Guru Maharaj Ji at St. Pancras Town Hall, London,
7 April 1972

The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

Dear Premies,

I thought it important to call all the premies together and give them some satsang because if we have received Knowledge it doesn't mean that we are now perfect. If you have received this wonderful Knowledge you have to meditate, you have to go along the way. There's still more and more to do. You buy the ticket and that's not all, you haven't reached your destination. You buy the ticket, you go down and then you travel. You get the ticket and still there is something left, and that's to reach the destination, the proper place. Now this is what I wanted to tell you.

Once one man wanted to get Knowledge. He went in to Raja Janaka and he requested Know-


ledge from this king, and he said, "O.K, I'll give you Knowledge, but first, because you have travelled for so long, come and sit and have some lunch." And he directed him to go to a room, and in the middle of this room there was a sword hanging with a raw thread, and it was just hanging there. So this man looked up and saw the sword, and he got terribly frightened. "If this sword falls on me I'll be straight away cut into two pieces. Nothing will belong to me any more," he thought. And Raja Janaka brought a wonderful dish, then more very wonderful dishes, many types of dishes he presented before him and said, "Please take them, eat." And he went away and this man started eating. But always he was looking up, his head was so close to that sword and then he might be in two pieces. When he had finished with it he came out from that room and Raja Janaka said, 'Did you enjoy your food?" And he said, "Sir, because I am going to take this Knowledge from you I should be damn frank with you. So I must say I have not enjoyed this food because all my senses, all my memory, all my attention, I was wasting them in thinking, 'What will happen if this sword falls on me? I'll be cut in two pieces, nothing will be left.' "

Then the king answered, "The same way, if your mind is somewhere else when you are doing meditation on this Knowledge, you will never have any pleasure or anything from it. Because if your mind is away from that, it will think of that sword. If the sword falls it will cut you into two pieces."

You are also eating this wonderful dish, it is really wonderful, but many people don't realize it because they probably don't practise it, they don't understand it. I don't say it's not my job to make you understand how important this Knowledge is or that my job is to give you this Knowledge, then it's finished. No, first my agya is of helping you by giving you this Knowledge, then I am to help you by making sure that you understand the importance of this Knowledge. You should get some realization of the importance. You received it and now the main thing, the most important thing, is to do meditation on it. You might ask, why do meditation? Why is meditation important? Sitting and doing meditation, why is it important? What value does it carry? But this is not the question we have to ask. Why do we sit in the jet for maybe six hours, maybe seven hours and then … well, that's it, then we reach our destination. Why? Because we have been sitting in the jet. So why do we do meditation, why do we sit or walk and do meditation? Because we'll reach that goal which we have to reach.

Many premies, many people who have received Knowledge, think that Knowledge is not important. But we have to understand what is important in our life. If I give you a jewel and it is real, or maybe I give you a golden piece, a piece of real solid gold, you will first take it, and then this great, this great wave arises in your mind that maybe this is true, but maybe this is false. You think, "I have done no favour to this man, so why does he call me and say, 'Take this piece of gold?' " And some people might get confused by it, and think because this is being sold free it cannot be real gold. But in the case of this Knowledge, this Knowledge is even more precious than gold. Gold cannot be worth anything at all compared to Knowledge, but why has it to be given free? Why have I given this Knowledge to you free? Actually, you haven't received the Knowledge free of charge. No, you had to wait for it. You had to request for it, and that's how you got it.

I was talking with Bal Bhagwan Ji on the phone and He told me to give this example before all the premies, and maybe that was a quarter reason why I had to organize this programme. He said that there was once a Guru and a man came to him and said, "Guru, I want Knowledge", and this Guru said, "Before you take Knowledge, take a bath in the river", and then Guru went with him. And while this man was taking a bath he dipped his head into the river, and the Guru took his neck and dipped it under the water more. After some time this devotee started shaking and tried to release himself. So the Guru released him and said, "What's the matter? Why were you trying your best to release yourself?" And he answered, "I wanted breath, I wanted air, and I had to get it anyhow, so I tried my best, I had to shake myself. I couldn't stay down." The Guru said, "But of course, that's right. And the same way, when we reach that point where you cannot survive without this Knowledge, when you cannot survive unless you have this Knowledge, when you reach this point, then you are capable of receiving this Knowledge. Then I will reveal to you this Knowledge, then I will release you, when you start releasing yourself. Try to release yourself and then I will release you."

And in the same way, when you will try your best, your very best, and when this stage will come out of patience for the end, and you really will, you know, need patience to get this Knowledge, then you will get this Knowledge. Do you understand the importance? But now, in Kaliyuga, in this age of darkness, if this course for getting Knowledge started happening, you know, in America probably nobody would take Knowledge, because people there say, "Oh, we asked them many times and they don't care about us. Nobody is going to take Knowledge." Today, you just


request for Knowledge and you get it. How important it is you will realize only when you have meditated upon it, when you have seen it with that Third Eye.

Many people say, "Oh, people start making a fuss of us when we meditate." Nonsense! Lord Shiva and Parwati, his wife, they were once both going along with their ox. Some people saw them and said, That couple has gone crazy. They've got this ox and they are not riding it." So Lord Shiva said, "Parwati, let's ride the ox." So they both sat on it. And then a few more people came and they said, "How cruel they are, they are both riding that poor ox." And Lord Shiva said, "I must show some sympathy to Parwati", and he said, "Parwati, you'd better sit and I'll walk." So he started walking but after some time a group came again and said, "See this girl, she hasn't got any sympathy in her heart towards her husband." So he said, "Parwati, come down, I'll sit on the ox." But after some time another group of people came and said, "Haven't you got any sympathy for your wife, not even one bit? You are riding and she is walking." So Shiva came down and said, "Parwati, if we are going to believe these people we will never reach our destination. Sometimes we will be riding and sometimes we will be getting down. So let's go as we were."

Now, you are meditating. That's the best way. And some people say, "Why do you meditate?" So you stop meditating, and when some people say, "He took Knowledge and he is not meditating", then you will start meditating again. And then again, when some people say, "He is meditating, he is going crazy", then you will stop again. And you come to a point where you ask why has God given you this beautiful body. Why has God given you this mind? This memory, with which you can regard, you can think, you can understand what is good, what is bad. Why has God given you this consciousness, so that you can be conscious, so that you can say, "This is good for me or this is bad for me." Why? What was the importance? Just because, just so that we may realize. And this Knowledge is such a thing that as soon as it comes into you, into us, it starts this divine communication. There is a bulb, two wires are attached to that and as soon as electricity runs into those wires the bulb will light, you cannot stop it. You can't stop it. Same way, if this is real Knowledge that is with us, in effect it must show it reaction. And its reaction on darkness will remove darkness, slowly and slowly. But only provided we are meditating on it. So now, what I want to tell you is meditate. When you receive this Knowledge you change your life. You are completely different now. That's why I particularly told Mr Glen and Mahatma Ashokanand Ji to just call premies here. Why? Because the world of premies is completely different from that other world. Everyone in this world knows his own path. Everyone now knows his master. Everyone realizes his duty. Everyone is outmazed. Everyone is understanding how it is. It's like, it's like the military. Everyone is organized, everyone knows this is the mahatma, everyone knows this is this, this is this, and that is that. Everyone knows it. But it is spiritual.

So when you all have received this Knowledge, what is your duty? Mahatma Guru Charnanand Ji explained the same thing, the same point, that now you have to go and tell people that they need Knowledge. Someone came to you and told you that you required Knowledge. Now you have to go and tell someone that he requires Knowledge. And that is how we are going to give this Knowledge to the whole world. If we do not then the times will become crazy. Even now they say that the whole world is insane. But I am not. I'm O.K. This world has to receive Knowledge. If not, then it will crash. People who have received Knowledge cannot crash, they can't collapse. So why don't we go together, straight ahead, and tell people they should realize this Knowledge, and know their way?

Today, people have started many religions. Now you are among the vanguard of the harmony religion. You are human - two eyes, one mouth, one face. And, you know, a man who is standing back can only see the back. And a man who is standing in front can only see the front. But we must have eyes everywhere.

When I was in America I was watching television and they were doing this movie of Jesus, and when He was brought before the King, the King said, "I should ask Him if He is guilty, I should ask Him questions about what He has done", so he went to Him and asked Him, "Who are you, why do you claim such … " and so on. The King found that there was no fault in him. He was perfect. And the King came out and told these people, these priests, "I found no guilt in Jesus and I am not going to crucify Him or give Him anything like that because I found Him just perfectly alright." To this the people said, "No, He claims Himself the Son of God." And I want to ask these people, you know, or the question to be asked of these people is this. If Jesus was the Son of God and they object to this, then are they the Uncles of God? They should tell us. No, not son of God, but some other relations of God. Who were they? Brothers of God? Uncles? Who were they? You can be only one thing and that is son. And that's the highest relationship that we can


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

find. And Christ had that and that's the standard, and there is nothing wrong. And the people said, "Oh no, He must be crucified, He must be crucified, He must be crucified, He must be crucified." So, there was a custom in those days, and the King told his soldiers to bring a pot of water. They brought it and he washed his hands, wiped them with a towel and said, "I am not guilty of this man's blood." Then Jesus was crucified.

Now, the thing to realize is that when Jesus was there at that time, nobody realized it. And now people believe that He is going to come again. O.K, He is going to come. So how long are you going to wait? Are you going to wait and wait and wait? I do not say that once you realize this Knowledge then you must leave your Christian religion and stop believing that Christ is going to come. No, I don't say that. I say receive this Knowledge and this will get you to a much higher and quicker communication with God. So now what we have to do is tell people that we don't want to change their religion, we don't want to change their sect, and so on. We must tell them that what we want is just for them to receive this Knowledge. Believe Christ is coming, O.K. Very good if Christ is coming. You have got this Knowledge, so with this you have a much stronger foundation for believing this idea. If He comes, you will be His devotees. If he does not come, then you will still be His devotees. Because who is He? Who was Jesus? Who do you think Jesus was? Now what I believe, myself, really, is this. Today people ask that if Jesus was God and He was perfect, why did He say, "My God, why have you forsaken me?" O.K. What I personally believe is that there is nothing to object about it. Jesus was perfect. That is why death never came to Him. If death had come to Him, then He was not perfect. Death never comes to the Perfect One. And I am not talking in the terms of His body. I am talking in the terms of the perfect soul that He had. His perfect soul. He gave this Knowledge, He gave satsang. He revealed this Knowledge. He said, "People, know this Knowledge. Try to understand." But now I think the same mistake is going to be repeated again, but before that time comes we should correct ourselves. And there is only one way to correct ourselves. And what it is I will tell you. It is especially important to premies. What I can tell you is "Meditate". If you want grace, if you are meditating you will get it. If you do not meditate, even if you ask for grace, you don't get it at all. Understand? So meditate and ask for grace and it will be given to you. Then grace comes, and grace is so strong that it lifts up any load.

Now this world is so confusing that you cannot realize what is God in it, you just cannot understand, that's all. Everything is objected to, everything carries questions in it. If you have heart trouble they'll all come to examine your heart, and they will all sit in this great crowd around you but still can they stop and start this beat? Everything has got a question to it. Everything is confusing in this world and there is black, darkness, everywhere. No, nothing is there, nothing is there and many people try to commit suicide because they don't find anything in this world. But there is one most, most precious thing, most beautiful thing in the world that God has given us, and that is God. And once we realize that then we understand it and we find out its importance, and we can just become a perfect devotee. Good. And then when we go and come again into the world we are not the same most confused person. We will understand everything a little better. Our consciousness grows, it reaches higher and then we will understand that other things are not perfect things, that they are not things that are going to last. But this Knowledge … you have received it. Now your duty towards this Knowledge is to practise it.

And there is some very good news that this year we are going to charter maybe four or five Jumbos from America, and maybe one, two or three Jumbos will be chartered from England. And on one of the Jumbos I will be coming. I was coming last year in the Jumbo and then all those officers created so much confusion and gave the Jumbo date different. They first said, "Yes, yes, you are going to get this date. Of course, you will get this date", and then they said, "Oh no, you cannot get this date." So then I had to go later. But I have realized now that those premies who went last year to Hardwar received a lot. They have understood a lot. And this time it's going to be even more far out than last time, even much better than last time. And premies who are interested to go again are very welcome. They can go. I don't insist that you must go to Hardwar but I say if you'd like to go, go. And so now I'll finish my satsang and again I'll say this thing, meditate, and then only will you be able to realize the importance of this Knowledge. And now it will be a long, long time before I am back in England again, because I am going to somewhere near South Africa and then from there to Japan and from Japan to America. And maybe after that long long period I'll be able to come back to England. So my blessings to all the premies, and meditate, and if you want to ask for grace everyone has got their walkie-walkie. You can just request through that. I give my blessings to all the premies and may God bless you.