Raj Vidya Kender

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career


The Divine Light Mission (Divya Sandesh Parishad; DLM) was an organization founded in 1960 by guru Shri Hans Ji Maharaj for his following in northern India. During the 1970s, the DLM gained prominence in the West under the leadership of his fourth and youngest son, Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat). Some scholars noted the influence of the Bhagavad Gita and the Sant Mat tradition, but the western movement was widely seen as a new religious movement, a cult, a charismatic religious sect or an alternative religion. DLM officials said the movement represented a church rather than a religion.[1]

Raj Vidya Kender was registered under the societies Registration Act in 1977, with registration No.8845/77. It "was founded by individuals eager to help in the dissemination of Maharaji's message of hope and peace" by individuals who had stayed loyal to Prem Rawat rather than to his mother and elder brothers. The society is dedicated to making Maharaji's message available to every person throughout the Indian subcontinent. Raj Vidya Kender (aka Raj Vidya Kendra) which is active in almost all cities of India with major centers in Delhi, Jaipur, Ranchi (Bantoli), Hyderabad and Chennai, seeks to better the quality of life of people in need and regularly holds medical clinics where free medical treatment is provided. The organization is supported by voluntary contributions from people with an appreciation for Maharaji's message.

Raj Vidya Kender was registered under the societies Registration Act in 1977, with registration No.8845/77. To leverage the resources to help people in need, The Premsagar Foundation India, a nonprofit public charitable trust, carries out various projects for the benefit of the poor and needy in India.

2020: Globalisation and the capitalist spirit has done a lot to improve the living standards of millions of Indians. But … the Raj Vidya Kender website has none of the charm we used to associate with Indian culture.

For the people by the people

Raj VidyaKender shares and supports the vision that peace is possible in everybody's life. This can happen only when each individual takes personal responsibility and discovers personal peace. Its activities are supported by voluntary contributions of individuals who appreciate this message.

Helping you discover personal peace
Raj VidyaKender invites PremRawat to address people interested in his message of Self-discovery and Self-knowledge. His addresses are very much appreciated and over 50 million people have benefited from them. The number of attendees often exceeds 3 00,000 at events addressed by PremRawat. PremRawat offers and presents a practical way to focus within to enjoy the experience of peace inside.

Peace Education Program-From Darkness into Light
Raj VidyaKender also regularly organizes events in jails across the country. His message has helped many prisoners to revert back to the normal life of a law-abiding citizen.