Prem Rawat formerly Guru Maharaj Ji


by Guru Maharaj Ji

What is the purpose of an individual on this earth? There is a purpose which is both individual and universal. God gives every man a universal purpose. Some are able to know what it is, and some aren't. The people who really seek the truth are able to realize that purpose, and those who are not interested in these things can't realize it. There are those people who are just running about without an aim. In India, there are sometimes tourists that roam all around the country, singing, laughing -- without any purpose. This is what is happening in this world -some people are going to the moon, others are going all different places. They can't understand life because they are so busy solving the mind's desires that they haven't got time to think over this matter of why they have come to this world.

But if you have come to this state, to this point where you can ask yourself why you have come into this world, then you should go beyond it and know why you have come. See that truth and know who you are and what your purpose is. First know who you are, and then you can know what your purpose is. We are incomplete. That is why we need to search for completeness.

But God is beyond thought. All the scientists have tried to think about it. They tried to discover all about this absolute thing, but they haven't been able to do so. They have discovered so many things, but they particularly have wanted to discover that absolute thing. They have failed, and have only discovered other things. They still can't think of what God is. We say everything in this world has been created, except God. Scientists can't think of a time when there was nothing, not even energy, so they can't think about why the energy was created and who created that energy. They can't think of the time when there was absolutely nothing, not this world, nothing -- only one Supreme Being. They devise many experiments regarding that thing, but they still can't think of it. They can't think about this Absolute Knowledge, because it is beyond words. Everything in this world is in words -- even God has been put into words But God is beyond alphabet because it is natural and it is within you.

Suppose Mister XYZ has died. His body is here, but something has gone. There is no name for that. That is why Krishna says to His disciple Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, "You cannot see me with these eyes". And Arjuna replies, "What are you saying Lord? So Krishna then tells him, "Oh Arjuna, you are seeing me with your materialistic eyes, but these materialistic eyes are themselves destructible and whatever they can see is also destructible. I am what I am. I can never be destroyed, so you need an eye that can never be destroyed." That is why we need the third eye, our Divine Eye, to look at God.

So how can you open your Third Eye? You will have to go to the Perfect Master of the time, request Him please to give you that Knowledge, and then he will open the Third Eye. This Knowledge is a technique which is the only way to perceive the Truth. Knowledge is the thing in which all the secrets in the world are written. So when you receive that Knowledge, you will know what that secret is. You should have a keen desire to know this Knowledge.

But we are all filled with doubts so when we go to the Perfect Master we receive that Knowledge. When we place our minds in that Knowledge we are like a car wash. In car washes, people take a cloth and wipe the cars off and when they are cleaned and everything is okay, then people come by and admire the beauty of the car. In this mind wash everything is automatically cleaned. You just place your mind in this Knowledge, in the Truth a true Guru is giving you, and your mind will be cleansed of all doubts.

Realized souls come to give this Knowledge so that all people may end all their sufferings. Krishna says, "When there will be a decline in true religion, I will come and form one religion, which is the Truth." Religion means realization. You are following religions in order to get peace. If you can't find peace, search somewhere else. If you want to learn ABC from a book, and you are not learning ABC from that book, then leave it. All human beings should be happy, but there are so many fights between religions. That is why the Perfect Master comes to form all people into one religion, which is


p07 (99K) realization of God. The master we choose should be perfect. You should try, seek, search, and you will find Him. The mind seems to give us pleasures, but it doesn't - it takes us more and more away from God. It is a false prophet. Don't believe in the people because they often can't recognize a true prophet. When I was in London, there were many cars parked illegally, and the driver of our car also parked there illegally. I asked him, "Why are you parked on the illegal side?" He said because all the other cars were already parked there. When we came back, every car had a ticket on it. Our driver complained, "Oh why have I got a ticket?" I told him, "Every car has got a ticket, so you also have a ticket". There are so many crazy people. That is why God says, "Be individual, and then seek God".

How do we reach a true Perfect Master? People who have got fortune and try, surely reach God. If people don't try, they can't reach God. The best and easiest way to get rid of doubts is to listen to Satsang, which is Holy Discourse. This Knowledge is a hammer. Truth is a nail. Your heart is the wood and you knock the truth in. You need another nail also--Satsang, to love that Knowledge more. Am I the Perfect Master? I can't declare that. I won't declare that. I can, but I won't say that. Why? That is my secret. People in this world are so lazy that they don't want to do anything by themselves. So let them search, let them be more alert. In the Aquarian gospel, Jesus says "wait and look into you. You will see a light that is more than a noon-day sun". That is the real form of the Guru.

Jesus said that men cannot speak the Holy Word of God. He told his disciples not to speak that Word. I can only describe that Word it is exactly what will give you that internal peace. That is all I can say. First you must have faith in me, that yes, I will give you that Knowledge. Then I will give you the Knowledge and you can have faith in that which I have given you. You want a full explanation, yet just reading the instruction book is not enough.

Emotion is such a thing that when we have it, we feel it, when we don't have it we can't feel it. If God comes along, you can't sit and write down that experience because it is an emotion you were feeling not by your mind, not by your thinking power, but by your heart. Some people pray to the formless God, and other people pray to the formed God. But we pray neither to the formless or to the formed we pray to the Word. The Word is neither formless or in a form. That is why this is called the middle path. Open a seed and you won't find a tree, yet there is still a tree existing in that seed. A form has come out of a formless thing.

God means: "G" for generator; "O" for operator; and "D" for destroyer. We are born, we are living, and we die. Everything is around you, just try and you will understand it. You are useless until you see your aim because then you will surely find a way. Ignorance is only created by the mind, and the mind keeps the secret that you are something divine away from you. That is why you have to tame the mind first. The mind is a snake and the treasure is behind it. The snake lives over the treasure, so if you want that treasure, you will have to kill the snake. And killing the snake is not an easy job.

Once I can look at the nature of God, I can see God everywhere. Union is being always with God.