Guru Maharaj Ji is the perfect lover Because he really is our center. He really is us, and we really are him no matter where we go, no matter where we are A MATTER OF TRUST

This satsang was given by Durga Ji in Melbourne, Australia on October 29, 1974.

Dear premies,

It's good to be here with you. This is just beautiful. I didn't realize that we had this many children in Melbourne. It's really lovely to see all of you.

Even though Australia is in a different part of the world than where Guru Maharaj Ji is permanently living, in California, in the United States, it's not like Australia is separated at all. We're really in Guru Maharaj Ji's boat, and he's taking us.

It's like, you've been wandering all your life up and down the banks of this river, and all of a sudden you see this man who has a boat. He says, "Come with me. I can take you where you want to go." All your life, you know you didn't just want to sit there on this bank. You had somewhere to go. You had something to do. You knew that there was a purpose, there was a reason for you being there. And somehow, just the way that this man was speaking, the things that he said hit very deep within your heart. You knew that there was something to this man, and to this boat.

He said, "I can take you across the river." Of course, you really don't know what's across the river, so it comes to a matter of trusting him. So you say, "Okay. Take me with you. I trust you." You really don't know at that first point, but you feel that this is what you've been looking for.

So here we are; we're in this boat. And Guru Maharaj Ji is taking us across. Maybe we hit some waves. We go, "Oh, brother, I don't know if I should be in this boat or not. This is pretty scarey." Or, "I'm not feeling very well. I get seasick."Or, "Maybe! should've just stayed on the shore."

But there's still something else that makes you know that this is the right boat. Then you come to very calm, beautiful water, and you know that this is the boat that you should be on and that he's taking you somewhere that you've always wanted to go.

You have the choice, every second, to stay in the boat, or to jump out of the boat. He's told you, "If you stay with me in this boat, I will protect you. As long as you're with me, as long as you're in my boat with me, you have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens, we're going, and were on our way to ourpurpose, to why we were even born, to being on the other side of that river."

Some people think, "No, no. This can't be it. I should jump over." And maybe they do jump over. Then they really are by themselves. Maybe they can hang on then, or maybe they can crawl back in, but maybe they can't. So it's very important to realize that this is really Guru Maharaj Ji's boat, and he's really taking us to that place.

So many scriptures speak of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. And this is what Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed. He's shown us that we can be here in this world and still be in the Kingdom of Heaven. So many children when they're young say, "When you die, you'll go to heaven." I always used to say, "Oh dear God, please, I just want to go to heaven when I die. Oh, please, I want to go to heaven." That was always my wish. It's so beautiful now, because I see that that's really come true. But I didn't have to die to experience it; it's really right here.

Guru Maharaj Ji's handed it to us - the most precious gift that any human being could ever have, and that's to be in the Kingdom of God.

Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine Like Jesus Christ said, "Look at the children. The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs." The Kingdom of God is theirs, because a young child, a young infant, hasn't got the ego, the confusion, the distraction that grows and grows as we become more unrestful with our life as we get older. They're just experiencing purity and contentment within them most of the time, until something takes them away.

But now Maharaj Ji's come and he's shown us. He's shown us that place that is always with us, so it doesn't matter if you live in Los Angeles, California, or even at the Divine Residence. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's the perfect lover, and he doesn't leave you, really.

You know, when you fall in love with someone, or even when parents fall in love with their children, or husbands with wives, or you love your mother or father, when you leave them, you still have a communication with them within you. But it's not like the perfect lover that Guru Maharaj Ji is. Because he really is our center. He really is us, and we really are him. No matter where we go, no matter where we are, we're always right there.

And he's the perfect teacher. Teaching isn't just something like going to school and learning something and going home. Learning is all the time. That's why Guru Maharaj Ji is the perfect teacher, because he's given us this Knowledge, and there's satsang always happening. It's not just that you go to satsang and you listen to some words. That's satsang, but satsang is every second.

Sometime we'll have a really beautiful experience and we'll go, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, that was just wonderful; that was just lovely. You really taught me on that certain occasion." But really, things like this are happening all the time. Sometimes we're just blind to that and we miss so much; we lose so much. But if we're constantly in meditation, if we're constantly in that place, then we can see that he is teaching us with every action that happens. With every breath we take, it's satsang. He's constantly teaching us and bringing us closer and closer to our home, closer and closer to our goal.

It's really interesting and beautiful to talk to premies who experience Maharaj Ji so closely and so deeply within themselves. When they're with Maharaj Ji, it's just so beautiful. And yet they realize that no matter where he sends them, it's just perfectly alright. They completely trust in his Grace, because that Grace is always there.

I know some premies who'd be around Maharaj Ji and say, "Oh, Maharaj Ji, if I ever leave you I'll die. I have to be with you all the time."Or, "If only I could be with Guru Maharaj Ji all the time." That's like a goal. But that really might not be where you are supposed to be in this particular lifetime, in this particular play that's being moved through you. It's almost like the Creator is the sculptor, the Divine Sculptor, and we have to become, through Knowledge, through this meditation, so pliant. We have to become a clay that is so flexible that He can mold us into any form that He chooses. Because the form that He chooses is the perfect form for each one of us.

Sometimes we'll look at another sculpture, and go, "I wanna be just like that. Oh, I wanna be just like that. That's the way I wanna look." He's molding us with round shapes like this and maybe a flare up here, but inside, the ego, the mind, will say, "No, I wanna be like this; I wanna be like this." When it doesn't happen, as he's molding us, we feel the pain of it. We're not pliant enough to really go just the way He wants. But if we are, and we know that just exactly the way that our life is happening is perfect; if we're in constant meditation, if we're at that point and really one with Guru Maharaj Ji, then we know that this is the perfect place to be.

It doesn't matter what location you're at, what service you're doing, where you are, anything. You just know that this is the way the Lord wants you to be. To be completely subserviant to the will of God. And that's a little hard. Because for so many years we've wanted things our way, to do things the way that you want to do them. But then, if that's the case, when the Creator goes to mold you the way that you are really supposed to be, then it's not fitting perfectly. You're still down here when you should be up there. And you're feeling that loss. But if you let Him completely mold you just the way that you should be, just exactly the way you should be, then you feel that perfection. You know there's nothing missing. You know you should be no other way, because you're perfectly attuned to how He's creating you.

So everything that happens in our lives, whether it be a painful situation,or the most beautiful situation,or a very happy occasion, you know this is Maharaj Ji. You know he's doing this, he's molding my life for me. Just appreciate every second that's happening, because this is why we're here, to realize that it really is perfect.