The Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru or Perfect Master
The Young Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Satguru or Perfect Master

The Whole World Is A Theory

The night after Guru Maharaj Ji returned to the United States (17th June 1973), over a thousand people filled Los Angeles' Embassy Hall in hopes of seeing him. An uncondensed version of his discourse follows below.

Well, actually there is nothing to say, because in this world we have realized the reality. The whole world is a theory actually, and what is practical is hidden, is the secret. And we cannot question, "Why was it secret?" or, "Why was it kept secret?" because it just is secret. And to understand this reality, to understand what the real thing in the whole existence is, that makes the whole thing exist, we have to first get out of the theory, get out of the darkness.

And when premies have understood Knowledge, when they have realized Knowledge, there is not much to say to them except that they must do meditation. And this is how this Knowledge will really work. Because if we don't meditate on it, don't really realize it, then it does no good to us. Because this Knowledge is within even those people who are making awful mischief right now in the world. It's within them, also. But because they haven't realized it, it does no good to them. They have to realize it if they want to really get something out of it.

And in this world, everyone, you know, everyone is getting on without an aim. You get up in the morning -- well, premies get up in the morning and do meditation and so on. But people, simply just ordinary people, they get up in the morning, maybe they wash their faces, maybe they don't, they ride in their car, get to the office, turn back home, start doing something else, watch television, sit back … Then comes the weekend, they get up late in the morning, take their cars, take them into the countryside. But where are we actually proceeding? What is our aim? Where have we to go? Nobody knows. Everyone is just moving.

And it's like those sheep. When they move, and wherever one goes, the whole thing goes. And if one falls into the ditch, everyone follows him. And this is the whole world, because when one thinks, "I can conquer the world," someone like Hitler, then everyone cooperates with him more than anyone. And then they finally come to a point where they have reached nowhere: they have still entered the same place from where they started, and they just went round and round and round. Because this world is round, and so far we have been just circling the world; people come to no point because this world is round. So to get to one point we have to get out of it, because in this world there is no peace, no harmony, no love. Why not? Because the whole world does not exist. It is the time that's the factor its between. The whole world doesn't exist! Nothing exists.

Today you are seeing this hall, now you are seeing this hall. After some time, maybe five-hundred years, two-hundred years, or something like that, maybe this hall will fall down. Maybe after a thousand years, or two-thousand years, there might not be even ruins of it left. And maybe after that nobody will be knowing that there was a hall. So, it never existed its time before, and now it's existing, and then again there will be a time when it does not exist. It's the factor of time. And time brings in things, and takes away things. And time, really, itself, does not exist because it's always moving. So if you want to realize something, you will have to get out of this world, get out to the reality. And when we are into the reality of the Knowledge, which you'll, of course, understand by meditation, then we can see for ourselves.

Many premies come to me, try to ask me questions. But the last thing I tell them in the session is that you ask me questions, and you expect that I should answer them. Why? Because I have experienced Knowledge, and you think by that experience I can answer your questions. It's the same thing if you also experience the Knowledge, you can answer your own questions that you have, but by this experiencing Knowledge within inside of you.

See, when we say "Knowledge," it's so limited. When we said "peace," it's so limited. When we say something, it's just very limited. Supposedly I have seen the Albert Hall, alright? And some of you might have seen the Houston Astrodome. Now when we go and we chat about a big hall, we say, "I have seen a big hall." Your mind at once strikes to the Houston Astrodome, while mine to the Albert Hall, because I have experienced it and that was the biggest hall I ever saw. While you have understood and you have seen for yourself, that the Houston Astrodome is the biggest one. So to our experiences always it strikes.

And when we talk about peace, people say, "I have peace," because they think that getting sleep after three days of work is peace. When you are feeling damn hot you switch on the air conditioning, and that's peace. Someone is standing for a long, long time, and he gets to sit for some reason, he thinks that's peace. Because he gets a great relaxation there, and that's what he thinks is peace. And that's why people come to me and say, "We don't need peace, we have peace." But they don't realize. But they don't understand, that's not peace: peace is something else, peace is something beyond that.

Actually, someone who said "peace" was wrong, because you cannot experience that thing in words. And someone who had experienced peace, can't say it in words. This is the problem, and whoever said "peace " just made it out, you know, he just made a word out of something and set it before you, and everyone is using the word. And we use it because we have to speak it its English. And if we stop speaking to you, then our message cannot be relayed to you. Because God made that system, to speak and to move our tongue, so that we can relate to hearing, so that we can relate to each other by speaking.

But this experience of peace cannot be spoken. Thus, there cannot be a name to it. Can you name something that you have never seen never touched, never felt -- nothing about it. You don't ever know it; you've never seen it;


The Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru or Perfect Master
The Young Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Satguru or Perfect Master

nobody told you about it; it doesn't even exist: can you put a name to it? No, you can't, because before you can put name to it, there has to be a thing. And whatever thing it has to be, it has to be comprehensible to our mind, to our brain; and then only we can put a name to it.

Because, if someone walks up to a Jumbo, he says, "This is a monstrous plane." And if he is walking in a jungle and he sees a big huge thing coming before him, he would also say, "This is a monster, this is a monster! This is a monstrous thing." So it means the Jumbo is not as that monster he saw in the jungle, but that's what you are limited to, and whenever we see that, we say it's the monster.

So see, this is the point, that the world thinks they have peace, that that's what they have, but that's not it. And when you really understand it, you can't speak it, because it's within you; and you cannot comprehend with the mind.

Because you don't know the name of that particular giant you saw, so you just say, "It's a monstrous thing." A simple name: a monstrous thing. You use for a Jumbo, "a monstrous thing." But a Jumbo is not going to hurt you -- but that monster was -- but just because of its size you say, "the monstrous thing." Or a giant: a giant hug, a giant elephant, giant jet. So this is the thing. But if we really have to get into something, and that has to be peace, it has to be experience of bliss, it has to be of practical realization. And that's only possible by meditation.

There are many people who want to do service. But before service they have to understand, to whom are they doing the service? To whom is it they are doing service? If they don't understand that, they really can't be successful in doing service.

Suppose I want to love someone. I don't know the name, I have never seen him, how can I love her? Before I can love someone, I have to see him, I have to get in contact with him; only then I can love her. So really, first, before you can really get into service, you have to understand to whom you are doing that service, and then you can really do the service. Then you will understand, and you do the service. And there are different types of service, it's not necessary for people that they have to do service in a particular way; it depends. Some people cannot move into ashram and do service of twenty-four hours. Not important, not necessary, it doesn't make a difference. They can do service while staying in their houses.

And now we are coming with the new thing, and that's the DUO (Divine United Organization). Because I guess Divine Light Mission was getting very confused with the other things, like Divine Sales and, you know, so many, so many things there are, and people were confusing Divine Light Mission with those things when they


The Young Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru or Perfect Master
The Young Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Satguru or Perfect Master

have nothing to do with Divine Light Mission, of course. Divine Light Mission is a separate thing, and Divine Sales is separate thing. So we brought up DUO to just take a thread and make a garland of Divine Sales and all those things, so each could be a separate thing, doing its function, helping Divine Light Mission to spread this Knowledge.

Because you see, today, whatever I'm talking about is my own experience, and I understand that there is going to be peace in the world. But if we wait for it, it's not going to be, because waiting is not the thing. You know? Waiting is just that, that what has to happen will happen. But the point is to bring peace in the world. But this is the thing, if you want to bring peace and if you sit in the houses, peace is not going to come like that. Because human brains cannot sit at one point: they have to think. And if they try to sit, what will they think? If it is not light, it has to be dark, alright? If they cannot think about Knowledge, then they have to think about something that's furious; then they will start opening labs in their houses, and soon you will find a bomb in every house, ready to explode.

So we have to come up to a a point, and peace is not a factor of time, this is the problem. Otherwise you could have just waited in your houses, and that would have been fine. just fine. But time is not the factor. Peace is right here within inside you. Time comes and goes, but peace never comes and goes; peace is always there. People just have to get in to it. And that's your effort, not the peace's effort to come, or the factor of time to come and go. It's within inside of you, and we have to get into it, instead of peace trying to get to you. Because it is within inside you, it has not to come and not to go; it's within inside of you, and you have to get into it, and realize the reality. Actually, there is nothing much I can say, because all that is left is practical, practical, practical.

You know, the tires of an airplane, you use them only on the land, not in the air. You can use them only on the land, not on the air. So just like that, we can just use theory; so far we haven't realized the Knowledge, we are just discussing about the Knowledge. But once we have realized the Knowledge, we have understood it, then we just have to leave it, shut if off: move right into the practical. Because, all we want in this world is practical; anything it has to be, anything it has to be.

A catalogue. If someone reads a catalogue to you, it's theory. But you want to hear that catalogue because you want to buy that thing which is practical. Why are there so many catalogues? Why are there so many advertisements? Just so that you can get to the practical point of it. And that's what everyone wants to get. We buy books that have advertisements of different things in them, and the advertisements are theories; But to get to the practical, just


to the practical. And everyone needs practical.

This is something very strange. People say, "We don't," you know, but they do; they just do. They don't know themselves what they are talking about, but they do need the real peace, and the reality, and to experience the bliss within inside of them.

So it's just like this. that Knowledge is spreading so fast in the whole world, you know, and now the premies have to get up and start, start doing something. Because it's your nature, and you won't be able to help it, you won't be able to. Because supposedly some premies like the song, "The Lord of the Universe," right? And suppose it comes on the radio, what will you do? (Voice in audience: "Sing it!") Sing it, and you will start to increase the volume on the radio. This is a natural thing. I've tried to ask many people, why does this happen? If your favorite song comes on the radio, or on the record player, you just start to pull up the volume. And nobody knows why this happens, but this happens.

And once we have really realized this Knowledge, then we have to tell about this Knowledge to other people, about how far out it is, how blissful it is, how peaceful it is, and that we have to get it.

Maybe people don't understand you. I just gave a television program in England on the Thames television, and they asked a lot of questions. And when all the questions were finished, the man asked me it I could say anything to the people. So I wanted to. And I just said, "yes," and I said that there are many people who will be watching this television program, and maybe laughing. Why? Just because they might find some grammatical mistakes, or they might find something that is something and something, you know, just to laugh at, to make fun of. They sit with their brothers, with people, and just try to make fun. People are like that, you know, we just can't help them; people are like that. But then I said that they will laugh, and when I will talk about peace they will try to laugh. But then there will be a day when they will have to get peace, they will want peace.

Today you are sitting here, and you arc not afraid of anything. If there is a gun in this room, or anything, you are not afraid of it. But, if someone pulls up with a gun, right here, loaded, you are afraid of it. So, what is the difference? See, the gun was in this room, and you were not afraid of it. But when it got here, you were, because you knew it was pointed at you. And if this trigger were pressed, you would be the victim of that gun. So you knew this. and it was confirmed by putting that gun here. It confirmed that, yes, you are going to be the victim of that gun, and you are going to be dead if it is shot. And that confirmed it.

So today nothing confirms, really; and it does, but we don't understand it. But to its nothing is confirming that, yes, there is going to be war in the world, there is going to be war in the world. But once it's confirmed, then we say, "Peace peace peace peace, brother, peace." Everyone goes with two fingers up -- "Peace. brother, peace." But until then, nobody thinks about peace; nobody. They say, "It's alright; it's all over with; it'll be finished."

Today Americans are sitting here; fine, they have nothing to worry about. And when the sirens start blowing off for air-raid, everyone will be worried; everyone. So this is the confusion in people's mind.

But you understand this, that there can be only darkness or only light -- there can't he two things together; they just can't be. If you are standing in a dark room and the next room is full of light, and you try to open the door and stand in the middle of both rooms, then automatically the light will enter the dark room, and there won't be darkness. And there has to be one thing-either light, or darkness; either peace, or war.

Right now, because there is not peace in people's mind, a war in taking place. As a matter of fact, there are many societies and there are many clubs who belong to this thing -- they have guns, and they fight guns, and they make guns, and they design guns. They want war. There are factories which make pistols and all these things; they want war. But it someone pulls a gun on them, they don't want war, they say, "Peace, brother." See? This is the thing. And when this will happen to people, then they will realize.

See, people were waiting for Jesus to come before. Before he came they were waiting for him as anxiously, or more, than we are waiting today. But when he came and was standing on this place, and people were passing by, some said, "Oh, we believe he's the Perfect Master," and some said, "No, he can't be Perfect Master." Because you see, so far we say, "Perfect Master is going to come." This is an intellectual thing. Because we think he isn't here, and he is going to come.

But Perfect Master is always with us. If Perfect Master is God -- see, it says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and the Word was made flesh. And the flesh was Jesus." And if it was the Word that always had existed, how could Jesus come, and how could Jesus go? He was there with them before, and he is with us now. Why are we waiting? Otherwise, he is not Perfect Master; he is not God. He cannot do anything to us, or if he does, and if he is perfect, he is with us, now, in our hearts. Because he's the Word. Because it says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh." And then the flesh was sent here to us. And if Jesus was the Word, then the Word was God. And God is everywhere at all times. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and with us every moment, every second, of our life.

Then how can he come and how can he go? Can anyone explain to me? What we need of him is not the body. We need the Word of him. We need the Knowledge. Because if it were just him. then he came, and he was standing before the governor, and the governor never got attracted to him. He still wanted justice, and he was still looking forward to justice. And still, he was governor, and


 The Young Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Perfect Master
The Young Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Satguru or Perfect Master

he had all right to save him; he could have protected him, he could have said no. But he then again looked to the majority of the people, and he said, "No, it's alright, as the people say." He tried to convince people, but …

So see, this is the point, and if Jesus comes today, can anyone tell me what proof they have in this world that they are going to test Jesus with? See? They are not going to put him in a test tube and put some chemicals over him to see if he's Jesus or not. And still, everyone is waiting for Jesus, and they say, "When Jesus comes, we will realize." And when Jesus came at that time, he showed miracles. And if anyone does that even today, what will we say to him? We will say he's Anti-Christ, because he is trying to do exactly what Jesus did. See, this is the thing they are going to say, and we won't be able to help it at that time. That's what happened then because it was predicted Jesus would come there. And people knew he would come. But when he came, they all freaked out. See what happened? They ended up nailing him.

So we ourselves are always confused, you see. And we are waiting for God, but God is in our heart and we have to realize him here, in our heart. He's everywhere. He's Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; and we have to realize him. This is something I want to explain to people, that if you're waiting for Jesus, fine, you have to wait for him. But if you are to realize him, realize him in your heart. Waiting for him is something else; realizing him is something else. If you want to realize Jesus, if you want to really understand who Jesus is, which is, of course, not his body but he himself, which is the Word.

We say Jesus was named, but Jesus was never named. We say Jesus died, but Jesus was never dead, and he gave practical proof to it, practical example to it. Because, you see, this is the thing, when they write a story they say, "… and Jesus died." Full stop. They they start: "And then a great thunderstorm started coming in,..," and this and that. But why don't we understand that Jesus never died? Because if he was dead, how could he come back again? But still we repeat the same thing.

See, so this is the biggest example before us that we have never been able to realize. Because always we try to realize anything with our intellect, which is, of course, limited, as limited as one millimeter, or maybe a quadrumillimeter, when we are trying to judge something that is infinite, you see? So what I mean to say is this. So understand what I really want to tell you because this is going to help you. It's my own experience. It's a fact, this is a fact. And fact is fact. And if not today, if you don't realize it today, then maybe after four or five months, or days, weeks, years later, you will have to. Because fact is still going to come before you as it has come before me. So, do meditation and realize this. Thank you very much.