Divine Light Magazine No 4


Guru Maharaj Ji speaking to premies at
Everyman Cinema, Hampstead,
31st October 1971.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

Well, premies, there is a golden opportunity for us all to share and this is that we have got a divine trip to India, to this Holy Land where many saints have taken birth and made it even more holy. You know it is going to be fantastic there because all of the Holy Family will be there to give you satsang. You all have taken Knowledge so you realize the importance of this satsang. Because satsang is the only medium that can take you, that can guide you towards this Knowledge. Satsang is the only way, the only method by which we can realize and be introduced to this Knowledge. So realize how important it is. More and more satsang, more and-more realization. You have realization through Knowledge but realization through satsang is just as important. So, by getting satsang you are being fed, not by food but by satsang, by what is really spiritual. You have seen from many people who have been to India, how progressive they have been, how nicely they have been giving satsang here. And now and you will be also fortunate like them, doing the same thing. Many brothers and sisters are coming from America also to join the Jet.

You know that once we have got the dish our aim must be to get some food. Now when we make this our aim, to get some food, automatically we try for it and we get the food. But when we get the food we have to change our aim. And what is that? After getting the food we have to make our aim to eat it. Not to get more. We have got what we wanted, now we want to eat it. So as soon as we get the food there is a change of aim. We have to eat it. We have to eat it. We have to eat it until we are satisfied, really satisfied. Because there is, as you know, a great hunger in all of us.

And there are some hungry people who cannot afford food so they go to sleep. Same way, there are many people who want this Knowledge but they can't get it so they go to sleep. They are drowned in their own super-ego trips. But once we get this Knowledge and once we start introducing


this Knowledge to people we really become so holy, because then the rays of satsang pass through us. The holy rays, the holy vibrations of satsang are really strong, they are eternal and internal, and they pass through our bodies, and this really makes us temples of praise and temples of worship.

So realize that first of all your destination, your aim, was to receive this Knowledge, but now once you have received it your aim should be to meditate upon it. And now, because you are always meditating also, now your aim should be to do satsang and service. Because no service no servant, no servant no 'humbleness, no humbleness not a man. And not a man not a disciple. So you cannot be a disciple at all. If you want to be a real human being first of all you have to be a servant. And how can one become a servant? By service. So we all have assembled here just to talk, just to know, just to understand how fortunate we are going to be when we reach in India.

And people who are not going to India should not bother about it because Holy Family will be coming here you know, very soon. And you will be joining them. But I am going to Japan and South Africa and so whatever golden opportunity you are getting now, receive it. Otherwise you won't be able to get it for about eight or nine years. I won't be coming to London or England for eight or nine years probably, you know, because I've got much to do in India also, and much to do in the neighbouring lands around India. So just understand and realize how important this opportunity is, because opportunity is always golden and it is opportunity that you are getting now. So realize it and make it really an opportunity.

You are disciples now. You have received the shelter and now you' are afraid of nothing in this world. You have received the shelter of such a thing, you are wearing a bullet-proof coat, such a coat that even when bullets come to you they won't harm you. Egos come to you, they cannot touch you. So you are completely sheltered and completely protected. But now I will only say this to you, only tell you this, only give this caution to you. Always try to be in the shelter. Always try to be in the shelter. Don't, don't go out of the shelter. Otherwise this ego is ready, you cannot see the clouds of ego but you can feel the rain of ego . And this ego is always raining. As soon as you go out of the shelter you are completely drowned in egos. And you must have received the terrible experiences of these things, of egos, of suffering.

How does suffering exist do you know? Many people ask me, if God is good from where did evil come, and what is evil first of all? Evil is nothing. Evil is the ignorance of our mind. Evil is the ignorance of our mind. That is, we are ignorant of what is good. So now what is the opposite of good? Bad. And when we are ignorant of good, automatically we 'are known to bad, and bad is evil. Bad is evil. So naturally we are immersed in evil. But once we realize, once we catch a hand of Satguru, nothing now. We have got that communication which cannot break. Wherever we go, under the sea, on the moon, on the sun, on all the planets, it cannot break. This is a strong communication. Wherever we go we can just talk into this walkie-talkie and call Satguru from any distance we want. Because God is omnipresent there is no problem in calling God from anywhere you like. You have just to speak into this walkie-talkie, and everybody has got a walkie-talkie. This walkie-talkie is fixed into us at the beginning, and this is our heart. Whenever we want to call God we speak into our heart and the message is conveyed to God and God Himself comes. Whatever we say is answered.

So remember that you have to be all united, you have to be all united under one thing. Now many people just don't come to Divine Light Mission because they think that Divine Light Mission is nasty, Divine Light Mission is rude, but just understand that Divine Light Mission is not a man. Divine Light Mission is not a banana. Divine Light Mission is not an orange. Divine Light Mission is not a snake. Divine Light Mission is just nothing. If you are not there Divine Light Mission never exists. It is because you are there that Divine Light Mission exists, and if you are rude then Divine Light Mission is rude. If you are calm Divine Light Mission is calm. You are whatever it is, you know. If the sea is very rough, high tides are coming. And what are tides? Tides are nothing. Tides are just brilliant waves that are coming from the sea, that's all. The tides themselves are nothing. Divine Light Mission stands upon you. If you miss, Divine Light Mission will fall, you know, because Divine Light Mission is just a word which you speak, spell or write. But what is it really? It is unity. That's where to keep ourselves.

Remember, whenever you go, in any corner of the world, speak into your walkie-talkies and you will get the reply. But remember also your antenna must be fully stretched. If your antenna is not stretched you won't get any answer. You should be high in meditation. That is your antenna. If your antenna of high meditation is not stretched fully you won't get any reply. And the second thing is this. Before you speak into this walkie-talkie you must press the button. And the button is service. If you don't do service, if you don't press yourself by doing service, you won't be able to speak in your heart. And you must switch on


this walkie-talkie before you press the button and you do this with satsang. If your three things are going on, satsang, meditation and your service, you can and you will just go so smoothly. Like you are sitting in a hovercraft and the hovercraft is moving. No jolts at all.

So just try to understand what is the importance. Don't think that you are western people, don't think you are eastern people, don't think you are western people or anything. Don't think you're a southerner, northerner, easterner or westerner. You are human beings. Just understand, try to understand you are human beings, that's all. So behave like humans. Once you are a human you are really children of God. You know there are many types of flowers, some flowers have got a bright colour, some have got a dull colour, some have got a black colour. Same way, some people have got a bright colour, some have got a dull colour, some have got a black colour. That is not a problem. It is only the colour, and colour does not make any difference, does it? If I take a Rolls Royce car and paint it black what will happen? Will you discard it? Will the price go down? Will it? Will there be something wrong with the mechanism? No. There will be nothing wrong. It'll go on. If I paint it white, will something happen to it? No. Again the same thing. If I paint it dark, will something happen to it? No. Nothing will happen to it. It will again go smoothly. Just try to understand what I'm saying.

What is Truth? What is that existence which is making everything exist in this world? Everything is existing today because of something, so what is that something? That something is everywhere. And that something is beyond nothing. And that something is always. And that something is something. But what is this something? This is the Holy Word of God that we all have received. And if we have received it, what should we do now? We should be always obliged to him who has given it to us. Because we wouldn't have been able to get this Word by ourselves. It is by somebody's Grace that it is given. So try to oblige him. Try to be always under his guidance.

I can teach a horse how to be in rein. I can make a hole in his nose and put a rein there. And I can take that rein in my hand or I can leave it alone. Now if I leave it the horse will go wherever he likes. But if I keep that rein in my hands I won't let this horse go anywhere he likes. I will only take him on the road, on the path. I won't take him on the rocks where he will be damaged, where his body will be damaged and the chariot will also be damaged. So you've got this rein, and if you hand this rein to me I will guide you. I am ready to guide you. But if you are not ready, keep it with you. It's not a problem. Keep it with you. And don't think that this will be a problem for me, this is not a problem. If you want to give your pride to me, give. If you want to give your ego to me, give. I am ready to receive it. If you don't want to keep it with you, give it to me. I can make some utilisation of it. And what is that? I'll again convert it to something then I'll give it back to you. It will help you.

So whatever extra you have got, give it to me. And the extra thing you have got is your mind. Give it to me. I am ready to receive it. Because your mind troubles you give it to me. It won't trouble me! Just give it. And give your egos to me because egos trouble you but they don't trouble me. Give them to me. So whatever extra you have in your mind, or your mind itself even, give it to me. I can bear it. Guru Maharaj Ji has given me so much, so much resistance that I can resist everything that is bad for me. It won't effect me. So just fry to be holy and try to be a good devotee, a perfect devotee of that Guru who is Himself perfect, who is really perfect.

So, I think you all understand what I want to say and I hope that you will all come with your friends to that satsang which is going to take place in the Central Hall, Westminster, and if you are going to join that Jumbo Jet just see how you enjoy it. You will just notice in the Jumbo Jet how you are enjoying it. Because it is going to be really fantastic in the Jet and I would like to say something to you that is really important. And that thing is this. Please, if you are going on the Jumbo Jet or not, try to be neat and tidy. Try, try to be as neat and tidy as you can be. Because you have got this temple and it should be as neat and tidy as you can keep it. Because it is a temple. If it was a little box you could keep it dirty. But it is not a little box. It is a very precious thing, you know. And this is the thing which you have given to me. Now I will be concerned with you. I will order to you to keep it neat and clean. And you know, this is something where you know the result practically of being neat and clean. If you are neat and clean it will impress all of us in India. And how will it impress? Just be neat and clean and see how this impresses people in India. If you are neat and clean this Knowledge will sparkle out of you. This Knowledge will sparkle and when it sparkles out of the windows of the Jumbo Jet people will say, "Yes, a divine thing is coming". If not, the crowd will only say, "Oh, a 747 is coming! What is there in the 747? Nothing. It's only a 747". But if you want to make it a divine trip, be divine. How to be divine? Be clean. You are clean from the inside, so just be clean from the outside. That's all.


And just see how it effects, how it works out on Palam Airport, because we expect about a million people in Palam Airport, which is in India, to receive you in reception and more than a million people will be there later to listen to satsang. Then you will be joining the other satsang programme also, in which we expect one million and five lakhs people. That is in the other satsang in Bihar State. And we have booked three grounds. They are such big grounds that each and every ground we could make into an airfield. They are such big grounds. And these grounds are booked just so that people can stay in them. They will only stay in these grounds. Just imagine what a festival it is going to be. And just be patient for that time because I cannot describe it. It is a practical thing and I cannot describe it by my mouth or by words because these words are not divine. Words are not perfect, but this is going to be something perfect. You just be tidy so that it will be perfect.

So I hope you all are doing meditation and if not please do. Because this good is before you. If you don't eat it, I won't miss anything. If you don't do meditation you will make a loss for yourself, not for me. Just so. If you do meditation you will gain for yourself, not for me. If you are doing meditation, far out. If you are not doing meditation, that is far out also. Because it is for you to use it, not for me. Not for me. You are doing it for yourself. So I'll just advise again, do meditation, do meditation, do meditation, do meditation, and as much as you can. Just do meditation. Then you will realize what is the point to reach; and how I was able to get to this point by meditating. I was doing meditation, meditation, meditation. And I was able to get here. Do meditation and you will elevate. The more meditation you do the more your speed increases for elevation. And the more your speed increases, the more quickly you are elevated to the supreme point of perfection. So just try to increase your speed by doing meditation. And be calm with your nature. If you cannot be calm with your nature don't be calm, but do meditation. Meditation will automatically make you calm, in your nature. Do so, and co-operate with us to hand out these pamphlets for the November function, because it is quite near now. It's quite near now, you know, and you should all co-operate and hand out these leaflets so that many people can come into that hall and listen to me, and you know it should be perfect.

So, I think you have all recorded what I have said in your minds, well not in your minds, in your hearts probably, and try to remember what I have said because then we will only be meeting in India or probably after eight years or nine years. So just record in your minds what I have said. And my blessings are always with you but if you want to take them you must have a carrier for them. My blessings don't go around on a tray. They need a special carrier and this carrier is your service. If you will do service my blessings are always with you. If you don't do service they will again come back to me. So try to do as much as you can.

And there is one point more. People who will be left behind have got a very good service to do. People who are staying here should co-operate as much as they can with the ashram. And make the ashram more progressive. See, because Mata Ji will be coming. Probably in January, Mata Ji will be coming. So it is going to be very good you know. Raja Ji is also coming, Bole Ji is also coming. probably Bal Bhagwan Ji is also coming. Probably the whole family is coming. So just make it run faster. You'll have experienced slowness. Earth moves slow, but if you work fast it will start moving fast. People say why do you want to work so fast. I want to work so fast because the time passes so fast. If the time passes so fast then the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer, the faster it passes. So be active, work as fast as you can, so that the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer with greater speed.

There is one thing more. A very important thing. That is very important. Just listen to it. You know, on this Jumbo there is going to be no smoking. No smoking at all in the Jumbo Jet. Do you understand? No smoking at all in the Jumbo Jet. Otherwise it won't be a divine trip. Then it will be a smoky trip. You want it to be a divine trip. So no smoking at all in the Jumbo Jet. Let us see how much you can keep control of yourself. Try. It will be a very good test for you. How much you can keep yourself in control. So let us see. No smoking at all. Not at all. Just keep this thoroughly in your mind - no smoking at all! We don't want it to be a smoking trip, we want it to be a divine trip. Make it a divine trip not a smoking trip. And you will need money in India. You know Divine Light Mission hasn't got a money-producing machine, otherwise we could give you all you need, but unfortunately we haven't got a machine which can produce pounds otherwise you would have got them given to you. You just bring your money with you because you will require it. At least you must have twenty pounds. Two-o pounds. Twenty pounds. You can make it up. That is not a problem, you can make it up. Try. Where there is a will there is a way. We had so much trouble to get this Jumbo Jet but there was a will. And everything went smoothly. You took so much trouble everything was O.K. So where there is a will there is a way. If you want it good, it will be good, O.K.? O.K.!


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