Knowledge because it is knowledge of the self. My Master showed me a place where I could take the seed and I could sow it and when that seed was sown it started to grow. In Malaysia I was talking to some people and this is what this one girl said, "You know Maharaji, you came and you gave me this Knowledge and you told me that if I took care of it, that if I practiced it one day it would grow and I just want to thank you because it has grown." It gave me a lot of joy to hear that from her, a lot of joy because she has found her fulfillment, now wherever she goes, whatever she does, whatever happens in her life because storms will come and it is not about stopping storms. The purpose of an umbrella is not to dissipate the clouds, it is to stop the raindrops falling just on you. One thing that I would like to mention to you, I know you have come here to hear me but what I would like to say to you is you need to be fulfilled in your life, you need to have peace in your life, with me or without me it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. If I can help, great. If I can't fine. That does not change the point and the point is you should be fulfilled, that's the point. You should be in that peace, that is the point."

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