This is not a transcript but has been heavily edited as can be seen by comparing it with the part filmed and issued on the 1996 video I Have This Knowledge.

Divine Light Magazine No 2


Prem Rawat: 19 June 1971

On the afternoon of Saturday 19th June the first public programme of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji in the West was held. A large hall in the centre of London had been hired and bedecked with flowers for the occasion.

Just now Mahatma Ji told you that although Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravitation he did not invent that law. He discovered it only, and discovery means that a thing existing from the first is brought into the awareness of people. In the same. way, Knowledge is everywhere, God is everywhere, you only have to discover it. I won't invent a god for you and then show you this god, I will only show you how to discover what is everywhere. You know that God is in this bowl. If we look, we can see through it, but we won't see God. Does that prove that God is not there? Look through this bowl or any clean glass and you won't be able to see God. Does that mean that God is not in it? No. God is in it, but in the form of power and not in the form of body. This power exists throughout every millimetre of the world, in the earth, sun, moon, sky and water, and our aim in this life is to realize Him, to realize that power, to realize this grace God has given us.

G O D: that means generator, operator and director. He generated us by His grace. His first grace is done; He has generated us. He is operating and directing us, but there is one thing He has not done, and which He should have done, and that is why we need a perfect Master, He has directed us to go to a path but He has not shown us where this path is. He has just told us to follow a path. Now, I know that where I am living is on a road, by the side of a road, but which road? If you ask me where is your house, where are you staying, I will say I am staying beside a road, in a house which is beside a road. My answer will be true but will you be satisfied by it? No. You will want the full address, 5 Lincoln Street and so on and so on. In the same way, God has told us to go along a path, but which path? There are many paths in this world.

You know that God is not a man–made thing; only physical and materialistic things are man–made. The property of God deals with the metaphysical, that is apart from any of these things. And what is metaphysics? It is the purest of all things and it is this we have to realize. Mind, can only realize God when it is controlled. When it is controlled, then we have realized God. Nothing else. Just as when we switch the switch on to light the bulb, we have not touched the bulb or the electricity but have only touched the switch, and by that action the bulb is lighted. In the same way, we have to do nothing but stop our mind going in different directions, and we will see God.

In this world we see that there is darkness everywhere. There is light also in this hall but besides light there is darkness too; if I become an ant and go beneath this pillow I will find that there is darkness. Why should there be? The sun is shining and the lights are on so why is there darkness? Because the rays of those lights do not reach that place. In the same way God is there, His love is shining. But the rays are not reaching your internal hearts. And that is why you are not in perfect peace. Everyone wants perfect peace but it is given only to those people who are capable of receiving it; and the capable ones are those who really want to realize it; and only those people want to realize it, who. have got love for it, who really want it and who have a real need for it. Only a thirsty man requires water, and a man who is not feeling thirsty does not require it. That is why it is said in the Indian Shastras that only the people who seek are given. The door is only ppened to those who knock.

Today some people say Ram, Ram, Ram, but I have a question for those people. When Rama was alive, what name did He take, what was His personal name? Today you say Ram, Ram, Ram, and think you will escape this world of materialistic forms. But when Rama came in His time, did He call himself Ram, Ram, Ram? And when Krishna came, did He call himself Krishna, Krishna, Krishna? No. Their real name was the one indicated in the Bible, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". Today we read this but we don't understand it. What was that Word that is in the beginning? What was the Word that was in the beginning and which is God, and which cannot be created? Some people ask me this question, "what is Word, has


it been created by somebody?" No. It is like energy, which is never created and never destroyed. This is the Holy Word and Holy Word is within us, but have you ever realized it? And if God is within you, why do you do wrong actions? Is God encouraging you to do these things? No. The fact is that you don't do what God wants you to do, you do what your mind says, because you are slaves of mind and not of God. If we want to be slaves of God we have to surrender ourselves, surrender our mind to God, and that is the only thing that we can surrender to God. But how is it possible? It is not possible by merely repeating a sentence. It cannot be through personal experience in practical life and practical affairs.

Charnanand Ji gave you the example that by saying "water, water, water," we cannot quench our thirst. For quenching our thirst we need a practical glass of water with H2O in it and then when we will drink it we can satisfy our thirst. And for the practical Knowledge of God we need a Satguru or we cannot realize it. Likewise, the alphabet is written in schoolbooks. Everything that a teacher teaches in a school comes from books. You all know this. You have all studied in schools. You have all been students. The master would tell you to open your books on such and such a page and read a sentence. He teaches you from your books. But does this mean that you give your boys these books for them to read so that they will become learned men, without sending them to school or paying fees? Of course not. Because they do not know the pronunciation, they do not know what is this thing and what is that thing. Books are not enough. They need a teacher who can teach them.

Divine Light Magazine No 2

In the same way, a man is born to realize that Holy Name, but he will have to have a teacher in order to do it. And again, can you see your own face? It is with you, it is not kept in your pocket. Your nose, your mouth, can you see them? No. Only if there is a mirror can you see them. God is within you but until you have the mirror of practical Knowledge you cannot see Him, you won't be able to see Him. So who will give the mirror, who will give the practical Knowledge mirror? If somebody can give us God or the practical Knowledge, that means he is our guru.

Gu means darkness and ru means light. Somebody who brings us from the darkness of this world into the light of the spirit is our Guru. If we obey him we will find it, we will find that real Knowledge. Real Knowledge is not in any outside thing, it lies within you. Even though we say that God is in ourselves, we seek Him outside. Why? Can you find Him there? Suppose you have a watch on your wrist and you look somewhere .else for it. Can you find it? You can only find it when you look at your wrist. Oh, here it is, you will say. The same way, when God is within, how can you find Him outside? He is within you. All you must do is to get hold of your mind's ideas which are flowing outwards, control. them, and put them inside. That is all.

When a car starts, what happens? The cells generate, the distributor passes the current to the plugs, firing takes place, the petrol comes, the carburettor sends the petrol on and combustion takes place. Pistons begin pumping and the car starts. It's the same thing when we receive satsang. What happens? Automatically we are enlightened. Then we receive the Knowledge. The


Satguru is the carburettor and He provides the petrol of Knowledge so that combustion can take place. This body is the piston; it starts to work and we go on. If we haven't got the carburettors in our cars, even if we have got everything else, how can we start the car? Only by pushing, and how many miles will you push the car?

So remember one thing, that money can be gained by physical means but the true Knowledge cannot, and until you know the true Knowledge you are imperfect. You are perfect but you are imperfect because you have got no aim, because you have not attained the perfect thing. Have you attained the perfect thing, which is the Knowledge? No. Have you seen God? You say God is your Father, yet if I ask you a simple question, have you seen your Father, you will say "I have not," and this is a shameful thing for any man to say. That our Father is alive and we haven't seen him is a matter of shame for us. So we have to realize that thing which is beyond materialism, and which has no concern with any materialistic thing in this world. All these things will finish one day, but one thing will not finish, and that is the holy and true Knowledge.

I once saw an old man who was buying a walking–stick but as he tested it, it broke. So I said, "If you want, I can give you such a stick that will never break," and he said that would be priceless. I said, ."No, it is free," and then I bestowed on him the Knowledge and then he realized. Yes, the stick of our souls is Knowledge and if we have such sticks that break, our souls will also collapse, our ideas will also collapse, and we ourselves will also collapse.

Everybody is impure, but we must become pure. When will we be pure? When we go to Satguru, when we go to the true giver of Knowledge, the true Bestower of Knowledge, He will make us pure. If we are able to make ourselves pure, then there is no need of Satguru. What was the need that made Jesus come in His time? To bestow the Knowledge, and the Knowledge He bestowed in His time is the same Knowledge. I will ask you a question, as many of you have read the Bible. Jesus said, – I am not using the actual words from the Bible–"whoever are thirsty come to me and I will give them water from within themselves". You have read the Bible? Tell me what is the meaning of this? I will give you water from within yourselves. Brahmanandji in the Indian language, and almost every saint, has said this same thing. So what is this pure water, where does it lie, where is it? Reading the Bible won't help you to find it.

Suppose I am a soldier and I know it is my duty to obey my general's order, but I do not obey him. Will I be of any use to him? I have promised to obey my general, I have taken an oath that I will obey my general, and completed every formality that I have to complete. I have completed my training for the military and I have promised that I will always obey my general. Now what use is all this training if I never obey my general? So when we read the Bible we should realize what it indicates, what is its meaning, why Jesus said and why John wrote all those things. Why is the Bible there? Why did all those saints combine those sentences and make scriptures and a beautiful book for you? Why did they compose the Gita, the Ramayana and all those scriptures and the Indian Shastras? What was the effect they wanted to obtain? They just wanted you to realize something. They refer to a word and they define it as it was in the beginning and they describe its qualities. They want you to know that Name, but do you know it? Is reading the Bible of any use to you when you have not realized the Name? Suppose I say "Ki Ao" in Hindi. "Ao" means come, but those people who do not understand Hindi do not know what it means. So, is saying "Ao Ao Ao" of any use to you? If want to call you and I say "Ao Ao Ao" is it any use to you? No. When I tell you that "Ao" means come, then you can come to me. They have referred to a word and this Word was in the beginning. And they say, "I will give you water from within yourselves". When they say that they mean there was something there. There is something there. It is the same with written histories or memorials. The people who wrote them or erected them, wanted you to realize something, they wanted you to remember those things, to feel their ideas for yourselves. It's the same thing when they tell you to know the Word. They want you to know that Word which they had realized and which Jesus gave. Just because Jesus is not here, it does not mean knowing that Word is not possible. It is possible. Suppose I want to buy a watch, say a Fabaluba watch. If I cannot get it in shop A I will try in shop B, then C, D, E, F, and so on and I will get it. When I search for it I will get it. The people of America discovered certain techniques and materials and they were able to send the Apollo to the moon. Could they have done it previously? No. But when they had made their discoveries. when they tried, then they were able to send the Apollo. And when you are trying with your internal heart, you will get the Knowledge. It was very difficult to send the Apollo to the moon, sending something material so many thousands of miles away, but when they tried it they succeeded. The computer machines did not exist at first but when they tried, they were able to invent them, So if everything is possible in this world by trying, then we should only try and we will get the Know–


ledge too.

We cannot find the internal peace by searching in the materialistic world. Can we drive a car sitting in the back? No. If we want to drive the car we will have to sit in the driver's seat and then we can drive the car. If we try to drive the car by only holding the door, the car won't work. We have to have the steering wheel in our hands to steer the car here and there. So if you want to get the Knowledge you have to know which means to use. You have to apply spiritual means for it, not materialistic. For making something salty you won't put sugar in it. You will use salt. Suppose you want to have your tea sweeter, you won't put chillies in it. You will put sugar in it and then it will be sweet. In the same way, if you want to realize the Knowledge you will have to apply spiritual means because Knowledge is a spiritual thing. Then you will be able to know the real Name, and when you know the real Name you will know it.

I cannot define it in words. If I slap you can you give me the experience in words? No, you can only tell me that I hurt you. Now, I know you were hurt, but what was the feeling of being hurt? Can you give rte that feeling? Can you express pain in words? No, because feelings are not contained in any vocabulary. When the Word was existing before the world began, what form was it in? If the Word was God why do you say God? You can say "Word, I want the Knowledge". Why do you say God, when it is clearly said "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God"? Don't say God. if the Word was God then don't say God, use Word instead and say "Oh Word, I want the Knowledge". But do you know your Word? No. That Word cannot be said by alphabetical means. So the word only defines it.

Suppose this man's name is Ashok and I do not know his name. I will say that he is a man, so man is an adjective for him. The noun is something else and that is Ashok. Suppose I am indicating him by a pronoun, 'he'. Is his name 'he'? Can I say "Mr He, come here"? People call you 'he' don't they? "Oh, he is sitting here", they say but do people say "Mr He come here", "Mr You come here"? No. It is only an indication for him because I do not know his name. Because this Holy Name cannot be put in alphabetical series they have used the 'Word', so we have to realise that Knowledge, that Holy Word which is within ourselves, and make our lives perfect. Suppose we are standing in the middle of a lighthouse. The waves are coming and we want to count them. Can we do it? No. Because there are several of them, and we do not know in which direction to face. The air likewise has got no sense of direction. At one moment it will blow here, at the next, there. In the same way, we have got no sense of direction to tell us where to go, to whom we should pray, or who is our God. So many questions to ask and no answer for them, so we have to realize the true God and follow Him, follow His path. We have to surrender ourselves to God so that He may guide us to the right path. Because He Himself is right, true and perfect. These spiritual discourses which I give you are not the Knowledge. I am only telling you about it. I am not giving you the Knowledge. That Knowledge, that Holy Word, cannot be put into an alphabetical sequence, so how can I tell you from this state? And, in any event, there may be several of you who are not thirsty for it. First you will have to be thirsty; be thirsty, come to me, and then I will give you the Knowledge. Be assured that if you come to me I will give you the Knowledge, the same true Knowledge.

You will never be able to pay the fees for this Knowledge. It is so valuable that if the wealth of this universe is doubled 4,000 times it still won't be enough. So it is valuable Knowledge. Your pence, pounds, shillings and dollars won't be able to make up the price; neither will rupees or paisas. It has not got fees, it is free for you. For every man who comes with real thirst it is free. The river flows but only those men who are 'thirsty know the importance of water. Rain is only important for those people who are farmers. But the Knowledge is important for everyone, and I have come to London to bestow this Knowledge. I have suffered to come from thousands and thousands of miles away to give you the true internal Knowledge and if you want it I can give it to you. It is within yourselves; I have only to show you the mirror and you will be able to see it. So if you want that true Knowledge you can get it, it is very easy to obtain, but you must try, you must come to me first. It is not such a thing that you press the button and automatically the receipt and the change come from the machine, it is not like that. And it is not such a thing that you press the button and the door opens by itself, it is not like that either. You will have to take pains and then you will get gains. Only the person who takes pains gains something. Now, what are the pains? They are that you must come to me, ask me for the Knowledge, and then I will give you the Knowledge. This Knowledge is not a football, or a small ball that I can give you from my pocket. It is not a flower that I can give you and say "Here is the Knowledge". It is not a mantra. It is not a small garland that can go around your fingers. It is something that I cannot tell you with my tongue, because


Divine Light Magazine No 2

it cannot be expressed in an alphabetical sequence.

So I will finish my discourse. People are feeling sleepy and I am also upset because this is not a good time for a spiritual discourse. This is the time when people rest in India. I am going to America and all those places just to bestow this Knowledge. I did not intend to come here and roam about in London. If I wanted to roam about I could roam about in India. There are many places in India where I can roam about. If I roam about here, people will see me, but in India they have places where no people can see me and I will roam about there. There are many jungles there, many lonely roads there. I have not come to roam about, I have not come to see London. Houses here are not good. They are beautiful from inside, but the outside is better in India. It is the opposite there. There is no inlook beauty in India but there is outlook beauty there; the outlook here is not beautiful but the inlook is. My purpose is not to come here and see London. Roads and cars are there in India; this rush of traffic is there in India also. No. I have only come to bestow on you this Knowledge, and that is my only purpose. When Jesus came, He did not come to roam about; He came to bestow the Knowledge and every second of His was spent bestowing the Knowledge. But He bestowed it on those who came to Him and not on those who were sitting in their houses with Dunlop pillows beneath their heads. So if you will take pains you will get something back. We have got an ashram here, you can come there and take the Knowledge and I will be very glad to give you the Knowledge if you come and seek me.

But first empty your tanks. Because before there was kerosene oil in your tanks and you were going very, very slowly, but now high–speed petrol is going to be put in and if it mixes with the kerosene oil it will have a bad effect on the car. If you want to gain the full effect of fast driving with high–speed petrol, first empty your tank. Will you empty your tank? Come to me. I will wash it with spiritual discourses, then I will give you the Knowledge that is the high–speed petrol, and you'll go forward at thousands of miles per hour. The speedometer of cars and the speed of cars are limited to 120 miles per hour but the speed given by my high–speed petrol is not limited, and the car can go many thousands and thousands of miles per hour. So come to me. I have told you that I do not make the Knowledge and then give it to you. It is within you yourselves. I will only help you discover it. Thank you very much.