Divine Light Magazine No 10


Divine Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
April 29th, Lebanese Hall

I won't take very much of your time. I just want to say something about God and this Divine Knowledge. Nothing very new and nothing very special, but indeed it is special for those people who have realized it.

If a man sees a movie once, the next time he sees it he won't like it so much. If you tell him a story, the next time you tell him the same story he won't enjoy it so much. But this Knowledge is one of its kind. The first day he has it he enjoys it. The second day he enjoys it even more. The third day even more, and the fourth day even more because this Knowledge is like a mine that never ends. All these mines in South Africa have an end to them but this mine of Knowledge has no end to it. It is a very special mine, and people who go there, by the permission of the Satguru, and who take the spade of love, will come away with bags of devotion. Whoever digs there he fills them up. Whoever digs in that mine finds something. Sometimes we strike a blank, we can't seem to get anything, and we start complaining, but that means we haven't got our bags with us, our devotional bags. If we haven't got our devotional bags we won't find anything to put in them.

And this spade is very special too because this is the spade of love. You can't find these spades anywhere. You don't get the bags anywhere either, but if you go to this man, this Master of the mine, who gives you permission to enter the mine to get some gold or diamonds, and ask Him, He will provide you with both the bag and the spade. You have got to find the right man of course, and you do this by realizing him. Not by intellect, you cannot realize who it is by the intellect. Yet people want to realize this man, this Guru, this Master, this Divine Soul, with their intellects. It cannot be done, because intellect is limited, it is imperfect. This intellect can realize, can understand, can identify, can verify, can create, can imagine only limited things, only finite things. I can use my intellect to build a house, but the next day I will want to build something bigger. And perfection is not like that. Once you have reached perfection there is no increase or decrease, there is no feeling of this is not good and this is good. So many people around the world are overburdened with their intellect and they wish they were rid of it. I have seen so many intellectual people, and all intellect depends on the body because it can only work through the body, human intellect that is. You might have a great intellect and know how many things have to be done but if you have no hands, no legs or no mouth you can't do anything with your intellect. You can't speak an idea, you can't draw a diagram. Body is limited, so intellect is limited.

That's why all saints have said, and Jesus Himself has said, that you cannot find God through the intellect, and this is something intellectual people have failed to realize. Actually there is no difference between the man at the door of the mine and the Director of the Soul. The man at the door has got two eyes, a nose, and ears, in the same basic mould as other people. His nose is not on top of His head or on His chin and His eyes aren't low down in His cheeks. He looks pretty much the same as anybody else. But that is just His body that you are talking about and He is more than His body.

When Jesus came to earth and people saw Him, He said, "I am the Son of God," but others denied this and wanted Him crucified. And they crucified Him because they did not get into the depths of this Knowledge. They just saw His body, and judged Him from that. And Jesus said, "If you kill my body alright. You can kill my body but I won't be dead." The graveyard got no sympathy from Him. So intellect is limited, it is confined to the body, it cannot understand what

is not physical. But this Divine and Supreme

Knowledge, though it lives inside the body, can never be reached by any intellectual or bodily method. To realize God we need a completely different world and that is a spiritual world.

Many people think the spiritual world is concerned with dead things, but that is not at all true. What we mean by the spiritual world is being in that spirit which never dies and which never, never makes people suffer. You will never find it in a haunted house. No, in the spiritual world we mean it's really peaceful! And we can enter into it but not with our intellect. Our intellect cannot lead us to the calm and peace which lives in this body.

Now we are living in an Age of Darkness and we've got to try and understand more. It is difficult for us to believe that there might be such a thing as the Knowledge we describe. Alright, it is difficult! If I tell you that I can give you the


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

same Knowledge that Jesus the Christ gave in His time, Lord Krishna gave in His time, Mohammed gave in His time, and that this is not my Knowledge, it is Supreme Knowledge of God which is within you, and I can reveal it, you might just laugh and maybe say, "It can't be possible. He must be kidding." Many people do say that. But how do you think scientists made the V-8 engine? A man went to an engineer and demanded this kind of engine. And the scientist said it was impossible. But the man said, "I don't want anything else. I just want this engine." So they said, "O.K. we'll try." So they tried their best and they got it. They got the V-8 engine, powerful and strong. How did people reach the moon? How could they react against gravitation? How could man react to the gravity of the moon where he is just weightless and nothing is there? They researched, they worked for it, they made discoveries and the next moment they were on the moon. How is it possible? Just throw anything into the air. Throw a little piece of plastic, that's much lighter than a Jumbo Jet, yet you can throw it in the sky and it will most certainly come down. So how is it possible that this huge object can fly in the sky?

You know, in India there are many people in villages who have never seen a train in their lives, never seen a car, never seen an aeroplane. Call these people up and tell them that this plane, this 747, a big huge iron thing, is going to fly in the air with 365 people and all their luggage and they will say it cannot be possible, iron cannot fly. Alright, it is impossible. But when they actually see it then they have to believe it. A little piece of iron is much lighter than a huge ship and if you put it on the water it will sink. So it is impossible to believe that a huge massive iron thing can float on water like a bird. But when you see it practically you know it is true. This Knowledge, such old Knowledge, the same which Jesus gave, and Buddha, and Krishna, and Rama, it is impossible to get the same Knowledge now isn't it? Right? O.K, it is impossible, but try and you will get it. It doesn't come out of a suitcase. Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and Rama never travelled with a suitcase where they kept the Knowledge like medicine and took it out and gave people a drink and the people would say, "Yes, I have realized." It is not like this. The Knowledge they revealed was within them and they realized it. We are alive. We have living human bodies as they did and so we can realize God in the same way, in the same original way that they also taught, and provided we have what is necessary to get this Knowledge. And if someone, someone knowing the same thing that those Saints knew, a man knowing the same path, if He comes to earth and shows us this path, then you too can know it. Of course you can! See!

You should only know the principle. How do all these huge aeroplanes fly? Have you seen these small, small aeroplanes that fly by radio control? They work in the same way as larger real aeroplanes, with the same principle. They turn, they go up and down, they can land, they can fly upside-down – everything. It has got wings which support it in the air, it has got flaps to take it up, it has got flaps to take it down. It has got a tail and it has got a flap on its tail. It will turn and it will fly. That's the principle of the thing. If you understand how this flies, then you understand how the big one flies.

So that's it. Know the principle, know the plan, know the blueprint and you can work from there, you can understand anything from there. If we have got a plan with exact measurements and an exact scale, then you can build the whole thing with every detail correct.

People who look for peace get it. People who sit in their houses don't get it. Knowledge isn't like a programme that is going to appear on television. Knowledge isn't like a letter that the postman will deliver to you in your home. You can't get it by relaxing and doing nothing. But this is the Age of Darkness and there will be a complete change. In this age water will come to the thirsty man, instead of the thirsty man going to the water. Alright? But the man must be thirsty. The water is there waiting for you to drink it. We can now get this Knowledge quicker than ever before. Before it used to take a long time. We had to be apprenticed to that teacher and serve Him for years and then only if He is pleased with you will He give you Knowledge, otherwise He'll send you back home.

But in this Kaliyuga, in this Age of Darkness, you must just ask humbly. Ask with a guileless heart and the next moment He will reveal to you that reality which has been unrevealed since your childhood, and that's the reality of the whole world and on that the whole world exists. This is the Word on which the whole world exists. All the saints have been giving the same Knowledge of this same Word, and I can prove it to you. Jesus said of the Word, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Lord Rama said of the Word, "I cannot describe the glory of the Word. This Word makes stones into living people." And now our condition is like a stone. We are stones. Many things come into our minds. We have many dreams, but we are


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

like a stone in water. A stone can be in water for many years, ten, twenty, a hundred, four hundred years, but take it out and put it in the sun and in five minutes it is dry. No water is left, nobody knew it was ever in the water. So we are like this, Many changes come into our life but really we are the same old rock and this Guru, this man, has got a fire of light, has got the Divine Light which has got so much heat that it not only dries the stone but it changes it from stone into powder, a powder which can be moulded in any way you like, so its whole shape can be changed. This is the privilege of the Guru. After drying us out He moulds us into the perfect shape. We stop being imperfect and start being perfect, and that's what we need. We need to be perfect. We need to realize the Perfect Soul and to be one with it, to attain union with it. This is our great opportunity and if you are interested, you should try for this Knowledge. Many of you will say, "No, He's telling lies, He's kidding." But why should I kid anyone? I am not asking for any money from you. People who kid ask for money, but I am not asking you for any money. So why should I kid you? This Knowledge is free of charge. I am going to show you the Light free of charge just so that you may know it and realize what is real.

You and darkness are not one. You and darkness are separate things. The origin of man is Light. Man has arrived from Light, he has not arrived from darkness. Maybe darkness has conquered man but man's real nature is Light. Darkness really is nothing. It is the absence of Light, it is ignorance and what is ignorance? Ignorance is the absence of Knowledge. And what is absence? Absence is the opposite of presence. When a thing is there it is present. When it is not there it is absent. So actually absence is nothing. Do you see? And darkness also is nothing. And what is Light? Light is a glow and rays come from it and reflect and when these rays reflect on the eyes, then you can see. So the Light lets us see reflections. But nobody has actually revealed to us the Light. I am not particularly blaming you because. you don't know the Light. That's alright. But I do say that I am at your service and I want to show you this Light. So can I please have the opportunity to serve you? Any time you want to receive this Knowledge, please contact us. We are ready to give it to you, provided you are ready to receive it. And if you are not ready, we will make you ready. That's the work that I can do.

If your car's alright I'll let it drive straight away. If your car is not alright, then I'll check it and make it alright. The mechanic's not there just to say what's wrong with the car. He is there to fix it. And that's my job. I'll make it alright. Usually it is just the mixture in the carburettor that is wrong, the mixture of air and petrol. If that is wrong then the car doesn't go well. And the world is like a car. All the countries are suffering. Some, like India, are suffering because they have got a very long spiritual foot but a very tiny materialistic foot, so when India tries to walk she staggers and gets stuck. But some other countries have a very long materialistic foot and a very tiny spiritual foot. They also can't walk, the mixture is wrong. Sometimes the car will start, you put it in gear, accelerate and fortunately it starts going. But then it reaches a steep hill and it has to stop. And then you've got to call the mechanic. But some people then sleep in the car and think that's the mechanic's problem, he'll come and fix it. But he comes along in his car and is very busy because many cars on the hill are waiting for him. So when he comes up to your car he'll think nobody is in it. He'll think, "Nobody is worried about this car," and he'll go onto the next one.

But really we need to get our mixture right, the mixture must be perfect. Then no matter what happens, the car is completely reliable. Steep hill, no matter. So who is the engineer who is going to adjust our mixture? There is only one mechanic because there is only one company manufacturing this type of car and this company has only one representative. And this company is poor because it supplies everything free, so it can only have one representative. And He is the owner of the company. He makes us and if we think that our mixture is wrong we can call Him and He will come. When everything is dim He will come with His Light.

This is all I wanted to tell you. It is just an introduction I am giving you. If you are interested you are most welcome to come, but if you are not interested, you are most dis-welcome, alright? So it is up to you how you feel about it. But what I am telling you is something very far out. I have distributed this Knowledge to thousands and thousands of Christians, to thousands of Hindus, to thousands of Buddhists. This Knowledge is such a thing that I can be a Christian and still follow it, I can be a Hindu and still follow it. It is not a separate following, it is not a separate sect. Divine Light Mission is not going to give you the peace. The Guru of Divine Light Mission is going to give you the peace. Divine Light Mission is just an organization of those people who have realized this Knowledge. That's all. And you can come and join us if you want. I cannot explain how far out this Knowledge is, but when you get it you will like it. Thank you.


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