Take an Oath to propogate

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Calcutta, India, 4/23/75.

Dear Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure that we are all assembled at Calcutta. Because the premies from Calcutta came to Jhumri Tilaya to ask about the date of a program in Calcutta, but at that time I told them that I had not decided. Yet now I am in Calcutta. What is supposed to happen, has to happen. The love, devotion, and sentiments of the premier has made it possible for this program. That's why the program is now happening.

Lord Rama, Buddha, and Christ came and left; Alexander came and left. That's why we have to understand the importance of this Knowledge which we have received. We have to understand the value of this Knowledge. Its wealth is for one's whole life, not for one minute or two minutes, or one hour or two hours, but for one's whole lifetime. This is that thing which is priceless, which cannot be sold in the market.

Dear gentlemen, we should think for one moment how so many people are blaming this dark age for our troubles. We have never understood how very fortunate this age is. In this age of darkness the Lord will incarnate with full power. Whoever He will be! That's the other question.

It is said that this age depends on the Holy Name. By remembering the Holy Name, a man can cross the ocean of suffering and misery. So this is the age we have waited for for so long. It is another question whether it is bad or good. It's like, a crow can only speak "Caw! Caw", but a swan can only speak the language of a swan.

Therefore, dear gentlemen, this is an opportunity before us and before all. Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji are doing bad things to me now. Why should we blame them? It is a test for us to see whether we have faith in this True Knowledge or not. If there is a hole in the boat, however beautiful it is from the outside, one day it will sink into the water. There is another boat and it is so ugly from the outside, but it will not sink.


Now the time has come. No one knew how long this time was going to take before coming, five years or six years, but now this time has come that the Knowledge and glory of Guru Maharaj Ji are completely different from our ideas and concepts. How far the ideas of man have gone, but still the Knowledge and glory of Guru Maharaj Ji is unaffected.

This is the time to wake up. This is the time to know who really has the True Knowledge and is meditating on the True Knowledge and getting benefit from it. Those who have known, look!

So, dear gentlemen, this time has come, and we should open our eyes. Those who have slept and slept, we should not blame them, but we should see that we have true Knowledge, and so we should serve, meditate and do satsang for our Satguru.

All premies should understand, awake, and arise. Take an oath in your mind that we have to propagate Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. I told you in Jhumri Tilaya that if a man wants to walk from one corner of the stage to the other corner, he has to use his legs. Premies are the legs of Guru Maharaj Ji. I don't know where they make him dance, where they take him; they do whatever they like with Guru Maharaj Ji.

The whole thing depends on the premies. So premies have to know, premies have to awaken, premies have to decide. The time has come that we should wake up. We should announce at every place that we know the Truth. We should tell this to people, and we should work in cooperation and in unity.

There is nothing else to say. Those premies who have not received darshan, it has become two years, so now they should receive darshan. I have come for the premies, because they told me that the condition of the premies had became bad, I have come for them, and nothing else.

I told Mata Ji a long time ago, "Mata Ji, if you have any doubts, any confusions or desire, please don't bring it among the premies. Because premies are for the Knowledge, for Guru Maharaj Ji. Premies are not for other matters." But it has been said that those who are manmat, followers of mind, have no discipline. No one knows what they can do.

Today that time has come to show that premies are with Guru Maharaj Ji. Shri Hans Ji Maharaj was also blamed by some disciples. The same thing is happening with me. So understand, wake up and arise. Blessings to all the premies.