Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

Now You Are Ready

Prem Rawat's (Guru Maharaj Ji) Satsang Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

Dear Premies, we always assemble to one point, we all come close, and we have so many satsang programs (not in these last few months, but from now onwards there are going to be a lot of satsang programs), but the most important part is that, after all, why do we assemble here? This is something that there is no explanation to. It is not something that is taking place in 1975; it has always taken place since centuries and centuries and centuries, that Guru Maharaj Ji has come to a place and all his devotees have combined there.

You see, it just so happens that every human being has a quest to know, has a feeling inside of him to know that which is completely unknown, that which has never been revealed before, that which cannot be told, that which is completely not perceivable by his human body. Now that can be anywhere from A to Z. It can be love. Because what mankind in these days experiences as love is not true love. It is something else. And that true love he has never seen before, he has never felt before, he has never touched before. That which he wants to know could be love.

But on the other hand, it could be this divine Knowledge. Because this Knowledge has never been touched before. And something that's never been touched is the something that mankind always wants to know. This unknown, the most unknown factor, which is within inside of us, now by the Grace, by this Knowledge, by everything that has been given to us in this age, we are able to know. Now we are able to realize it; now we are able to understand it.

So many brothers and sisters all around the world are coming to the realization of this Knowledge, are coming to understand what they have tried to experience, what they have tried to realize all their life long. There is only one question left: Then what? It's like, even before a premie receives Knowledge, he understands that he is going to be getting this ultimate experience of something so beautiful, of something so fantastic. But there is a question that still comes up somewhere along in his head, "After that, then what? Then what is going to happen?"

I understand that most of the people here have received Knowledge and have understood this beautiful, beautiful experience. And if all of you are asking that question, if that question is even existing between you, then there is only one answer to it. And that answer is: Now we have to explode this.

You see, it's like a bomb that we have been trying to get for so many ages. We have this problem; we are in an area where there's this problem. And we have to get there and we have to completely explode the area into bits and pieces to be able to get to the soil, to be able to get to the ground, to be able to grow whatever we have wanted to grow till now.

So, we have been searching for this great bomb. And Guru Maharaj Ji is the scientist who comes, who experiments. It's like, when he is there, when people see him, and when satsang takes place, it's a big experiment for him: "Are these people ready for me? Can I give them the bomb? Is it okay?" He experiments in so many different ways, and then finally the time


This is the time when we all have to gather together. You see, we are bits and pieces of a puzzle.
And every bit and piece has to be put together to make the big picture.

comes and he says, "Okay. Now you are ready for the bomb. Now take it. Take it and realize and ex- perience how beautiful this bomb is and what its potentiality is, what it can do. Once you have understood it, how beautiful this bomb is, then go and explode it. Because after you have exploded it, not only you can benefit from it, but so many thousands and millions and trillions of people can benefit from this bomb. This is the bomb of Know- ledge."

We all want to come to this expe- rience where we can understand this Knowledge, this beautiful, beau- tiful Knowledge, and then to be able to spread it around so that a path can be made.

So this is the time when we all have to gather together. You see, we are bits and pieces of a puzzle. This is what a human being is. Some are big, some are small, as you can see. And when we put all of it to- gether, I mean, every bit and piece of it, it makes all the sense in the world. It is just so beautiful.

And so premies, we have the power, and it is a different kind of power. It's not the power that the world seeks today. Because the power that the world seeks today is completely something like a flower which you buy or which you pick from a tree. When you pick it from the plant it looks gorgeous; it looks beautiful. So you pick it up, put it on your coat, you make a one hour journey, in hot and humid climate, and it's all gone. This is the way that power is. People fight for it, people want to get it, and when they finally get it, it's no good. But this power is so beautiful. This is something that's completely everlasting. This is something so, so, so beautiful. And we have been trying to get it, we have been trying to fight for this power. Now that we have received it, and now that we have really gained it within inside of our hearts, it is now for us to go out and to explain to people what is the truth.

It's so beautiful, because just a few weeks ago Premlata's birth took place. It was such an incredible experience that one more being took place into this world to realize and understand and to spread this Knowledge. Maybe to some people, Knowledge is just a big joke. Maybe to some people Knowledge is like, "Okay, man, these roundheaded men gave it to us, and now we move into this motel called ashram where you have to follow a few rules here and there. But once you get out of there you don't have to, because nobody is surveilling you all the time."

And to some people it's like really hanky panky, you know. "Oh, man, I don't have anyplace to go, so I guess I'll just stick with the ashram for a few days." That's where he goes, because you get a place to sleep, and you get a place to eat, and that's about it.

But to some people, it's really beautiful. Like, I have understood that Knowledge is the only thing that is really into this world, that it's the only thing that really exists. Because if I bring a 15,000 dollar flash gun into this hall and it doesn't have any batteries in it, it's not going to be any good. I am not exactly saying that that camera doesn't have any value or that flash gun doesn't have any value. It has. But it's completely limited. It's been completely almost demolished because of the batter- ies, because the batteries weren't recharged. That's just the way it


Holi Shmoley
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975
Holi Shmoley
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

goes. And it's so beautiful, because we all have this human body, but then Knowledge is really the thing that makes us all live, that makes us all survive. Because without Knowledge, what are we? I don't know if any one of you have dug up a grave- yard, neither have I, but there is something there that is without Knowledge that's sitting there. And it doesn't mean a cent, a dime, nothing.

Even if we go to cemeteries, they are not going to charge you any money for the dead body. They are going to charge you money for the land where they bury it, and they are going to charge you money for all the funeral expenses, that is, stuffing the body up and putting all the makeup on it. But they don't charge you anything for the body. It's just that something's missing from it which makes it completely worthless. It doesn't mean a single thing. This whole world is like that without this Knowledge. It doesn't mean anything.

Understanding that Knowledge and understanding that most beautiful experience, when she took her first breath, it was just such an intense feeling. Because something was born, and it had no effect, it was just there. And then all of a sudden, the first cry, just, "Waaaah!" She screamed. And that was it. I mean, it was just such an intense experience. To the doctors, "Waaah" just means "Waaah." They go through it a thousand times a day. (Of course, we didn't have outside doctors. The people who were there were all premies.) But it's like, to me, I understood the meaning of that "Waaah!" That was just not a "Waaaah." It was more than that. It was something so beautiful. Something had just taken place which this whole world could have never found out, which this whole world is starving for, this whole world is striving for, this whole world is going out of its head to find out. That thing, that very thing, just took place.

It wasn't the birth. The birth had taken place about a minute or so ago. It was this Knowledge, it was this experience, this most beautiful thing that just went "mmmpoooo," into the body, and it was all there. The hands were moving, she was crying, her legs were moving, and it was just an incredible, incredible experience.

So, it's like, this is what we have to all realize, that this Knowledge is so beautiful. And now that we have it, what is the best usage of it? You know, I have always wanted to get something together for everybody that everybody can make the best use of, like this Mission, this whole thing that I have created so that the premies, that the people of this world can relate to it and under- stand much, much better.

I mean, of course, that's where the misunderstanding came between my family. Because people were not understanding, my family was not understanding what I am trying to do here. To them, it was just like another thing which should have happened. But no. I was trying to get something more beautiful together. In just the last few months, I couldn't because I couldn't quite take the tours. See, Durga Ji was pregnant, and we were expecting the baby. But now it is an opportunity again in front of me where I can go and see every premie and try to make them understand what I am trying to accomplish here.

I like to see premies, and premies like to see me.


This is the time to realize and let everybody know that something exists. Something that this world is striving for, we know. We know the secret formula.

You know, it's so beautiful. Because there is a time, and there is a whole procedure that the rose flower goes through. Before even the flowers come, the thorns have to come, which hurt you and which aren't so pretty looking. Then one morning when you walk in the garden there is a green bud. Doesn't mean anything still. But it looks beautiful; there is a hope that something is going to be there. And then after a few mornings, this green bud becomes a flower. And it just blooms more and more and more. This is the way this organization, this Mission works. Sometimes, it takes a little more time for it to bloom, but then when it will, it's going to be completely beautiful.

I am trying to start every kind of service that is possible for every kind of premie, for premies who have just received Knowledge, and for premies who have received Knowledge a long time ago. It is not that it's the weight of difference there, but it's like how much people are interested. Because some people are at a point where they really need to experience Knowledge much more than just to be able to go out and give people satsang. So I am trying to start service for those kind of premies, where they can do much more meditation and really slowly and slowly realize what this is. It's like, it's kind of a shame to throw the most beautiful seed in the world in the middle of the road where it's never going to grow, where it's just going to be run over and completely be ruined. And this is the most beautiful seed.

So really, what there is left is for all of you to understand how beautiful this seed is, and to protect this seed from just being scattered on the top of the road and to make sure that it goes to the right heart, goes to the right soil where it can be planted right and taken care of right, and grown right, and bloom the best. This is this Knowledge that we have to all realize. This is something that answers why we are here, why we are alive, why we have been given everything. This Knowledge is with us now, and it is our duty to come out and to tell people that we have realized something, that we have I understood something.

You might have seen people in, like, a double action. They see something first, and they don't comprehend it. They can't even realize it's there; they can't even know it's there. They just don't comprehend it. And then about five minutes later, they say, "What? I think I just saw it there." And then they turn around. It might be a five minute wait, but let's wait there and let that guy realize that he saw something, he saw something very, very beautiful, and let him turn around and come there to realize this Knowledge.

And the reason … Well, the reason why I even wanted to come out here and give this satsang was, first of all premies want to hear satsang. And I like to see premies, and premies like to see me. I bet many of of the premies are sitting here saying, "He doesn't like to see us. Every time we come to see him he tells his WPC to throw us away from the place." Well, that's not exactly true. Because, it's like, there is a place for darshan and there is a darshan line


and premies should have darshan. And then, there is satsang time, and premies should have satsang. Then there is a meditation time, and premies should do meditation. This is what we all have to understand, this is what we have to all realize. Because it's just not like that. There is more to it, and then, it is like that, and there is nothing to it. So this Knowledge is there, and just realize.

And I assure you, there are going to be a lot more programs. Because, as I said, in one of the countries there is going to be the Hans Jayanti, and let me tell you where it's going to be. It's going to be in Florida somewhere. So we have to all start preparing for that occasion.

That's where the festival is going to be. And let me tell you something. You know, if somebody said one and one makes two, he didn't have much brains. It makes eleven. When every joint effort of every premie comes together, you have no idea, you just don't have any idea what it comes to, what it amounts to.

About two or three months ago, I was in Denver - or maybe a month ago or so - and I had a whole big discussion, and I have started the idea of a 1975 propagation campaign. The garlanding of that campaign is going to be done at the 1975 Hans Jayanti Festival. This is where we intend to do it, and it's every bit and piece has to be put together. Everything has to be put together to make the big picture. It's such a big picture, we can't paint it on one canvas, so we paint different por- tions on different canvasses, and then we put it together and it looks gorgeous.

So every premie should cooperate, no matter who he is. If he is an ashram premie or whoever he is. Doesn't matter: If he is a premie, he should cooperate in this function. This is the time to realize and let everybody know that something exists. Something that this world is striving for, We know. We know the secret. We know the secret formula. We know what it takes to know. And let everybody know that.

So premies, just realize, just do meditation, and let it flow through you. Understand how beautiful this Knowledge is and how perfect this Knowledge is. Do meditation. I have given this example a lot of times. The food can be before you, but if you don't taste it, you are not going to experience how good that food is. You have to taste it. So this is the food, now taste it. And you will un- derstand, you will experience how beautiful the food is.

And if you think that this is the last of satsang, let me tell you, you haven't heard the last of it yet. There's a lot more to come, and there's a lot more functions to happen, a lot more satsang programs to happen, and I hope you can come to all of them. Because there's just this one glorious experience that we all have to understand. And we can never begin, and we can never end with it. I didn't begin it, and I am not going to end it, and I know it's infinite. Nobody started it, really began it, and nobody is going to end it. It's infinite.

So, just realize and understand how beautiful this Knowledge is. Thank you very much.

It has always taken place since centuries and centuries and centuries, that Guru Maharaj Ji has come to a place and all his devotees have combined there.