Excerpts from Maharaji:in Stockholm, Sweden, 30 May 1976.

If we just try to simulate reality in our lives, then believe me, reality is not going to come in front of us the way we want. Reality is going to stay reality, and that is why there is so much dissatisfaction in this world, because people want to simulate satisfaction, people want to simulate that great happiness they once experienced in their lifetime. That is why they go off doing whatever they do in this world, to have that power they think is happiness. No, no, no. Power is not happiness. Maybe I think if I own everything, that is happiness; or maybe I think if I just leave everything, then that is happiness. But happiness is happiness. And we have to realize the way happiness comes, that there is a certain pattern to it.

That pattern - which is satsang, service, meditation, and our effort - is not going to happen, it's really not going to take place, until we have evaluated our lives, "Do we really want happiness, do we really want peace, that inner peace, do we really want satisfaction?" And if we want satisfaction, then, yes, it all begins for us, right from that point.

But if we are just a comedian or an extremely nosey person who just wanted to know what was going on in that hall that night, then I don't know at what point we're going to end up, I really don't know. But I know that if you have sincerely told yourself and really do believe that you want happiness and that you want satisfaction, then you are going to dedicate that step in doing so. And then, if you have made that decision, not because, as I said, you were just a nosey person or a comedian, but because you really wanted to do so, then it's going to start snapping in your life. Then you're really going to dedicate yourself to satsang, service and meditation. And the true decision is going to start happening. We can go on from that point, but first we have to realize the importance of Knowledge, that, "Yes, this is what I want." Then we have to understand the three parts: "Well, what is satsang? What is the importance of satsang? What is service? What is the importance of service? What is meditation and what is the importance of meditation?"