Divine Light Magazine No 2


16 July 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

This was Maharaj Ji's last satsang before He left for the United States. It was held in the same small church hall that had seen the joyous Guru Puja meeting a week before but this time there was a little sadness. Maharaj Ji had asked all premies to attend.

Actually, we expected more premies than this but they have not come. Maybe it is because their need for materialistic things means more to them than their need of spiritual Knowledge or holy company.

(Shri Guru Maharaj Ji then quoted from an Indian poet).

People today have left the holy company of holy people and are adopting the company of materialistic things. Now I know that first of all your stomach should be filled before you fill your soul but don't forget that the need for your soul to be filled up is very essential. It is good that you are filling your stomachs, but how are you filling your soul? In whose holy company are you living?

When great luck favours a man, then is the holy Knowledge attained and with good fortune every man is able to receive satsang. But it is said that Guru Maharaj Ji, the one who will come at the end of Kaliyuga with His full power, will remove luck and fortune. He will open His Kingdom for everyone to enter and no one will need luck or fortune to get a ticket. Anyone who really wants a ticket will be able to get one.

Guru Maharaj Ji is so kind to humanity. First of all he created God, the God who has given us this human form. And then He comes into this world. What is the nature of this kindness He gives? It is such that He gives us the most precious thing in the world. The most precious thing of all He gives us, free. Without any charge He gives us the priceless jewel, the priceless diamond. It is worth more than the Koh–i–nor or any other diamond. It is the Koh–i–nor of all the Koh–i–nors. And if someone does not want this gift, it is not the fault of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Whenever He comes as a man into this world, everybody criticizes Him except those people who are His devotees. Why is this? On the television the police lady said "Whether He is the Lord or not I will still give Him a ticket". The Jews criticized Jesus. Do you think St John also criticized Jesus? Jesus was the Lord only to His disciples to whom He had given Knowledge, and not to those people who criticized Him. He was the Lord for those women who believed in His Word and who came to His grave. Even when He told them He would come again on a certain day, even then they believed.

So remember this; whatever order Guru Maharaj Ji gives us we must obey. Till now we have been obeying the orders of all the materialistic gurus, and the main one of these is the mind. We have been led into terrible ways, into the crooked ways of materialism and the mind. But now we have to obey Satguru Maharaj Ji so that He can lead us to the right and perfect path.


This is probably my second to last satsang. I want to arrange a very big programme in Central Hall, Westminster and I want as many premies as possible to come there. All premies should come. You should also bring your friends and relatives to that function because if you are able to show them something right and good their souls will bless you. Why? Because you will have shown them such a good thing, it is the thing they have been needing all through their lives. So bring them to that hall. The function will take place on 5th November when I have come back from my world tour. After that programme, a jumbo jet is to be chartered to carry just premies, and nobody else, from Heathrow right to Palam Airport in Delhi.

So tell the people that many masters go and come back, many gurus go and come back but they have never come back with a chartered flight with them! Show them the ability of the True Master! What did the others bring, and what has this one brought? Now let's show them two things: that devotees have brought with them Guru Maharaja Ji and on the other hand that Guru Maharaja Ji has brought His devotees with Him. And a jumbo jet can accomodate 360 passengers, who will all be going to attend satsang. People from Germany will come, from England, America, Canada, South Africa, many people will come. So we want you premies also to save up some money and come on that chartered flight in the jumbo jet.

You don't know what sort of ideas some people have in their minds about you. You must show them that you are real devotees, faithful devotees who have gone with Guru Maharaja Ji to India. You have to show them these things. These things must be seen. Do you understand? Guru Maharaja Ji knows what is needed. So try to come in this jumbo jet, try because now 360 western premies will be attending as special guests. and the whole function will be televised all over India.

Devotion to the Perfect Master

Show people that you have the Holy Name, tell them who has given you that Holy Name and how strong your love is for Him. Look at the love that the gopis had for Krishna; you have heard about the gopis, the young disciples of Krishna whose love attracted their Lord from two hundred miles away. But look at the love that you have which has brought me thousands and thousands of miles from India to here! And what created such a strong love? Only the Knowledge created this love.

Knowledge brings with it a love machine than can generate such a strong thread of love that the Holy Master can be pulled by it. This machine is a love–making generator so that whenever you wish that Guru Maharaja Ji should come here you just start generating, and sure enough He will come. That's why He never needs bodily and materialistic things, only the soul, and the soul is known by what we call devotion. And what is devotion, what is it really? For you must know what devotion is. Devotion is that true love that is not sold in the market. You can never get it like you can get apples or bananas or chilies. It comes from deep inside yourself and it only happens when God and His devotee are working together. Now we have to create that love, so start working on your generator. I suppose you never knew about this. Only those few who knew about that generator started the generator and called me here. Now everybody has to start that generator.

The fact is that when you are helping to get the Westminster programme together by bringing along your friends and relatives you are not only helping your friends and relatives but the whole of humanity. Because many people will come and listen. They will not only listen but they will think it over. They will not only think it over but they will attain the holy Knowledge.

Confidence in truth

If you have this Knowledge, share it in full confidence that this is the holy Knowledge and that it is bringing you full satisfaction of mind and true peace, and that you will always go on with it and never stop. Because sufferers are those people who do not have full confidence in themselves. If I know that this road will lead me to where I am going, to the perfect place where I want to go, I will just go straight on and follow it. But if I know that this path will lead me to a ditch, I will never follow it. But people haven't got confidence. They have lost their confidence, I don't know why. But now they have to wake up. You are awake, but wake up from that awakeness also. You have woken up. After first being asleep you have now woken up but now you have to wake up FROM YOUR WAKE–UP. This is the thing.This is the real and only thing that we now have to do.

Why have I come to London, and what will make me come again? I have not come in order to see the world with its materialism. These materialistic things are being bought by money. If somebody has got money he can buy these materialistic objects. This is nothing. I can create thousands


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

and thousands of the same things. I have only come fill my stomach with your love. That's why I have come. Not to see materialism. I can see materialism in India. If I want to see a movie, I can see it in my house. I can tell Guru Charnanandji, please make a movie of such a place, or such people and send it to India so that I can see it. But this movie cannot contain your love. Even if it shows people shedding tears, it tells me no more than that. But what sort of tears are they and what 'electricity' are those tears creating? The movie cannot tell me that.

Guru Maharaj Ji has come into this world not to see this world but to spread His spiritual Knowledge. Many people ask "Do you want to become a king?" I say "Yes, I want to become a king." "But why?" they say. "Spirituality has nothing to do with political things." But I say yes it does. With this same Knowledge Krishna made Arjuna ready to fight. He gave Arjuna Knowledge and said "These are foes, kill them." Rama also told His monkeys to build a bridge then to fight. But not for an idle cause, only for benefit. Understand this. When Krishna took charge of the kingdom what did He give to the people? He gave them the true Kingdom and He showed the true path to all. I told people who asked me about power. You have tried thousands and thousands and thousands of prime ministers and thousands and thousands of presidents, but not one of them could put peace in your hands.

Now you also have more confidence in your mind that only a true Master will bring peace to the world. Only a true King, and only one King. How can a country be governed well if it has four kings? Look what is happening in the world; one president is saying I should have this country. Pakistan is saying "No I should have East Pakistan". East Pakistan is saying "No, I should have East Pakistan". West Pakistan is saying "I should have India". China is saying "I should have India". And all this sort of thing. Why is this? Why does fighting always take place? Because there are several presidents. If there is one president, he will not have to say go and fight here, separate this kingdom, annexe that kingdom.


Because everything will be his kingdom.

All those thousands and thousands of ministers, prime ministers, presidents and kings, all have been unable to bring humanity and brotherhood to man so who will bring brotherhood? The World Master. Only the World Master can bring real humanity and real peace in this world because He has got Knowledge. He can give people such a thing that will instill in them real brotherhood, and this is because He has got true spiritual Knowledge. I have got true spiritual Knowledge and I have to control the whole of mankind. Not one man, two men, three men, four men, but the whole of humanity. Because what is the work of the true Master? Only to save the whole of humanity from going to hell.

Confusion caused by separation

If I wanted to see a president to ask him to save humanity, first I would have to make an appointment about a year in advance. Then after one year he will give me some time. So I will go to him and after a few minutes his bodyguards will say your time is over, now you must go. For one year the appointment was made and then I could only talk for five minutes. Can this bring any benefit to humanity? It is nothing.

What is real politics? What is real religion? Religion started from realization of God. If people have not realized the Knowledge of God, how can they follow the true religion? So what does religion mean today? As far as I can see it means only the separation of humanity. That's all. Separation. Why do Muslims not wish to mix with Hindus. Does the Hindu have one eye on top of his head? Does the Muslim have a separate radar on his head moving like this? Does the Hindu have seven eyes? Is this the reason for him desiring separation? No. It is only religion.

So what is this true religion? Only realization can touch it. Have you seen God? No. Then who are you calling? God? Have you seen God? No. Why not? Because you have not yet realized, you have not yet gone high enough.

What is Hinduism? What is Christianity? What was the Christianity that Jesus taught in His time? 'What was the Buddhism that Buddha taught in His time? What Hinduism did Krishna teach in His time? What Muslimism did Mohammed teach in His time? You must know. Today they are making temples and saying Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. But when Rama came, what happened? Ravanna came and took away his bride. When Krishna came also everyone opposed Him. So now we are worshipping them and chanting Hare–Krishna and Hare Rama, but what were we doing then?

Whenever God comes, the priests are the first people to oppose Him.You can read every scripture and find the same thing. Priests are the first people to oppose Him. I don't know much about Jesus Christ but I do know about the Indian saints and the reason is this. Whenever the Lord comes, He teaches the true religion and above all things He will not go and.bow before Himself. God will never do this, yet priests insist that He goes and bows in the temple. But to whom do these temples belong? To God. Will God go and bow before His own lotus feet? For what is the Holy Master doing when He bows at the lotus feet of Rama or Krishna in the temple? He would be bowing to His own lotus feet.

Who am I now? They say to me, "No, you are not the Master. The True Master will never come". If the True Master will never come, why do you pray to Him? No need to pray. No need to have Knowledge of Him: No need to know His Name. He is not coming, so no need to know His Name. If you want a man to come from India, you will write him a letter saying please come. But if the man is dead, would we also write him a letter saying please come? Only if we know he is able to visit us will we write him a letter. It is like that. One mahatma of mine met those Hare Krishna and Hare Rama people and said, "Know that Holy Name which is within you". They replied, "We don't want to know this Holy Name. We just want to love our Krishna and Rama". So he said, "Do you believe what Krishna said?" "Yes, of course", they replied. Then he told them that Krishna said, "O Arjuna, you cannot see me with these mortal eyes. So to whom are you praying?" He asked them, "Have you seen the one to whom you are praying?" They became silent.

These people build a beautiful image and say, "O I love you" but in a previous life they hated Him and are like this now because they will hate Him again. So we have to learn the true religion and follow that Master who will help us throughout our life. The holy and true Master will help us throughout our life and you people have known Him, for this meeting was kept especially for premies, and your duty now is to meditate.

Constant meditation brings inevitable success

The Knowledge is like food. As food must be eaten to be of any effect, so the Knowledge must be meditated upon. Some people think that as soon as the Knowledge comes to them they will see the full manifestation of their soul, but this is not the case. When you put one foot on the


step of a staircase do you immediately go to the top? No. You have to keep on going, keep on climbing, and then you reach the top. You do not reach the roof or even the first floor, straightaway. You have to keep going slowly. Then you will get where you want to go. Even with these automatic staircases that you have nowadays it still takes some time. It does not go, say, 7,000 miles per hour so that in a half or a quarter of a second you will reach the first floor. It also takes some time. With a lift also, you will step in and you press the button, but it still takes some time. And then you want the full manifestation of God in one second? Meditate, then inevitably you will get it. Meditate. Those who have never meditated cannot, but the people with the Knowledge have seen the Word within. Those people who have received this Knowledge have to meditate on it. In Mahatma Ashokanand Ji's English we should must meditate on this Knowledge. Do you see? Otherwise you won't get success in your life.

There are automatic cars today; you just press the gear and the accelerator and the car will go by itself. If you just press the gear and not the accelerator, will it go? It won't go. There are computers that do calculations but if you just stand before them and don't press the button, will they work? They won't work. You have just to press the button, then everything will start. Try. In a fair there are contests with rings that you throw like this and ultimately the prize will come to you. If you try, the prize will come to you. If you try. Now they have made an Apollo and have been able to reach the moon. When they tried, they succeeded. And the Apollo was going at such a speed, thousands and thousands of kilometres per hour, but it did not reach the moon in one day. It took some time. So it will also take time to reach God.

Likewise it is an automatic process when you know His Name and begin to meditate. The first thing is that the steam created by meditation will liquify 4and wash your sins. Then when you meditate again a cloth will come and dry your soul. Then what will happen? Next time you meditate it will be polished. Then when you meditate again, a sort of solution will be applied that will make it shine forever. Then when you meditate again you will- reach the spiritual end. You will be absolutely clean. See? But if you don't meditate, what will happen? After the first meditation the liquid will come around your soul and any sins that then pass by will be more easily attached to it. For it is a liquid and most liquids have some stickiness in them. If you did only the second meditation only, then your soul would only be dry. After the third, it would only be polished.

After the fourth time then it will be given the finishing touch and after five or six times it will be truly clean. But if you do not continue sins will come and be attached. Even though you polish a car, after you have driven it again you need to dust it. In the same way dust settles on our souls and covers them and our cloth to keep them clean is meditation. We have just to concentrate and everything happens automatically.

Mending broken people

In a computer you can open the machine and see how it functions. But with this mind the functioning is psychological. The mind is the best computer in the world. A mechanical computer needs the button to be pressed but the human mind computer does everything without needing the button to be pressed. And now this fine computer has gone wrong. So this is why the Satguru comes, and he will set a screw here in the forehead. There is a screw here and when we go to a mechanic he will use a screwdriver. But the screw is far too small for these screwdrivers and instead of tightening it they destroy it. When you go to the proper guru, he will use the right screwdriver in such a way that the screw will be fixed. As soon as that screw is adjusted the oil that is leaking into the carburettor will stop; only petrol will get through and then the car will go. Now, suppose the men who made the car by mistake let an oil pipe fall into the carburettor. So whenever we try to start and the oil pressure is increasing then oil is being released into the carburettor. What happens? Smoke comes out of the silencer. It's the same thing when people say "Oh, why was the world made?" That is only smoke coming out of the silencer. But when Satguru comes He tightens the screw and the oil shuts off. Only the essence of petrol will come through and your ear will run smoothly.

Everything is OK

So this is the main trouble. If you go to other mechanics they will spoil your screw. And then what will happen? You won't be able to get it fixed. I have experienced this myself with tape recorders. I have ruined them because I can't find the 'X' type screwdriver to fit their 'X' type screw. So I try to tighten them with another kind of screwdriver that fits that perfect screw: they just go together. Now maybe I am not a good technical man, but I do have the international screwdriver. It will fit any of you.

The screw is here but it is a magnetic screw and can only be tightened by a magnetic screw-


driver. You will see neither the screw nor the screwdriver. It is a magnetic thing and can only be tightened by a magnetic thing. So now your screw has been tightened and you can go.

But there is one more thing. Your battery water is finished. You are not putting water in your battery.

Every day is here. You are feeling all right also. Everything is OK. But you are not putting water in the battery and the current is not coming. If the current is not coming and everything else is OK then what will happen? The car won't go on. So you should go to Guru Maharaj Ji. See Him. Attain His darshan. When we see Him all the sins that we do are taken away. But when do we really see Him? When we have attained His true Knowledge. Then we are free. So go to that mechanic and get your car freed, then have it tested every year. If it is a very old car you have to go to a garage and get a top–to–bottom servicing. And if you don't have your car tested after each year or two years or three years what will happen? God will stamp you with a stamp which reads this man is not OK, and you will not be fixed again. This means you will not be fit again to receive Knowledge or to do meditation. And this is not OK. Then things might start going right again and you can go again to Guru Maharaj Ji's lotus feet. And when you .go to Satguru, Satguru will come and check you. If He sees that you are OK, He will take a white scotch tape, not a transluscent one, one that we can't see through and He puts it on that this man is not OK stamp. And God will come and say "This Man is OK", then He'll pull off the tape and all the ink will have vanished. So that man will be fixed for all his life. It is only on the Guru whether He does this trick or not. So you have to be very careful with yourself.

So get His darshan, and hear His satsang, and every one of your doubts will be taken away. Your starter is fixed, the dynamo, every screw in the car, every nut is tested. Your car is started and even then if you have any questions, you only have to ask. Even when your car is working well, if you have any doubts, come to me. Then your car will not only be washed but polished also. Everything is done. So once or twice or three times a year it is important for everyone to have darshan. Just call me, make full preparations and I will come. But you must do the preparing first.

I am the head engineer. And the head engineer instructs his sub–engineers who are mahatmas. Mahatma Guru Charnanand is an assistant head engineer, He is the head of those engineers who are stayipg here. If you go to him he will just take the screw and he will test whether it is OK or not. And these mechanics haven't got any screw-driver. If they try very hard they will tighten it by hand, but a screwdriver they do not have. Only the grace of Satguru Maharaj Ji can allow them to tighten screws. Otherwise no.

You are really the luckiest of people. After some time you won't be getting satsang like this. When eighteen or nineteen million people are sitting for darshan and satsang it will not be like this. Instead a T.V. set will be placed before you .and I will be sitting in a room and you will see me make tea. This is why you are lucky to be here now.

Often it happens that car companies do not produce a good rim, in which case it goes crooked. When that happens the type starts to go crooked and the whole car starts shaking like this. So go to Satguru; Satguru's rims and tyres, Satguru's starter, Satguru's battery water, and His screwdriver also, are recommended for all humanity. You have to go on, but in what condition do you want to go on? Go to Satguru and say I want Your grace to be with me permanently, and what will He do? He will make your old car new, absolutely new. Look at this fellow Bihari Ji. He is an uneducated man. He is an uneducated Indian and is in London. Now He is going to America, then South Africa and touring the whole world with me. Permanent grace. See? An example of permanent grace. Arjuna also had permanent grace.

Now there are three types of grace, which have made for the convenience of people. Two kinds of graced can be attained by only a few. But permanent grace can be attained by everyone. This is the grace that you are attaining. Mahatmas also have got permanent grace. With permanent grace you are non–automatic. Bihari Ji is so lucky, all my appointments are made by him. Whenever he drives the car he tells me such–and–such a man wants to meet me, such–and–such a man, this one here wants to meet you, and that one there. I think he's the luckiest man in the world. And the luckiest thing he has got is that, by staying with me, he has got the holiest of company. Every day his screw is tightened. Every day. Petrol is thrown on him. And now it is being thrown on several people who are coming inside. Because now I have got several pumps, four or five petrol pumps and those water pistols too.

So I have told you what I wanted to tell you. I have told you in a jokey way because as I told you this is the second last company this year. So let it be a joking and laughing one. Why be serious? We have heard so many serious satsangs. My grace is always upon you and I am very happy for all you have done to help my programmes. I am very happy with you because you have tried your best. Every one of you has tried. Whenever I come to your country I will always expect this


Prem Rawat With the Two Stooges, Bihari and Gurucharnanand

type of service and this type of behaviour. It is fantastic that so many programmes have been carried out. So enjoy yourselves, not in clubs or somewhere like that. Just enjoy yourselves.

When someone asks you, "What sort of person are you? Why are you so happy? Is it because you are away from materialistic things?" Then say "I have the company of such a man who has given me happiness. He is my friend. He has given me happiness." And won't you share all the happiness or even half the happiness that that man has given? Yes of course. Now that friend of mine has given me the whole happiness, so you people take half. Here, share half the happiness amongst all. Is that all right? Be happy.

Some people are unhappy because a man has died and they are sad and start to cry. But if someone dies, where will he go? He will go back to the same storeroom and after several days he will reappear. Don't worry. He will be kept. And where he has gone, you will also go, so why cry? There was a woman in Kohinbapur, whose young son died. She came to me weeping and I said, "Why are you weeping?" She said she was weeping over her young boy. And I said, "Why are you crying? You will go there also and meet him when you go, so why are you crying?" Then she started laughing.

Why be sad? Be sad sometimes, not for the sake of crying but only for the sake of being serious; this is why sadness was created. That's why I like that sort of man who is rather fat. Such a man is always happy. Happy company is always good. Be happy. Make everybody happy. First you be happy and then everybody will be happy. So be happy and my grace will be with you, as my blessings are always with you. You have tried your best for London and these Leicester premies have tried their best for Leicester. It is because they have tried their best for Leicester and you have tried your London–best that such nice programmes have taken place.

And a final touching. I have not done a final touching yet because when I do, I will put such a type of solution on your souls that for several years it will give off a certain gas that will repel all sins. As soon as sins smell that gas, they will move away. So try your best. Try your best throughout life. Just try your best for your whole life. Those who don't try don't get. Those who try, do.

Now you have to prepare for the final touch. There is still a main entrance of sins into that room where soul takes place, where the soul is living. I have to close that entrance and put that solution on the door. Until then sins can enter the soul at any time. I shall be applying this solution in the Central Hall, Westminster. So all of you prepare. Prepare as much as you can.

Let the people think, "Who is this Guru? What is Divine Light Mission?" Most of the people take Divine Light Mission as a joke. Let them. They will see what Divine Light Mission really is. Just keep trying your best, as much as you can.

I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very into three hundred into brackets and then again into millions and millions times happy very very very very brackets happy with you people that you have tried your best.

Now there is one thing more. Let that thing happen and then we will, you must, all dance and be happy.



Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

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