Divine Light Magazine No 10


GURU MAHARAJ Ji Nirvana High School,
Lenasia, 30th April 1972.

Because we have received this human frame we possess a great opportunity. In the Ramayana the importance of the human frame is often spoken of. It says in that sacred scripture that the preciousness of the human temple is that only this can lead us to the gate of immortality. In many ways we are like animals. Even animals know what is good for them and what is bad for them. If a bomb drops both animals and human beings will feel fear and try to find safety. Birds also will do the same. In fact the only real difference between the human and the animal world is that human beings are capable of attaining God-realization, or Divine Knowledge.

This Knowledge is knowledge of that Word which is God and which all saints praise. Guru Nanak, the great Sikh Satguru, has said, if we translate His words, "The Word comes first, then after this the whole world comes. The Word is Light and the whole of creation rests upon this Word which plays its soft rhythm in everybody's heart. This Word is so supreme," He said, "is so far out that even Lord Rama could not praise it. Lord Rama saved only one devotee. But this Word saves millions." Only by knowing this Name will we be able to get peace of mind and satisfaction. And I suppose that satisfaction is that thing which people want most in the world. For satisfaction a man spends all day earning money. This is the reason why a man does anything, to get more satisfaction. A lieutenant will be satisfied first, but then he begins to want to be a captain, and after that he wants to be a major. Then when he is a major, still he is not satisfied and tries for a higher post. In the same way a man with a car will want a newer car and a man who has lived in his house for some time will think of building another house.

Actually we all need satisfaction. Everything we are doing today, we are doing it only to achieve satisfaction, to gain a little peace. Suppose a little boy is crying for a toy. It is because he is not satisfied. His mother gives him this toy, then he becomes satisfied. Everything's all right. He laughs and he is pleased with his mother. But after a week or so when the 'oy breaks, again he begins to cry. His satisfaction, his peace, was limited because the thing that created that peace was limited. It was breaking or it was about to break or it stopped having a reaction on the boy.

It is exactly the same for all materialistic things existing in the world which human beings have created. They are all limited. Whatever you buy today will have changed a little by tomorrow, it will have been used. And so on and so on until in the end it is finished, it has no more use for us and then we throw it away. So what we thought would give us peace did not give us peace. Alexander thought I will invade the whole world. He conquered one, kingdom after another. He wasn't just playing with toys; they weren't just small things he was playing with. He was invading kingdoms, big kingdoms. He even invaded India too. But did he get peace from all these conquests? No he didn't. In the end he said, "Bury me with my palms facing upwards to show that I who conquered everything left the world with nothing." He always wanted more countries to conquer, just like a man today wants another car or a bigger house.

If you want real satisfaction then it is the mind that has to be conquered, it is the mind that has to be satisfied, and the means to do this is by using a special Knowledge, a special way, a special system, and this is the system that has been described by all the saints. A thousand suns may rise and there will still be darkness, man will still be in frustration, man will still not know, but when a man finds the Guru then he will have the eternal Light. Three kinds of light - sun, moon and fire can be seen by everybody. Pigs, dogs, donkeys, and men, they can all see these three lights, but the Divine Light is the fourth Light and only human beings can see this, and only those human beings who go to the Master and ask to be shown it. But people give more value to their personal belongings and to their personal ideas than to ideas about God, and this makes them more frustrated, it puts them in greater darkness.

That's why He has always said, "Whenever there is a fall in the true religion, I will come in body to secure and save my disciples, and to kill those people who trouble my disciples and make them suffer." He always comes back. That's His promise. We have no need to be a Hindu and believe in the Bhagavad Gita to accept that we are the sons of God, the creation of God. God is our Father, who created us, and we all accept that it is our Father's duty to secure us and save us. If a fly is trying to bite a small child and the father


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972 sees it, he will immediately kill the fly and save his boy. And if the boy was bitten, he would give some medicine. For security reasons he will even kill the flies, and the boy can play happily again.

So we are infant children. However big we are, still we are infant children. And frustration, darkness, and evil are like flies trying to bite us. And many of us get bitten by coming into the cycle of illusion and darkness. And whenever the Father notices this, if He is our Father, then it is His duty to come and save us. So He has come as Rama, He has come as Buddha, He has come as Christ, and each time He came as Holy Word. Arjuna used to call Krishna Yada – that means friend, just like any old friend. But the moment after he realized this Knowledge he said, "Excuse me, I apologise. You are the gurus' Guru. You are all. You are my Father. You are the Lord. And 1 apologise for calling you friend."

The Knowledge was essential then and it is essential now. The circumstances have changed but the cause of circumstance has not changed. Maybe we have conquered darkness by manufacturing all these electrical products but still the quality of darkness is the same as it always was the setting of the sun. Maybe man is now living in a more polluted kind of circumstance, a more illusory type of circumstance. But the cause of illusion and the cause of pollution is still the same, and that is frustration and darkness inside men. And that darkness can only be removed by a really powerful light. The sun is not strong enough. It cannot light up all the earth at once. When there is day in India it is night in America. But this Knowledge is such that it can remove the darkness from all over the world at the same time.

Then we will be able to see what really is in the world, and what is the perfect thing. It is said that even if thousands and thousands of suns rise, the light will not be able to equilibrate the light of that Divine Light, so bright is it. And it cannot be seen by these eyes which perish with me. But this supreme Light, this far out Light, this psychedelic Light, this most powerful and absolutely Holiest Light in the world, is only visible through the Third Eye.

So, if you want to have peace now, we have to go to the Lotus Feet of the Master of the time, whoever He is. If He is of a low caste, it does not matter. If He is a road sweeper, it does not matter. If He is a King, it does not matter. We have to take the Knowledge from Him. Mira was a princess in India and her Guru made shoes. People used to see leather in His hands and couldn't bring themselves to go near Him. But those who really went deep, like Mira, received the full privilege of Knowledge. As long as we are looking at the outer covering of a thing we will not be able to have the inner vision of it. When we were in England there was an emergency and we had to stop our car to use a phone, and we stopped in front of a secondhand car shop. And there was this Chevrolet Cheval there, which looked very beautiful and Mahatma Ji – not this Mahatma Ji, another Mahatma Ji who was with me – said, "Let's have a look at this car." So we went to see it. It was really fine. The seats were very good, the body was very good, it had a convertible top, everything was nicely planned. It was a really good car. And I said, "Mahatma Ji, let's look at the engine." And so the garage men started the car, and really it sounded just like a motorcycle! So it is good that I never bought that car. People who look at just the outside suffer. And he who looks inside gains the real understanding.

He who judges souls never judges the outer coverings, because every day they can be changed, and this is of no importance. But the soul doesn't change every day. Find that and you will find real satisfaction. Know this Word, this Perfect Word, and make your life really comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.


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