The Words and Wisdom of MaharajiThe Words and Wisdom of Maharaji

Clarity, passion, profundity and wit on the subject of life

By the end of May, Maharaji had already taken his message from the East - Malaysia, Japan and India, to the West - Canada, and the United States. Whether talking to small intimate gatherings or to large outdoor crowds, his teaching: that life can be truly enjoyed has been greeted everywhere with the same enthusiasm. What follows is just a taste of his clarity, passion, profundity, and wit.

His continuing travels for 1998 will encompass Europe, Africa, South America, Nepal, Mauritius, and a return to both North America and India.

Knowledge has a wonderful way of awakening the heart - even in the deepest, darkest moment. Even more than hope, it shows us how beautiful reality is.

Love is not a third entity, love is a manifestation within you. All you need to do is allow it to express itself. That is what Knowledge is all about.

Every day that you practice Knowledge, every day that you enjoy it, it gets better. It never gets old. It only gets more beautiful, because that is its nature.

Miami, February 1998

The first step in accepting this gift of Knowledge is to become simple. To recognise that within you is a silence that is not silent. Feel the freedom that is within you, feel the understanding that is within you, feel the love that is within you. Feelings that are so yours that nobody can take them away.

Divinity insists on living in the heart of all human beings.

Maharaji speaking in Tokyo, March 1998

When you hear the words of the master, there is nothing more soothing, comforting and clarifying - all at the same time. Give Knowledge the importance in your life that it deserves. Let these words go where they need to go to do the magic that they do. And behold that magic.

Kuala Lumpur, March 1998

In this world, there are many kinds of people, but if you just break them down to two categories: there are those who seek the answers within, and those who seek the answers outside.

When both types of these people hear that a mountain has to be climbed, one says: "Where is the mountain ? Which mountain should I climb?" The other one understands that the mountain that needs to be conquered is not outside, but inside.

You have life. You wake up in the morning and the breath thunders through you. Your heart beats. The time ticks. And you are alive. To appreciate this gift of life, you have to be in touch with joy. That is why there is Knowledge.

Ignorance can last a lifetime. It robs you of joy, contentment, and love. It robs you of understanding. Knowledge is the medicine that removes the ailment of ignorance. Knowledge puts you in touch with yourself, with the divinity that is inside of you. The master is that doctor who, through the medicine of Knowledge, removes ignorance.

The message is: you should be fulfilled. You should be content. You should feel thankful. You should feel bliss. I do not need to doubt this life. I do not need to doubt my ability to be fulfilled. When I doubt, I become ignorant. Believe in this breath. It has been the most faithful thing to you. Do you understand its power? Do you know that every time it runs through you, a gift is given? Do you understand that the one energy that keeps the universe flying comes to you in the form of this breath and touches you?

I have believed many things, and now I need to begin to believe in what is mine. I have trusted in many things, and now I need to begin to trust in what is mine. I have seen many things and now, I need to see what is mine. I have felt many things, and now I have to begin to feel what is mine. I have understood many things, and now I need to begin to understand me.

I am alive, you are alive; what a celebration there needs to be. I need to welcome life. That is why there is Knowledge. I need to embrace it every day and be excited about it. It is about accepting, becoming simple and enjoying. It is about being delighted. It is about being enlightened.

When you become completely alone, you are not lonely. Something magnificent is always there. This is the gift of Knowledge. This is the gift of the master.

Come with the enthusiasm of a child and the stillness of a tree. Come with thankfulness.

Tokyo, March 1998

Knowledge shines like it always has and to even hear of this possibility makes an incredible impact on people's lives.

Knowledge is a gift from the master. To be able to do propagation is a gift from the master. To be able to have an opportunity to participate is a gift from the master.

Ascot, England, April 1998

8 Connect 1998

I am here to actually tell you that inside of each human being, there is that most wonderful place where there is joy. And in that joy, learn to be. In that joy, learn to exist. In that joy, learn to understand. Don't manipulate this life; understand this life. Don't control this life; understand it, accept it. It is a beautiful journey that is taking place.

It is as simple as the breath. It is as simple as understanding. It is as simple as the dawning of the day. It is as simple as the setting of the sun. It is as simple as the cycles of the moon. It is as simple as the flowing of a river. Accept that simplicity.

Take that ride inside. Go to that place of simplicity inside of you. Accept what you have been given. You have been given the most wonderful gift. You are alive. Don't weigh it, don't measure it, accept it. Don't complain about it. It is impeccable.

What is Knowledge, but a mirror. What is Knowledge, but a way to reach inside. It is all about enjoying.

The Words and Wisdom of MaharajiThere are those who seek the answers within,
and those who seek the answers outside …
One understands that the mountain that needs
to be conquered is not outside, but inside

This is the topic that, in the deepest, darkest moments, strikes the light. This is the topic that, amongst all the deafening sounds, produces the sweetest notes. This is the song that has tamed the beast again and again, again and again. Here we are in 1998. The rhythm plays on. The song is still being sung loud and clear and strong. It is admired by those who want to admire it, sung by those who can sing it.

Begin from simplicity: wake up in the morning and accept and be thankful. What a way to get up, instead of complaining. Get up and say thank you. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this moment. Who are you thanking? Well, who do you think it is that you are thanking? Why do you worry about it? Just do the thanking. Don't you worry about who's listening. Because the one you are thanking is a lot closer to you than you think. A lot, lot closer to you than you think. Could that which you want to really thank possibly be put in houses of stone ? No, it could only be placed in that one house which will not burn, where no thief can enter, where no bars or locks are needed. And that is your heart. So thank. It will be heard since it's so close. You can even whisper; it doesn't have to be loud. You don't even have to move your lips. The message gets through.

The rules of Knowledge are very different because they say: "Awaken, accept and enjoy, understand and dance with your life."

This is a wisdom that goes back a long, long, long time. There is life, and it flourishes. Accept that gift, and enjoy. That is how simple it is.

I doubt if you will be able to get rid of your concepts. But what you need is to be aware that there are elements embedded in you. That's all that is needed sometimes: awareness. There are elements embedded in you that can lead you astray, so don't be so cocky.

Humility is saying: "Maybe I don't know." I have a new mantra now and it works really well. I knew the mantra a long time ago, but I never used it, because it was a little bit of a question of pride. But now, I use it a lot. The benefits definitely outweigh a little hurting of the pride. And the mantra is: "I don't know." People ask me and I say: "I don't know." I haven't gotten really good at it, but it's new. I'm working on it. It's great, And I have suffered a lot less back pains, because every time somebody would come out with a problem, all you had to do was acknowledge it and they'd jump on your shoulders and say: "Here's the problem." Nowadays, it's a lot looser because all I have to say is: "I don't know."

A little humility can go a long way. But instead many people say: "I don't know about humility."

But what do I need to know? I need to remember that my gift, my enlightenment, continues every day. My gratitude grows - to experience something that has no end. And that gratitude grows. I am more thankful today than I was yesterday. And if I keep understanding and accepting that gift that I am being given, I know that I will be more thankful tomorrow than I am today. How? Because it is simple.

The Words and Wisdom of Maharaji Accept the obvious.

A master should not be the one who introduces you to new ideas. The master should only be presenting to you what is obvious, what you already know.

Knowledge itself is so simple that even those who do not have it come across it at some point in their life.

If I can slow down enough in my life and recognise the difference between that which changes and that which doesn't change, I'm in good shape.

To be fulfilled - not tomorrow, and not day after that - but to be fulfilled in this life now. The divinity that you seek is within you. The joy that you seek is within you, the peace that you seek is within you.

Focus on that beauty inside and feel fulfilled. You are magnificently lucky. Your ship is here. Get on board. Enjoy. That is the simplicity of Knowledge. Where you go, take that with you.

My creator has given me an opportunity to be here. My master gave me the opportunity to be free. I am indebted, eternally grateful.

If I am going to accept the gift my master has given me, then I need to be free. It is the only way I can accept. Every day, show me. Every day, teach me.

Be in that place which is true to you.

Every day, approach this life as it is: a gift. Anything else is desecrating this existence.

Every day, approach this life with the dignity it deserves. Love, and love that which will love you back unconditionally. Adore, and adore that which will adore you back unconditionally.

Go wherever you go. Do whatever you do, and do it well. Never forget what resides in your heart. Never forget this life.

Miami Beach, May 1998

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