The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar or Guru Maharaj Ji
The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar or Guru Maharaj Ji

Just Meditate, Please Meditate

Answers and satsang from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, New York, 10 June 1972

Guru Mahara Ji, your disciples say you are the Perfect Master. Some of your disciples even say you are God, but you never say this. If you are God then why do you not say it?

Even if I wanted to say, "I am God", I could not, because of these terms I am using, 'I' and 'am'. These words show something different. 'I' means a different body, a different thing to God. When I say that this means God, then that is something. But still I am trying to take myself away from that by using these separate ideas. But if I lose the terms 'I' and 'am', then my existence won't be proved. I'll just merge with God. Then I won't be able to come into the world, and even if I do come into the world, then I am not able to say, "I am God". Yes?

Are there any requirements to receive Knowledge?

Requirements? Of course there are! First of all you must have some faith. In hearing satsang this faith that the thing you are going to receive is true will be maintained. Then you will have love towards it, you will realise its importance. I think that's how you grow to deserve, to need, to receive Knowledge. Yes?

Is there any particular reason why at times my meditation is very strong and easy, and at other times it is very difficult even to keep awake?


Before you reach the highway, sometimes you have to make turns. Sometimes you have to stop at a red light. Sometimes it gets easy, sometimes it gets hard. But once you reach the highway, straight ahead. No traffic lights, nothing. Right?

Is there an end to birth and death? And will man ever reach the stage where he doesn't fall?

Yes, that is liberation. Liberation means the end of birth and death.

The end to birth and death? Does that mean it doesn't reoccur?

Yes. It doesn't reoccur. Actually, for birth and death you could substitute the word suffering. And when a man comes he has to suffer, because this materialism has always meant suffering. This is why we always say, "Have the highest goal, and that is liberation." Because once you have liberation, you are one with God. Yes?

I have a ten year old child, Is he too young to receive Knowledge?

If he can understand that Knowledge is important for him, then he can receive it. In South Africa there were some ten year old children who received Knowledge.

But doesn't a child have to go through experiences before he can receive the Knowledge?

What experiences must he go through? It doesn't really matter. Jesus used to walk into temples when He was a child. He used to discuss things. And what experiences have I gone through? Now, I was able to receive happiness, to receive this Knowledge, without all these experiences, what's the need to go through them?

Guru Maharaj Ji, even when I have received Knowledge, I still feel I have to go through some sins.

But why should anyone even go towards sin, when they have received happiness? Why should I try to have experiences of sin when I have received happiness? Why should I go out on the exit, when I am on the highway? There is no need. So I just go straight past them. I wanted to reach the highway, and I am on the highway,and this highway will only end where my destination is. So why should I take the exit? Why should I just go off, when really I want to to be on?

One thing I don't understand too well, Guru Maharaj Ji. You said that when you achieve liberation you no longer come back in physical form. But I have read one of your satsangs in which you said that, sometimes, after you receive liberation you do come back in a physical form?

The thing is, you can come back.

Do you mean if we so choose, if we choose to come back?

No, if you don't choose to. Ultimately, if you sit for an hour in meditation you get some peace, and you keep to the Word, you can still do meditation but you have some other worldly actions to do too. But when you have finished with this body, when you have no other worldly actions, then you don't return.

But surely sometimes that means that you come back in physical form even though you don't need to?

Well, if God wants you to, you can come back as His puppet. Yes?

Are bad actions out of God, are they outside God?

You know, it's like a form of antibodies collecting together. You can say zero doesn't exist, can't you? Zero is nothing. The zero itself is an indicator of nothing, right? But when you put it after one, it becomes a hundred or a thousand or a million or a billion. One also is nothing, right? If you have one dollar, what can you do? It's the least amount you can have right? One. One is the least full amount. And zero just indicates nothing at all. But when you assemble these least amounts, you can go up to billions. So these actually are nothing, but when they collect together, they might form an illusionary shape. They might elude you, you know? It's like this pollution. You can see it when you are standing outside the town. But when you walk into the town, you'll hardly see any pollution, because you yourself are in the pollution.


The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's in India when he was still Balyogeshwar, the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's in India when he was still Balyogeshwar, the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji
The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's in India when he was still Balyogeshwar, the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji, it says in the Bible there are ten thousand angels around us in case we have an accident. Does this mean that we are protected at all times?

I haven't read the Bible, right? Ask someone who has read the Bible.

What is the relationship between man and God?

Has anyone got yesterday's tape? He can play that back, instead of me repeating it. Yes?

Do only fully realised souls like mahatmas find your grace?

Pardon? Well, it doesn't mean that if you are fully realised then you have to be like a mahatma, with shaved head and saffron clothes.

Does that mean other people can find your grace, Guru Maharaj Ji, besides mahatmas?

Why not? Sure they can. Yes?

Is meditation the only way we can contact you?

Yes, just meditate. That's the only way. That's the only thing.

What is devotion, Guru Maharaj Ji?

We need a computer dictionary here. Just put the word in and get the meaning out. I have just told you what is the meaning of liberation. You go somewhere and never return back. And that place is called liberation. That process is called liberation. And devotion is something emotional that flows out of you towards the Lord, and you become a devotee. That's devotion. And there's a lot of difference there. Don't you feel so? Hmm?

Guru Maharaj Ji, is there such a thing as an action that can be bad for one devotee, but right for the next one?

No, because we are all human beings, so our actions are actually equalised. You know? Our actions are equal. Yes?

Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't know whether to follow you to get your Darshan, or to stay here to work on the parade?

For that you need a computer too. It's on you, you know. Whatever you decide.

Guru Maharaj Ji, after I received Knowledge, I didn't really get any experience in my meditation and I lost faith to the point where I no longer had the will to meditate. So what should I do?

You see, there is something else that you should know, and that is devotion. And devotion isn't a formal thing. If you have a tap and you fill a bucket, you won't put the bucket over the tap, will you? No. It must be placed lower. So that's how the whole thing is, you know. And it's not a question of asking, "Why is this happening? Why do I feel like this?" There is no question to be asked like that. Just when a devotee wants to gain something he must be like the bucket. He must be humble. He must have devotion. And it isn't that he can be put lower, the devotee must put himself lower. There is a process, and it is a natural process. When one thing is higher and one thing is lower, then only can something be transmitted from one to the other.

But how can I get faith and grace into my life again?

Just meditate. Please meditate.

But, when I was meditating, I didn't really achieve anything.

Now what was happening with you was that you were digging this rock with a spade. And it was hard. The spade wouldn't cut the rock, and so you left it. And what happens to those who leave? They deserve to be lost. They are disappointed. But those who go ahead and keep trying will find that the rock will just be taken away. I have given you this spade of meditation, just try it.

What about our egos, Guru Maharaj Ji? Will we be able to experience you in your true form with our egos as they are?

The thing is that ego is like a piece of ice that's over your face, blocking your nose and mouth and stopping you breathing. But Knowledge is the great heater. It's just a matter of turning your face towards the Knowledge and the lump of ice will melt. The lump of ice is ego you know. It stops you breathing. But you


The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar or Guru Maharaj Ji
The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar or Guru Maharaj Ji

just turn your face towards this Knowledge and your ego is burned. Your ego gets burned and everything is OK.

Guru Maharaj Ji, satsang is such a wonderful thing, but many people don't react to it. They just listen intellectually and are always arguing.

That's because they think satsang is just a lecture. It is up to the people giving satsang to make them understand better.

How can we do this, Guru Maharaj Ji?

Just try to reach them, you know? Try to tell them about this Knowledge. Try to tell them not in a satsangy way, but in a general way. As if they were your friends, you know. You must tell them not as a commercial publiciser, but … suppose you have a radio and you just want to publicise it. You want to tell your friend about it. You won't talk like a commercial publiciser, advertising that radio, will you?

You'll talk in a very general way. You'll just put the main facts before him. So in the same way, you'll go to these people and just put the main facts before them. Say it in a nice detailed way.

So, now I'll tell you something. I'll tell you a very good solution. All the premies should meditate. All the premies should stop thinking about these things and meditate and see what happens. Alright? And you'll be privileged by that a great deal. You see, we are going to leave for Washington DC tomorrow. That is me, my Brothers and Mata Ji, and after that all the premies who are going to stay in New York must meditate on the Knowledge. And all those people who have received Knowledge today or in the last few days should meditate on the Knowledge, because meditating on the Knowledge is like eating food. You might have all different kinds of food, but if you don't eat them they are of no use. In the same way, the Knowledge is so beautiful, so far out, so excellent, but if you don't meditate it is useless. Why? Because the Knowledge is within you and the Knowledge was within you and the Knowledge is even within those people who are committing sins and who might be considered, in the eyes of God, as the worst people. This Knowledge is even inside them, but because they have not realised that the Knowledge is there, it's of no use to them. But once you realise that the Knowledge is there and you meditate upon it, only then will you be able to take full advantage from it. And that's why you have been graced. That's why you have been blessed with this Knowledge. And now it's your duty to work it out. Some people think they don't have time to meditate. But that's not an excuse. If you're feeling hungry you'll stop all your business. Even important business. You cancel all your phone calls. And you sit to eat your food. Don't you? Night and day, afternoon and morning. Both times. Twice a day. So if you say that you don't have time for meditation, how is this? If you started giving the same importance to this Knowledge as you give to food, then you would be meditating every day. So just meditate and work it out for yourself. You'll find you've got time for meditation.

So, after the Washington programme maybe I'll be heading back to New York. You must all meditate in the meantime. It is a great fortune to receive this Knowledge so soon. Not everyone receives this Knowledge. In past history it has always been that there have been very few followers. And it is only this time in Kali Yuga that I think there are so many, so many followers. And in those days the disciples wanted to protect their Guru and take some actions if anyone used to say anything against Him, but they were so few in quantity that they couldn't do anything. And it was not democratic then. But today we are living in a democracy. It's not a


The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar, the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji The Young Prem Rawat in the early 1970's when he was still Balyogeshwar, the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji

dictatorship today so we can't even protest or speak about the Truth. And today there is something very beautiful that everyone must realise. And that is that once a man takes the Knowledge - and five million people have taken Knowledge - very naturally he wants to tell other people about it. And no doubt if these five million people really try and bring two people each day to the Knowledge, in two days how many people will be there? There's no doubt in this way we can bring this Knowledge to the whole world. It is not a dream. It can be real. Many people ask me this question again and again, because they don't believe that there is going to be a Kingdom of Heaven or that this Knowledge is going to spread. For them it is not possible. But, if you try, it is possible. Because if this Knowledge belongs to God and if it is really God's Knowledge and it is true Knowledge, then there is nothing in the world that can stop it reaching the people. So do satsang. Give them open-hearted satsang. Give them this feeling that what you want to tell them is not a new religion, is not a new way, it's not a new thing. That's why I am so concerned about all the activities of the Divine Light Mission. I want everything to happen symmetrically, so that people who are looking towards this Knowledge from outside might not feel that it is another mad spiritual movement but might understand that this Knowledge and the organisation of these people who have received it means something. So now practise. Meditate. You have got questions? All right, have your questions. People who have this Knowledge and have questions, they do not meditate. Start doing your meditation and there will be no questions. Because questions really are something that you imagine. You imagine something and this starts worrying you. And you know how imaginary things have symptoms, they have effects which follow them. Really bad effects they have. And so people start thinking, "Oh, why was the world created?" Right? And they just imagine. It's like an algebraic thing. When I was studying for my exams we used to have an algebra period. It was an especially long period and I had to write two pages of sums because first you have to write X and then you have to write X is equal to 2, alright? And then you have to make an equation. And then you have to start solving it. All imaginary. Algebra is nothing. You just imagine it. And this imaginary thing, it can increase your marks or can lose your marks. So many people think, "Why was the world created?" and they get into geology. They try to get into history to find out what was the real thing and they go back and back and back. There are so many museums that try to do this. And I've seen so many people going to East Africa, and they walk into these jungle tribes and they go up to these witch doctors and talk to them, you know. They negotiate with them and they want to find out why the world was created, because it troubles them. But it's a simple fact that the world was created for you and that's why you are living in it. It's so simple. You are eating your food because you need it. If you didn't need it you wouldn't eat it. At the time when you don't need it, you will say, "I don't want to eat any more food." You will just finish it. In the same way, you are living in this world and the day God doesn't desire you to live in the world you will no more exist. People try to think that they are something. They think themselves, "Oh, I am this person, I am this person." They think, "I am not a puppet of God."

Because some of these articles are going on about me in magazines and newspapers in India, my teacher asked me to give moral classes. You know, there used to be these fifteen minute classes. So I used to tell people, you know, all these children, "Listen, actually we are puppets of God. Because when we come into the world we didn't come by our own desire. We didn't say, "Right, now's the time for me to get out," and come out. We didn't come like that. We were forced by some power. And now you exist. You get so frustrated." And I asked these children that when the master comes and you haven't done your homework, isn't it a very disappointing time for you? And everyone said, "Yes." When the homework is not done and when the maths master walks into the class with his cane, all the boys are freaked out. "Now you are going to beat us." they say, "We haven't learned, we haven't learned." I said that's the most disappointing time for you. And they said, "Right." And I said, "And at this disappointing period you might even like to be dead, instead of having the cane of the master go on your head, and being insulted before the whole class." And they said, "Right." But there's nothing you can do. You can't help it. Because it is actually not in your hands.

In the same way, we are actually puppets of God, but what has happened is that unfortunately this string which was meant to be for the hand became attached to the leg, so that when the hand shakes the leg also shakes. We are puppets


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