Divine Light Magazine No 3

Divine Light Magazine No 3

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Dear sisters and brothers,

The transience and impermanence of this mortal world has been realized by the great saints. What is the everlasting thing here? Nothing except its creator God, who made the world, sustaining and operating it. Sun, moon, earth, planets, and stars are commanded by His power. Wind blows, water flows, earth grows; everything happens only by the order of that all powerful one. He who is self existent, being creator not creation. He who made eighty-four million different bodies. Each individual soul is the part of Him, still perfect, not divided. Omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. And the most wonderful and perfect creation is this human body, the greatest gift given to us. Even He Himself incarnates in human body, for example Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus etc. Guru Maharaj Ji says that by having His first grace, the bestowal of human body, man is standing at the gate of salvation. He should know the purpose of this human life. When there is a downfall of mankind and an increase of evil, Truth is covered by ignorance. Then our saviour God manifests Himself in the form of the Perfect Teacher, to show the path of perfection through the Knowledge of Truth, and to unite all religions into one reality which leads to God realisation.

My divine teacher Shri Balyogeshwar Sadguru Deva Shri Sant Ji Maharaj gave me the Knowledge of that life which is the Light of all living beings. By knowing that, everything is known, because there is nothing greater to be known than the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. It is absolutely powerful and can control the thoughts and desires of the mind making it stable and steady, and permanent steadiness of mind is permanent peace. The Knowledge I have got is the essence and spirit of the Vedas and of all Scriptures. And what is the spirit of all scriptures? That Word or Name which was before both the universe and the scriptures. As said in the Bible "In the beginning there was a Word. Word was with God and Word was God." That very Word is called Pranawa in the Vedas, Pawan Nam or Ram Nam in the Ramayana, Abyakto Akshara in the Bhagavat Gita, Sat Nam in Guru Granth, Pak Nam in the Koran, Tao in Chinese scripture and so on. The Word or Nam is not written or spoken word as it is commonly supposed; it is unexpressible, beyond alphabets, beyond senses and mind. It is the life current or cosmic primordial vibration poured himself by God into the heart of all living beings.

It is the life of all and that life is Light called Divine Light in Bible, Noor Ilahi in the Koran, Vergo Jyoti in the Vedas, Dibya Jyoti in the Gita, and Param Prakash in the Ramayana. The cosmic vibration of the Name or Word is the principle of sound or music and can be heard as the so-called audible life stream or Divine Music, the heavenly music called Anahad or Nad Bhrahma in the Vedas, and Vagai Asmani in the Koran. The taste of life is the life water also present in the heart of man. This divine ambrosia, soma, Som Ras or Amsit of the Vedas is day and night flowing within us. These four – Holy Name, Divine Light, Music and Nectar – are described in all scriptures and they can be realized by a student of spirituality by the bestowal of their knowledge by a perfect Master. This Knowledge is the monopoly of all the perfect teachers irrespective of caste, creed, country and colour, wherever they incarnated.

Guru Maharaj Ji says that He does not want to change your religion but His only request is for you to know the reality of your own religion. A Christian should know real Christianity, a Hindu should know the reality of Hinduism, a Muslim of Mohammeddanism, and so on. Then one can know that religion is only realization of God. During His satsang discourses Guru Maharaj Ji would say "If you are hungry you need food practically to eat. If thirsty, water to drink, but mere discription of food and water cannot satisfy your hunger and thirst." Similarly if you want everlasting peace of mind, eternity and tranquility of mind you should go direct to the Perfect Master and request the bestowal of this Knowledge of Truth and, after receiving it, practise it in life to obtain satisfaction and perfection.

Do this instead of only listening to the philosophical and intellectual lectures and argumentations of learned men who are very far away from Truth themselves. They can only entangle mankind in the spider's webs of their talk, talk which teaches no way to escape. By performing penances, austerities, fastings and other various techniques one can get a wordly and perishable reward, but not realization of Truth. The mystery of scriptures is only known by the practical Knowledge of the Sadguru of the time.

Even the Vedas could not describe the greatness of Sadguru Maharaj Ji. How can I descrIbe it? I am His small creature. God Himself is in my Master's body and by His lips He is giving His message of Truth. So, 0 man, search the Perfect Master. Guru Maharaj is all perfect, Come and fall at His Lotus-feet, take His perfect Knowledge for He is greatest of anything great.

Jai Sat Chit Anand
Mohani Bai


A hundred elephants, each attended by thousands of devotees, met our Lord when He arrived at Delhi Airport, and the procession that carried Him to the Hans Jayanti festival was many miles long. With Him at the head were our blissful and blessed brothers and sisters who took the opportunity of flying on the Divine Jumbo. In His great speech, Guru Maharaj Ji told His followers that He will in future spend much of His time in the west. No more school for. our Lord! He will now devote all His time to spreading the Knowledge of Light and Name which will end all suffering in the world in one generation.

This is such a mighty task. Never has such a project been undertaken in the history of this planet, and never has such a fantastic beginning attended the mission of any saint. In just a few months, the number of Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples in the west has increased from five hundred to five thousand, and of those who have heard of our Lord's coming from one or two thousand to tens of millions. With the arrival, in the New Year, of the entire Holy Family, attended by a band of radiant saints and mahatmas, we can expect to see the growth of the Divine Knowledge multiply many times.

We are unbelievably fortunate to be living in this glorious time. And showered with a grace beyond measure are those who have laid themselves at the lotus-feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, the Satguru, the Perfect One, the Giver of Knowledge, and who have received His most precious gift. In Her inspired discourse, printed in this issue, our beloved Holy Mother says that with this philosopher's stone of True Name we can turn everything not only into gold but into Name itself. This is the greatest of gifts. It is God Himself. By possessing Him in the form of His perfect and sacred, His eternal and unpronouncable Name we can come to understand and realize that all is Him. Maybe sometimes we think we are already realized, that we know all is God, and immediately we will have some small ego thought to prove to us how distant we are from that immaculate source of infinite purity. The drop should not pretend to be the ocean, the spark is foolish to claim he is the fire, for before long both will realize their mistake. No. Only by consistent and regular meditation can this philosopher's stone be applied, can this alchemical principle, far beyond human conception, be seen to work.

So turn base metal into gold! Turn worldliness into spirituality. Turn Jiva into Atma. Turn individual ego into cosmic totality. Merge, merge, and merge into this bliss-filled Light of Guru Maharaj Ji in His pure form as all-pervading energy, eternal and unified consciousness. Every day merge a little more. Guru Maharaj Ji would say you have been given the car. Only your laziness prevents you driving it forward from the parking lot of delusion and worldly attachments. You have been given the method to realize your true identity; only your small self, your ego, your clinging to individuality, to small-mindedness, is preventing you utilising it even more. Your body will soon be dead. Then, for every inch that you are attached to your ego, for every ounce that you still think of yourself as the personality – the mask – you have been assuming for this particular act of the Divine Comedy, so much will you be unable to merge with your real self, the self that will continue forever, so much will you have pain and agony. Not more, not less. The judgement is perfect. And only perfection is expected of us. At that moment we will know everything. We will see all our impurities, all our useless pride, all our self-indulgences. And we will feel bitter shame, because it was all so unnecessary, so much bubble and froth.

So dear brothers and sisters, know that source of absolute Light, Truth and Purity within yourself while you still have chance. It is shown to you in Knowledge but only you can learn to love and cleave to it. So do not waste your time. Meditate all the day. Dedicate all your life to Guru Maharaj Ji our Perfect and Divine Lord who is walking again amongst us. Whether you are a teacher, housewife or carpenter, dedicate your labour to Guru Maharaj J and the fruit of your labour to this great Mission, so that more and more of our poor suffering brothers and sisters can be enlightened. Understand this. There is nothing else to be done with your life. It is the only reason Guru Maharaj Ji gave it to you, so that you might give it back to Him.

In this issue of Divine Light, in preparation for their visit to this country, we have published a discourse of Shri Mataji, the mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, and some answers to questions by Bal Bhagwan Ji, His brother. We have also printed a beautiful discourse of Guru Maharaj J given recently during His visit to Canada, and have begun to publish all the answers He gave to questions during His stay in England. In the next issue these questions and answers will be completed, and the full text and commentary on the great Central Hall programme will be published.

Jai sat chit anand
Truth is the consciousness of bliss



Guru Maharaj Ji speaking in Toronto, Canada
2 October 1971.

Divine Light Magazine No 3

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have come here back to Canada to explain to you something that not only Canada misses, but the whole universe, the entire universe, is missing that thing. Not only western countries, but eastern countries also, are missing that mystery of God, and I have again come hack to explain what it is.

See, we all have come into this earth, and we all have got a purpose. You all have come into this auditorium, you all have got a purpose. Nobody is sitting in this auditorium without a purpose. Everybody has got a purpose, that's why he is sitting in this auditorium. Same way, we all have got a purpose, and we are sitting in the auditorium of this world. This world is an auditorium where we see so many things we get interested. We listen to so many things, we get interested. Just as Sita Ram was telling you, the mind takes its actions and puts its actions in our lifetime.

In the same way, we have come here to realize that Knowledge. Take a stone and throw it up, it will come, back. Scientists say it is the centre of gravity. But holy people, through masters, have said it is not centre of gravity. It is because that stone is a part of this earth, so until that stone again joins this earth, it is not satisfied. The rivers flow from so long, from Himalayas right to the ocean. That means they cross thousands and thousands of miles. But when they get into the ocean they are completely satisfied. They want to get in the ocean, they rush, they rush towards the ocean. Take, a fire, it will always go upwards


because it is part of sun, fire is a part of sun, and it wants to go and meet with sun.

In the same way, our soul is part of God and wants to go and meet with God, so it is rushing. It tries to plunge, it tries to just come out and go and join, but this body is becoming an objection. See, if mother is bad, mother hasn't got good ideas, the same mother can become an objection to the son. But the same mother, if she has got good ideas, she can become great for her son. In the same way, if this temple is holy, this can become a good and a great medium to take soul to God. But if this temple has got impurities, it becomes an objection. It becomes something to stop our soul from going to God.

Many people come to me before receiving the Knowledge, they come before me and weep. And I ask them why are you weeping? They say, just because we are so impure. I tell them, you are impure, that's why I have come here. If you were pure, and you were really complete, then I wouldn't have come here, to preach you something, to give you something. But I have come here to give you something, and that is that true Knowledge. I have got that true Knowledge, and I can give you that true Knowledge. And this temple can become much holier and higher than other temples, outside.

See. God is omnipresent. God has got one form, not two or three, or four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. God has got one form. And in the same form, God is omnipresent everywhere. And the same form, God is present in our bodies also. Know Him inside. Go into the mystery which is inside you. There is the mystery, there is God, lying within you.

There were two people, one was just walking along, he had gone, you see in India, in olden days, people used to go outside their towns, to foreign countries, and earn something. This man went outside to earn something and was returning back with some money, some dollars.

One man thought – he was a thief – he thought that if I can gain his dollars, probably he must have $500, $600, I can become a rich man. So he had this idea and he accompanied that man and said, "Well, friend, we are both going in the same direction, I don't think you will mind if I accompany you?" He said, "You are most welcome to accompany me." They both were going. The thief asks that man, "How many dollars you have got?" He says, "Well, I have got $500." And he said, "But how did you get them?" He said, "Because I went outside this country to earn them, and I got a great deal."

Well, they both went to a hotel. The man whn possessed that money went downstairs in the hotel to eat, when the thief searched all his bed, clothes, bag and everything, but he couldn't get a single penny, a single cent out of all he searched.

He thought that this man is crazy. He says that he has got $500, but he hasn't got a single cent even.

Well, the next day again they started for their destination. Again he asked, "How many dollars have you got?" He said, "I have got $500."

Well, he again searched, but he could get nothing. After all they reached their destination, and the thief said, "I am going to tell you the true thing now. We have reached at your home, there is no problem with you now. I am a thief. And I wanted to steal your $500. And I searched all around, when you used to go downstairs I searched all around, but I couldn't get. I don't want those $500 now, but tell me, where were the $500 when you went to eat downstairs?"

Well, he took out those $500 from his pocket and he said, "These are the $500. When I used to go downstairs I used to keep these $500 under your pillow. You were searching under my pillow, but you could get nothing. Those $500 were lying under your pillow, and you never searched under your pillow. You were just searching under my pillow."

In the same way, you were searching outside; you are searching God in body. God is not in body. God is in body, but you cannot take out God from this body. This is a composition.

What is a car? Car is tyres, engine, body, chasis, so many things combined and it makes a car. What is a watch? So many parts join, it makes a watch. What is a camera? So many lenses, body, so many things join and make a camera. In the same way, bones, veins, blood, so many things join and they make a body. But there is something which goes and comes, and when we are alive that thing is within us, but when we die, something goes out, and we are dead bodies, we are dead. And that thing is our soul. Where it lies? It never lies outside. It is within our pillow. And where is our pillow? Our pillow is here, it lies within us. But how to realize it? Through a Guru.

Guru might seem a strange word to western people, but Guru is not a strange word. You know the word Master? Teacher? When you go to the school, "Master, I have got this, this and this question." "Master, can you solve this problem for me?"

In India, instead of saying 'Master', we say 'Guru'. Same thing. Master teaches us something, master takes off your ignorance, and puts some knowledge into your minds.

In the same way, true Guru does that. He takes off all the ignorance and ego from our


minds, and puts knowledge and peace into us. There is a doctor, Dr. Sharma, I was just talking to him on the telephone and he says, "If you are a guru why can't you transmit this Knowledge through soul, why do we need your body?"

God comes here with his body for some purpose, not without purpose. He comes here with his body to teach you people through body. He is so kind. So he can give you practical examples, what is this knowledge. And remember, brothers, we won't get this golden opportunity once again. This is now here, get it. It is not for sure that you will be alive in the next moment. Who knew that the President of India, Mr. Z. Husein, will survive? The doctors were sitting in his sitting room with cardiograms, to take his heart beating. Many doctors were sitting outside, and he said, "Excuse me, I am going to the rest room." He went into the rest room, he placed his foot, and he was a dead body.

Who thought that President Kennedy will be dead next moment? President never thought that I'll be dead next moment? But a bullet came, and he was dead. Nobody knows whether he will survive for the next moment or not. Know this Knowledge now.

Know this Knowledge now. I cannot tell you this Knowledge with my tongue. In the Aquarian Gospel it is written that the disciples dared not speak this Word through their tongues, because tongue is incomplete and this Word is complete, that is why they can't speak this Word.

Take the tyre of a tractor. Have you seen the tyre of a tractor? It is huge thing. Fit it into a car. Can you fit it into a car? You can't. Because tyre is big, and that car is small. Same way, this tongue is small, but this entire world, that is huge. You cannot speak it with your tongue. Same way, I cannot tell you what is this Word. You will have to come to me. But once you come to me and request for that Word, I guarantee you I will give you that Word, because I have got it.

I can speak french and talk to you in french because I know french. If I don't know french, then how can I talk to you? I know english, I am able to talk to you. If I don't know english, I won't he able to speak to you. I know this Knowledge, I can teach you. If I don't know this Knowledge, I can just talk, and that is all. But I know this Knowledge. This Knowledge has been given to me by my Guru, by my teacher, by my master. And here I am in Canada to teach you. You will be surprised, you will say, "Well, you are a small boy, how can you teach this Knowledge to me?"

Listen, there are many old people who cannot drive their car, but there are many boys who can drive the car. It is a question of ability. There is a school, many thirteen year old boys are sitting in a school, in a class, 9th grade class, but one boy comes first. The same thirteen year old boys, one of them comes first, other comes second, other comes third, and other just fails. Why? They are all thirteen years old, they should get hundred out of hundred. Because they are thirteen years old. You want thirteen year old boys getting hundred out of hundred, then every thirteen year old boy should get hundred out of hundred.

No, this is a question of ability. How much one possesses. How much one has got to give. Probably I don't know many things which maybe you people may be knowing. But you people don't know a technique, you don't know a thing, which I know. And that is this Knowledge. This Knowledge can be meditated on even when you are sleeping, what to say when you are in your consciousness. And when you are sleeping, you can meditate upon this Knowledge. This is not strange. This Knowledge is always with you.

Sir Isaac Newton never created a law of gravitation, he discovered the law of gravitation. And what is the meaning of discovery? The thing which is existing before, to bring it forth, means that it is discovered. The thing which exists before. Like the centre of gravity was existing before Sir Isaac Newton discovered it, that's why the apple fell on his head.

So, same way, the Knowledge is with us, that's why we are alive, but we don't know, we are ignorant. Because there are many egos, there is a reaction, there is a constant reaction of the egos over us, confusions over us. Constantly those egos, confusions, come in our mind, kill it, saying, "Well, do this thing, well, do this thing, well, do this thing." And we say, "Well, we can't do this thing."

Our mind says, "Do this thing". We say, "O, we can't do this thing." Mind says, "No, do this thing." There is always a mess and confusion. Mind says, "No, go and buy that car." We say, "We can't buy that car." Mind says, "No, go and buy that." No, mind says, "Go and buy that house." We say, "We can't buy that house." Mind says, "No, go and buy that house. We don't know anything. Go." And it makes us try.

Stand on a highway, and you will see thousands of cars coming this way, this way, this way, this way, this way, this way. Why? Why are they just running about? What is the matter? Go to the Kennedy airport, go to the Los Angeles airport, and you will see. One plane flies this way, one this way, one is landing, one is going, one is landing, one is going. And there is a queue on the runway, to taKe off. Go to the Chicago airport, you will see the same thing. Why are they all becoming so crazy? Because of this mind. Arjun


says, "Lord, I can control the elements of this air, but I cannot control my mind." Because we are ignorant, we are ignorant of that Knowledge that can make us peaceful, which can compel us to meditate. We are ignorant of that Knowledge. That's why.

So, sisters and brothers, this is a golden opportunity that I am handling for you. I don't charge any money. I don't change any religion. I don't get any income out of this. This is just for you. I don't get anything out of this, just I get grace because I am serving you, and bliss. That's all I am getting.

But it is for you. It is free of charge. It is for you, you have to take it. And this is the Knowledge which does not convert any religion. Neither a Sikh to Christian, neither Christian to a Sikh. Nothing like that. This is Knowledge. If a religion changes a man, see, religion word has been started from a word 'realization', and if realization can change man from one religion to religion, then that is not realization, that is bare changing, that's all, bare changing one thing, one thing, one thing, one thing. That is all. It's not Knowledge, it is not realization of God. Realization of God will not convert a man from something else to something else, to something else, to something else, but will make him holier and higher.

It won't change a man from Hindu to Christian, from Christian to Hindu. Many people from west side are afraid to take this Knowledge because they are afraid that their religion will be changed. Their religion won't be changed. If this Knowledge changes your religion, don't take this Knowledge at all, hate this Knowledge, kick this Knowledge away. What is that Word of God? We teach that. We teach that Word. We teach that Word, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". The Rama.yana says the same.

All the scriptures write about this Holy Word of God. What is that Holy Word of God, which exists into every religion, and every Guru of his time has preached this Holy Word of God? What is that Holy Word of God?

In Koran, it is written 'Noor'. Same word. 'Pak Nam'. 'Holy Name'. See there is a light, sunlight, moonlight, firelight and electric light. Sunlight, moonlight, firelight and electric light can be seen by you even, by sinners even, by good persons even. Good people and bad people can see these lights. But there is a divine light which can only be seen by divine persons, not by anybody else. That is the light to see. We should see that light, which is supreme of all, and only people who are really worthy to know it, that is people who are really able to know it, who are good people, who are not crazy, who are able to know it, see that light. And that light is not away from us.

Scientists took a plant, made several parts of that plant, and ultimately they made an atom. And when they distributed the atom into two parts, what happened? What came out? Light. The same light exists everywhere, inside us also.

But through a technique only, through a technique only, we can realize it. What you are seeing is all. dream, this is not true. Whatever you are seeing is a dream. You think this mike is real? After three or four years, something will go wrong with it, and this will just vanish from here. Nothing will be left, not even a single mark will be left in this world for this mike. Everything is just free.

But what is real is Holy Word of God, true Name of God, that is real, everything else is…

Once there was a boy, a small boy, and his name was Ashtabakr. He was in India, and there was a king, he used to live in his kingdom, and the king's name was Raja Janaka. Once Raja Janaka was sleeping in his bed, and he sees a dream, and in that dream he sees that he has lost his kingdom. He is no more a king now, but he is a beggar. And he is feeling so hungry that he goes and begs for food.

He can't find food, not a single thing, but he goes and begs. One old woman says, "I haven't got cooked food Raja Janaka, but you can take this food which is not cooked, and cook it. Raja Janaka was so hungry, he took that food, and started cooking it. He placed it on the fire, it was half raw and half cooked, but couldn't control his hunger. And he takes it off, he puts it into a big leaf, to make it cool. Meantime, two oxen come, and they were fighting with each other. They come and cross that petal on which the food was being cooled, and the whole food is mixed with mud.

When Raja Janaka sees this, he is filled with sorrow and grief, and he started crying. As soon as the tear rolled out on his cheeks, he was wakened up, and he sees same old golden bed, same golden doors, his courtiers are waiting for him because it is morning, to go to court, sepoys are standing, protecting, everything is just equal, nothing has gone wrong. He was very confused. He went into his court and said, "I saw a dream, and this is the dream. Any man, any person who can tell me which is true, this dream is true, or what I am seeing, that is true, I will give my whole kingdom to him.

Many preists came. After some time he thought that he should make some more final thing for it. So what he did, he made two thrones, one throne high, and one throne low. Man who sits on the lower throne and cannot give the


answer to my question, he will be put into prison. Man who sits in the higher throne, cannot give my answers, he will be beheaded. Nobody sat on the higher throne, everybody came and sat on the lower throne. Ultimately, Ashtabakr's father also came, and he couldn't give answer any more, so he also went to jail.

Ashtabakr was playing with his fellowmen, and one boy said, "Well, why are you playing with us. Your father is in jail, and you are playing with me?"

And he was shocked. He went to his mother and said, "Mother, where is my father?" Mother says, "Well, don't ask that." He said, "No, mother, tell me, where is my father?" Mother says, "Your father is in jail."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 Why?"

And she told the whole reason, because he went to answer Raja Janaka's question, and he couldn't, so he was put into jail. Ashtabakr said, "Mother, give me grace, I will answer Raja Janaka's question."

Mother said, "No, boy, your father has gone, and you are only here, otherwise I will be left alone, don't go." He said, "No, mother, I must go, and I am going."

Mother gave him grace, and he went into the courtyard. And he goes into the court and sits on the higher throne. Unfortunately, Ashtabakr had all his limbs crooked, something like this, something like this, something like this.

And when he sat on the higher throne, all the learned people saw him, they all made a joke of him and started laughing. See, in India, shoemakers are considered very low. So Ashtabakr claims from that throne and says, "Raja Janaka, why have you invited me in this court of shoemakers?" Raja Janaka says, "Maharaj, where are so learned people sitting here, and you say why have you invited me in the court of shoemakers? These all people are learned, they are not shoemakers." He said, "Yes, they are shoemakers. A shoemaker has got knowledge, about which skin is good, and which skin is bad. As soon as he enters a shop, first of all he tries to look at the skin, because he knows that, so he will always try to look at that. They saw my skin, which was crooked, and started laughing on that. What are they? Are they learned people? They are all shoemakers. They saw my skin and they started laughing, because it was crooked. These are all shoemakers." So Raja Janaka said, "I am sorry, but this is my question."

Ashtabakr said, "Listen King, neither what you saw in the dream was true, and neither what you are seeing is true."

He asked, "Who was before you?"

Raja Janaka said, "My father was king." "And who was before him?"

"My grandfather."

And so on and so on and so on. And he said, "Where is your grandfather now?"

"He has died."

"What part of his kingdom he has taken with him?"


So Ashtabakr said, "Same thing. You saw a dream, you were a beggar, but when you rose you were a king, nothing was wrong with your body, you weren't feeling hungry. This is a dream. People come here, get rich, but when they die, same old thing. Their body is like this. They don't take a single cent from this world, not a single cent. Everything is just left here."

Today even if you go in the pyramids, and you dig them, you'll find that all the things are getting rotten. Nothing he has taken. He has taken nothing. Everything is just like that. Rich people die, they don't take a single cent with them, so there is so great problem with government, govern-


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 ment has to give their property to someone, after all, or to take. But there is no higher, that is why there is a problem. Why don't the rich people take all the money with them, why do they leave it for the highers of the government? Why don't they take it with them? Because they can't.

In the same way, what you are seeing is a dream, you won't be able to take anything from here. You are a king, you are rich, you are a man, you are that and that and that, when you are here. After you leave this world, nothing is here, not even your body. The body goes into the graveyard. And what goes to God? Only soul. See, God has given you such a perfect gift, gave you soul, gave you body, gave you nature, so many things. And now you must give a perfect gift to God back. Make your souls perfect, and let them go to God. So when God sees the perfect soul coming to him, he's glad, he's happy. Make your souls perfect by this Knowledge.

I won't take too long time, because everybody has to do something, but remember to utilize this golden opportunity that you have received from God, don't gaze at this opportunity, utilize it.

I have got a beautiful Rolls Royce, and I sometimes look, when I go sometimes front, I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then l go to the back, and I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then I go on the side, and I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." I go on the other side, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then I look from down, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing."

But I don't drive it. I don't take the golden opportunity of the Rolls Royce. I just take the opportunity to gaze at it. "O, my Rolls Royce is standing, O my Rolls Royce is standing." Some time I knock the seat, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Sometimes I kick the tyre, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Sometimes I take a photo, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing."

And then what will happen after some time, rot will become of your Rolls Royce, and nothing will be left. And then you will cry, weep at that time.

There was a saint, and he had a stone, and the stone was paras. Paras is a stone, if you touch it against any iron, the iron will be converted into gold. Very good for rich people. So, he gave that stone to a rich man and said, "Well, rich man, take this stone, I am going out. I will return at a particular second, particular time, particular date. He gave him the time, hour, minute, second, date. Everything he gave. "And I am going to return at that date, and I am going to take that stone. So make as much gold as you can out of this, free for you."

Well, he said thank you very much. The saint went away, and he took the receiver, phone and he dialled the iron shop, and he asked the rate of iron. It was a little bit more that day, so he said, "Well, it will go down someday, then I will buy the iron and make gold of it." Second day he again dialled, it was much more. Third day he dialled, it was much more, fourth day he dialled, it was much more, it was going up. He thought that some day it will come down, and then I will take the iron and make it gold.

But what happens, the day arrives, the hour arrives, the minute arrives, and then the second came, and then comes the saint and knocked the door. And the rich man opened the door and saw the saint. The saint said, "Give me my stone, I am here to take it back, give it to me."

The rich man said, "One second, give me one second."

He said, "No, not even a quarter of a second. Give it me back."

And he took that stone back, and went away, The rich man was just gazing, and he had nothing. This is our soul. God has given us this soul. See, out of iron, he can make anyone like gold. This is the soul.

Soul is that stone that God gave us, to make it perfect. Anything you touch with soul, it becomes perfect. God gave us this. And we said, "0, well, let us eat, drink and be merry. Let us go to club. Where will we go after that? Let's go to cinema, then we will go and make this gold." But then the second arrived, day arrived, hour arrived, minute arrived, and then the second arrived, and death was there to take that stone back. And we asked, "One second, one second, one second." But death said, "Not at all." And


death again took it back from us. The same is the case with us. Utilize the golden opportunity that you have got.

The rich man was absolutely crazy, because he was thinking for iron, and iron is cheaper than gold, he was getting something very precious, but he just went crazy. Don't you get crazy and make your purpose in this life just to eat, drink and be merry. Make this purpose something else, make this to realize God. America is so rich, is America satisfied? Tell me. If America is satisfied, why is America fighting with Vietnam? America sends Apollo to the moon, but did America gain something out of that? Not even a single bit of peace. Nothing.

Sending the Apollo to the moon, did America get some peace? A little bit? Not at all. Then how will America get peace? How will such an entire universe get peace?

The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming to be exploded now. The time is getting very near, everytime you see a watch, see the second hand, how smoothly it is going on, and so fast. The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode, there will be great famine, thunders, many these terrible events will happen. Many people will die, those people who'll be unto the ark, which is light, who will be in the shelter of that ark, which is light, will be left, otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish.

That is what Jesus has prophesized, that at the time when the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer, incredible things will happen. And then there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. And I'm really proud to say this, that after that there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. So smooth, there'll be no bumps, policeman won't have any pistols, knives, they won't have to move like they are now moving. There'll be peace all around, nobody will be unsatisfied, there will be no thunders anymore, no famines, and no terrific experiences.

God will come himself to be the President, or to be the ruler of the whole, entire universe, and it will be far out, so get ready, prepare yourselves. Make this Knowledge a shield to protect yourself from all those bumps. Otherwise, you'll be the first victims of the bombs. Surdas has also said that there will he terrible things, and only those people who have got that Knowledge will br saved, otherwise, wiped off.

So this thing is coming nearer. America is ready, and just bringing bombs to those guns. There is Vietnam, America, East Pakistan, West Pakistan, China is preparing for India, and Russia is also preparing for something else. England is also preparing for something else, world war is about to come. But, in that world war, people who have received this Knowledge will be saved, people who have known God will be saved. Otherwise, of all the people, nobody will be saved.

That's why Guru comes at the time, the holy master comes at the time when there is decline in the true religion, to save people. And he saves them, he saves them. That's why he comes. I don't declare that I am a perfect master, that I am Krishna, or I am Ram, or I am Jesus Christ, I'm nothing. I am just a humble servant, and I have brought this peace for you. If you want it, take it. If you don't want it, don't take it.

You have seen the car agents? They are always after you to sell the car, because as many cars they will sell, the much more money they will make. It's not like that, that as much Knowledge I will give, that much I will get. I am giving this Knowledge.

You will go before God, and God will ask you, "Why didn't you take this Knowledge, why didn't you realize me?"

And you will say, "Well, we weren't informed."

And I will come with a tape recorder and say, "This is it. I informed him, but he was sleeping, he was taking sleeping tablets, that's not my fault."

And they'll be the first ones to explode. And I don't say take this Knowledge from me, this is also the thing, take this Knowledge from anywhere you can get it. But if you can't get it from outside, or anybody can't give you, then. come to me.

My point is just this; TAKE THIS KNOWLEDGE. That's all. If anybody else can give you, go there, take this Knowledge. But if they can't give you this Knowledge, come to me, I will give you this Knowledge, I have got this Knowledge. I was distributing it in India. I was distributing it in London, in America, and I'm in Canada now. And I won't be staying for too long, take the opportunity. Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, complete holiday. Come and make it a holiday. Don't make it a service day, make it a holiday.

And make it a Holy Day instead of a holiday, remove T and put 'y' instead. Make it a Holy Day. And realize, and go into the mystery of God, and make yourself higher, holier, peaceful, and complete. That's all I want to say.

May God bless each one of you to be perfect, and to realize Him as soon as possible. May God protect you from that great famine and thunder which is about to come.

Thank you very much.


Bal Bhagwan Ji brother of Prem Rawat


Bal Bhagwan Ji, at 19, is the eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, and like the other members of the Holy Family, a fully realized soul. He is renowned for His concise scientific and logical explanations of difficult subjects.

What is the cause for the individuation of the soul out of the original one supreme?

Illusion (maya) is the cause for the separation of the soul from the original one Supreme. The cause for the darkness is the negation of light. Similarly the nescience (ignorance) of the knowledge of the atman is the cause of individuation.

How does it continue from incarnation to incarnation?

The individual soul has to take births after births to achieve oneness with the Supreme one which it is destined for and to achieve the highest goal of self-realisation. If the negative and the positive aspect of atma remains and dualism persists, then the illusion is natural and inevitable and it has to pass through countless lives. Just as blind is to suffer blindness, diseased is to suffer disease, similarly individual soul devoid of spiritual knowledge is to suffer incarnations in search of it. Just as it is only a good doctor who can cure the diseased and his blindness too and free him from the suffering caused by blindness, similarly it is only a Sadguru who can free the individual soul from the cycles of births and deaths by the knowledge of Holy Name and Divine Light, but ah! some devoid of faith and grace shall continue revolving in the cycles of births and deaths ceaselessly.

How does it realize its oneness with the Supreme one?

The atman realizes its oneness with the Supreme one when the negative and the positive aspects disappear through meditation and consciousness of the mind and body is lost. The atman in meditation attains the state of perfect bliss called 'turiya' and rises above the mundane existence. This state of mind cannot be achieved by leading an epicurean life. This oneness and unity with the Supreme one is brought through by the

Holy thread of the Word or Sabad Brahm only and cannot be brought by using narcotics like L.S.D. and hashish or opium. The atma realizes itself by its own well-directed efforts with the grace of Guru, and by cutting asunder the curtain of ignorance becomes one with the Supreme. The Supreme is itself self-illuminated in the form of Divine Light and when atman visualises that Divine Light it becomes radiant and immortal and enjoys the Holy Nectar. The Supreme is itself everlasting by the heavenly harmony and music. The Divine Music is the essense of life manifesting itself as the Word.

What is the history of the Word, that is, in what state did it exist before the creation of the world?

The Word in its primordial state existed as the soul of life of the 'Vaishwanara'. The Word is uncaused and is cause of creation. There was only Word in the beginning in its latent form. When it manifested in human bodies it dwelt among us in its potent form. Vaishwanara is God. The Word was with God means that the Word was the soul of God where the body of God was creation. God was conscious of the knowledge of the Word and the Word itself was inseparable from God. So the Word was God. The Upnishadas believe that the Iswar is immortal. So Word which dwells among us is immortal and is in the potent form. In its potent form in the human body, it energises the body and gives life to the mind and organs. After death it is in the latent form as it has no body or object to provide life with. Latent form was the promordial form. We are not conscious of the latent form because it is not potent. If man realizes the potent form, he, by practice, can realize the latent form too.

How did the Word play its part in creation?

The Word plays its part in the creation by descending and ascending from latent to potent and from potent to latent, whereby the action


and the reaction neutralise and exist as essence like the plus one and the minus one, that is negative and positive electron and positron both collide to annihilate matter known as anabolic and katabolic process in metabolism.

How does it manifest as the life of living things?

The Word in its potent form manifests as the life of living things and it is here only that we can realize it. By knowing it in potent form and meditating upon it we can know it even in its latent form.

How does it manifest as the Spiritual Master? Are Perfect Masters incarnations of each other or are they successive disciples of each previous Master?

The Word is associated with 'Siva' and 'Shakti'. According to Indian philosophy and religion, it is believed that 'Siva' and 'Shakti' both have manifestations and are present in every age. The Word incarnates as the Spiritual Master at the prayers and intense love of the devotees. Lord Krishna in Gita declares that when any devotee (bhakta) offers anything with intense love, then He the Supreme Lord, the Word, bodies forth by subjugating the 'Prakarti'. Thus the manifestation of the 'Spiritual Master' is not temporal but Divine. The Perfect Master manifests Himself again and again to destroy the evil and enlighten the people on the path of righteousness. The Perfect Master's manifestations are same as the countless images of man standing inbetween the two parallel mirrors. So, to take the jivas out of the clutches of maya, the Perfect Master can manifest Himself as many times and in as many forms as He likes. He only knows what He is.

How does the love and compassion of Almighty Father manifest itself for the created beings?

The love and the compassion of Almighty Father manifests itself for created beings in the form of grace, and Guru is grace. Guru is the living symbol of universal love and compassion. In Him resides the soul of all. It is only by His grace that the true Knowledge can be attained and knowing is the first step to love. First know then love.

What happens to the Jivatma (a) when it is imparted with the Saba at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, (b) when the self sees the wondrous Divine Light reflected in the mirror of a mind made bright by devotion and wisdom, and (c) when the mind is absorbed in the Name?

(a) When the Jivatma is imparted with Sabad Brahm at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, it knows the media to be one with the Lord and, with practice of the Name and an indifferent attitude towards the world developed by detachment, merges in the Word. Tulsi Dass, the mystic saint and poet, says that it is only through the meditation on Name that the form of God, that is Divine Light, is visualised and Vishwarup is seen. Words are empty to express that form (Vishwarup). Only the devotee knows the wonder of it.

(b) When the self sees the Divine Light, it overwhelms him with happiness and finds its true form. The seer and the seen become one and the same Jivatma gets liberated and attains perfection.

(c) When the mind is absorbed in the Name, a man rises above opposites and attains tranquillity of mind and gets immune to worldly attachments and there is no point of return from that perfect state.

What is the test of a 'teacher' who is competent to be a true Spiritual Master?

In fact, a true Spiritual Master needs no test, just as the sun needs no other object to illuminate it. The true Spiritual Master is known by the Knowledge He imparts. Truth bears no testimony, so a perfect Guru too. As stone walls do not make a prison nor iron bars a cage, similarly mere outward show does not make for a real teacher. His crystal-like clear path shows His absolute truth which cannot be limited by time and space. It is a law of nature that a true disciple will always find a True Master. Be true and sincere and lo! – He is before you. Love Him and He will manifest Himself for you and will come to you to bless you. Man's intelligence fails to understand the greatness of such a Guru. It is only His grace which can unfold Himself on us.

What is the infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples?

The infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples should be the universal one, supported by the earlier Masters and experiencable instantly within oneself. Every Master and religion believes that God is within us. If God is within us, then it is logical to say that His Name and Form is also within us and, therefore, the infallible technique is the technique of meditating upon His Name and Form. The Guru must give us the practical experience of it and the Knowledge of the Name and the Light is thus the only technique which is perennial and infallible.


Answers from Guru Maharaj Ji
October 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 Any questions? Do not laugh, don't waste my time. If you have got anything to ask, ask, otherwise I am going.

Speak to us of universal love please.

What is universal love? What is love? What do you consider love is?

The part of God that is in our hearts.

That part of God is soul. Pure love is devotion: this is really pure. And this, which really comes out of the heart, is devotion. Other loves are all selfish. Anything in the world besides devotion. And your devotion can only be given to Guru. That love can only be generated by Guru. And it is universal love because Guru is a universal thing. Anything more? So, that is all.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why won't you give us satsang?

Nobody asked me to give satsang.


Will you give us satsang?

Yes, on 2nd November in Westminster Hall!

Will you give us satsang tonight, Guru Maharaj Ji?

What is satsang?

Company of truth … you are satsang.

I am satsang!? How can I give you myself? I am not like a tyre that is fitted.

What is the difference between the God in you and the God in anyone else?

What is God? First of all, before you speak about G O D you must know what G O D is. Is it a flower, is it a dog, is it an animal, is it a plant, is it a bird, is it a light? What is it? What do you think God is? Has God got hands? Has God got hands like me? Do you think God is like this? No. You do not know what God is. There is a complete difference. Because you know me and you do not know God, there is a complete difference. People think that God has got hands, fingers, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue and everything. But God is not that. God is power and due to that power everything is living. Only due to that power. God is power. What you have seen in me? I am not power. You are seeing my body and that is not power. It contains power but it is not power. This is a container. But power is power. It is something within me which is probably more divine than anything else, and that is not me. Power is power and power belongs to nobody: it belongs to God. Anyone else is a human being. He is a reaction to that grace, a reaction to that power which is within him. He neither contains power nor is he power.

Yes, there is a great difference between Guru, God, and a human being. Somebody once asked Lord Krishna: "Who is more loving to you, who do you love more, who is he who loves your body but through your body loves you, who loves you as a power? Whom do you love more, people who pray directly to your non-formless thing, or do you love more those devotees who pray to your form?"

He said, "I love those devotees who pray to my formless form but I love them more who pray


to me in my form. Because I can see them, I can feel them, I can touch them, I can go alongside them as they go along." If a pilot is sitting here in the room, and an aeroplane is flying in the sky, he cannot experience the technical feelings which there are, but if he goes up with the aeroplane he can have the technical feeling, he can experience the plane moving and how the plane is taking off. So Lord Krishna says that those devotees who pray to my form are more pleasant to me. Because I can see them. Because I can do lilas with them. You know what lilas are? Lila. I think you know. Divine works of God, divine works of God and almost all works of God are lilas. This world is called Mahalila. This is the greatest lila God has ever created. So many small things rubbing here and here, here and here, here and here, chattering to each other there and there and there. See, Mahalila. So. He says I can do my lila here but I cannot do my lila there because there my form is formless. I am shining but I am not seeing anybody. With this form, though, I am seeing everybody and everybody is seeing me. So, this is what He means. God is, but what He is we have to realize through Guru in the form of our Guru. That is why Jesus had to come. And that is why Jesus had to say "I am the son of God". And when he walked into the temple there it was clarified who was Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked into the temple and the priests asked him "Who are you, tell us clearly today", and Jesus says "I and my father are one", that means I am God. Do you know the difference? Do you know there is a great difference between son and father? Isn't there? Is there no difference between son and father? No, there is too much difference. He is a grown up man and he is a small child. And the father is married to his mother. There is a great difference. See! But Jesus says "I and my father are one". That means that He was His father. That means that He was God. So we must realize, and we have to pray to that form which is God in form.

Is God to be found in stones?

God is not in stones. Kabirdas says instead of going to the temples and praying to statues of stones why don't you pray to your grinder which at least gives you some grain, some flour? Pray to it, it is also stone. And the grinder in your house. In India there are two big round pieces with a hole in-between and you place them like this and then they grind. They are called grinders. So he said why don't you pray to your grindstones instead of to your statues because they at least give you something, at least something, but a statue of stone gives you nothing. It is a statue. If a statue could walk, then why have the American people made Nixon the president? They could have made a statue of President Kennedy whom they bitterly love. But a statue can't walk. So these people make people crazy. When Jesus Christ came who criticized Him? Priests. When Krishna came, who criticized Him? Priests. When Rama came, who criticized Him? Priests. Priests are the first people to criticize God when he comes. Take any of the extreme leaders. First of all priests come in between. See?

Isn't God in everything?

God is in everything, right.

But You said God is not in stone.

God is in stone also, but will He give you anything? If you want to pray to stone, so why not also to your door, why not also to your chair? First thing in the morning when you rise up go to the tap. Right? Why don't you pray to the tap?

But I don't want anything to pray to.

So, God is omnipresent, that is right, but to get God out of something, that is impossible. God is in ground also, do not stand on God. You are sitting on God. God is troubling God now, do not sit on God. When we rise in the sky even God is in the sky also. In the air also even you are sitting on God. God is omnipresent, omniscient and imnipotent.

Why does my mind become very strong and distracting when I come to satsang, especially when I want to come here to be with you?

A man is getting strong daily, right? Now, don't give him any food. He won't become any stronger. His mind is becoming stronger daily. Don't give food to his mind and it won't become strong. Give food to his stomach but not to his mind and it won't become strong. There is an anti-fighting medicine, which is anti-mind-strength medicine, which is always fighting against the strength of the mind, It is called anti-mindstrength medicine. That is this Knowledge. Anyone who takes it regularly, one day he will become well, through this. A man who is crazy and who never takes it at the proper times gets worse and worse and worse and worse. That anti-fighting medicine. That is it. Yes. It won't help your mind to grow but it will make your mind fresher. That is all.

Is there such a thing as evil?


I haven't got evil in my pocket so that I can show you and I haven't got it on me so that I can show you. What is the opposite to good is always evil. See, evil is a power which gives you thought. Evil is a seed and when you sow that seed it will always give you thoughts. That is all. Understand? If you perform an evil action it always causes confusion: that's bad. It is very difficult for western people to realize what is evil and what is good because they have been brought up in a very unsystematic way. Their technology, their materialistic achievements are really far out. See, their minds are filled with technological things, their speed of mind is far out but it is so great that when they try to put brakes on the car overturns. So fast. It should not be so fast. Understand?

Does that mean that there is more than one thing?

What is that?

Is there nothing? Or is there just God?

Man is one. But when he stands up his shadow also appears. He is not shadow. Is he shadow? He is not a shadow. Shadows come because there is an object. A shadow has to come where there is an object. Right? So when God is something, that is one. One is here right, and there is the surroundings of this world, O.K? So when one thing is facing the whole world then automatically the world will be a reflection, it will only be His ego. If you stand in the moonlight He will be twice as you are. Far out. Because it one thing. Reflections are always dark. God is light, but when reflection comes it is dark. See. So one is one, the other is a shadow, and you have to take anti-mindstrength medicine that defies strength of mind and then you become low, your strength is reduced, you become O.K. and you see God.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if our hearts have many doubts, what is the best way to soften them up so that we may take Knowledge?

You give me yourself, you give me your love, and you give me your egos. Have you seen a bull fight? When man fights with bull he takes a red cloth and he shows it like this. And that bull comes flying and wants to hit the red cloth. But the bull falls right here and he crashes and he is saved. I've got a box. I stand like this with that box and you throw your egos, doubts, sufferings to me. I put the box on one side and I stand like this. Now egos and doubts come and enter that box. I take a lighter and burn that box. Box remains and egos and doubts are burned.

Catch it Guru Maharaj Ji, Catch it now.

Not only will I put your egos and everything in that box and burn it so that you won't have any sufferings, doubts, egos or anything. That is nothing. But also you will be a complete human person, a perfect devotee with perfect peace, perfect calmness, and perfect greatness, with bliss and consciousness.

Is there anything we need to take on the jumbo to India with us? Apart from ourselves.

Yes, you need to carry devotion and your memory, not your mind. What do you think, should smoking be allowed in the Jumbo Jet or not? I don't think so. This is a divine truth. Smoking will react against that truth. And people who are going on Jumbo jet should be smart, because when you land in India there will be all press reporters and we have to show them that we are smart people. Perfect devotees of Guru Maharaj. To show that not only have we controlled our minds, but we have also controlled our bodies and we show them. This is the thing that Indian press people like. If you co-operate with me and give good news to Indian press reporter, right, you will put good ideas into their minds and they will write a good report. And when they write a good report many people will know and they will come to me and yes they will receive Knowledge. But if you go on the same original way as many people go from here, they scatter their things, they ever scatter their bodies on the grounds, it won't give a good impression to the press reporters. And I want Divine Light Mission to be like a laser beam, a most shining thing, a most bright thing. And it is not a pretty hard thing to do. You should at least keep your body under control. If you look smart, you work smart. If you don't look smart, you don't work smart. Anyhow you must create the best impression you can on the Indian press reporters. They want to put your photos in the paper. O.K. Understand or not? Just a little bit?

Does this mean we should cut our hair Guru Maharaj Ji?

Anything you like, as long as you look smart. If you don't want to cut your hair, then don't cut it. but look smart even then. A good way and a manner. You should wear something smart so they should know who are you. It is an external impression but before you enter the temple you have to pass something external. Before you enter a country you leave a country and inbetween you have to go through no-man's land. Go from here,


or go from Stuttgart to Switzerland and you will cross a border and then you will pass through no-man's land, right? Before you go to the internal expression you have to cross the external expression, because externality lies before internality. So anything going to the internal heart will have to cross the external body. Understand? Your intellect, your knowledge is lying within you, your love and your devotion is lying within you and any person who wants to seek it out, dig it up, will have to cross your body first. And the rays are the impressions of your body. So these are the first external thing which he will have to cross before he goes in. See? First thing. No smoking. And any where you want to go we are going to provide the best facilities we can. Anywhere you want to go, buses will come, you'll sit in the buses, go, visit that place, come back, sit in the buses, they will take you to another place, sit in the buses again and ultimately come back, in a gathered group, to that place. And if you are smart, I will shine. You are going in the Jumbo Jet because I came to London. I am taking you because I have given you Knowledge. If you are shining then automatically I will shine. If you aren't shining, I won't shine.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971

Why not?

Why not? Because before you see a face in the shiny part of the mirror the glass should be cleaned. Only then the reflection will come. That is it. You are the glass and I am the shiny part. But I am standing behind. If you are misted up nobody can see me. If you go out and start critisizing me nobody will come to me. You are devotees, I pass you something and if you create a bad impression of that thing which I have given to you, nobody will have a good impression of it. Because you are the doors for people to come to me. I am somewhere sitting down inside. Before God will come on this earth He has to create His devotees. Then only He can come. Devotees are more important than God even. Than Guru even. Because Guru cannot reveal Himself alone. He needs the devotees to reveal Himself. In the same way God cannot reveal Himself. He needs Guru to reveal Himself. Devotees carry His message. Understand? Good! Everything is clear outside but if my window, my front glass, is very dirty can I see if things are good? No. I see everything is dirty. Everything is hazy. But if my glass is good, even if it is dirty outside I can see everything clearly. But if you are dirty, even if your mind is clear, you can't see me. First thing is a clear view. And this is the cooperation I need from you western people. I don't need money. I can be anything. I can be an engineer, or I can be a doctor. It won't cost money. I can have a £1000 a year. I can purchase land and be a farmer and grow as much as I like. But I don't want money. I want only your devotion. I am hungry for somebody to obey my order. If you can give me that it is well and good. Otherwise I will leave this job which I am doing now, giving this Knowledge to people, and go and sit somewhere in the earth. God has to be bounded by His devotees. And first of all devotees have to obey the order of Guru, but if they obey it once very well and good, then Guru will obey the order of His devotees. Guru says "You have played my part, now I will play your part. Tell me what to do." And that is how Hanuman was able completely to control Ram, who was the Lord in his time. By repeating the Name and by obeying the orders of Sri Ram, Hanuman was able to take Ram in his control. Whatever Hanuman said, Ram had to do it.

A father has four children. He gives love equally to all but he will love that one most who will obey him. There are many devotees but I love only those devotees who obey my order, who love me. I can only love them because there is at least a communication. At least I am having some reflection of them in me. And I am going to see how much you obey because I'll be there to see you every moment. And I'll be there in your wrongs at every moment; after every five minutes I'll be checking to make sure that nobody is falling.


The established church makes a lot of fuss about people not getting married today. In what way should we regard it?

What do you want me to say about that?

You know, should we bother or not?

The answer is on television. Young people talk about these things. To get married or not and all that. All these things are not important. What is first, regard that. These are things which come later on. First of all, realize God and then see to the other things. For a man who gets a commission out of marriage he'll say "No, first thing is marriage and that later on." But the man who gets his commission out of this Knowledge, he will always say "No, no, this Knowledge is first." Some get commission in money. I get commission in grace. And I get twice what they get. If someone gets $500, I get $1000. If someone gets $1000, I get $2000. Twice as much. So, that's why I always say if you really want to earn something take the permission of Maharaj Ji and start giving Knowledge. You'll be a rich man. See, I've got Knowledge, right? See, I'm a rich man. I'm so rich nobody can compete with me. I've got riches, lots of riches. But these riches are something else.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 And you've made us so rich, Guru Maharaj whatever can we do for you?

Start working for me. Do some service and do some meditation. Anything more?

It seems such a small thing?

It is a small thing. You are right. If we come a thousand times and do service to Guru and meditation and whatever we can for Him, still it won't be worth what He has given us. Because what He has given is the mystery of the whole world. That cannot be, we cannot get it. Cannot give it to Him.

Guru Maharaj Ji, which people do you think need the Knowledge and how will you go about giving it to them?

I am giving it to them. You need not bother about that. Three thousand people have taken Knowledge in America, and about one thousand here. When I used to take the mike, even before I took the mike in my hand to speak, people used to look here and there, here and there, and when I started speaking, they used to go like this: "What is he saying?", because they have never heard about this thing. When they heard about a Knowledge which you can meditate on and practise even when you are sleeping they were just amazed and they used to come like, like anything, even crawl, and then they used to take Knowledge and became very, very eager. So, the water will come up when a man becomes thirsty. That is what the Lord said. So when this world needs Knowledge the Lord will come. And now this world needs Knowledge and the Lord has come, and He is giving Knowledge to people.

What happens to people who don't understand and don't practice?

Kabir says if you are standing on a boat and taking someone out of the water, if you can take him out of that river, well and good, take him out. If you can't, then give him two pushes more, otherwise he will bring you down with him. If you are standing in the boat and someone is drowning in the water, take him up if you can. If you can't then give him two pushes more!

Do you only give satsang to people who want to hear it?

Yes, only to them. Not to others. If they don't want to hear it they will misuse it. If they want to hear it they will hear it. Try to use the energy you waste on those people who don't want to hear it on those who do. It'll benefit them more. The other people need more time to become thirsty.


But you don't need to wait for people to ask you, do you?

They themselves come and ask me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, when will you make us all yours, 100%?

You have to develop yourself. You know, you have to be so high that I can catch your hand. At least you should be high enough for me to catch your hand. But I cannot bend down too much otherwise I come down.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if a devotee wants to give himself 100% to you, must he first of all understand his mind?

Not necessarily. He can do service and give himself completely. He must just give all his service to Guru Maharaj, then he'll be a 100% devotee. Put all devotion into the service of Guru Maharaj Ji. If I do service then I am a servant and if I am giving my devotion then I am a devotee.

Then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it that sometimes we feel intellectually we want to surrender to you but in practice it is difficult?

Because your ego begins to act on you and something wrong happens. Because of circumstances, the ego becomes an obstacle. That is why I say instead of taking a difficult staircase to liberation, there is a direct staircase of devotion so you may go direct. Do not waste all your time, probably taking a wrong road which takes you half way round the world and which you will probably miss many times. Take the direct staircase of service which will not put you in circumstances of egos, doubts, confusions and so on.

Earlier you were talking about the body of man being the crown of creation. Could you explain that?

Yes. This human body is a combination, a mixture, of elements that exist in fire, water, earth and air, and so on. And these elements are composed in such a way that wnat is created from them is the body. This is not the law of evolution or something like that. It is an occurance proclaimed by all the great scriptures. What is this human body? When it dies all the elements go and join those from which they have been composed. Thus is the human body created. It is composition. And in the composition is a main thing, an important part. What is the best car in the world? Rolls-Royce? O.K, take Rolls Royce for instance. Rolls Royce is a beautiful car. But suppose it has got only a motorbike engine. What use would that be? It would not even be a car. It would be of no use. The main thing in that car, and why that car is famous, is the engine, the machinery that it contains. In the same way, this human body is famous, and is so active, just because there is an important thing in it. And this is the soul. This is part of God. This is the important part. God is a pure energy, existing everywhere. But it has got more source in a human body than in an animal, bird or insect. And there is a path existing for the human man called humanity. And a man has to roll down that path for the progress of his character, his knowledge, his faith, or what you might call his belief or his religion. Do you understand? Any questions more?

If you and everybody stopped meditating, what would happen?

If! No answer to if, no question of if. Nobody will do that. The whole world will die. Nothing will be existing. What is the true meditation? You know that. What is the Word? If the Word should finish nothing will be left. It is the common thing.

In the Aquarian Gospel it is written that Jesus after the crucifixion ressurects and comes back in the form of light. He said when I come back my light will be everywhere. So should not a fully manifested being know how to travel in light. I mean dematerialize and rematerialize?

First of all, merge yourself into that light

Can't you rematerialize your body? I mean the Christ in you?

Who is Christ? Who is Christ? Who is Christ?

I mean the higher self, the higher mind You, as when the Aquarian Gospel says through the Christ was created all life.

Alright. This Christ is a pure and perfect energy. The word Christ does not refer to the body of Christ because there was no body of Christ when there was Adam and Eve. And there was no body before Adam and Eve except God. And God created Adam and Eve. And thus the Lord came on. So what was the form of Jesus Christ at that time? When this world was not created? It was perfect and pure energy, perfect and pure light, perfect and pure vibration, what you call primordial vibration. That was its form. And this vibration is so effective, so far out, that if a man sets himself on it


he is automatically carried at a speed, yes, greater than anything in the world. Right to that place where he is in that consciousness where there is light. There is no world there, there is no materialistic thing there, there is no more you are my father, you are my mother, you are my sister and you are my this and you are my that and you are that and you are that and you are that. Nothing is there. Only you. You are also not there. There is only one thing existing there and that is God.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971

But some masters are in etheric levels of consciousness and speak of spacecraft, UFOs, which are just bodies of energy … also they are on other planets but we cannot detect them.

I would really like to drive this space-craft, it would be interesting. But listen, there is one thing more. Whether there are other planets or not, this planet is not concerned with that. This planet is concerned with God, the creator of all the planets. And that is all. This planet is going to be the highest of all the planets, higher even than gods. Even gods, without a capital, are lower than this planet. Because for the production of this planet God has to take human body and has to follow certain rules. So high is this planet. All other planets have nothing in them so interesting that a man should know it. Nobody is sure about them anyway. It is only guesswork. What you are talking about now is only guesswork, right? Like in algebra, there is x and there is y and there is z and you have to work out what is t in ten seconds. It's guesswork. Isn't it?

Well, I have been in meditation and seen these evolved people in conscious communication with higher regions, and they have channelled through men on this earth with such a vibration that I felt the presence of these third masters, and they carried specifically different vibrations. You could actually feel their presence. Who are these? How do you explain it?

Simple nonsense, that's all. This is not real. This all nonsense. If you want to feel a vibration, I can tell you of a vibration, I can make you feel a vibration, which is really a vibration, and which elevates a man to the altitude of God, where God's lotus-feets are. The elevation of this point is so high, this vibration has got such an elevation, it contains such power, such magnetic effects, that it elevates a man in a quarter of a half of a quarter of a second to that power where the lotus-feets are, where there is no darkness yet no light that has been created by sun, moon or fire. This light is the source of pure and perfect energy, where there is no pollution, illusion delusion, where there is nothing impure. There is only purity: Even if it rains the drops are also pure. Anything that drops into that vibration is always pure.

In other words the vibration that I felt was an illusory vibration?

I won't say that. Maybe sometimes you do feel vibrations. But first of all, put yourself at the


point where you are capable of merging into God. If you want to merge your car into the traffic first all you have to get to that particular point where the road joins the highway, right? Only then will you be able to merge. Be at that point where it is written 'Merging Traffic'. And in this case a man has to be capable of merging himself. Before this, anything he receives is probably just illusion, and not important for him. Something came and passed away and has caused confusion, probably. Understand? There is only one vibration that is real. Where there is a tree there is grass also, but the grass is not the tree. There is a great deal of difference between the two. So where there is the primordial vibration there are other vibrations also. But they are not true vibrations. Whatever you see is a vibration. This is a vibration. My hand is a vibration, my body is a vibration, flowers are vibrations. Everything you see is a vibration. But the question arises, can you call these vibrations true? No. You can't call them true. The true vibration is that which has made, has caused to exist, all the others. God is the perfect and pure vibration within us. Come here, know what it is, and become satisfied.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971Maharaj Ji, does merely practising the Knowledge clear everything up? Does one need to take Knowledge more than once?

If you know the Knowledge you must meditate. It is a rubber that rubs, rubs, rubs, everything. Even what is illusionarily good is rubbed away also. Only spiritual good is kept back. So you have to meditate, meditate, meditate.

Maharaj Ji, is it necessary to take Knowledge before you can follow the path, or do you find the Knowledge by following the path?

You have received Knowledge? No. You don't know what Knowledge is. You are guessing. Knowledge is itself the path and also the destination. It is what it is and it is what it should be. Knowledge is the path to itself and takes us into itself, for it is that vibration we are seeking. It is everything. It is merged with everything. It is the Knowledge. It is the primordial vibration. It is the path to it. And it is it itself. This is Knowledge.

But isn't it possible through purification?

What is purification? It is a word, that's all. Really, it is a word and that is all. In the dictionary it has a few meanings. What is real purification? Till the mind exists no purification can be done. While the mind exists no purification can be done. We say Mahatma Gandhi was a pure man. But while he was a child what did he do? He ate meat. Only once, but he ate meat. How to be pure? Why be pure? The question arises. Why be pure? Because we are impure. Why are we impure? If you can work out the reason for that then you can be pure. So you be the judge. There are many things which claim to be really pure, but are they really pure? A rose never claims to be a rose. Only if it is artificial it will claim "I'm a rose, I'm a rose, I'm a rose." So what is purity? You have to be pure not only in what you do but in thoughts, deeds, and mind, in your memory, your work, actions and in your daily way of living. And how to do that, how to perform it in practice? Saying it is very easy, doing it is very, very hard. Only by taking away your mind can you be absolutely pure. Yes, purity is very good. We should be pure. But how should we be pure? That's all.

After receiving Knowledge, there is some reaction inside one. Can't that inner action begin before receiving Knowledge?

No, it cannot happen before. When sulphuric acid drops on your clothes, what will it start doing? What will be the reaction? Will the cloth first burn, and then the sulphuric acid is spilled on it? No. First the acid comes and then it starts burning. In the same way with this Knowledge. You are guessing about it. You have not received it. Have you seen the Taj Mahal? O.K. So if you say you think the Taj Mahal would be more beautiful with white stones in it you're only guessing. Taj Mahal already has white stones. Yes, it shines. You are guessing. And what Knowledge is can never be


guessed by mind. Because wherever Knowledge will go it will say to mind "Get out. Get out." And then mind will be afraid and will try to torture you from outside. But if you are really full and have faith in the Knowledge you have received you will not be tortured. Knowledge will keep it away from you. And Knowledge is such a thing that as soon as it comes to you it starts its action. Immediately. Everything has a speed and speed has a time but this Knowledge has such a speed it has got no speed. As soon as it drops into you it starts its action. Digging the purity out from deep inside you. Abolishing all that is impure in you. There is not another technique to use. This is the only way. Many saints have searched for other methods and applied other methods, trying to be pure from the outside. But they can't become pure. Because the mind says "Oh, that is beautiful, this picture is very beautiful", and thus you become impure. The idea of grabbing something comes to you and you can't stop it, can you? You can't stop your mind. Mind is always there before you; even before you see it the mind is there sprinkling it. Mind reaches that particular thing and calls "You, mister, see here!" Your mind becomes attracted. But once you're with this Knowledge you don't have mind any more. You are just pure. You are absolutely pure.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 How can I receive this Knowledge?

It's very easy. Once you have understood the introduction to this Knowledge, you are ready to receive it. Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and it shall be opened.

May I have this Knowledge?

Yes, sure!

Can meditation also bring the Knowledge?

What is meditation? What is eating food? Meditation is like eating food. First of all you must have the food to be able to eat it, right? Imagining that you are eating will not bring food, will it? Same with meditation. If I tell you to meditate on or concentrate on a point in this room, first of all you look at this point and say "this point is more beautiful than that because it has got a pipe nearby." Then you see another point and say "That point is more beautiful because it has got a different colour to this." Then you might say "No, that point is more beautiful because it has got a rose nearby." So you start concentrating on that point. But then you see another point and think let's see that and say "Oh, this is golden with a white colour." Ultimately you will start concentrating. But first, always first, is to have that point. And that is Knowledge. If you want to drive you don't need the road first. You cannot drive a road. You need a car. Once you get the car there is no problem. The road will come.

Some people must be born with Knowledge?

Everybody has got Knowledge in him. Everybody is born with Knowledge. The children which are not born with Knowledge are dead. Everybody is born with Knowledge. But what happens? Years come and layers start building themselves up over that Knowledge. So now there is a thick layer and when you are again in search of that Knowledge you go to Guru and Guru takes a knife and cuts through. He performs the surgery. Then you can meditate.

In the Aquarian Gospel it mentions Lord Gabriel and Lord Michael. Who are these?

Well, I haven't read the Aquarian Gospel so I don't know.

You don't believe in space-crafts, is that right?

If they are there I would like to drive them. It would be very very, far out. But see, the man is everything. You should go and sit in a theatre. See a man who's dead, or a man coming with a pistol to kill a man. A certain man is waiting and a man


comes behind him and does like this; he'll be killed won't he? Or something comes like a bad thing, or a hand comes; he'll start escaping from it. But after it has finished all we see is a bare white screen. Nothing else. The car came, the man came with the pistol and killed him, the car came and took him away, and that happened and that happened and that happened. And where did it all go? Vanished! Just vanished! This is the mind. It brings space-crafts, it brings gods, it brings so many, so many things, then when it goes off there is nothing there. Can't see it. There's only one thing there and this is God. Generator, Operator, Director. And He is all powerful, all merciful. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. That is more than enough. No space-crafts. Space-crafts won't help bring that peace within you.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Mharaj Ji in 1971 You are saying they are an illusion and I agree, just like my hand is an illusion. What I'm asking is what created this illusion. If it is not real then who is inside these spacecraft flying them?

I'll tell you. I've explained before about this. When man was created unfortunately a desire was created, right? And this desire used to go and hit boundaries of Knowledge, the boundaries of the primordial vibration, the boundaries of whatever you call it. But God has not allowed this desire to touch that purity, because the body is illusion and the product of the body – desire – is also illusion. And you know that when two things hit each other, a third thing also is created. So when the desire hit the boundary the thing that came out was illusion.

In other words, you are saying there are no different entities, no ether masters at different levels of consciousness. You are saying the highest manifestation of man was on the planet earth, right?

And all the illusion began. And this illusion put man in many areas, made him think in these different ways. But what was real, he missed it. All because the body was created, and that was illusion. It was not perfect.

Why is there a creation? Why is there suffering?

Sufferings come. We do what we do. If today I'm a man and I don't develop myself, suppose I'm just a labourer to serve another man. I have to work the whole night through, then the whole day. And again. Dig something. Whole night. Dig something. Whole day. Dig something. And when I get in I undress and I think my whole body is bleeding. I am an educated man, an engineer. I go to my office, sit there for six hours, or three hours, or four hours of whatever. Do my work. Write things down. See what is going on. Come back and dress. Whatever I was doing before, if I had progressed hard I wouldn't have been that labourer, I would have been that engineer. You can't reap mangoes out of thorns, can you? Can you sow thorns and reap mangoes? Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow good, if you do good, you shall reap good. If you do bad, you shall reap bad. Whatever bad a man did, he gains a lot of suffering out of it. And whatever good he did, he gains all that is good.

Does questioning also produce suffering?

If you can't understand me here, if you can't understand the answer, it creates terrible suffering in your mind. You cannot sleep at night because of the illusive question.

The Book of Revelation in the Bible talks about the chosen people, 144,000 people, and it also mentions the New Jerusalem. Now I wondered if you could first explain what it means by the chosen people and then …

If you can just have patience you will be able to observe those 144,000 people and the New Jerusalem that is going to come.

What is the New Jerusalem?

Just observe. It is going to come. It is not yet. I know that. I have read the Bible and perhaps my


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971

understanding is an error and if it is I was wondering if you could relieve this for me. Could you shed some light on it?

The new Jerusalem that is going to come is going to be the Kingdom of Heaven and those 144,000 devotees who are chosen are going to be the most humble servants of God.

Chosen by whom?

The same person for whom they are doing their service. But since this will be a time when everybody will be His son and He will be His father, there will be more than 144,000 even.

I know it is only a symbolic figure. What is going to be the distinguishing factor? Those that have received the Knowledge and those that have not? Is that it?

That will surely happen, that will surely happen. The bombs are going to explode and some people are going to be the victims of these bombs. They are those people who are ignorant of this Knowledge.

In other words, this is a symbolic figure-head of this Knowledge that you are showing?

Kingdom of Heaven. This is a symbolic expression for the Kingdom of Heaven. There are many, many, many like this in the Bible and really many in our scripture also, and in other scriptures also. It is going to be really wonderful.

Can we save our parents?

Sure. Who brought parents in the world?

They are our parents.

They are our parents, I know that. Who has brought them this world? There is one parent and He is the parent of everybody. He supports everybody. If someone is wrong he'll kick him, if someone is good He will raise him up. He is a transformer. Excess current is resisted, good current is given out. People are resisting my Knowledge, I am trying very hard. I am having to use both my legs today because nobody is co-operating with me. But when the world starts co-operating with me I will be able to give this Knowledge to the whole world in five seconds. I give you a challenge on this. Once this world starts co-operating with me, in five seconds the whole world will be divine. The one flag of true knowledge. Not American, Canadian, and Great Britain, South African and that: there will be only the one flag of True Name. Under


it the whole world will be united, but who are cooperating?

How is it possible in five seconds?

Not on the television. On the television there is no fun. There is no point in television. It must be given real to real. Hand to hand. Five seconds.

How can we co-operate more?

By service. There was a great leader in India and he was also a guru and he used to say to people, you give me your love and I will give you peace. And that is the same thing I challenge you. I hope somebody will pick it up.

Guru Maharaj Ji, could you explain service?

If you become a servant and start doing service, you will realize what it is more than if I had explained it to you. Because I was only fortunate enough to do service for a very short time and thus I feel that I was unfortunate in that thing. I had very little time to do service, very little time, I only got about a year or two to do service, and this is not enough time. It is only a quarter of a second. And what is a quarter of a second? A quarter of a second is more than enough, but it was not even a quarter of a second. Service is so important. Service is that which makes you shine like a servant. Only service. It makes you shine like a servant. Don't think that servant is the lowerthing. Servant is very high thing. When Jesus Christ went to be baptised by John, John was the service of baptism. Christ goes there and John says "Yes, you are going to baptise me or will I baptise you?" And Jesus said, "No, no. You baptise me", and John again said "Yes, are you going to baptise me or am I going to baptise you?" So service is such a high thing that Lord of the Universe Ram had to come upon the order of a little monkey. The Lord of Universe Krishna had to be a charioteer for an ordinary man like Arjuna. So what was that that made it so? Only service. And service to Guru is service to all humanity. All humanity takes privilege out of it. They really are privileged.

There were many people who really wanted to do service and they were with Maharaj Ji, my father, and only thus was He able to do what you say. When He first left Lahore – because then Pakistan, West Pakistan and India were not separated – there were only two people with Him and He used to go and sleep on the railway station or in inns where there was only one room, and used to eat grams and used to drink water. But today, because these two people with Guru Maharaj Ji were doing service, the whole world is gaining. Then it was only India and Bihar, Bihar Estate, but today in that same Bihar where Maharaj Ji used to go and stay in the dirty inns because nobody used to clean them (they were times when everybody was so busy in what was going on there nobody used to clean those inns), today by the help of those two there stands a beautiful ashram there, an ashram much more beautiful than any of the palaces. About one million people have received Knowledge under the shadow of that huge tree that stands by it. Only by the service of those two people.

And there are lazy servants here also. They take Knowledge but don't want to do service. And so whatever they are doing, they want to throw out the illusion that they have in their mind, they want to throw it out but they haven't unwound the elastic. Means they don't want to do service, and thus illusion again comes back into them. So service is a most, most, most beautiful and recommended thing. Especially the servant. And how do we become servant? Servant is a mark of humbleness which any man can possess. But how can you be servant? By service. Once you do service, you become servant. And thus you become humble, and the humbleness you possess now is of spirituality. No more illusion.

And you are serving whom? Not a man. Not an ordinary man. Whom? Who has created the the whole universe, done everything? You are going to do service for Him and is there any wrong to do service for Him. He has done so much service for you. He has even created you. He has made you survive in your mother's stomach. He has done such a great lot of service for you, can't you even do a little bit of service for Him?

Guru Maharaj Ji, can I have your Grace to help me with my meditation and help me to do better service?

Yes. But there is a point when a man forgets what to do. If I sit in this car will it take me where I like? No. I will have to drive it. People ask for grace and sit and think that grace is like an aeroplane or a suitcase that will come to them and they will open it and the grace will flow out and take away their troubles. Grace is not like that. First you have to push yourself and then the grace will push you. Grace can only come when you are working, when you are active. So don't stop doing meditation. Go ahead and grace will follow you. And wherever there is cause for you to fall grace will prevent you from falling. That's all.



Holy Mother of our Lord who is visiting this country early next year, recently gave this discourse which is translated from Hindi.

Mata Ji, the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat

Dear Premies,

The greatness of satsang (holy company) is really beyond description In the Ramayana it is said satsang is only obtained by greatly fortunate people.

Sadh Sudharahi Satsangat Pai
Paras paras Kuthutu Suhai

This means this human body, which you have received, is bestowed on you as a boon by God. But you should know the greatness of this, you should know the sole purpose for which it is given us. We forget the aim of our human life and we waste it in worldly purposes. Scriptures praise the greatness of the human body and declare it to be priceless, because by having this body we are standing at the door of salvation or liberation. In this human body we can make the effort to obtain God-realisation. Even the gods and goddesses in heaven are greedy to obtain this body. If you miss this golden opportunity of knowing Truth in this life you will repent, after this priceless time is passed in vain!

There are four graces which are bestowed on the Jivatma (individual soul). The first is the grace of God, who has given us this wonderful human body with which we can act as we wish. If it was not bestowed on you, how would you be able to visit His universe? The second grace is scriptures, which point out that you should go to the shelter of Tatwadarshi (Perfect Master). Then only can you know the path of Truth, the way of everlasting welfare. How should we go to a Perfect Master? Many stories of previous saints are given in the scriptures. How they received Knowledge of Truth in their life, how great a thirst they had and how it was quenched.

In the 'Bhagavad Gita', lesson four, verse thirty four, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "O Arjuna, with a child-like heart go to the shelter of the Perfect Master. Bow to His Lotus Feet, serve Him and ask questions about the True Knowledge. And if he is pleased with you. He will


impart to you the great Truth."

By being humble and poor, as a child is, and with a strong desire and thirst, this Knowledge is received. It is never received by argument as this subject is beyond intellect and should not be discussed in an argument. This is the second grace, that of the scriptures .which point out and inspire us with what we have to do in our human life.

The third grace given to man is that of the True Satguru (True Master) who bestows the Knowledge of the Holy Name and Divine Light of God to us, within our hearts, then we know the technique to turn our thoughts, or waves of mind, inside. He gives the way of controlling the mind and thus making it steady and stable, showing us practically the mystery of Truth. One who goes to the shelter of such a Master can easily cross the ocean of this world, which is full of sorrows and sufferings.

0 man, understand and think! Your mind is always going outward to the objects of the senses, the emotions and thoughts of your mind are directed outwardly. Learn from the tortoise who whenever there is a chance of attack on it, withdraws itself into its hard shell inside. In the same way, when there is Satsang you should hear it by diverting your mind completely inward and listening attentively.

God has given us the brain to think with. There is an abundance of rain but the Swati raindrops are very rare. And in the sea, there are many, many, waves, always coming, countless in numbers, but the oyster does not care for them and always keeps its mouth open so that at any time that Swati raindrop may fall into its mouth. It always bears the hurt that waves cause it but never discourages itself due to the hindrances of them. For the drop of Swati, when it reaches the mouth of the oyster converts into a precious pearl afterwards.

Jako Jahi Per Satya Saneho
So Tehi Melahe Na Kachu Sandehu

When that oyster struggles so much and has great love for that Swati drop, that drop has to fall in its mouth. When God has given us this priceless human body, then will he be not on this earth with us? Of course he would have come, and always one who seeks finds. One who seeks the pearl after diving deep into the sea always gets success but not the one who just sits near the seashore.

The fourth grace bestowed on man is his own. God has given us human birth, scriptures inspire us to go to the shelter of the Perfect Master and to recognise Him, and the Master imparts that Knowledge. Now for one who has received that Knowledge, this grace means his own effort in practising the Knowledge. This wealth, money, house, family, and all may be received, but at the final moment, none of these will help us and even our own body is left behind. Therefore always remember the Holy Name of God, earn this spiritual money as much as you can and make the effort to cross this ocean of the phenomenal world. Lord Krishna said, "0 Arjuna, do action by the body with the senses, and by the mind remember My Name."

Guru Maharaj Ji is going from place to place to give the technique of mind control, by the Holy Name to people taking the shelter of His Feet. Know that highest secret and then practise that in your life and to whom is that Knowledge bestowed? Not to all. There are two kinds of people to whom this Knowledge will be given. To a son and to a disciple. As one father has two sons, one obedient and serving to him and the other who never listens or obeys him, the father is pleased only with the obedient and serving son. And when the father distributes the property, the obedient son takes all the heritage as the father does not like to give to his disobedient son. To his disobedient son he would say, "As you always tried to give me a bad name and never obeyed me, I should not give any part of my heritage to you." Similarly, perfect Knowledge as Knowledge of Truth is only given to those who are obedient disciples, who are always full with those qualities which please the Master. So the Master gives the heritage of Divine Knowledge to that son or disciple.

When the Satsang meeting was held in Jaipur the king of that state, president of the parliament and the prime minister also came. The minister came and heard Guru Maharaj Ji's discourse with good interest. All sat down on the floor and though he came for only fifteen minutes, the minister was so attracted by the Satsang of Guru Maharaj J that he listened to two and a half hours of Satsang. They said, "Our position is not greater than the seat of saints." So it was right; he who becomes free from ego can receive this Knowledge.

Once a king went to Guru Nanak and at the door told someone to tell Guru Nanak that the king has come. Guru Nanak asked what is the work of the king to come here, as to the shelter-of Guru only a poor and humble seeker, thirsty of Truth and service, should come. When the king heard this answer, he understood that really he should not go to the master like a king. Then he requested forgiveness from the Guru and said, "Your servant and beggar has come to your door and wants to see you." Then only he was able to see Guru Nanak. Threrfore we should approach realized saints with a humble, poor, and childlike heart. He gives a strange thing, due to the lack of


which all are suffering.

Saints say that there is a Word of Name that was in the beginning of the world and that is now and that will be forever. The Word is the life in _us and as long as that conscious Word lies within us our physical body is working. We are working, speaking, walking, but by forgetting that Word today, man is entangled in mine and thine, but this sense of mine and thine can never go with you after death.

This physical existence is not true. At any time this body can die. Today man has forgotten that path of peace taught by the great saints, by following which one can be happy forever. Unless one follows the path of Truth, shown by the great Seers of Truth, there can be no peace in society, country or in the world, and there can be no unity and co-operation amongst societies. From time immemorial, this path of reality, unless shown, was not known by people, and not knowing their own real self they suffered greatly. But when they followed the path and realized their Divine Self, they became happy for always and were dipped in the waters of love and embraced one another.

Therefore, think and think, 0 man. Know that Holy Word of God by taking the practical guidance and grace of the Living Master. In the heart of man dwells God as Divine Light. Realize that Light which is self-effulgent and self-luminant. No sun, moon, stars, lightning or any other lightings are enlightening that, but all these sources of light get their light from the ultimate source of enlightenment. We can meditate on that and remember the Holy Word all the time. That Word that is inexpressable in letters or alphabets and is self-uttered and self-named. It is the secret lying inside all people. Many people think that by doing external practices, they can obtain salvation and peace of mind. But this is not true, because at the final moment we do not have the use of our senses. Our tongue cannot speak, then how can we chant mantras at that time? Our legs do not stand, then how can we go on pilgrimages to temples and churches? We cannot do those external techniques. Only the Holy Word which is causing our breath to take place can be remembered at the time of death, that which is beyond the body, senses and intellect. Only an enlightened soul, a Satguru, can reveal that wonderful Knowledge of the Holy Name of God.

You people come tomorrow also and ask questions about this Knowledge, but not just to argue as we have not come to argue over the subject of spirituality. We should not go to argue on religion to saints, as by arguing you only get entangled by the network of words and various philosophic ideas of speculative thinkers. Thinking is not realization. Come politely with love and faith and then you can receive. The heart should be pure. Why do we love a child? Because a child has a pure and simple heart, so we should go along like a child to pray for the bestowal of this great gift of the Master to us. Those who have taken Knowledge should try their best to change their life. This is the greatest thing you can achieve now. One who has got this philosopher's stone of Name, his heart is changed from iron to gold. But this Knowledge is even greater than the philoopher's stone because that can only change iron to gold by its touch but not into the philosopher's stone itself. But Guru Maharaj Ji makes the aspirant as Himself. The sermons of the Master have the power to dispel the darkness of the whole world.

Rivers always flow downward to the sea. Why? When they reach the sea, then only can they take rest. Throw a stone upward, and it falls down and takes rest when it mixes with the earth. The flame of a lamp is always directed upward. Why? The rivers are a part of the sea and so they want to meet with their original source. Stone, being a part of the earth, always comes down to meet with its source. The flame of the lamp is a part of the fire of the sun, so it is directed upward. It is a natural tendency in the universe. Why do we want peace? Our soul originates from the Perfect Peace of God, so all of us are in search of permanent peace. But unless we are united with God, our souls cannot have rest and peace. Therefore know that path of Peace and Knowledge.

Nanak says those who themselves remember the Name of God and inspire others to know that are certainly free from the world. Threrfore you yourselves know that and help others to know it also. Great souls can only teach mankind and not animals or stones. God himself comes in human form and teaches through the lips of the Guru in the language of man. All other actions and enjoyments can be enjoyed in animal bodies also, but you cannot realize God in those bodies. Man can do action and enjoy the fruits of those actions (Karma). He can cook many delicious dishes and 'can eat too, but animals can only eat, not cook. Because lower bodies are not able to create their own karma, only the human body is called the karma yoni (.body). Someone who has this great body, yet who denies his real self, is called by the scriptures an animal without horn or tail.

Therefore all of you listen and think over what is the purpose of this life. Although you can possess great wealth, great degrees and position, without self-realization, all this is of no use. Without the Name of God, peace is not gained. Therefore know that thing first from Satguru and practise it in your life.


Mata Ji, the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat with Young Prem

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