Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973The Real Direction

Shri Guru Maharaj Ji at Acton Town Hall, 30th August, 1972

Dear premies,

Well, we don't have a long time, and all I want to say is that after getting a glass of water our aim is not to find water but to drink it. Onc a man comes into this hall his aim is not to come in again but his aim is now to get out of the hall. In the same way, once we receive this Knowledge our aim is not to find this Knowledge any more but to meditate on it.

You see, there are three levels, there are three frequencies of thinking. One is an ordinary level, on which an ordinary human being thinks. One is the frequency on which fully realized souls think, and one is the frequency on which devils think. So we must understand what level we are on, because not knowing this is actually why the world has gone wrong today. It is as if a man is driving an aeroplane and he is the only pilot sitting in the cockpit, he is the only one who knows how to drive. But at the same time as he is sitting in the cockpit driving, he is also trying to control the navigation. He is trying to look at the map to find out the real direction he wants to go in. So he leaves the steering wheel, and this automatically diverts the plane downwards because there is gravitational pull. And then there comes a time when it is too late for the pilot to control the aeroplane any more and it crashes. The same thing has gone wrong with us. We are supposedly operating on the very highest frequency of our thinking level. Then suddenly we stop it, we slow down, we divert our attention and we just let it run. Our main aim, our main destination, is diverted to different places.

When a child is very small, he doesn't know what to do. Really, a small child doesn't have any plans be-


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 cause he doesn't know what plans are. He doesn't know what he can do. He doesn't know his ability. He doesn't know anything. Then he gets bigger and he has to learn something because he doesn't know how to walk or speak, and he feels there are some things he can talk about. Still he can't understand you very much, but suddenly he grows bigger and you send the boy to school. He starts studying and so many things start happening. Then the boy comes to the age of say thirteen or fourteen and he starts making plans. "Now what have to do? What must do? Where should I direct my life? What should I do?" So many, many things. Then again another change comes, a complete change, and now he has to make a full decision because, in his early age, he was just thinking about what to do, but now he has to do what he was thinking. So now he has to stick to something and complete it. He must complete his work, he has to become a professor or a scientist or an engineer or whatever he has to become it.

And then there are so many other things, so many side effects, going on in the world. Some people do go and try to seek truth. But what happens is that they are driving their vehicles at 90 miles an hour, and because they are driving so fast they must keep in the fast lane. And this is far away from the exit. Because they are driving so fast they can't go into the near-side lane, because that is too slow. They'll hit something. So they must stay in the fast lane and that's all the way across the road from the exit. So when the exit comes there is so much traffic that they can't get across to the other side, and they simply miss it. So this is what happens. You've raced up to 90 miles an hour to gain one hour, and then it takes you one hour extra to take the next exit to go back and get on the right road!

The same thing is going on today. First of all, people were in search of God, and then Martin Luther and other people came, and so many other things came about. And then suddenly in 1968 or something like that came the hippies. And they started taking LSD and drugs and they all just freaked out. Then they said, "Oh, LSD is pretty expensive to buy and it's illegal too", so they started making it right in their homes! But these are not the ways to find God and we are ourselves being deluded because God is inside us and cannot be realized, our consciousness cannot be raised, by taking tablets. We must understand this. Because consciousness works on such a level that no bodily effect can touch it. This is common sense and we should understand it but unfortunately common sense is very uncommon. So people don't understand that tablets only effect our body. Because they are external they only affect external things, and consciousness is internal, so they cannot affect our consciousness. To reach our consciousness, we have to get onto a particular frequency. With some walkie-talkies you can listen to the police, you can hear them transmitting messages, but we cannot speak to them. If you want to speak to them you must get onto their frequency. In the same way, if you have a boil, a doctor can cut it from outside, but if your boil is within the doctor cannot cut it from outside. He has to take his scissors and his operating instruments and then he has to dissect you.

So what is the method through which we can reach our inner consciousness and which will put us onto


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 that higher level so that we can talk to God, so that we can relate to God, so that we can understand who God is? There are two channels, UHF and VHF. Ultra High Frequency and Very High Frequency. Now the channels that operate on VHF do not catch the Ultra High Frequencies. To get those you must set your television to UHF, right? That's a common thing.There are two channels in your television. In the same way all external things are only on Very High Frequency and are limited. But our consciousness is on Ultra High Frequency and to approach this we need a tuner so that we can get the exact setting. And it must be a very exact setting. If it is little bit on this side we won't be able to catch it clearly. The setting has to be really exact, and then the sound and the channel and the vertical and the horizontal will then be automacally correct.

So this is the case with us. We are now receiving very high frequencies. These are our scriptures, our own methods that we apply to reach God. But now we have to put ourselves on ultra high frequencies to understand God, to relate to God because God lies on up. So, how do we get that frequency, how do we change our frequency ? Suppose our television doesn't have UHF and we want to receive those really good programmes that come on those channels, we must change our television set or we must take it back to the shop so that the engineer can put something in it and make it into ultra high frequency.

Who is the television engineer? It is Guru. And when we go to Him He mends it, He makes it work properly, He makes it tuned in. There are so many scriptures in the world. One scripture was written and it was not satisfactory so another scripture came out, and that was not satisfactory. So a third scripture came out, and that was not satisfactory, and a fourth scripture came out. I don't know exactly how many scriptures there are in the world because they are quite unlimited, and this is because man has been thinking and thinking and thinking. He began with a capital letter and ended on a full stop, but God does not start from a capital letter and end on a full stop.

So, to understand God, we have to go further. You see, when you first put a pen on the paper, the first thing that is created, the first thing that is formed is a point. It is one point. No matter what language you are writing, no matter what sketch you are drawing, no matter what diagram you are making. When you first put your pen on the paper, it makes one dot. If you lift it, you can see the dot is there, then from the dot the whole line is formed. And then, when you take your pen off again, there is another dot there. So, a dot is the beginning and a dot is the end, but what is a dot? We know a dot is the beginning and a dot is the end, but what is a dot? This dot has created doubt in us, and to solve the doubt of the dot, we search. We want to find the answer to our doubt about the dot, so if we don't get an appropriate teacher, we'll only have more confusion. So many people say, "Why did Jesus say this?" or "Why did Jesus say that?". "Why did Krishna say this?", "Why did Ram say that?" "Why did this person say that?" and "Why did that person say this?" You have to look beyond the dots for the answer to your doubts. And what is beyond dot? To understand this secret we receive the Knowledge. And what does this Knowledge do to us? It makes us into UHF. It's like Apollo. It lifts us up, it lifts us right up high so that if there is any problem inside us it will just take them away and we become really fantastic. And everything is far out then! Because now we can really flow. There are some aeroplanes that can only fly at 10,000 feet and if they try to fly over the Alps they are going to hit some of the things there, some of the mountains. If they want to cross the Alps, they must rise higher, and if they go high then oxygen masks will be needed because they are not pressurized aeroplanes.

So we also need to be pressurized and this means that we must do whatever we have been instructed to do. If a man drives his car daily and doesn't check the water and the oil and when the car begins to break down he doesn't take it to the company, he just drives it on. Let's say he has a Hunter, then he'll say he doesn't like it because it doesn't run for a long time.


Prem Rawat's Brother Raja Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 But when he knew it was broken he should have taken it to the company, to the shop, from where he bought it and they should have serviced it. But he never did that. He never checked the water … he never checked the oil. He never did anything to the car, he just drove it. So after some time he will say, "The Hunter is a no-good car!" Then he takes another car and does the same thing with it. He says, "No good car."Then he takes a Rolls-Royce, and the same thing again, "No good car." Now whose fault is this? Is it Rolls-Royce's fault, or Hunter's fault? No, it is the man's own fault. He was not following the instructions he had been given, and instructions are the pressurization. So what are the instructions with this Knowledge? They are not to lubricate it. They are to meditate on it. And our meditation gets higher when we do service. There was a boy who was a doctor and his trousers were all patched; even though they were new trousers, they were all patched up. And I thought, this is a poor guy, he has got no car, he has got nothing. I said to him, "Now you must go to the satsang programme," and I saw him drive away in a Ford. I was amazed. I said, "This boy has got patches on his pants, and he's such a poor boy and yet he drives a Ford. It is a crazy thing." When he came to me the next time I said, "Well, you are so poor, you have got patches in your pants, and you drive a Ford." And he said, "No, Maharaj Ji, I put these patches on my pants because when I see them it makes me think I am poor. So ego doesn't come to me!" And I said, "Well, ha ha! You think that's a practical method to become humble, do you?"

So when we want to decrease our egos, what must we do? We must not patch our pants, we must become


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 servants. We must become God's servant; we have to be His servants, doing His service when He is there, and then everything gets taken care of. So when you are pressurized you can go onto very high altitudes, maybe 20,000, maybe 40,000, maybe 44,000 feet and when you get there, there are no bumps; it's perfectly O.K. When you fly at low altitude a building might come in the way, or a mountain, or you might meet an air pocket. But when you go onto a very high altitude, there are no air pockets, there are no mountains, just nothing you fly so smoothly.

So I might be leaving for America very soon, as a matter of fact I might be leaving tomorrow, but every time I come here I tell you one thing, and that is to meditate. Some might say I'm crazy, but I know I'm not because I know meditation is the only thing that can help you. There is nothing else. Money? No. There is nothing in the world that can help you. There is a song which says, "Oh man, why do you think you are proud? When you die your horses, your cows, your cattle, will remain where they are. All your wealth will remain where it is. And the nearest things to you, your brother or your wife, will only go to your funeral, and then they will leave you there. So why are you proud! Your wife is going to leave you, she is going to divorce you for ever and ever and ever. And your children are going to leave you for ever and ever and ever. Your brothers are going to leave you, your wealth is going to leave you, nothing is going to go with you, except one thing and that is you yourself and who you are. That is going to go with you, this Holy Word."

So realize this and get high into it, reach such an altitude that the plane cannot drop down from there. Cross the level of the horizon, cross the level where the earth's gravitational pull finishes. That gravitational pull is maya, illusion, and that will pull you down. You want to go high but you get pulled down. There are so many obligations but when you go, when you cross that level, it's so light, it's so beautiful, it's so perfect. I saw this movie about the astronauts going to the moon, and this boy was demonstrating how far out it was there. So he jumped from one point and he went flying just like this … to the other point. Then he jumped back again. And we can become so light in the same way. If that astronaut wasn't carrying any weights, he would have been floating. So we want to float, and we don't want to float on our lower consciousness, we want to float on a high consciousness.

How to get high? Never by external means. If we don't get the internal way and apply it there is nothing that can help us. If you like, you can experience, you can see -- and I can clearly see – that there is only one road, there is only one Divine path which you can put yourself into and you'll get directly taken there. Other things you try in order to gain peace in the world are like roller coasters. They take you up, they take you down. Bump, bump, bump! They take you this side, that side, this side and that side again. They bring you back and stop where they started. Just like a roller coaster. Takes you high, takes you low, takes you round, wherever the tracks lead, up and down, left and right, and then brings you back from where you started. Just like a roller coaster.

This is because you take so many things. There was once a boy who came to me in the ashram and he was very frustrated because he started this drugs system and felt that this was the ultimate thing to try. And he said, "I'm going to commit suicide now," and I said, "Why? What's the matter?" and he said, "I was trying to find peace and I couldn't even get peace from the highest thing in the world." So I said, "What is the highest thing in the world?" and he said, "LSD!" And I said, "No, you're wrong, you didn't try the right thing and that's why you weren't getting proper results. You were putting water into the petrol tank and that will never help you. You should find the most appropriate thing and try that." I don't know whether he's taken the Knowledge or not but he should have taken it.

This Knowledge is not interference with religion. It is the true religion. It is not a religion you believe in, like being a Hindu or a Christian or a Buddhist. What is religion? Religion is realization of God, that's true


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother, Mata Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 religion – that through which we realize God. Everyone follows one religion or another, so why isn't everyone satisfied? Look at history, every war that started became a religious war. Hitler wanted to conquer the world, he did not want to conquer religion. But ultimately he had to come to the point where he said, "Kill the Jews", and his war became religious. And today it is somewhere else. Many kings came from the Middle East to conquer India and those wars became religious. So many religious wars, yet religions don't teach us to fight do they? They teach us to love. So the real religion is one that teaches us how to love. Why did Jesus come into the world? Jesus came into the world for a purpose, He accomplished that purpose and that purpose was more necessary than anything that existed at that time. There were priests at that time, weren't there? And they were the ones who inspired the King, the Pilate, to crucify Christ. They claimed to be the true ones, but were they the true ones? Jesus was standing there, and some people said, "Oh, we believe in Him. There is a prophesy that He will come and He is here." Other people said, "Oh, no, prophesy or not, I don't believe in him."

I can sit here and talk about prophesies. But prophesies are prophesies, and prophesies are indications for us. And if we stick on the prophesies, do you know what we are doing? We are driving our cars to Leicester and over the highway we see the sign saying Leicester and an arrow pointing down. And we go right under that and we stop our cars! The highway patrol comes and says, "Why have you stopped here?" And you say, "I want to go to Leicester and Leicester is right here. So I have stopped here."

Jesus said, "I am going to come. I am going to come through the clouds and in white." So many people talk about this and so many people expect Him in so many different says. I asked one guy, "In which continent will He land? America, Europe, Germany, Switzerland, India? He's not going to land on the ocean. He'll need to land on some land, so where is He going to land? What arrangements have you made to find Him out, to seek Him out? He might drop on an island you don't know about."

And this is the case with us. Instead of following the directions which say the Master is going to come, you are relaxing in your chairs. Get out of them and find Him, because there is going to be a True Master coming into this world. Otherwise you are doing a crazy thing, you are stopping your car under the sign that says Leicester.

It's so funny, really, to a man who understands, it really is funny. There's no doubt about it because we can see how crazy the whole world is. And all the saints say the world is really crazy. I have talked to many


educated people, many intellectual people and they say history is like a pendulum. It swings there and swings back. There are many saints who were ill-treated and crucified, and after them the same happened to others. Nobody learned the lesson that nobody knows in which form Goy is going to come. God is not going to be stamped on His head, with a stamp saying "This is God". He is not going to be stamped. You have to realize Him by His fruits, you have to realize Him by what He gives you, by what He tells you. When you go to a shop the man says, "This is the best tape recorder," and you buy it, right? No, you don't do that. You say, "Give me some literature," and you read the literature. Then you go to other shops and say, "Which is the best tape recorder?" and they tell you something else and so you read their literature. There is a graph, in all the brochures which tells you What all the controls are, it shows everything, and you yourself can compare the tape recorders, and after you have read them you say, "Alright, this is a better tape recorder than that one." So you should understand Him by His fruits, not by His face, not by His actions, not even by what He talks about. He might talk about things we do not understand.

People who believe in Jesus, ministers and people, come to me and discuss His teachings with me; they realize and understand that some of their talk about Jesus is wrong. They say, "Jesus is the son of God," and I say, "No, you are wrong," and they freak out! They freak out because that's what they have been teaching to the world. So I tell them to buy a Bible, and according to the Bible He is not the son of God, He is God. When He said He was the son of God He was crucified, so I don't know what they would have done with Him if He had said, "I am God!" So what the Bible says is this. The Word was made flesh, and the flesh was Jesus. And what was the Word? In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word was God, the Word was made flesh and the flesh was Jesus. So Jesus was … God!

And in another place He goes into this temple and He is asked this question: "Who are you?" And He said, "I and my Father are one." He said, "Him who I claim to be my Father, I am. I and Him are both one. There is no differentiation." But people stick to grammar, people stick to literature, and they do not go into the reality, so they never get to the reality. If you eat one chapati, you are going to satisfy a one chapati hunger. If you eat two chapatis you are going to finish off a two chapati hunger. In the same way, how much you understand depends on how much you go into something.

You need a living Master, you need a living saint. Everyone realizes this, but everyone is too ashamed to believe it. Everyone is too lazy to go onto that higher level and find the living Master, so they just don't believe in Him. But you need living milk from the living cow. Or why don't you make a picture of a cow and get milk out of that? Why do you need a living source of water? Why don't you just say, "Oh, cow, please give me some milk," to the picture? If you want a living thing you can only get it from a living source, and if you want the living Knowledge you can only get it from the living Master. That is a fact. It is a question of therefore. We use therefore in geometry when we have to prove something. We need a living Master to get this living Knowledge. And that's a perfectly O.K. theorem, but you have to realize it.

This world is becoming crazy. Why? Because I say look inside yourself, I say don't look at me, I say look inside yourself, and they say, "You are anti-Christ." I say look within yourself and you will find God there, and they say, "You are anti-Christ." Even Jesus said, "Look inside yourself." It is because they themselves see within themselves the image of anti-Christ that they see everyone as anti-Christ. Within themselves they see illusion, within themselves they see darkness, so they think the whole world is in darkness.

If a baby is born and before the baby can see anything you put red glasses on his eyes, when he starts seeing the world, he is going to say the world is red, because that's what he has been seeing since he was born. Man was briginally in the Light, then he was lost. And then the Master always had to come. Why did the Master come into the world? And why will Jesus come? To guide us back into the Light. This means that we are in darkness, and while we are in darkness to judge anything is wrong, because we don't know what we are doing. So this is why I really feel the world is crazy.

Anyway, I have got this Knowledge. I meditate on it, I give it to you so that you can meditate on it. I get high and you can get high! If you like you can really dig this Knowledge because it is inside you. So if you want to go fast, you accelerate, not me. I am driving another car. O.K? You accelerate, you go fast; I accelerate, I go fast. My acceleration won't help you. Your acceleration won't help me. So meditate and the whole traffic will start moving much faster! Thank you very much.