1975: It's Time to Decide

Worldly people have always had one purpose, not just since today or yesterday, but since the beginning of time: and that purpose has been to oppose the real Truth and to try and prevent it reaching people. Because the worldly mind is such a thing that it cannot get along with Truth. Why can't it get along with Truth? It can't get along with Truth because it is born of falsehood, is bred in falsehood, and dies in falsehood, in darkness. That is why from time to time the Perfect Master comes to the earth, into the world, to destroy that falsehood, that darkness. That is the reason why all the saints have said one should live in the world like a lotus. Though living in it, one should be out of it.

So, dear premies, everything that has happened up till now is all there in front of your eyes. Those very people who proclaimed they had realized Guru Maharaj Ji, those very people have turned away; when even people such as they can turn away, when even their minds can deceive them, what about the average person? Ultimately we are left with just one thing, and that is that after we have received this Knowledge, we should meditate. And we are only benefited by our own meditation.

I'll give you a simple example. Suppose there is a famine in Bihar State. There is still plenty of food in America, England, even in other parts of India. But until the starving people actually eat that food, it makes no difference to them. From this we can understand that even more important than the food itself is the actual eating of it. In the same way, this Knowledge has always been here on this earth; but until a person receives Knowledge, he continues in darkness, he does not experience that peace. But when he realizes this Knowledge and begins to meditate on it and practices meditation constantly, then he is benefited by it. So ultimately we are left with just one thing to be said, and that is that after we receive Knowledge, we should meditate on it.

People sometimes come to talk to me. There was a reporter who came to see me in Luck- now. He was saying, "Look this Knowledge exists, people need to realize it, and you can reveal it. So why don't you just go ahead and reveal it to them?" When he said this, a thought came to me. If this man had been living in those ages when a person had to serve in an ashram for 25 years before he received Knowledge, when without even having received Knowledge a person had to accept "this is my Perfect Master," and he had to prostrate and work like a dog … if this man had been alive in those days, I wonder what would have happened to him. Now, in this age, it has been made so easy for him to receive Knowledge, and still he says, ''Why don't you just go ahead and reveal Knowledge to people?" You see, a fine balance has been made in that although Knowledge has been made very easy to receive, correspondingly man has lost his discrimination. That is, if you compare the number of people who had Knowledge throughout the world in Krishna's time or Rama's time to now, although Knowledge is revealed so easily, how many people have actually received Knowledge? Not many! If you look at it relatively, there's just a very small handful of people who have received Knowledge, although more and more people are receiving it every day.

So now dear premies, we have to decide within ourselves. Because until now, how many premies are there in India who have understood what Knowledge is, who have understood the true value of Knowledge, and have realized it is the only way? There are some premies for whom this Knowledge is like a toy. They claim, "Oh yes, we have received Knowledge from this Guru," but they never meditate because for them it's just a little game. In the same way that some people receive beads and some people receive mantras, they receive Knowledge.

For some people, this Knowledge doesn't even exist. They say, "Oh, we didn't experience anything at all." But I'll tell you one thing. It doesn't matter what the reason is, that someone relates to it as a toy,

This satsang was given at Jhumri Taliaya, India on April 15th, 1975.


or someone else says he doesn't experience anything. So, dear premies, ultimately only one thing remains to be said. Only those people who understand the value of this Knowledge and who meditate constantly will cross over to the other shore, only they will reach it.

You see, when I was in America, I went to various places to propagate, and I saw many people. At first when people came to me, they had no idea about anything. They came, listened to satsang, became interested; then they came to the ashram and listened to some more satsang, and finally they received Knowledge. So I saw them right from the beginning. in the beginning, they had all sorts of different concepts about what this Knowledge might be. Then they heard satsang and slowly started to lose their concepts. Then their desire increased and they heard some more satsang, and then after that, one day they received Knowledge. And they are so happy they received Knowledge.

And now when I go to see them, there's only one thing I can say to them. These people come, these very same people whose heads were full of the strangest concepts, these people come and listen to satsang with so much love in their hearts, and when I give them satsang there is only one thing I can say. What can I tell them? Can I say, "Please receive this Knowledge?" They have already received the Knowledge. So there's just one thing left that I can say, and that is to meditate. But if a person has never meditated, how can he possibly understand the value of meditation? That's why, dear premies, I have come to India.

Now a funny thing has happened. Before now, some people tried to cause confusion over here and some people criticized from over there. People have said, and it's true, that in this Kali Yuga a thing will happen that has never happened before. People think this means the invention of the automobile, but in past ages they had much more wonderful things than cars. They think machine guns are the thing, but they had even more fantastic weapons. People think now we have the airplane, but they had airplanes even in those days. These things are not particularly unique to this age. But the strangest thing that is supposed to happen in Kali Yuga has now happened. We used to be criticized from all directions, but now the criticism is coming from our own people, who we used to call our very own. What does this show us?

This shows us that this person, this Perfect Master, who comes to propagate this Knowledge is completely unattached. Until recently Bal Bhagwan often tried to explain to everybody that I am completely unattached, that I am not dependent on my mother or my brother, that if somebody is my mother she is just my mother, and if somebody is my brother he is just my brother; but now it has been proven. And now for God knows how many ages, people will think of this and realize that yes, it is true that the reason the Perfect Master comes to the earth is not for the sake of his mother, or brother, or family, but only to spread the Knowledge.

That's why, even though they claim I've been doing all these weird things, I am still walking the path of Knowledge. Does anybody dare stop me? No! Because I'm truly spreading the Knowledge. They're spreading falsehood and I'm spreading Truth. If anyone wants to stop me, he should go and stop them first. Because I am spreading Truth, and I'm spreading it right now, and I'll go on spreading it as long as there is some life left in this body. I'll go on spreading this Truth because nobody else has taken the responsibility of spreading it and bringing peace to the world but me. This is my duty. And that's why I am sticking to it.

A11 you people who are sitting here are probably thinking, "How can we help Guru Maharaj Ji?" I'll give you an example. Suppose Mahatma Sampuranand decides it's very important to walk from one end of the stage to the other. If he doesn't have legs, how can he do it? He will have to use legs or something to transport him across the stage. And that's what you are, you people are my legs and you are my hands. I can sit and think and plan everything out, I can shout out to the world, but if I am to get this thing done, if I am to spread peace to the world then I can't do it alone, I'll need your help. i have brought this Knowledge and I will spread this Knowledge, but only with your help.

And dear premies, if you still want to just keep a picture in your house and say yes, this is my Guru, and leave it at that, then forget it. That time has now gone; it's been gone a long time.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master and Satguru A new time has come like the time Guru Govind Singh said, "Forget all your theories about violence and non-violence, and pick up your swords." Now the time has come to fight. Not to fight with a sword, but with your faith as your weapon, with your dedication, with the power of the Knowledge.

We always have these four things with us - our faith, our dedication, the Knowledge, and Guru Maharaj Ji - and with these on our side, nobody in the world has the power to stop us. So wake up, and start thinking about what you have to do.

This is not a joke. I didn't say I was going to establish peace on this earth just for fun. I am not asking anyone how I should do it or anything. I'm just saying I will definitely do it.

I don't care if I have to survive by eating salt and drinking water; I'm prepared to do anything. But all the same, you people will have to help me. Even today, I'm ready to do what I said I would a long time ago. That's why you must wake up now. The time for sleeping has gone. Now is the time to show the world the greatness of the Knowledge, that there is some value to this Knowledge.

Already, many people have received Knowledge, and that's fine, but one tiny thing remains. People think, "Oh yes, we've received Knowledge," and they go to three satsang programs each year and feel, "Yes, we've had darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji, and everything's all right." But those times have been gone a long, long time now. If you're still thinking that way, believing everything's fine like that, it means you've been asleep for many, many years. That time has been gone since the Hans Jayanti festival when I declared I would establish peace throughout the world. And if you're still thinking like that, it means you've been asleep since then. So wake up!

Look, I have come here to do something; I have come to show the world what the real Truth is. There are two things. I've sat down and thought a lot about this, and there are two things. Since this whole trouble began, two things have stood out in front of me. One is this thing with my family, and the other is, what is Truth?

Tandon sent me a telegram. In it he wrote, "Don't come to India." I can show you the telegram if you want to see it. He starts off with salutations and prostrations, and then he says, "Don't come to India. If you come to India, people will beat you up and garland you with shoes." And then he says, "You should retire now; nobody in India follows you any more, so it's best that you retire. Just give it all up and sit back and relax." I have borne such insults.

So you know what else was written in it? You know why they say I should sit back and relax? Because apparently I am ruining the name of Hans Ji Maharaj. I know how much truth there is in what they say. I have seen, read, and heard all that they say. When I reached India, why didn't they dare come and see me, and put their cards on the table? Because they don't have the courage. Their minds are confused.

So, dear premies, now is the time to wake up, now we have a war to fight. It's not any pleasure trip; what we have to do now is fight. But it's not a war with swords and guns, that's not the kind of war we have to fight. Humanity has been fighting that


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master and Satguru