Divine Light Magazine No 2


Porchester Hall 30 June 1971

Dear Premies. It is said that by the, grace of a holy man or a holy master a lame person can conquer a high mountain. Just imagine, by the grace of such a holy person, such a holy lord, a lame man can cross a high mountain. The man who has got no tongue can speak. The man who has got no eyes, who is blind, can see light, and a man who hasn't got ears can listen to immortal music. Now we say we read the scriptures but when we read them, they remain in the mind and do not flow out. They do not give you the actual Knowledge which you are seeking from those books. When a cooking book says first take the pot, put it on the stove, put some ghee or butter in it, it does not mean that the stove has raised itself before you, that the pot has been placed automatically on the stove, and the butter put into that pot. The book only indicates that you should do these things. Next it says you can put in the things that you want to cook, and put some salt and pepper in with them. Then after cooking you can test the food to see if it is cooked or not and when it is cooked you can put it on your plates and eat it. Now, when the book says these things does it mean your stomach is filled, does it mean you have eaten something? Of course not.

In the same way if I point towards the sun, this is not the sun. This is only a finger which is indicating the sun but is not itself the sun. The scriptures are guide books which can only tell us that we have to go on that road, or that this path will lead us to that place, but they haven't shown us the main thing – how to get there. They have shown us that we should go along such and such a path but they are not guiding us with their hand. We have to find such a guide, such a holy guide, who can take our hands and guide us to that path. Because if we are able to walk by ourselves on that holy path then there is no need of God. Holy scriptures can only tell us to go along the holy path. But holy Satguru is required so that He can take your hand and guide you to that immortal point.

Some people express their devotion to a person called Rama. They say, oh Rama is very good. But what is Rama? Have they realized him? Today we pay our devotions to Jesus Christ but have we realised what Jesus Christ told us? Today we give our devotion to Krishna, but have we realized what Krishna told in his time? If a general tells a soldier to go and fight at the border, and the soldier says, "Oh my general, you are beautiful, you are clever, you are strong, our country needs such generals," but never obeys him, never goes to the border to fight, is he a capable soldier? If a student says, "Oh my teacher, you are very good, your methods are very good, your feelings and expressions are very good, you are a very holy teacher, your ideas are very holy", but if when the teacher tells him to do this homework he does something else is he a perfect student? No. When will he be a perfect student? Only when he does what his master says.

Now our Master told us in His time to be devoted to that immortal point. What did He mean? Suppose we are giving our devotion to this mike. If after a few days or after a few years, this mike is destroyed, our devotion to it will also disappear. If we love a girl, as soon as the girl dies our love towards her will also die. That's why the holy masters have told us to love, to concentrate, to give our devotion to that point which is imperishable. Such devotion created by the soul lasts forever, and only through this devotion can I attain the sacred truth.

People say that I am changing their religion. No. I am not changing their religion, all I am saying is that if you are eating your food, please have a glass of water. That's all. If you are eating food, please have a glass of water with it. When I tell you this I am not keeping you away from your food. You eat your food and I will say please have a glass of water. This is the thing you need, especially if you are eating food with chillies in it. Then you will seek that water, and you will be crying for that water. Tears will automatically stream from your eyes because you want water. This is the condition of the human being; he is going on eating food, but he is not drinking water. That is why Christ said "Come to me. I will give you water from within yourselves". That tub of water is within ourselves but have we realized it? No. Today, when scientists send Apollo to the moon, we praise them greatly: "Oh, see they have sent Apollo to the moon". But we do not


Divine Light Magazine No 2

praise that Holy Master who has put so much memory into such a small space. Today there are pocket radios, which work while we carry them around but we do not praise Him who has put a much greater piece of machinery into such a small space. With a small radio we have one band or two bands, but see how many automatic bands the radio has which He has put in us – automatic bands so that wherever you go your radio will receive the right station.

We must have a practical realization in order to help ourselves, in the same way that our hunger can only be satisfied when we have actually filled our stomach with food. A man's hunger cannot be satisfied by filling his wife's stomach. If that were so then he could work and work and work while his wife did the eating. The same with sleeping. The wife would be able to sleep night after night while her husband worked in the office day and night. But it isn't like that. You must eat for yourself and sleep for yourself. Whatever a man does he does for himself.

When a man realizes this holy Knowledge he will become a saint. Then it will be a practical achievement. You do not become a buffalo by colouring yourself black. All other features except the colour will remain different. Likewise with the difference between ourselves and the Holy Master. Only in superficial features do we resemble Him. For that man is sacred, and has become sacred by realizing the true Knowledge. When we have realized the Knowledge then we too will be as sacred as that man. If we want to realize that God we must become a real priest, a priest who only asks God to make him perfect.

Why do we say the Knowledge is a holy secret? Only because we have not yet realized it. Something that is open is not a secret. If everyone knows that four and four is eight, and eight is four and four, it is not a secret. But the holy Knowledge is a secret thing. It is called the secret of secrets because it is the secret behind all secrets. Every secret has a secret behind it but not this. Everything that exists in the world exists because of it. This is that immortal point that we have to realize, and if you want to realize it I have got it; the same immortal point by meditating on which you will become holy.

I have found the perfect Knowledge and I have come to London to give it to you. I have come all these thousands of miles not to see London, not to see these roads and these cars, not to see the outward show of London, but to give you that Knowledge by which you will become as … there is no word. We can say as white as snow but we cannot say as sacred as …

Whenever we write anything we must start with a point. If we want to write 'dear', as soon as we put our pen on the paper a point will be made and a whole line will follow, forming the letter 'd', then 'e' will be formed, then 'a', then 'r'. Now if we realize what is the point at which that line began and what is the point at which it ended then we will have realization of that line also. What are these points that are being created? Draw a line. It has a point at the beginning and a point will be formed again, and again, and again. Points and points and points and points will be formed. Everything is existing by Word.

Look at this microphone. It is shaped like a microphone and is fulfilling its function. But if I take this outer covering from it and place it before you and you say "hello, hello",will you call it a microphone? No you won't, because it is just the outer covering without any wires or machinery, and when you say "hello, hello" no words

come from it. But these people who think it is a mike are like the people who are trying to know that secret in open places and not in the secret place. They will not know that Word, that point by which the world was started and by which the world will end.

Even Aum and those holy words can be written, they can be expressed. Today people chant Rama Rama Rama, Krishna Krishna Krishna, but Krishna Himself said Avekto Ashad. Indian people and those who read Indian scriptures know this well. Avekto Ashad is the word that cannot be expressed, and they have tried to define that Holy Word. It is said in the Bible "In the beginning was the Word". Now in the beginning was there any language? No. Because languagewas invented by someone, but in the beginning the world was not even created. But the Holy Word was at that time, so in what alphabet can that Word be found? We have to know that alphabet that is beyond the spoken word. With aum the first letter is 'A', which comes from the stomach and the last is 'M' which comes from the mouth, and after 'M' pronunciation of Aum finishes. We have to know that Holy Word which is existing within us. We can say that the Word is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient but we cannot prove it because we have not seen Him. We have not seen His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His omniscience. Only when we realize it, will we be able to express it because the Holy Knowledge, the Holy Word, is going on in the same language that was before the world.

Once a film came to Dehra Dun called "The Holy Bible" or something like that. The whole school went to see it, our schoolmasters took us. In that film we saw that as man was created he was speaking like this: Agh, Agh, Agh. This sound became the letter 'A'. Then 'E' came, then 'AE' and so language was gradually invented. But as soon as that man was born, which language was he speaking? Our scriptures tell us that when a baby is in the womb of his mother he is praying to God. As soon as he comes into the world and as soon as coldness or any feeling comes over his body he starts crying. Now when he is in the womb of his mother, in which language is he praying? We have to realize that language, the language by which he was praying to his Father.

G for generator, O for operator, D for destroyer. Who will take us to that place? How will we get a passport? Anyone can obtain a passport but it is getting the endorsement from the man that is difficult.

You can use expression and ideas to tell about this Knowledge, it is like this, it is like that, but you will never realize it by yourself from such descriptions. If I say the sun is very bright, it means I have seen the brightness of the sun. But if I describe the Taj Mahal to people before they see it they cannot think of the palace itself. They can only think "a building, a beautiful building". Suppose they have seen a beautiful building which is a Roman cathedral. It looked very beautiful to them, and they will think the Taj Mahal has also got similar features, a big dome, the roof looking like this. Only when they see it will they actually know. If I say that I have got a car; it is white and its length is 171/2 feet, you will fit that car in with your personal ideas; you will think of a Mercedes or a car that you like. And when I say "God", if you haven't seen God you can only imagine, and imaginary things are imaginary things. So we would have to see God, then we will know about it, then we will be able perfectly to bring God into our minds. Otherwise we imagine. Is He an animal, is He a cat or a mouse or a rat? What is He? Is God as big as an elephant, is He as large as a whale? We must see God, then we will know.

If a blind man comes along here and he is trying to find the stairs and I say "please come to this side", will he come to this side? How can he come when he has not seen the direction of my hand? Perhaps he will try this side first, then that side, then try up; then try down. But then I want him at this side so when he turns in the right direction I will say "all right, go straight on from there, go straight on". It is the same with God.

Once there were four blind men who wanted to visit an elephant. They asked the way, they went to the elephant and then said "now we cannot see the elephant so we will feel it". So as they touched it like this, in one's hand came the foot of the elephant, in the other the tail, the third one caught his trunk and the fourth felt the stomach. When they were coming back one said "that elephant is as thin as a tail". Another one said "he is not too fat, he is a smooth and lengthy thing". The third one said "that elephant is just like the trunk of a tree", and the fourth said "no, it is like a big whale". But we know the the elephant is neither the tail nor the stomach, nor like a whale or a tree–trunk. Only that man who has seen an elephant really knows what an elephant is.

So it is when we see Krishna wearing certain clothes, or Rama wearing a crown and pitambri and carrying a bow and arrow. We think God looks like this but only the man who has actually seen God knows what His true features are. Now, how will you see God when it is written "only blind people can see me"? This does not mean that you people who have got eyes will never see


Divine Light Magazine No 2

Him. When you were in the womb your materialistic eyes were closed but your third eye was open. As soon as you came into this world then your material eyes opened but the third eye closed; and when you again try to concentrate on God these eyes will be closed but the third eye will be open. Close your eyes and concentrate. Can you, concentrate on God? No. Because we need to know that immortal point on which to concentrate. Where is that pool where blind people drink? A pool of nectar is within us.

Only people who have seen that Light, tasted that nectar, concentrated on that Word and listened to those musical instruments can understand what I am saying. If we want to play a guitar we must first pluck the strings, but Brahman in his scriptures says the immortal vibration is continuous, the immortal playing carries on and on. What is that vibration in which every vibration in the world started? We must realize this vibration, and we do this by Raj Yoga. We are learning yoga. It does not mean we lever this leg over our neck and this foot round this leg and call that yoga. Our yoga means putting our ideas into shape, not our bodies.

Raj Yoga means royal yoga, the superb yoga, the supreme yoga. This converts our ideas, turning our outward–going ideas inwards. Because, as Brahman has said, everything is within us.

I am writing a summary of all the scriptures, Indian, Muslim, Christian, old and new. And when it is published in English you will see that Mohammed in His time saw that supreme Light, that Guru Nanak also, and Krishna, and Rama, and Buddha. Did Buddha say "Buddha, Buddha; Buddha", did Rama say "Rama, Rama, Rama", did Krishna say "Krishna, Krishna, Krishna"? Lord Krishna said to Arjuna before He gave him Knowledge, "Arjuna you cannot see me". But that is not true. Arjuna replied, "I am seeing you, Krishna". And Krishna said "No, you are not seeing me. You are seeing my mortal body whith will perish one day".

So when we say a certain man was called Jesus we are not referring to the name of His soul. Because the soul has no name. Jesus is the name of the body, just as Krishna is the name of a body, not of a soul. And we have to get back to the soul, back to, the supreme creator, and this can only be done through the grace of a Holy Master.

I tell you that a master who converts your religion is not the true Master because the true Master is not concerned with your religion. When people ask if I am Hindu I say no. Or Muslem? I say no. Or Christian, or Sikh, I say no. I am none of them. I am a body, which is perishable. And my soul has got no religion. We must realize our souls for ourselves. And we can realize that through the supreme technique given by the supreme guru. And it is a yoga technique, but not external yoga; it is internal. It means just changing the direction of those ideas and thoughts that are constantly flowing out from you, so that they are directed inwards, towards yourself.

While our thinking powers, our feeling powers, our desiring powers are going out into the world we


Divine Light Magazine No 2 will always feel sorry. When we see something beautiful we are very sorry when we stop seeing it. But when you see God you will see Him for ever and ever and ever. If you are seeing a beautiful sunset, you are just seeing a red light coming out of the clouds. You are enjoying it, but after two, three or four hours the sun goes down and the beautiful sunset is finished. But once you have seen God, you will see Him for ever and ever and ever. And when you have that spiritual technique, you can see God face to face.

If someone wants that technique I can give it to Him. It is only for this that I have come so many miles. But how will you receive it? I will just explain this to you then I will finish off my satsang. Suppose this is a tap, and the water is from here. I have got a bucket, but if I put the bucket here, above the tap, will it fill? No. The bucket must be under the tap. If you want this Knowledge you will have to come to me, and if you have any doubts come to me and I will end them. Now if you ask why 'I don't like my wife, or how much time do I spend in the office or am I earning a profit from my business, I will not answer those questions. But if you ask why are you not seeing God or can you see God, I will answer those questions. And if you want to see God I will let you see Him. So I have come here. I will be staying here and if you wish you can come to me and I will give you the Holy Name, the Name that can save you from the river of materialism.

Does this mean I am helping you? No. If I tell you to drink water, that the formula for water is H2O and that you should put the water in a cup and lift it to your lips, I am not helping you. I will bring water in a cup, give it to you, and you drink it. Now I am helping you. Come to me, you will be given the address and the telephone number. If you cannot come then contact me by telephone. And I request you to give this golden opportunity also to your brothers and sisters. I have to go to America and if you cannot find time to contact me before I go then you can come after my return. While I am away Mahatma Ashokanand Ji will be here and you can contact him.

So if you want the Knowledge come to me and I will give you the Knowledge; but please, it is not like a chocolate or a toffee that I will give you and you will be satisfied. It is a technique that you have to follow. The lighter is there and the burner is there. Now the motor is on and the gas is coming, yes, the gas is coming. Then it is sufficient to light the burner. First I will see if the motor is on or off and, if the motor is on, if the gas is coming, if I can see, yes, the gas is coming, only then will I light the lighter.

If you are sitting here and are feeling just a little thirsty you won't mind whether you are able to get water or not, you are not terrified that you will not be able to get water. But the man living in those sandy places like Rajasthan is very terrified. If the water has finished and there is no water, he becomes very terrified. So the more thirst you have the more you will feel the value of water. If you have great spiritual thirst, then the Name and the Knowledge will have much more value for you.

So I want you to take your time. Mahatma Ashokanand Ji will tell you the telephone number and address so you can come and contact me. Tomorrow I will be busy. I won't be able to meet you then but the day after tomorrow you can come And meet me. There is a programme in Birmingham .and you can come and listen to my satsang. This is all I have to say and those people who want to contact me may come and contact me. I am very glad that in this materialistic world so many people have gathered to listen to a spiritual discourse. And I will do like a priest. I am not a priest, I do not think I am a priest, but I will request from my side to God that He may bless you all and show you a way, a small way so that you can reach me, and from me there is a path and I think I am capable to show you that path and may God bless you.



The only real thing in the world is energy and it is this energy that we call God. This energy is a light within us which we have to realize, and we cannot see anything within us until there is a mirror before us. We need the internal mirror of the Satguru and through it we will see that light which you are looking for in materialism. The mirror .is given by Satguru. I should not actually use the word 'given' because it is shown by Satguru. Only Satguru can open that box, has the key to that mirror box which is within you. When that box is open and the glass is taken out, then we will see that light and hear that primordial vibration, feeling which we can have inner satisfaction in our souls.

Money is an external thing and with it we can achieve external things. But if we want to achieve anything internal we must use an internal method. Spiritual Knowledge is an internal thing and an internal method is needed to realize it. It is our internal love and it is of the soul and not the body. It lies deep within us and we have to seek. Guru Maharaj Ji because He can give it to us.

If I want to learn the ABC I must do it with my mind and not with my body or any of my limbs. But the mind cannot do it at once. It cannot read the ABC once and know it. It needs practice and after several readings then I will have learnt it. It is the same with the search for Knowledge; real Knowledge does not come at once, only after a search. There are many gurus in this world; it is for us to find from them the one true Master and then He will give us the eternal Knowledge for which everyone is looking.

The Knowledge is not outside, it is within us. Newton discovered, but did not invent, the law of gravitation. in the same way, the Satguru shows us that Light which is existing within us; He does not bring it from outside. Now I have this internal Word, this internal Knowledge, this inner consciousness of mind, and if somebody wants it from me I can give it to them. But only if. Everything we see with these eyes will be destroyed and if we concentrate on any materialistic thing our concentration also will be destroyed. Suppose we concentrate on this pot; as soon as this pot is destroyed our concentration also will be destroyed. Our concentration should be directed at such a point that is indestructible and this point is the Knowledge. When we achieve that Knowledge, when it is re vealed to us by Satguru, we have inner concentration of mind. I can give it to you because I have it, this inner concentration for which you are searching. And not just you. Everyone. Everyone in the world is searching but they are searching in material things.and inner peace will never be gained in this way.

It is within you and I know the technique by which it can be attained. If someone wants it they may come to me. It is the supreme technique because it brings supreme joy, and supreme joy is a matter of experience. It cannot be expressed or transmitted through words. If we get caned by the master at school we will feel hurt but we cannot express this momentary experience of pain in words. And the same when a feeling of extreme joy comes to us. Real joy. We say, "Oh I am so glad," but we do not transmit that extreme joy; the words are a small indication that we are in such a state of joy. But what joy this is, what is its quality and quantity, is not indicated. It cannot be put into words. It is a matter of experience, it is a personal thing; one must experience and realize it for oneself. And only those people who really find the true Satguru are able to realize that real supreme joy that comes from true Knowledge. I cannot tell you the experience I have had; you must experience for yourself and then you will understand. This is the thing. I have got true Knowledge and I have got inner consciousness; I can reveal it.

I won't take too much of your time because you have been sitting here for a long time. Only remember that I have that inner truth and I can reveal it to you. If you want, you can come to Porchester Hail tomorrow. There will be satsang there and the time of the meeting will be given to you. You can come there, listen to my satsang, and then you can come to me, discuss things with me and have your inner consciousness revealed to you. But first you must come to me. Knowledge is not a push–button thing like a cash register, where you push a button, and the bill, the amount you have to pay, automatically comes out. It's not like that. You must first make an effort and take some pains; only by searching will you find the truth and the guru who can reveal it to you. So come to London tomorrow and hear my satsang in Porchester Hall, and any questions or doubts that are in your mind you can discuss them with me.

Thank you very much.