Divine Light Mission Glossary

Glossary Logo Satguru:
True dispeller of darkness and revealer of light.
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Perfect Master:
English equivalent of Satguru. A Perfect Master is one who teaches the perfect Knowledge, the knowledge and love of God. Christ and Buddha were Perfect Masters in their own times.
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Guru Maharaj Ji:
Guru in Hindi means Teacher, Maharaj Ji means Great King. Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples usually call him Guru Maharaj Ji, though his full title is

Balyogeshwar Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj:
Balyogeshwar means Born Lord of Yogis. Paramhans means Highest Soul. Shri Sant Ji Maharaj indicates the present Guru Maharaj Ji.

In Hindi, Maha means Great and Atma means Soul. A Mahatma is a great soul who is empowered by Guru Maharaj Ji to reveal the Knowledge. An Apostle.

Knowledge is the heart of Guru Maharaj Ji's teachings. In a Knowledge Session, a Mahatma reveals the four techniques of inner meditation, known as Divine Light, Divine Harmony, the Word and Nectar. However, to know the techniques without having the Grace of the Perfect Master is quite useless.

The blessings of the Perfect Master. The power which allows us to practice meditation. "Knowledge without Grace is like a car without petrol." says Guru Maharaj Ji.

Literally, satsang means the company of truth. Satsangs are spiritual discourses about the Knowledge and in praise of the Perfect Master. To tell someone about Knowledge is called "giving Satsang."

Selfless actions performed out of love for the Perfect Master and compassion for the sufferings of humanity. It is not considered to be service if you mow your neighbor's lawn while your neighbor's house is burning down with his children inside. Similarly. the first service any disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji has is to inform people that the Perfect Master is here, offering them the gift of eternal life.

Concentration of mind. True meditation is meditation upon the endless source of energy which is within us all, and which underlies all Creation. It is this meditation which Guru Maharaj Ji teaches to His disciples.

Coming into the presence of the Perfect Master or a member of His Holy Family.

Shelter. To live in Guru Maharaj Ji's shelter. Hence, a place where disciples live together in service of their Perfect Master. For they have discovered that His service actually is perfect freedom.

Literally, a lover of God. One who has taken Guru Maharaj Ji's teachings into his heart. A disciple.

Jai Satchitanand:
A greeting between premies. Literally. All victory to Truth, which is the consciousness of bliss. Roughly, I salute the True Self within you.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!
All praise and honor to the Perfect Master!