Guru Maharaj

Dear Premies,

We have all assembled here to listen to satsang. Now there are many people who come to satsang, but there are very few who can really, really take the privilege of sat-sang.

We have to understand what a beautiful thing satsang. is. But first of all, we have to understand whom it is coming from, the source of satsang, and then we have to be interested in Knowledge. Otherwise it's a lecture, otherwise it's a phoney talk; it doesn't mean anything.

But if we really have love in our hearts, and we really, really want to realise this Knowledge, then satsang means something to us. Not only something, as a matter of fact, it means a lot to us, because we have always needed a correction in our whole lifetime. We've always been flying off course. We do not know where we are going, we have no idea where we will end up. But when we come under the supervision of Guru Maharaj Ji and of this Knowledge, then everything is taken care of. Everything becomes really beautiful.

People talk about love and they think they are feeling love. But really it's only when this Knowledge is there that everything becomes beautiful. That's when the love comes in; otherwise there will be no love.

And to do that, you have to listen to satsang because that kind of brings us all together.

And this is actually the way to do it: We set up our stage, we have an auditorium, and all the premies come, but most important to all is the satsang part of it where everybody can really relate to each other, really find out and really understand that everyone has this most important Knowledge inside of him. It's inside of us, too, inside of everybody here. And that's when the love starts growing.

Because there is perfection, and once we have realised it, once we have reached the level of realising that perfection, then our scope becomes really, really open.


Actually I have really nothing to say, yet I have so much to say. Because, as we are now, we should get together -- all of us -- and then we can really shake down this world. We can. As a matter of fact, we only need four people - one on the North Pole, one on the South, one in the East, and one in the West - to shake it down.

And I'll tell you something: if you are able to shake it down good, all the evil in this world will completely fall apart.

Really premies, all that I am trying to tell you is: "Come along, Let's do something in this world." It's about time we started.

I am ready to get together with you. And so you should be ready to get together with me, and let's shake down this world, really shake down this world so that everybody can understand what we have understood, and how beautiful it is. And really, it's about time we did it.

So, there it is. And really we should get together. Because, you won't believe the way the, obstructions are gonna come in our path. Because if they don't - really, we should even count on them coming - if they really don't come, then I guess there won't be a way left for people to judge between good and bad. It seems like they always come and that distinguishes between the good and the bad.

They're gonna come. And it's gonna come from some people that you don't expect it from. I'll tell you that; it'll come from them. But it'll certainly come, and it's started to come. And it's coming. And it's gonna get very, very heavy.

You know, you might even take this as a prophecy. Take it - I don't care - because it's true. It's gonna get so heavy that it's gonna knock the air outta you. But then, if we are all together, we might end up knocking the air out of them.

And it can be really, really beautiful. And really, this obstruction which is coming up, man, it's heavy alright. It's gonna be really, really heavy.

So premies, do meditation, realise this Knowledge, and everything will be beautiful.

Blessings to you all.

--Guru Maharaj Ji Phipps Auditorium
Denver 5/2/74