Salutations at the Lotus Feet of the Lord of Love

"When the sun sets it turns darker and darker red, it disappears and is dark for twelve hours. Then it rises again. First a tiny dot appears, then sudden the whole red disk of the risen sun comes, and from there it takes only four or five hours for it to shine full strength.

In the same way, in ancient times, the truth gradually sinks and disappears for some time, only to reappear again. Now the sun has dawned and it is only a matter of a few hours before it shines in full."

Guru Maharaj Ji

"If everybody starts helping themselves--remember, the world has been made of themselves--so, if they change themselves, automatically the world will be changed. Because the world has been composed of them--of you. And if you change yourself, automatically the world will be changed, because the world is nothing else. It is composed of human forms and human forms change themselves--until automatically the world will change."

Guru Maharaj Ji

"The spiritual master descends upon this earth, and we little ignorant people have to ascend and climb the ladder to the meeting point. And there is a meeting point"

Bal Bhagwan Ji,
eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji

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