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So it's like, now, do prachar and propagation, and because, you see, propagation - I mean, just for instance - why is satsang so beautiful? Because it originates from the Knowledge. And it just becomes so beautiful. You know, just simply talk, and talk, and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about it. Because it's very, very beautiful. And unless that beauty starts revolving inside of you, because it's such a fine balanced wheel, that it takes a little bit to get it revolving. But once it gets revolving, you know, it rotates fine.

--Guru Maharaj Ji

you have to develope


Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, if our hearts have many doubts, what is the best way to soften them up so that we may take Knowledge?

GMJ: You give me yourself; you give me your love, and you give me your egos. Have you seen a bullfight? When a man fights a bull he takes a red cloth and he shows it like this. And that bull comes flying at that red cloth. Well, I've got a box. I stand like this with that box and you throw your egos, doubts, sufferings to me. I put the box on one side and I stand like this. Now egos and doubts come and enter that box. I take a lighter and burn that box. Egos and doubts are burned.

Q: Catch it Guru Maharaj Ji, catch it now!

GMJ: Not only will I put your egos and everything in that box and burn it so that you won't have any sufferings, doubts, egos or anything. That is nothing. But also you will be a complete human person, a perfect devotee with perfect peace, perfect calmness, and perfect greatness, with bliss and consciousness.

Q: What about our external appearance, Guru Maharaj Ji?

GMJ: I want Divine Light Mission to be like a laser beam, a most shining thing, a most bright thing. And it is not a pretty hard thing to do. You should at least keep your body under control. If you look smart, you work smart. If you don't look smart, you don't work smart. Anyhow you must create the best impression you can.

Q: And You've made us so rich, Guru Maharaj Ji, whatever can we do for you?

GMJ: Start working for me. Do some service and do some meditation. Anything more?

Q: It seems such a small thing.

GMJ: It is a small thing. You are right. If we come a thousand times and do service to Guru and meditation and whatever we can for Him, still it won't be worth what He has given us. Because what He has given is the mystery of the whole world.


Q: What happens to people who don't understand and don't practise?

GMJ: Kabir says if you are standing on a boat and taking someone out of the water, if you can take him out of that river, well and good, take him out. If you can't, then give him two pushes more, otherwise he will bring you down with him. If you are standing in the boat and someone is drowning in the water, take him up if you can. If you can't then give him two pushes more!

Q: Do you only give satsang to people who want to hear it?

GMJ: Yes, only to them. Not to others. If they don't want to hear it they will misuse it. If they want to hear it they will hear it. Try to use the energy you waste on those people who don't want to hear it on those who do. It'll benefit them more. The other people need more time to become thirsty.

Q: But you don't need to wait for people to ask you, do you?

GMJ: They themselves come and ask me.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, when will you make us all yours, 100%?

GMJ: You have to develop yourself. You know, you have to be so high that I can catch your hand. At least, you should be high enough for me to catch your hand. But I cannot bend down too much, otherwise I come down.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji, if a devotee wants to give himself 100% to you, must he first of all understand his mind?

GMJ: Not necessarily. He can do service and give himself completely. He must just give all his service to Guru Maharaj Ji, then he'll be a 100% devotee. Put all devotion into the service of Guru Maharaj Ji. If I do service then I am a servant and if I am giving my devotion then I am a devotee.

Q: Then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it that sometimes we feel intellectually we want to surrender to you but in practice it is difficult?

GMJ: Because your ego begins to act on you and something wrong happens. Because of circumstances, the ego becomes an obstacle. That is why I say instead of taking a difficult staircase to liberation, there is a direct staircase of devotion so you may go direct. Do not waste all your time, probably taking a wrong road which takes you half-way round the world and which you will probably miss many times. Take the direct staircase of service.




'… I want to give a chance to this world to realize this Knowledge. And that is what pleases me, and that is what you are trying to do …'

Guru Maharaj Ji
Directors Meeting, 1/22/75


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… guru maharaj Ji

Today there was a letter written to me by some premie, and he said, "I am doing service, satsang, and meditation, but still I am not getting the thing I really want. I am always feeling that it must be because of my past karmas."

The answer I am going to write to him, which I've dictated, is that, there was one guy, and he went to the Perfect Master and he said, "Can I receive Knowledge? I want Knowledge." Then the Perfect Master said, "Receive Knowledge, but before you can receive Knowledge you must go and have a nice walk in my town; it's very beautiful. Before you can do that, Ian going to take a plate and fill it to the brim. There are going to be two guards with you with naked swords. If one drop of water falls off from that plate, mind you, your head's going to be chopped off. Immediately on the spot."

That plate was placed on his head, and he went walking in the whole town. He came back, and the Perfect Master said, "Well, did you enjoy it? It was a beautiful town, wasn't it?" But he said, "To tell you the truth, king, I didn't enjoy it." The Perfect Master said, "Why not? Were your eyes closed or something?" And he said, "No, my eyes were open, I was watching the whole town. But all my concentration was on the one drop of water which meant my life."

This is the thing. You see, if our concentration is divided into the world, if we are always thinking of our past karmas, what will happen? If I sit in the driver's seat, alright? And I say, "Wow, this car is very farout." Then I start thinking, well, it has this thing in it, and this feature's in it, and this feature's in it. Mind you, there are so many moving parts in the car that it'll take me about a year to think about them, and then maybe some year later, I'll be able to start the car and drive it. But at that time what I want to know is how it will test drive -- not what is inside the engine. I want to experience what the car rides like, which is the test of the whole car.


When we really do satsang, service, and meditation, this is the test drive. Satsang is the introduction. Sat-sang always tries to guide us: satsang is like an auto-pilot that just fixes the plane on course. Always when the airplane tries to go off the course, the auto-pilot brings it back. This is what satsang is. It always brings us back where we have to be. Premies get confused, they lose their course, they lose their heading, and then satsang is given to them, the auto-pilot is turned on, and they come back on that course. They understand that it was simply their own mind creating confusion.

By hearing satsang, I have told you that we are always put back on course. By doing service, we more and more realize to whom we are doing service. More and more and more and more.


Brotherly Love newsletter

You all have to do service to someone. We can't be without service. If not to God, if not to the Perfect Master, then we have to do service to our minds. We have got to do service for someone. It is better to serve the Perfect One.

When we do service, we realize. If I put more and more fuel into more and more cars, if I work in a gas station and I fill up more and more tanks, I'll realize more and more what service I am doing. I am putting petrol in. And for whom I am doing? I'll understand that more and more, too. That's the whole thing. The more we do service, the more we understand to whom we are really doing service. We really get into it, into that service, satsang, and of course, meditation.

There's really nothing I can say about meditation; it's just fantastic. You knonw, that's the whole thing. You can be doing satsang and service but it's like a plane woithout an engine, which will glide and has to fall down. It can't sustain itself. You can be doing satsang and service, understanding or not understanding, maybe it's up to you. But if you do meditation, all three things just come so fantastically, and take you right on top of things. This is what we have to do.

You know, if you really try, if we can give one united push, we can really establish peace in the whole world. Because, peace doesn't have to come from anywhere. Peace is right there, right at one spot, and people just have to be pushed in.

It's like, right now the world is standing on the edge of the swimming pool. But there is just no one to push them in. It takes a slight push, and once you push them, they can't hold onto anything, they've got to go into the swimming pool. You understand what I mean? They are standing on the edge of the swimming pool, like this is the pool, and they are standing here; if someone pushes them, mind you, they can't hold anything. They've got to go into that pool. But there should be someone to push them.


What Service Can I Do?

Q: Maharaj Ji, what service can I do?

A: Well, according to Krishna, talking about this Knowledge is the superfine service.

Q: How can we find out what is our own particular service?

A: Everyone has a particular service. There are many services. As in a school you see English, Mathematics, and Science, but extra to these basic subjects you can join a photographic club or another sort of club. And in this Divine School there are many types of clubs, there are many services in an ashram. What is an ashram? It is a place, a centre, from which we can broadcast our ideas. It is a kind of broadcasting station. You can tell people who come there about this Knowledge or you can go out from there and tell them. Because everyone must know about this Knowledge. When we know it, we must bring the same opportunity to our fellow brothers and sisters, so that they also might know it. Then they will be able to get rid of their egos and their great minds. Now their egos are just flowing about anywhere, like on the moon where there is no gravitational pull. Mind is so uncontrolled. People should be given the opportunity to understand the real Knowledge so they can bring their minds under the control of the cosmic gravity flow. This is the real service and within this service are many services. Come to the ashram, come to the programmes, and you will start realizing what service you can do.