Between Me And God

Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji) gave this satsang in Auckland, New Zealand on October 24, 1974.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji In New Zealand 1974

Dear premies, it's really nice to be able to come here because this is when I can really see that this country is growing and is going to take a formation. It's really good for premies to be able to understand exactly what has to be done, or what's supposed to be done.

See, man has a habit of living in his presumptions. He presumes things, and that's how he starts this whole world. They have this math called algebra which is a whole presumption; you presume X is equal to this much and Y is equal to this much, and you start solving your problems. Probably it's very good to do that with algebra, but not really, really good to do it where there are facts, where there is a possibility to really be able to recognize and realize the fact that is in this world.

It's like, when I first came here and I was in the hotel, I looked down and for a moment I forgot where I was. It looked so much like Copenhagen, all the docks and everything. But, though I may have forgotten for a second that I am in New Zealand, the fact still remains that I am in New Zealand. In the same way, premies, a person comes in this world and he looks around. He sees many, many, many things and then he starts growing. He starts touching, his sensations grow, and then one second he forgets. That one second doesn't remain one second anymore; it becomes completely his whole lifetime.

At that point, he forgets what is the real fact of this life. But the fact remains that still there is a fact of this life. That fact is what all the Masters in this world come to reveal, what all the perfect things in this world come to reveal.

The reason is because it is important for you to know; it's very, very important for you to know. It's like, if you are walking and you start thinking that, "I am in America," but you are really in England, and you start crossing the street, forget it. Some car is going to definitely come and hit you. At that time it's very, very important to remember.

This is why all the Perfect Masters come, to remind us that, "Wait a minute. Whatever is, there is, and whatever you have been doing, you have been doing, but the fact remains that there is the Truth in this world." This is what you have come to recognize.

A person leaves home, and he goes out all day long. He goes to the office; he takes his lunch; and he comes back. The reason he left is to be able to support himself and to be able to have that house. Because somebody might have a nice big mansion, but if he doesn't work, it he's an idle sitter, maybe he's got a little bit of money, but it's going to be gone and then the house is going to be gone. He'll have to live somewhere else. Maybe he won't even have any food. So he goes out all day long from that house just to he able to come back to it again. That is a fact.

And he goes out on trips, people go to Fiji, or people go here and there, just so that they can have a break from that house, so that when they return back to their house, they like it more. It's like, the reason we have left is to come back there again. This is in a circle, but that's the reason.

Then again, there is a big question that why were we in the first place departed? Well, we weren't. That is a fact that we have to understand, that we were not departed. That truth that we are trying to look for is still within inside of us. This is why every person has to realize, has to really, really understand. To be able to experience that Truth is the biggest thing.

It's the biggest thing to realize this Knowledge, to be able to experience this


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Looking A Trifle Unpleasant
 A Blissed Out Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji

Knowledge - or that we just go in circles, and that we depart just to be able to meet there again. Now, many people have questions about this; many people have doubts about this, that how come it is like that? Well, try it for yourself. It's so easy. Experience this Knowledge and you will find out that the way it fits in is exactly like I said, is for a person to realize it, for a person to be able to see it.

We sleep hours and hours at night time to be able to enjoy our day, and the day is there to be able to enjoy our night. That's why the sun goes down and there is dark, so that we can go to sleep. Then the sun comes back up again for us to awake, for us to start doing things.

If we really look into these things, we will find out how they fit. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, and there is just one point in it that you have to realize, that you have to personally realize. It's an individual experience for every person. There's just one trick of the magician that he does, and in that trick he has got you. It's like rings after rings after rings, but it's one technique you have to understand to get those rings into one another. Once that is done, there is no problem for you to form just a big, beautiful chain.

Premies, this whole world is like a jigsaw puzzle. All our lives we sit down and try to figure it out. If you take just a little, bitty child, little, bitty kid and put him into a playroom, give him all these puzzles and give him all these electronic toys, and this and that, you will see that he will take a battery-operated car and he'll try to rub it. It won't go anywhere, so he'll try to see where the switch is, or what's where. Maybe he can't figure that out, so then he doesn't enjoy it too much, and he takes his puzzle, starts playing with the puzzle, and he doesn't figure that out. Then he goes to another thing and another thing and so on and so on.

The only difference is that when we grow big, we start dealing with real things. We start dealing with the real puzzles, that are no more like battery-operated cars or a little airplane. We start dealing into these jigsaw puzzles which are giant, which we have hooked up to our real lives. And we are in a mess. I mean, we are in a mess.

If we start at the beginning, man came into this world and the whole thing and then there were kingdoms. There was never a time in those kingdoms and neither is there a time in these kingdoms when everything is peace and quiet. As I said, everything is in a mess. And sometimes, because man is not strong enough, he does not want to face it. He does not want to face how much he is in a mess, or how many problems he has got, or all these things. He doesn't want to face it.

But premies, it is made so beautiful when the Perfect Master comes, and he says, "No problem. Listen. This is your problem and this is the solution; here you go." It's like, maybe you have got a very, very horrible disease that you don't even want to show anybody, that you don't even want to tell anybody about. But when you go to the doctor, he doesn't just laugh or giggle or say, "Uh-oh, sorry, Charlie." He says, "Okay, no problem. Here is your disease," and he diagnoses it. He gives you a big list where it says, "You have got this and this and this and this," and it's a whole giant report.

I mean, there was a time when you didn't even want anybody to know it; you didn't even want it analyzed, or you didn't want anybody to know that you even had that disease. And here is the doctor taking all these things and just spreading out that form of the disease is this, and this, and this, and this. But then, that is not it, you see. He also comes up with the solution and he says, "Here you go. This is your medicine. Take it." And everything is a-okay!

I think it's really important that all the premies come together, and that's now, and start spreading this Knowledge around.


A Flower Bedecked Maharaji (Prem Rawat)
 A Flower Bedecked Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji
A Flower Bedecked Durga Ji (Marolyn Rawat)

So premies, I hope you meditate and try to grow yourself. Because I don't know when I'll be able to come back, but I hope soon, so that I'll be able to see how much it's grown.

This is how a Perfect Master really works in this world. He comes and he says, "Listen, I know. I don't care what you say, but the fact is still there that you've got this problem, and this problem, and this problem, and this problem, and this problem, and this problem. But, here is the medicine, and there you go."

It's so beautiful because then the whole situation just completely turns around. I know premies completely look back sometimes to their life as they were maybe about six months before, or a year ago, and how really they were, and how really they are now. They have completely changed. That individual experience, premies, is so beautiful. It's so fantastic, that it's completely indescribable. This is the reason that I have come into New Zealand, so that I can make premies understand how important really it is for every person to be able to understand this Knowledge.

And who is going to be finally getting all the credit for spreading this Knowledge around? It's never been Guru Maharaj Ji himself; you know that. It might sound funny to you, but it's never been. He has got the peanut butter, but he is not gonna spread it around. You are the knife! You spread it.

This is the case that when all the premies combine together, that's so important. You have to understand that at one time there were only two premies. Compared to America, there are not many premies here, but compared to the two premies who were there, just two premies, and then, when we look all around the world, there are more and more. This is what premies can do, what the potential of premies is.

I was in Denver and finally I got the chance to be able to go through the whole organization, the subsidiaries and everything. It's so amazing. I mean, it's terrific. The potential of premies is too much. It's even too much to imagine what they can do. It's like an overnight job. See, this is the thing here: one and one usually make two. But not here. One and one make eleven. When it's a case of premies, one and one make eleven.

I think it's really important that all the premies come together, and that's now, and start spreading this Knowledge around. They have these bags in America and I bet you anything they have them here, too. They are bean bags. When you first sit on them, they are really uncomfortable because there is nothing there. You just sit on a pile of beans. But if you jiggle yourself around, that's like, trying to occupy more space than you really need, it's so comfortable. You can stretch out your legs, you can do anything you want. It really is comfortable.

So premies, if you jiggle yourself around a little bit, more community, more people receive Knowledge. And that's more convenient for you. Then when that circle you formed of new premies, they jiggle around, it's like, it just goes on and on and on and on. But, this is the thing, this is the fact, that all the premies have to come together now.

I could have very easily made this a public program. But I do not want to start giving public programs. I am very, very strong about this. That's why I almost stopped giving public programs. I feel that unless the first community that is there is strong, there is no reason to form another one. Everything is interconnecting. And if this link isn't good enough, don't try to hook another link to it, because it's just going to go - ping! - and be right where it was. And that's even worse; that is really, really bad. So many premies get confused that way.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) In a Loud Coat In A Speed Boat
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji In Speed Boat On Sydney Harbour Dressed In A Coat

So, it's like, I'll be more than happy to send a mahatma here, and as a matter of fact I can send a mahatma who can stay, not just a short hop from Australia and back and forth. But, every premie has to be able to cooperate with him. When that happens, it's just so beautiful, it's so strong. Just get into it and you will see.

When we organize big programs, we have to stay awake, say, two nights and two days, nonstop. All you see premies doing is drinking coffee, probably. No food, nothin' doing, just working, working, working. People sometimes say, "How can they? They gotta be mad! They gotta be crazy. They gotta be nuts to be able to work like that."

But premies, it's really so beautiful, because the whole energy is just like a rocket taking off. People think, "Oh, brother. They must be sick and tired." But they are not! The first day they work, they work and work and work, and then they want to work all night long. and so they work all night long. It's like they grow. Their desire to be able to see premies and then be able to see a program happening and be able to really see premies blissed out just really grows! It grows and grows and grows, and they are working, they are working, they are working, and people think they are nuts. But really it isn't like that. There is something else behind it. This is what we have to understand.

Really, everything can be really, really beautiful. Many people face personal problems and many people face this and that. But really, Knowledge has got it all; it's a solution for everything. It's like there are three things: the doctor, the medicine, and you. Or suppose this is God over here. And I am just a human being. That is how this world exists right now. The problem is to make three into one. This is what Knowledge is; this is what the Truth is; this is what is the connection that has to be there between me and God.

God is there, and I am here, and that connection is way off somewhere. I mean, it doesn't make sense at all! But, when that connection is brought and connected between me and my God, the three things are one, the problem is solved. The connection is there and everything is beautiful. And premies, this is how it is, that the connection between you and that reality is way off somewhere. The reason is not that it floated away. You floated away from it. This is also what a person has to realize. But then to take the whole assembly and put it right hack together, it only takes a second. So, no matter what we try to say, or what we try to think about things, if we really try to simplify our problems, it just comes back to one, and that is to he able to really meditate upon this Knowledge.

I really hope that every premie understands what I am trying to say. Because this is not a question - I mean, strictly, strictly, strictly not a question - of who does what, but that premies do meditation and try to spread this Knowledge around. It's so strange because sometimes people are so turned off, they're so, so, so so much turned off, that they can't even relate to anything like Knowledge, to anything like that superior thing. But when we try to make them understand, everything is okay.

So, thank you very much, premies, and I hope you meditate and try to grow yourself. Because I don't know when I'll be able to come back, but I hope soon, so that I'll be able to see how much it's grown.


Guru Maharaj Ji has got the peanut butter, but he is not gonna spread it around. You are the knife! You spread it.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) In a Loud Shirt On The Harbour
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji On a Luxury Cruiser On Sydney Harbour