Sparkling Love

Well … I don't know, but they say that I came the seventeenth of July to America. And, Since that time, it was really a strange story.

First I started from India. All the premies had been collecting the money, getting first class tickets, and all that, and then they sent me. But in India, the planes don't have a first class, so I didn't know what first class was. They just have one big airplane. When we got into the airplane, nobody bothered checkin', and I just sat in a seat in the economic section.

Then we were feeling really hungry; they brought out the dinner. It was non-vegetarian. So I said, "That's just what we needed." We were all hungry, and then this happens.

So finally we reached England, and they say, "Maharaj Ji, how was your flight?" I say, "How do you think it was? They say, "Must have been fantastic, huh?" And I said, "Forget it. I'm hungry."

You know, it was really beautiful though, because every premie was at full speed ahead, though it was only like a Volkswagen bug. Couldn't go much, but it was still full speed ahead. Still, it was so strange then. They said, "Well, Maharaj Ji, we sent you first class tickets," and I didn't know what first class was. Then when I started from England to America, the same old thing happened again -- still hungry.

When we reached to L.A., there we were. It was just really, you know, funny. We thought, "Oh, wow, it will be you know, everything would be just shooting out and everything. But it was just really, really funny. And, on the other hand, it was really beautiful; because everybody was really into trying to do prachar.

I mean, that rate that they were into, if all the premies got now into the same rate of doing prachar, you have no idea how many premies we would have.

It's like, there is this huge bank just waiting to flow' out. And if we keep it closed, it's gonna be closed, it's gonna be closed. I mean, it doesn't open itself; it's gonna be closed. But now, why are we, anyway, witholding it when it should be let out? And that's that love. It's just so beautiful with those premies (you can really see'em) who have opened that tank. Love is just gushed out. I mean, just gushed out. And it's sparkling all over the place.

By opening that tank of Love, it's all around you now. You have gotten rid of those negative vibrations, because the vibration of love is all the way around you. You just let it out, and it surrounds you. Whoever tries to enter that well … It's like a chimney. You blow black smoke in it, and anybody who tries to enter a chimney gets black, too. Or it's a magnet. A magnet has a field around it. And if any of the magnets try to come close to it, it goes "hooooh!", and then it's like, it's you!

So get into it, that love is flowing because it's beautiful.

-- Guru Maharaj Ji - Denver, CO 7/17/74
Third Anniversary of Guru Maharaj Ji in the U.S.A.