Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
Salutations at the Lotus Feet of the Lord of Love

When thou didst look at me, Thine eyes imprinted upon me Thy grace.
For this cause didst Thou love me greatly, whereby mine eyes do served to adore that which they saw in me.

St John of the Cross


On June 17, 1971, Guru Maharaj Ji flew from India to London to begin his first tour of the West, spreading a very precious and ancient knowledge of the unchanging infinite higher Self of man. His five month tour of Europe and North America attracted so much interest that he openly invited all Westerners to be guests of the Divine Light Mission in India during November and December, 1971. This enabled all who desired to attend a huge festival in New Delhi on November 8, 9, and 10, and later an even larger festival in Patna, Bihar on December 24 and 25. Both programs were arranged by Indian devotees to the honor and glory of Guru Maharaj Ji. Between the two programs, all were invited to stay at Prem Nagar Ashram - the "City of Love" - near Hardwar, an the banks of the Ganges Canal. The trip was planned to free people of cultural and environmental blocks and allow them to more completely absorb themselves in the pure realm of spirituality. A 747 Jumbo Jet was chartered from London, and in November hundreds of people from England, the Continent Canada, and the United States converged into India. The radical change in living conditions there produced a lot of sickness and much repressed negativity found its release - the trip proved to be a house-cleaning of body and spirit.

The following pages contain the words of Guru Maharaj Ji and his mother Mata Ji, as they patiently guided and encouraged the struggling initiates in the unfolding of spiritual realization. Also included is an essay by Bal Bhagwan Ji, the oldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, as he discusses the topic of "Spiritual Insight".

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Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the father and guru of Guru Maharaj Ji
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