Guru Maharaj Ji speaking by the Pacific Ocean,
5th August 1971

The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) With Mahatma Fakiranand 1971 The nature of sea is very calm. Very calm. But when the sea shore comes in front of the sea, it is hidden away back.

And you can see the great waves on seashore. That ocean is filled with mercy. Kindness is there. And truth is always there. It is so calm that when a drop mixes with that … such satisfaction of mind, such peace, you can't even think of that. So fantastic.

And that ocean is endless. Endless. This ocean we can see in maps, but that ocean is endless. And what is this? When a wave rises and falls on human beings who are trying to bathe, mercy comes over them. Mercy comes. They feel the mercy of God, they feel the kindness of God.

When a man actually tries to read this nature, he'll find. The beautiful fruits, beautiful birds, kind green nature, nature, and beautiful sunset, beautiful sunrise and birds chirping, the blue heaven, with calm and quiet nature, and the whole thing, the whole atmosphere, so kind, so nice, nobody can experience that. But when a man just tries to enter …

Feel a leaf, so smooth, so soft, so kind. It is nature. Smell a eucalyptus tree. So nice. Smell a rose and try to enjoy the beauty of rose. So nice. These are the little drops of His mercy that He has given to us. The beautiful red apple, filled with sweetness. Flowers filled with scent. So many. Jasmine, rose, and every one having a different, different, different. So many colours. Without a brush, without a tube, but beautiful colours. And changing colours. This is nature.

And, in a little seed, many apples and a huge tree. Hidden in a little seed. That is its nature. That is little drops of His mercy. And His little drops of mercy, we can't even imagine them. We can't even imagine them. So how can we imagine that ocean where it is always mercy? But there are the little drops.

When we are eating an apple, we feel something very nice. Leave it, O.K. But when there is always mercy, and no end of mercy … and I, what am I? Many big, big saints even can't write His glory, the glory of that ocean.

This ocean, big huge wave will come and overturn that ship. But in that ocean, if a ship is overturned, it will be made O.K. That is His kindness. A saint has said that He has done a very wonderful thing. I can't be judge over it, I'm just writing my idea. But over a little idea, He wrote the whole story. And over the story He made it true. And what a man could imagine to be a fairy tale, to be a magical thing, He brought it to be the natural thing.

So this is His mercy. Many many books, big fat books are not able to describe His mercy or that ocean where the soul has to plunge. How can I describe that?

Have you seen beautiful birds? How beautiful they look. Have you seen that blue sky, blue heaven? How beautiful it looks. These are only little drops of that ocean.


But even then it looks so beautiful.