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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

It's A Game Of Hearts

This satsang is part II of "Nothing to Think About," printed last issue - given by Guru Maharaj Ji on November 24, 1974 in L.A.

Many people come up to me and they start asking me about what is my opinion of a second lifetime: is there a second lifetime, or, what is going to happen to us, and what will happen, what will happen?

It's so funny. Because, that Mini Cooper that I have, I gave to some premies to fix it. They brought it back to the residence, and it didn't look too good. It didn't sound to good and didn't look too good. We finally decided maybe we should chop it up into pieces. So we did. We chopped it up right in the middle. And we are going to extend it now. It's so funny, because while I was designing to extend it, I could have said, "Wait a minute. This car could roll over. So maybe I should put four more tires on the top. Because if it will, then it'll automatically switch over and start going." Then I could say, "Now wait a minute. Maybe I am going, and I will certainly get hit by a rock and my windshield will crack out. So maybe I should just put rubber there."

This is how a human being is. Look! There is a car right in front of you. You can work with it, so work with it, and get it over with. This is my answer to the people who come, "What about a second lifetime, Guru Maharaj Ji?" I say, "Look, mister. You got this one, right? Use it. Maybe you are not gonna make it to the second one. Maybe you are too crazy." So, we have this lifetime.

It's like this. When you go to buy a lottery, you take out a dollar bill from your pocket and look at it. "I don't really need this dollar. So, if I win, well and good. And if I don't, forget it." You hate that dollar, and you love that dollar. It's both things at the same time. This is how it is, premies. You've got one. So utilize it. Sure maybe you can get 101,005 lifetimes more. But maybe you aren't going to make it through a single one. Maybe you won't make it through this one. So, while we have it, instead of thinking and utilizing it in completely crazy ideas, which are going to do us no good …

You know, it's so easy. But man always wants to think. And this is how I started myself thinking that really what we can think is not to be thought about, because we can already think about it. But what we cannot think, what is impossible for us to think, is what we should think about. Because that's the game. That's the plan.

It's like the game of hearts. Here you are, you've got all these hearts, and you've got the queen of spades. You are sitting, you know, thinking, "Yeah, I just need a couple o' more hearts, and I'll shoot the moon." This other guy goes, "Here buddy," and throws the ace of hearts in. You have to dump some other card, and there goes your moon. So that's it. Then you realize, "Uh-oh. I better get rid of these cards, because I am not gonna make it!" And you start going, "thr-thr-rr-thrr;" start dumping them. I was told that there is a thing like this that you can shoot the moon. And I shot the moon one time, and I didn't even realize I did. I folded up my cards and I started counting them, and there were plenty of hearts and the queen of spades, and I said, "Now, wait a minute. I just shot the moon.'

That was so beautiful, because maybe I was trying to shoot and here I had ended up with all the hearts except one, and the queen of spades. And that was it. I go minus, minus, minus all the way through. But then when it happens, and you never were figuring on it, then it's really beautiful. And this is how it is.

Sometimes in blackjack you can get two aces, and start over. So, sometimes when people start trying to shoot for two aces or for anything in particular, then the guy is handing out the cards, and maybe they hit the blackjack and they don't even notice it. Because they want blackjack three times, and they didn't even notice it because they were thinking, "That isn't two aces, that isn't two aces, that isn't two aces, that isn't two aces, that isn't …" They are thinking of two aces. Man, you've got blackjack right there!"

Premies, this is how it is! We've got blackjack right here! We've got 21! Ace and a face card! And here we are thinking, "Wait a minute. I need two aces. I'm gonna have two games. I need one this lifetime, and one more lifetime. I'm gonna play for two." Forget it. Maybe you will get three blackjacks, three lifetimes, and you will miss them all. Because you were shooting for two aces. So I really don't think that's worth it. Maybe you think it is worth it.

This life has been given to us; this opportunity has been given to us. What can be more wonderful than this? Now, just imagine, just think. What can be really, really more wonderful than this, that we have been given this lifetime, we have been given this opportunity, everything? And then also, that love, that sun, has finally started shinging on us.

This is why I like the song, "I Can See Clearly Now." Because it's so beautiful that I can see clearly now. The rain has completely disappeared. This is the chance. Do it.

So premies, realize. Sometimes premies get very confused. They say, "Why, Guru Maharaj Ji, do you keep insisting on trying to realize the importance of this Knowledge?" Because, it's like that example we give, that a farmer is walking through the desert, and he sees this big lump of glass. He takes it out of the path and throws it on the side because he doesn't want anybody to get hurt with it. And here comes a jeweler walking by, and he says, "Wow! I got a piece of diamond!" He picks it up, he kisses it, and puts it in his pocket.

If we can realize the importance of this Knowledge, then it'll really become close to us; it'll really become beautiful. Because we understand how important it is. Not just saying, "Forget it. Naw, I'm sorry. I couldn't do the meditation this mornin'." But no. If we really understand the importance, it becomes very close to us. It becomes very, very close to us.

So premies, this is why we should understand the importance of this Knowledge. And really, if you look at the whole thing, it's not hard. Some premies think, "Well, maybe he just says that because it's not hard for him." But it is not hard. And of course, believe me, it's very, very hard. I mean, you can't even do it. But, on the other hand, believe me, it's the easiest thing there is, this Knowledge. It's like, bigger the question, smaller the answer. Smaller the question, bigger the answer. And this is a very big question. So you know the answer is very, very little. It is this Knowledge.

Man goes, "What can we do for this world? What is the solution for this world?" All these big questions, and the answer is: Knowledge, Knowledge; Knowledge. Every question. Maybe people say, "Come on. You are saying, 'Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge.' How do you expect us to feed the stomachs of these people? Knowledge is not gonna fill their stomachs up."

Well, believe me, Knowledge is not going to fill their stomachs up. But Shri Maharaj Ji used to say that you can give a hungry person food today - what will he do tomorrow? I mean, if you give him food for one day, will he have food for all his lifetime? One chapati and one subji? And that's it? You give him food today, he is happy: "Oh boy, I'm fine; I'm glad." And the next day: "Aaah, I need food." You can give a person a cloth and say, "Okay. Wear this." He will wear it for a little while. But when that goes out, when that's all done with: "Oh, I need clothes."

If we really think about it, why did that situation occur? Because of a few crazy people. Because of the people who could not understand the importance of this human life. They couldn't understand it for themselves, so how could they ever be able to understand it for other people, how important this life is? And that is why. They are just not realizing it.

Remember one thing; if your points go dirty, the car has the problem. Then the symptoms become so much that they keep developing, keep developing, keep developing, keep developing, and it gets to a point where your car stops. You sit and think, beat you head against the wall, "Why isn't my car workin?" Because your points are dirty. That's why your car isn't working. It's so easy.

Just imagine one thing: if everybody knew, if everybody realized the importance of this Knowledge, and really realized how important it is for people. First of all, people wouldn't be like those Roman kings used to be. Eat-eat-eat-eat-eat, throw it up, eat-eat-eat-eat-eat, throw it up. They would just understand the importance. They wouldn't say, "Well, we live in this world to eat." No! Then everybody would understand that eat to live, but don't live to eat. But nobody understands that because of their crazy mind!

But if everybody had the Knowledge, then, everybody would treat everybody like brother and sister and friend! And believe me, there will be no problems. Maybe this sounds very impractical, but, of course, give it a try. Nobody has given it a try yet. And I have a feeling somebody will have to. Because this world goes like, "Ah, will this fit? No. This fits? No. This fits? No. This fits? No." They're making laws every day, and they're changing the whole scene every day, and it's like, believe me, it's going to change to a point where they won't have any more to change. Then they'll have to come back where it all started from.

So, premies, there is a lot to say, but there is nothing to say. This lifetime, this opportunity that has been given to us, we can utilize it. We have a chance.

You know, many people go to mahatmas and say, "Oh Mahatma Ji, I have this confusion." How do you expect him to answer the questions? He is not a robot.

How do you expect him to answer? Because he does meditation. He knows this Knowledge; he has realized this Knowledge, and he is realizing more and more and more and more. Because of that meditation, you think that he is capable of giving answers. Why don't you try it for yourself? You've got the Knowledge; do meditation and answer you own questions. And that sounds more like it.

So, premies, realize this Knowledge, understand what I am trying to say. Because, as I said, maybe there will be a time when there won't be so many satsang programs, you know? Maybe there'll only be three or four or one. So just understand this Knowledge.

Because in this world we can have concepts, we can have ideas, we can have whatever we will like. To have an idea, God never forbade that. God didn't say, "Nono-no, you shouldn't have this idea, so I'm just going to take your diode for ideas." He never did that. Man still has a capability of thinking. And the Perfect Master always came in this world, he saw the craziness, he saw people's ideas, he heard people's ideas, he felt people's ideas, he went back, but he never removed that diode. He never removed that thing from people's heads. We still have a liberty, we still have the thing that we can still have ideas and concepts and stuff.

But then, we also should have the proper use of them. Remember, this whole world was premeditated; the whole world was planned. The person will be born, then he'll get confused, then he'll get frustrated then he goes and listens to satsang, then he realizes Knowledge. Doesn't that happen? Yeah! It does! And it seems to be always, always that.

So in this world, if that diode has not been taken out, there is a supplement for it. What he does, is he plays the Perfect Master. Perfect Master always comes, and goes, "Wait a minute. You're out of tune." And he goes and sneaks in your brain and just takes out your diode. You say, "Oh wow! I'm running fantastic now!" All he had to do was take that diode out and you were running fine! I mean, this is what happens.

But sometimes, he made us too good. He really did. Sometimes we end up growing that diode back. We go to the Perfect Master again, and say, "How come you didn't tune me good?" Well, the only thing is you eat too much. You let it grow back too soon.

There are so many ways to explain to you this thing, but you have to understand. Every premie. Do not think that, "Oh, maybe so-and-so will understand, so it's okay." No! Every person, every premie has to understand this Knowledge personally, what I am saying personally. And though I am talking to so many premies at one time, but do not think so. Because I am also talking to every individual premie at the same time. What I mean for everybody, I mean for every individual premie, too. This is what every premie has to realize.

Thank you very much.